Moldvay Basic game (Recruiting)
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    Moldvay Basic game (Recruiting)

    After some thought, Ive decided I'd like to run a game based on my favorite little rule set the Basic D&D rules (the famous Red book of the early 80s) the one with the Erol Otus cover.

    Ive gotten into a few boardgames recently, and the idea of the Basic rules as a sort of self contained set kinda appeals to me right now.

    Anyway Id like to make this a simple casual dungeon crawl. The setting is the dungeon, with the underworld as an alternate world.

    I understand the Basic rules while fairly famous are out of print. We can work it out fairly easily I think.

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    This section would be for house rules.. but I have only 3.

    At first level a cleric has access to one divine spell- cure light wounds.

    Characters can bind wounds after a battle for 1d4 hp.

    Fighters may dual wield two weapons. The second weapon must be light. The fighter may make two attacks, both at -2. Damage is rolled normally.
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    I'm interested. Will you handle all rolls?

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    I'm interested. I want to play a dwarven ... dwarf.

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    I am also interested. How different is the Moldvay from the Mentzer edition?

    You can pencil me in for a fighter or a cleric


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    Hmm, might be a fun trip down memory lane. I think I'd go for an elf or a halfling, depending on party needs.

    Edit: Actually, as I'm away next week and probably won't spare the time to keep up with another game I think I'll have to pass.
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    I appreciate the interest. Sadly enworld chugs (for me) to such an extent that I don't think I'll be able to run a game here.

    I would habve responded earlier, but the recent ice storm in the US knocked out power and I couldnt get an internet connection earlier.


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