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    Firearms of the High Seas

    The second of the Pirates of the High Seas articles, Firearms of the High Seas details weapons such as the hand-gonne, blunderbus, flintlock pistol, and more - along with associated feats, powers, and a few magical firearms.

    The evolution of various societies has led to a constant and thrilling rush to new and exploratory technologies. With the principles of offense and defense, this has been a spinning wheel where quite literally the dog is chasing its own tail. Since the earliest days when Cro-Magnon would battle Neanderthals, there has been a constant arms-race to see who could survive the lastsĺ attack. Whether a large piece of tree bark designed to block the blow of an impromptu club, or a 1ö thick piece of hardened steel meant to stop a 7.62 bullet, the race has changed little when it comes to weaponry. Arms and armor will always be an important part of any fantasy roleplaying gameŚwhether the knight in shining armor, or the swift seafaring buccaneer.

    Dungeons & Dragons provides many mediums designed to whisk us away from the confines of our mortal lives, however sometimes itĺs fun to keep a little bit of it close to heart. This article will present new options designed to give players more breadth when creating their characters. As well, it will inspire dungeon masters to create exciting adventures and encounters that put these options to use. While by no means all-inclusive, the reader is encouraged to take the ideas presented within this article and apply them to their own games with the intent to increase fun.

    Already in this series:
    About the Author

    Matt James is an industry freelance writer and game designer for Dungeons & Dragons«. He has credits with Wizards of the Coast and Open Design. He is also a contributing writer to, Pen & Paper Games, and a regular guest on the Tome Show. When not prancing through various fantasy worlds, Matt is chained to his desk working endlessly on developing his website; You can also follow Mattĺs gaming insights on Twitter.
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