Myths & Legends #7: Merlin

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    Myths & Legends #7: Merlin

    Merlin Ambrosius, adviser to King Arthur, sired by an incubus, is said to be wizard, druid, priest, prophet, bard, and madman.

    Merlin was not a man of combat, although he certainly had the powers to punish those who would attack him he could enchant his foes, cause them to sleep, summon the aid of dragons, and raise a deep fog; however, he was not one for flashy fireballs or bolts of magical energy. He saw his role as one of advice and influence, aiding King Arthur time and time again.
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    missing a range on word of pain and recharge # on forced vission.

    as you imply in the write up, there is a difference between "solo" merlin and "leader" merlin. you sort of compramise between the two. I guess in play, he could even support the PCs, but then should be used in a pretty reserved manner, maybe only using minor and triggered actions.

    Speaking of reserved, he should be able to stop time. Key to have that.
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