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    Originally posted by Joshua Dyal
    Still haven't found a really good substitute for the smite abilities, except smite hostile intent, or smite enemy, but IMO it's worth it to be a little fuzzy there rather than have to play with strict alignment rules. As far as I'm concerned, most actions are very difficult to plot on a dual axis graph of alignment anyway.
    Change the smite ability to smite Outsider/undead/aberration/whatever supernatural evil.

    In my game, smite evil works against evil clerics and supernatural evil. Not your random Joe who cheats on his taxes.

    Re: metagaming alignments. I think it is important to metagame alignments rather than playing up the value systems of the time period. If you don't impose your own moral/ethical views on the game, I think the game has less meaning. I'm not sure why... something to do with exploring your own views as opposed to running a simulator.

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    How about changing 'smite evil' to 'smite demons' where a 'demon' is anyone from an outer plane. Sure, your average paladin wouldn't be likely to use it on a deva, but ...

    I remember quite liking the VtM system of 'motivations' where you gained in-game bonuses for acting according to fundamental character drives, rather than the DnD alignment system.

    I haven't yet scrapped alignment altogether, but perhaps (Rokugan-stle) there could be an 'absolute big-E Evil' (call it Taint or what-you-will) but amongst most creatures that live their lives there are only varying motivations, varing degrees of venality, varying degrees of bloodlust, etc. The 'big Evil' would be indifferent to all 'mortal' sensibilities, and out to destroy everyone - Orcs, Humans, Elves alike.

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    I don't believe any actions are definitly in one alignment category rather than another.

    That said, torture is extremely hard to justify for any good or lawful character. True, they might get information, but it might not be true, and they risk torturing a completely innocent man who'll tell them anything to stop the torture.

    In the Fzoul and orcs scenario try that with Satan and women and you have yourself a "nice" little witch hunt.

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