EN World Annual 2010

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    EN World Annual 2010

    EN World's first annual... erm... annual! That's right, after 10 years online EN World is now publishing an annual... annual. This annual contains the best articles and columns from 2010, from a variety of writers, including Paizo Publishing's Erik Mona, game designer and author Ari Marmell, EN World owner Russ "Morrus" Morrissey, and a host of new (and not so new) game writers and authors. From mythical NPCs like Achilles and Dracula to rules for 4E fumbles, weather conditions, and even for drinking, the articles and columns in this annual present an eclectic collection of gaming material.

    This material is a collection of subscriber articles and free columns from 2010; it does not contain new material.

    As well downloading this PDF version, you can also purchase the official print (softcover) version of the EN World Annual 2010 right here.
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