Gaming w/Jemal: Mutant Apocalypse Cast
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    Gaming w/Jemal: Mutant Apocalypse Cast

    Well here you have it. Place for my new mutant character sheets.

    OOC thread

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    James "Tinman" Corin

    James "Tinman" Corin - PL 9
    Trait: Powerful(+10 pp)
    Earned Points: 0
    Points Unspent: 0

    Abilities: 16 pts
    STR 1(11 Metal)
    STA 1(8 Metal)
    DEX 0
    AGI 0
    FGT 1(7 Metal)
    INT 2
    AWE 1
    PRE 2

    Initiative +0
    Melee Attack: +1(7 Metal)
    Specific Attacks: Unarmed +7 atk, damage 11

    Dodge: +0 (7 training: 7pts)
    Parry: +7
    Toughness: +1(11 Metal, 10 Impervious)
    Fort +1 (11 Metal)
    Will +1 (7 Metal)

    Skills: (36 ranks) 18 pts
    Athletics: +6(10) *5 ranks + 1 Str(+5 Str Metal)
    Intimidation: +8 *6 ranks + 2 Pre
    Investigation: +8 *6 ranks + 2 Int
    Perception: +8 *7 ranks +1 Awe
    Persuasion: +8 *6 ranks +2 Pre
    Expertise[Current Events]: +8 *6 ranks +2 Int

    Advantages: 10 pts
    Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Great Endurance, Power Attack, Choke Hold, Contacts, Improved Defense, Eqipment 2 (Large Home, Expensive Car, etc.. Nothing special thusfar though)

    METAL FORM (*All Linked*) - 94 pts
    - Steel Strength: Enhanced Str 6 (Sustained, Improved Reach 2) - 14 pts
    - Titanium Fists: Enhanced Fgt 6 (Sustained) - 12 pts
    - Iron Toughness: Enhanced Sta 3 (Sustained, Impervious +1/r) - 9 pts
    - Steelskin: Protection Rank 3 (Sustained, Impervious +1/r) - 6 pts
    - Mass of Steel: Density Rank 4 (+4 str/sta, +4 mass, Impervious +1/r) - 12 pts
    - Adamantine Determination: Enhanced Fort 3; Enhanced Will 6 - 9 pts
    - Immunities: Cold/hot/High Pressure Environments, Critical hits - 5 pts
    - Nonconductive: Immunity Rank 20 (Electric and Fire damage) - 20 pts
    - Leaping Rank 7 (900 ft/rnd) - 7 pts


    Bleeding Heart: James is a good man at heart, his experience as a television reporter hardened him in some ways, watching the vile world around him let the good in people be stripped and cut away day after day. With his experience with his new found powers at hand he's vowed to use them to help make a difference this time instead of just reporting the vile, he vows to clean it up in whatever way he can.

    Magnetic Weakness: If metal has one weakness it's magnetic attraction. In his metal form he's so dense little magnets are no more than an annoyance, however a large enough magnetic field could wreak havoc with his powers as most of them are completely dependent on his ability to manipulate his metal form.

    Ryan Corin: James has one son age 14. His mother passed away when the boy was 8 from cancer. This brought the two very close, but after Ryan learned of his fathers powers he withdrew from James thinking he would loose his father much like he lost is mother but this time to something almost completely unknown to most. Ryan is currently living with James parents in a small town outside the city while he tries to come to grips with what has happened to his father.

    Tradeoffs: -2 Def/+2 Tough; -2 Atk/+2 dmg; -2 Will/+2 Fort
    COST: 16 Abilities + 18 Skills + 10 Advantages + 94 Powers +7 combat = 145/145

    "James Corin was made very aware of his powers while working for a local TV station. As a news reporter for a local new channel he was interviewing a prominent member of congress working for the cause of Meta kind and was caught in the crossfire of a messy and sloppy assassination attempt on the congressman's life. Congressmen (Last Name Here) was shot in the chest and killed instantly along with 3 others around them. When James came to he was lying in the pool of everyone's blood seemingly unhurt as people around him looking on stunned and amazed. As the pictures flashed he noticed the glare of the lights off something, and after realizing it was his own skin he found a mirror to see what was going on. Two his amazement he was twice his size and encased in some sort of amazingly hard type of reflective metal."

    "The title for next days papers read "Congressman Slain!, Meta Reporter May be to Blame!" and James for a little over six months James was on the run as a suspected accomplice to the congressman's murder. James isn't sure where to turn, as only six more months before this event Meta's were outed to the world and there were not many places yet to turn to find safety and protection. All James wants is to find a way to fit into society again without being hunted like a witch or some other mythical creature no one understands.

    As of late the Gryphon Corporation has made several attempts at contacting James with questions concerning his deeds done sense his powers have arose. James as taken a liking to help this less innocent or fortunate in dangerous situations vowing to clean up some of the vile he could only sit back and report upon before. For the moment he's managed to avoid the corporation as he knows what everyone else knows about the organization, but what he doesn't know and surely what Gryphon is hiding it was has him nervous.

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    Secret Identity: Frost
    Real Name: Jacob Calvins
    Occupation: High-School Student
    Identity: Secret
    Legal Status: Citizen of the United States
    Other Aliases: Jack, Jay, Kelvin
    Place of Birth: Pending near SF
    Marital Status: Single
    Known Relatives: Marge Calvins (mother), George Calvins (father deceased)
    Group Affiliation: None
    Base of Operations: Hixville; a small city located somewhere in-between LA and SF
    First Appearance: CHOSEN (?) #1

    History: Jacob Calvins was born as the son of George and Marge Calvins , born Niemann. Starting in his puberty, Jacob seemed to get one cold after the next, but without any viral reasons. The doctors finally thought about some kind of allergy.
    Then, he suddenly started to feel better. Sure, he seemed to have a bit of a low body temperature and get some weight (without becoming thicker), but he only get alarmed, after he cut himself with a knife and expierienced no bleeding. Instead his flesh beneath his first skin layer had the hardness of a frozen steak and he knife he dropped in shock shattered on the floor, deep-frozen.

    Frost was exposed at the school attack, when his powers became public. The footage is still often shown TV as a sample of the danger of uncontrolled supers. He went into hiding to protect his mother from possible persecution, only contacting her from open Internet stores.
    He tries to live very low profile able to surviving by eating nearly anything organic, thanks to his poison and disease immunity.
    When possible he tried to find out the full scope of his abilities.
    This brought him the Drake Centre, where they would help him in exchange for him helping them 'rescue' others like himself.

    Jacob was always a quiet and shy kid. His medical conditions prevented him from engaging to much in the sport teams (although he isn't in a that bad physical shape) and he wasn't bright enough to hang up with the nerds. His only two passions were reading comic books and sculpting. Yes, he is one of this rare introverted artist types.

    Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
    Weight: 160 lbs (now)
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark-Blond
    Unusual Features: No body heat, organs in kind of cyro-stasis

    Strength Level: Frost possesses the strength of a boy his age and build who engages in regular activity. His durability is augmented by his change.

    Known Superhuman Powers: Frost possess normal human physiology with some key differences. His entire inner body is frozen solid without becoming brittle. This makes him highly resistent to most kinds of damage or critical wounds. Despite this condition, he can act normally. With modest concentration, he can absorb the heat in his vicinity into his body, creating in effect cold. After a bit of experimentation, he was able to use this to create objects from air moisture, like ice bridges for transportation or as a form of attack. He is naturally immune to cold, and can shield his clothing against the worst effects of it.
    Equipment: Frost is not known to use any kind of special equipment.


    Trade-offs: -1 Att, +1 Damage ; -3 Defense, +3 Toughness

    FIGHTING 6/3

    26 PP


    Cold Control (26):
    Energy Control (Cold) 11 (22)
    AP: Create Object (Ice; Impervious Extra, Permanent Flaw) 11 (1)
    AP: Affliction 11 (resisted by Dodge, ranged, hindered/immobile/paralyzed (1)
    AP: Blast 11 (Ice) (1)
    AP: Environment Control (Cold (extreme), Impede Movement, Visibility, selective) (1)

    Ice Surfing (5):
    Flight (Platform) 5 (5)

    Frozen Body (50):
    Protection 13 (Extras: Impervious 15; Drawback: Noticeable) (27)
    Immunity (aging, hunger & thirst, poison, disease, crit, suffocation, cold) (11)
    Super-Senses (Infravision) (1)
    Enhanced Traits (Fighting 3, Dexterity 3) (12)

    88 point total

    Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Ranged Attack (2), Uncanny Dodge

    7 point total

    Acrobatics 4 (+6), Deception 6 (+6), Perception 8 (+9), Expertise (Sculpting) 4 (+5), Insight 5 (+6), Intimidate 4 (+4), Ranged Attack (Cold Control) 3 (+11)

    17 point total

    Unarmed +6 Close , Damage 1
    Blast +11, Damage 11

    DODGE 7 (1)
    PARRY 7 (1)
    FORTITUDE 10 (8)
    TOUGHNESS 15 (15 Impervious)
    WILL 9 (7)

    17 PP


    Potential Trait (PL is 11)


    Vulnerable to heat attacks: The effect level of heat-based attacks is increased by 2 versus Frost. No defense changes.

    Known face: Frost is a public known suspected terrorist.
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    Name: Cassandra Allen
    Codename: Fulcrum
    Power Level: 10 (11)
    Power Points: 151
    Earned Power Points: 16
    Hero Points: 1
    Trait: Potential (PL+1)

    Description: Cassandra is an attractive young woman in her early twenties with shoulder length, straight dark hair and exceptionally cute, large brown eyes. She constantly experiments with different hairstyles and styles of dress, trying to find something she likes but always discovering fatal flaws and discarding them. Cassie wears glasses, though just as often has contacts in.

    Str 0 Sta 1 Dex 3 Agi 2 Fgt 1 Int 3 Awe 4 Pre 3

    Initiative: +2
    Melee Attacks +1
    Ranged Attacks +5
    - Telekinetic Attacks +11

    Dodge +11
    Parry +11
    Toughness +11 (11 Impervious)
    Fort +7 (+1 Con +6 base)
    Will +9 (+4 awe +5 base)

    Skills 30sp (15pp)
    Deception +6 (+9)
    Insight +4 (+8)
    Investigation +6 (+9)
    Perception +4 (+8)
    Persuasion +2 (+5)
    Ranged Combat: TK +6
    Technology +2 (+5)

    Attractive 1
    Ranged Combat 2
    Equipment 1 (5pts)
    Wealth 1
    Well-Informed 1

    Telekinesis Array 38pp
    Telekinesis +11 (Move Object, Perception, Subtle, Precise, 3pp/rnk+2) 35pp
    AP - Throw Something Big +10 (Damage, Ranged, Line Area 1, Indirect 4, Subtle 3pp/rnk+5) 1pp
    AP - Throw Lots of Little Things +10 (Damage, Ranged, Multiattack, Subtle, Indirect 4, 3pp/rnk+5) 1pp
    AP - Compression Wave +10 (Damage, Burst Area, Selective Attack, 3pp/rnk), 1pp
    * Linked Affliction 5 (Fort: Dazed; limited to first degree, Burst Area, Selective)

    Telekinetic Deflection (Enhanced Defense: Dodge +9, Enhanced Defense: Parry +10) 19pp
    Telekinetic Shield +10 (Protection, Sustained, +11 Impervious) 21pp
    Telekinetic Lift +6 (Flight, Platform, Subtle 1, 1pp/rnk+1pp) 7pp

    Audio Recorder

    Secret Identity - Cassandra Allen, feisty investigative reporter for small circulation rag; and has a conspiracy-theory themed website.

    Conspiracist - Cassandra believes that the visible power structures of the world are merely facades crafted to distract the people from much more sinister, behind-the-scenes rulers who exert influence over sometimes even ordinary or trivial-seeming events. The specific conspiracy theories she endorses change periodically as she encounters ever more convincing ones on the internet.

    Motivation - Cassandra is nearly obsessed with exposing the secrets and lies of those with authority over it political authority of government bodies, or the economic authority of corporations and businesses, or even the spiritual authority of organized religion. Though she fights "small-time" crime as well out of sheer compassion and sense of civic duty, her real passion is going after malfeasance by those who 'have' against those who 'have not.'

    Abilities 34 + Skills 15 + Advantages 6 + Powers 85 + Defenses 11 = 151/151
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    Terry Quinlan aka The Grid

    Terry Quinlan AKA The Grid

    Hero Points: 1

    PL 9
    Powerful (145 PP)
    +5 PP reward (completed mission)
    + assigned awards: (wi-fi (1 PP), + 2 ranks Deception and Tech).
    +9 PP reward (mission complete)
    assigned awards: Regen X (Unconctrolled), "Improved Recover" (1 use of recover per issue without needing Hero Point)


    Str: 0
    Ag: 2
    Fgt: 0
    Awe: 1/4
    Sta: 1
    Dex: 1/3
    Int: 1/8
    Pre: 1/3


    Dodge: 5 (+7, +12 area effects)
    Fort: 5 (+6)
    Parry: 5 (+5)
    Toughness: 1 (+2/+6) <fixed>
    Will: 3 (+7)

    Close Combat (Shock Punch) 6 (+6) <+2 ranks>
    Deception 8 (+11) <+2 ranks>
    Insight 2 (+6) <+2 ranks>
    Investigation 4 (+12) <+2 ranks>
    Perception 7 (+11) <+2 ranks>
    Persuasion 4 (+7) <+2 ranks>
    Ranged Combat (electric blast) 7 (+10) <+1 rank>
    Stealth 4 (+6) <+2 ranks>
    Technology 12 (+20*) <+1 rank, maxed>

    * Skill Mastery

    Advantages: Defensive Roll, "Improved Recover," Improvised Tools, Inventor, Takedown 2, Language (lip reading) Equipment 1, Well-Informed

    Electrical Control Array (23 pts) <+2 point, +1 rank all>
    * Electric Arc 10 (Damage, Ranged 2/r) (20 pts)
    * Alt: EMP 5 (Nullify electronics 5, Area (burst) 4 (4/r), Distracting (-1/r)) (1pt)
    * Alt: Optic Nerve Overload 10 (Affliction (per Dazzle (impaired/disabled/unaware Fort save), Ranged, Cumulative, Limited (visual) 2/r) (1pt)
    * Alt: Shock Punch 10 (Damage linked Affliction (daze/stun/incapacitate Fort save) 2/r ) (1pt)

    Comprehend (Machines) 2 (4pts)
    Feature (Wi-Fi) (1pp)
    Immunity (electricity) 5 (5pts)
    Remote Sensing 8 (Visual senses, Medium (cameras) 1/r, +1 Subtle (techno senses only) (9pts)
    Radio Sense 1 (1pts)
    Regeneration X (Uncontrolled) <GM assigned / controlled>

    Electrical Form Array (17 pts)
    * Teleport 8 (Accurate, Medium (electrical lines) 2/r) (16 pts)
    * Alt: Permeate 3 (limited: conductive materials)(1/r) Linked: Immunity 2 (suffocation, 1/r) & penetrates concealment (visual) 4 (1/r) (1 pt)

    Hyper-sensitive Nerves 3 (Enhanced Awareness, PF: Uncanny Dodge 2/rank +1 flat) (7pts)
    Super-conductive brain 7 (Enhanced Int, PF: Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery (tech) 2/rank +2 flat) (16 pts)
    Speed-of-thought nerves 2 (Enhanced Dex, PF: Evasion 2 2/rank +2 flat) (6pts)
    Subconscious Cortical Stimulation 2 (Enhanced Pre 2/rank) (4pts)

    Damage Resist Jacket (protect 4, subtle) (5ep)


    Motivation: Thrills. Despite the trouble he managed to land himself in with his hacking and the expression of his abilities, Terry has a hard time resisting the thrill of a challenge, especially puzzles and high tech security.

    Fame/Reputation/Identity: As The Grid, Terry was a fairly notorious hacker. To other hackers, he's a role model who's troublingly fallen off the radar; to the major corporations he victimized, he's a danger that should be shut down.
    Both groups have spent significant resources to try to identify who he is and where he is.

    Powers 90 + Abilities 14 + Defenses 22 + Skills 13 + Advantages 6 = 145PP

    Terry Quinlan was always a natural with electronics and computers. Making it through MIT by the time he was 15, it was probably inevitable that things would eventually go a bit hairy; for all his abilities, he was still a teenager.

    Rather than keep pleasing 'the man' by taking one of the many recruitment offers he had, Terry went underground, getting his kicks as a hacker called The Grid. He went toe-to-toe with global security systems, and when he asked, they just let him right in.

    He'd always felt like a freak, but here, in the world of computers, he felt at home. He joked that, if he could find a way into the wires, that's where he'd live.

    And then one day, he did just that. He touched his keyboard, laughing at the Gryphon research facility whose security camera he'd just hacked. And then, inexplicably, he felt himself shooting through nothingness, across the connection, until he showed up bodily within the facility.

    It seems Terry's skills weren't just the result of a hyper-developed brain, but the first expressions of a meta-ability. His very genetic code had adapted to the electronic world. He could speak to and command electronics, use them to remotely view other locations, and even take on an insubstantial electrical form himself, transmitting himself through power lines.

    Of course, at the time, he had no real control over the abilities, so when Gryphon security surrounded him, well, he found himself quite unable to refuse their own recruitment offer...
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    Kombat - PL 9

    Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 9, Dexterity 2, Fighting 9, Intellect 1, Awareness 9, Presence 0

    All-out Attack, Assessment, Chokehold, Close Attack 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 2, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Favored Foe: Martial Artist, Improved Aim, Improved Defense, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Trip, Improvised Weapon, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack (All) 4, Prone Fighting, Ranged Attack 7, Redirect, Set-up, Takedown 2, Teamwork, Throwing Mastery, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind

    Acrobatics 1 (+10), Expertise [Streetwise] 4 (+5), Perception 1 (+10),

    Defensive Savant: Enhanced Agility 7 (+7 AGL, Advantages: Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Evasion 2, Improved Defense, Move-by Action, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind)
    Offensive Savant: Enhanced Fighting 7 (+7 FGT, Advantages: All-out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 2, Fast Grab, Improved Aim, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Trip, Improvised Weapon, Power Attack, Precise Attack (All) 4, Prone Fighting, Ranged Attack 7, Takedown 2, Throwing Mastery)
    Tactical Savant
    . . Combat Sense: Senses 1 (Danger Sense: Visual)
    . . Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Awareness 7 (+7 AWE, Advantages: Assessment, Favored Foe: Martial Artist, Redirect, Set-up, Teamwork)
    Weakness Detection
    . . Senses: Senses 3 (Acute: Detect, Analytical: Detect, Detect: Weakness 1)
    . . Strength Effect (Penetrating 2)
    . . Weaken: Weaken 9 (Affects: Toughness, Resisted by: Will, DC 19; Increased Range 2: perception; Limited: Reduced Toughness only vs his attacks, Check Required 1: DC 11 - Perception)

    Sword, Undercover Shirt

    Initiative +9
    Grab, +11 (DC Toughness Spec 14)
    Sword, +11 (DC Toughness 22)
    Throw, +9 (DC Toughness 20)
    Unarmed, +11 (DC Toughness 19)
    Weaken: Weaken 9 (DC Will 19)

    Native Language

    Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 4, Toughness 9/4, Will 9

    Power Points (Powerful)
    Abilities 34 + Powers 106 + Advantages 2 + Skills 3 (6 ranks) + Defenses 0 = 145

    Secret: Jax doesn't like to talk about his past as a mercenary and the deeds he may have done.
    Quirk: Kombat prefers to fight foes one-on-one. Particularly hand-to-hand fighters like martial artists or bricks.

    Jackson Munroe was borne to a single Mom in a poorer section of a big city. Growing up he didn't quite fit in with the other kids. Due to this he got harassed & bullied almost everyday. That was until he hit puberty and he took out an older kid who had been making his life miserable with one hit. It was as if a switch went off in Jackson's brain. He instinctively knew where and when to hit someone and almost knew what someone was going to do in a fight before they did it. This drove hardcore martial artists crazy! For Jackson didn't seem to have any kind of form, adapting to whatever they could do as they did it. His rep began to grow and he came to the attention of a certain school that he might be "special". Unfortunately before he could even attend the school was attacked. The existence of metahumans was revealed and Jax was left to survive on his own. For awhile he became a smalltime enforcer than jobs became a bit bigger and he started doing genuine merc work..Until Alex Drake approached him and offered him a place at the Drake Centre as 'security'. Looking for some kind of meaning in his life Jax agreed....

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    Uomo Nascosto, at the service of the Gryphon Corporation. Uomo has been around since the fundation of the corporation, been an acquittance to the founder. Actually, Uomo has been around since the foundation... of the Roman Republic. His name is actually a code name, in Italian, it means, the hidden man. His real name, Vittorio di la Croce, is only known by him and the people he trust the most. He was born in Sicily to a poor family of peasants, but soon found his way into the Roman army.
    Vittorio has only one special trait, immortality; or something very close to that. Vittorio does age, but at a very slow peace.
    He has been around for a while, among his activities he has been foot soldier for the Roman Senate, scribe for the Roman army, assistant of some of the most famous Roman emperors, Inquisitor for the Catholic church, spy infiltrated in the Vatican, double agent for the Vatican, a mafia member in Sicily, a mafia agent in the early USA, a spy in the Washington police force, answering to the Godfather, and many other things in the middle.


    Took the liberty of adding that extra PL and pps, take a looky. Notice some things that break PL, like the sword, I guess I can just lower its damage ad hoc.

    ( 39 pp)
    Strength: 3
    Agility 4
    Dexterity: 5
    Stamina: 6
    Fighting 5
    Intellect: 3
    Awareness: 5
    Precence: 5


    Guns + 12 Attack for DC: From 7+ 3 to 5 Ranged
    Sword + 13 Attack for DC: 7+3+3 Melee
    Imp. Weapons + 13 Attack for DC: 7 plus the type of object Melee

    Initiative: 12

    ( 28 pp)
    Parry: 13
    Toughness : 8
    Fortitude: 11
    Dodge: 13
    Will: 11

    Skills ( 49 pp)

    8 ( 4 ) Acrobatics
    16 ( 10 ) Deception
    8 ( 5 ) Athletics
    12 ( 8 ) Expertise (Experienced)
    14 ( 8 ) Insight
    4 ( 0 ) Treatment
    12 ( 6 ) Persuacion
    8 ( 4 ) Technology
    13 ( 8 ) Close Combat Unnarmed
    12 ( 7 ) Vehicles
    12 ( 7 ) Sleight of Hand
    12 ( 7 ) Ranged Combat Guns
    12 ( 6 ) Perception
    8 ( 2 ) Intimidation
    12 ( 8 ) Investigation
    12 ( 8 ) Stealth

    Advantages ( 48 pp)

    Equipment 6
    Move by action 1
    Improved Assessment 3
    All out, Defensive , Accurate, Precise and Power attack 5
    Benefit: Ambidexterity 1
    Benefit: Cipher, Wealth 1, Alternate identity, Security clearance 4
    Weapons Master 1
    Already died 1
    Thousand battles veteran 1
    Well informed, Contacts, Connected 3
    Ediatic memory 1
    Improved aim, Initiative (2) 3
    Improvised weapon 7
    Interpose 1
    languages (Russian, German, English, Italian)4
    Jack of all trades 1
    Inspire 2
    Quikdraw 1
    Leadership advantage
    Experienced Leader

    Powers ( 22 pp)

    Powers (Rank) [Cost] (
    Immortality ( 9 )[ 9 ]
    Limited: Can't rise if burned to death.

    Immunity ( 3 )[ 3 ]
    Aging, disease, poison

    Regeneration ( 10 )[ 10 ]


    Night vision googles 1
    Lock release gun 1
    Binoculars 1
    Mini tracer 1
    Fire extinguisher 1
    Undercover shirt 2 Protection 2, subtle
    Rebreather 1
    Camara 1
    Audio recorder 1
    Cell phone 1
    Commlink 1
    Computer 1
    Parabolic microphone 1

    Equipment array: Weapons 11
    Heavy pistol 1 Ran. Damage 4
    Sniper rifle 1 Ran. Damage 5
    Light pistol 1 Ran. Damage 3
    Stun gun 1 Affliction 5, electrical
    Sword 1 Damage 3
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    Laura Vioricta

    Laura Vioricta - PL 9
    Codename: Shadow

    Description: Laura is a very beutiful young lass in her early twenties, with long raven hair reaching down her back. Her skin colour is pale white, with her eye colour being red. Her colour of choice is black: her clothes, trench coat, fingerless gloves, combat boots, and even a ninja mouth veil.

    Tradeoffs: None
    Trait: Powerful (+10 PP)
    Earned Points: 5 + GM Upgrades
    Points Spent: 0
    Hero Points: 0

    Abilities: 8 Pts
    STR 1(Enhanced 9)
    STA 0
    AGL 2(Enhanced 7)
    DEX 0
    FGT 1(Enhanced 9)
    INT 0
    AWE 0
    PRE 0

    Initiative: +19(+7 Agl, +4 Improved Initative, +8 Super Speed)
    Melee: +9(+9 Fgt), damage +9(+9 Str)
    Special: Lifedrain: Fortitude save DC 16

    Defense: 15 pts
    Dodge: +7 (+7 Agl)
    Parry: +9 (+9 Fgt)
    Fortitude: +8
    Toughness: +9 (Protection Rank 9)
    Will: +7

    Skills: 10 pts
    Acrobatics: +9(+2 Rank, +7 Agl)
    Athletics: +9(+9 Str)
    Close Combat: +9(+9 Str)
    Deception: +2(+2 ranks, +5 from attractive if it can kick in) (GM Upgrade)
    Expertise: +0
    Insight: +9 Ranks (GM Upgrade)
    Perception: +7 Ranks
    Persuasion: +0(+5 from attractive if it can kick in)
    Ranged Combat: +0
    Slieght of Hand: +1 Rank
    Stealth: +10(+3 Rank, +7 Agl)

    Advantages: 10 pts
    Attractive Rank 2, Diehard, Fast Grab, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Grab, Improved Initative, Instant Up, Luck (GM Upgrade), Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

    Powers: 90 pts
    Drain - Weaken Abilties Rank 6 - (Broad +1, Similtaneous +1, Reaction +3 (Fortitude save DC 16)) = 36 pts
    Leech - Healing Rank 1 - (Reaction +3, Limited: Only heals self -1) = 4 pts
    Enhanced Traits (Strength +8, Agility +5, Fighting +8) = 42 pts
    Movement (Wall Crawling Rank 2, Safe Fall Rank 1) = 6 pts
    Power Lifting Rank 3 = 3 pts
    Senses Darkvision, Ultra-Hearing = 3 pts
    Super Speed (Improved Initative +2, Quicken +2, Speed +3) = 4 pts (GM Upgrade)
    Toughened Skin: Protection Rank 9 = 9 pts

    Power Points Total: Abilities 8 + Powers 107 + Advantages 10 + Skills 10 + Combat 15 = 150

    Background: Laura Vioricta was born alone, and to this day still has no family. Though she never really felt isolated, and cut-off from the world. During her time at school she could stand with a crowd of friends. Though she was also was shy, and would hide if she was publicized a bit too much. She decided to visit the school she graduated after a few years. During her visit, the school was then under attack, and her mutant powers activated. Her skin turned pale white, and her eye colour changed red. Panicked over this, she did one of the best things she always did: Hide.

    Before Laura could do anything, she was spotted by some of the attackers. When they touched her, she could feel something strange. She could feel she was absorbing something from them, and as they got weaker, and weaker, she got more strong, faster, and better. She knocked out the attackers, and continued to with her plans of hiding. While hiding, she learnt she could disappear unnoticed in the shadows, along with other sets of powers. Through some crafty sneaking ... and some absorption from lucky attackers, and dumb luck, she escaped and snuck away from the attack "unnoticed". Ever since then she's been alone, afraid, and hiding, wondering what's happening to the world, and to herself.
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    Given Name: Felix Vontell Jaeger
    Gender: Male
    Age: Thirty three
    Apparent Age: Early to mid teens
    Height: Approximately, 1 foot through six eight at either extreme.
    Weight: Approximately, 3 through 1700 pounds at either extreme.

    -Hybrid: extremely lithe with narrow shoulders and the appearance of a featherweight, even for his modest height, he has the general appearance of a large eared, long tailed, anthropomorphic Savannah cat, which naturally stands on its hind paws without hunching over.
    -Human: short and youthful with large eyes, he does not even look half his age, his defining traits are his eyes, green and highly reflective in the right conditions and his and tamable hair, that is continually at a medium long length. the only other notable apparent trait he has, as a human, is that he is narrow in the waist and shoulders and thus ambiguous to the point he appears as either a pretty boy or a tomboy while being neither, depending on what he wears
    [in both hybrid and human forms He tends to where t-shirts and denim shorts with a belt, notably he just ‘makes do’ with ones sized for his human form while in his hybrid form, causing his t-shirt to appear oversized while his shorts become extra wide pants]
    -Cat: his cat form has the general appearance of a long tailed Savannah cat

    *Pictures pending*

    Type: Powerful

    change log

    +1 to Fort and Agility, 3pp
    +2 to Cooking, 1pp
    Shrink turned into an array: 10pp(1 more than present)
    -Shrinking 4, innate: 9pp
    -Enhanced trait*: +1PP
    [* +1 Stamina, +2 Strength, +1 Dodge, +1 Parry, +2 intimidate.]
    Immunities: Aging and disease changed to full, poison added
    Regeneration kicked up to 10, Active regeneration removed

    Added 1 rank Stealth & Athletics, 2 ranks Deception, Insight. 4 ranks Intimidation.
    Added Portuguese: 1PP

    changing morph array from increased action 2(standard) to 1(move)
    The cost of the array changed from 5 to 6 PP

    Claw(strike) got boosted to 5 from 4.
    Cost changed from 8 to 9 PP

    Fortitude increased form 4 to 6.

    Axed Tackdowns.
    added evasion 2
    changed regeneration from 10 fading to 1 flat and 9 distancing/increased action(move)
    Increased Sta enhancement by 1 to 2
    Decreased Bas Dex to 1 from 2
    Decreased Dex enhancement from 2 to 1
    Fixed an error in defense by converting the point in toughness into a point in protection.
    changed morph from increased action 1 to 2
    Increased defensive role by 1 to 4
    Increased Parry enhancement by 2 to 7
    Increased will by 3 to 9
    Amended sense

    Size: Small
    Speed: 16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round
    Leaping: 60 feet at 16 miles/hour

    Abilities: 28 PP
    Str: -1(0) Agl: 4(8) Fgt: 1(2) Awe: 0(0)
    Sta: 0(0) Dex: 1(2) Int: 5(10) Pre: 2(4)
    Str: 3 Agl: 10 Fgt: 2 Awe: 0
    Sta: 2 Dex: 2 Int: 5 Pre: 2

    Initiative: +22

    Defense: 12 PP
    Dodge: 12(0)
    Parry: 9(0)
    Fortitude: 7(3)
    Toughness: 7/3
    Will: 9(9)

    Skills: 24PP
    Acrobatics: 10 +20
    Athletics 8 +11
    Close Combat: 1 +3
    Deception: 2 +4
    Expertise, Art: 10 +15
    Expertise, cooking: 4 +9
    Insight: 2 +2
    Intimidation: 4 +4
    Perception - +0
    Persuasion: - +2
    Ranged Combat: - +2
    Stealth: 6 +20
    Technology 1 +6

    Advantages: 3
    Eidetic Memory
    Language [German, Portuguese]

    Powers: 100 PP
    Ability enhancements: 30 P
    -Agi: +6(12)
    -Fgt: +1(2)
    -Dex: +1(2)
    -Str: +4(8)
    -Sta: +2(4)
    Parry enhancement(+7): 7 PP
    Protection[1] 1PP
    Morph Array 6 PP
    -Morph [Meta morph, increased action 2] (4)
    -Morph [Meta morph, increased action 2] (1)
    Mass aray: 10PP
    -Shrinking 4, innate: 9pp
    -Enhanced trait*: +1PP
    [* +1 Stamina, +2 Strength, +1 Dodge, +1 Parry, +2 intimidate.]
    Claws 5 [ Strength based strike, Accurate 4] 9pp
    Sense [Low-light vision, ultra-hearing, Acute smell.] 3 PP
    Regeneration[ 10]10 PP
    Immunity[Aging, Disease, Posion] 3 PP
    Super-speed: 24 PP
    -Leaping 3 (3)
    -Quickness 4 (4)
    -Speed 3 (3)
    -- Agile Feint (1)
    --Evasion 2 (2)
    --Defensive Roll 4 (4)
    --Improved initiative 3 (3)
    --Move by action(1)
    --Uncanny Dodge(1)

    Grab +3 (DC Spec 13)
    Claw + 11 (DC 23)
    Throw +2 (DC 18)
    Unarmed +3 (DC 18)


    change log

    +1 to Fort and Agility, 3pp
    +2 to Cooking 1pp
    Immunities: Aging, disease and poison added.

    Regen 10, uncontrolled. added

    Wealth increased to 3

    Quickness 4, limited to thought. added

    Multi effect: added
    -Growth 4, Density
    - +2 to parry and dodge

    Enhanced sight: Noticeable, eyes become catlike. added
    -Sense: Lowlight vision
    -Quickness 4, limited to sight.

    Dynamic array: Added
    -Growth 1
    -Shrinking 2

    Cipher increased to 3

    Added 1 rank Stealth & Athletics, 2 ranks Deception, Insight. 4 ranks Intimidation.
    added Portuguese
    Changed morph from increased action 2 to 1.

    Abilities: 18 PP
    Str: 0(0) Agl: 1(2) Fgt: 0(0) Awe: 0(0)
    Sta: 0(0) Dex: 1(2) Int: 5(10) Pre: 2(4)

    Initiative: +5

    Defense: 22 PP
    Dodge: 7(6)
    Parry: 4(4)
    Fortitude: 3(3)
    Toughness: 0(0)
    Will: 9(9)

    Skills: 17 PP
    Acrobatics: 2 +3
    Athletics 3 +3
    Close Combat: 2 +2
    Deception: 2 +4
    Expertise, Art: 10 +15
    Expertise, cooking: 4 +9
    Insight: 2 +2
    Intimidation: 4 +6
    Perception - +0
    Persuasion: - +2
    Ranged Combat: - +1
    Stealth: 6 +7
    Technology: 1 +6

    Advantages: 13 PP
    Benefit, Alternate Identity 3
    Benefit, Cipher 3
    Benefit, Wealth 3
    eidetic memory
    Speed of Thought
    Language [German, Portuguese]

    Powers: 7 PP
    Morph Array 6 PP
    -Morph [Meta morph, increased action 2] (4)
    -Morph [Meta morph, increased action 2] (1)
    Immunity[Aging, Disease, Posion] 3 PP

    Regen 10, uncontrolled.

    Wealth increased to 3

    Quickness 4, limited to thought.

    Multi effect:
    -Growth 4, Density
    - +2 to parry and dodge

    Enhanced sight: Noticeable, eyes become catlike.
    -Sense: Lowlight vision
    -Quickness 4, limited to sight.

    Dynamic array:
    -Growth 1
    -Shrinking 2

    Grab +0 (DC Spec 10)
    Throw +1 (DC 15)
    Unarmed +0 (DC 15)


    change log

    Added 1 rank Stealth & Athletics, 2 ranks Deception, Insight. 4 ranks Intimidation.
    Added Portuguese
    Changed morph from action 2 to 1
    Add quick 4

    Changed morph from increased action 1 to 2.
    Increased will by 3 to 9
    increased Acrobatic ranks to their proper amount.
    decreased close combat by 1
    increased stealth by 1
    Amended sense
    Amended defense spending total

    Size: Small
    Speed: 16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round
    Leaping: 60 feet at 16 miles/hour

    Str: -1(0) Agl: 5(10) Fgt: 0(0) Awe: 0(0)
    Sta: 0(0) Dex: 2(4) Int: 5(10) Pre: 2(4)
    Str: -1 Agl: 11 Fgt: 0 Awe: 0
    Sta: 1 Dex: 2 Int: 5 Pre: 2

    Initiative: +23

    Defense: 14 PP
    Dodge: 11(0)
    Parry: 5(2)
    Fortitude: 4(3)
    Toughness: 4/1(0)
    Will: 9(9)

    Skills: 34 PP
    Acrobatics: 8 +19
    Athletics 17 +16
    Close Combat: - +0
    Deception: 2 +4
    Expertise, Art: 10 +15
    Expertise, cooking: 2 +7
    Insight: 2 +2
    Intimidation: 4 +2
    Perception 19 +19
    Persuasion: - +2
    Ranged Combat: - +0
    Stealth: 3 +20
    Technology 1 +6

    Advantages: 3
    Eidetic Memory
    Language [German, Portuguese]

    Powers: 61 PP
    -Can’t Speak, no usable hands: -2PP
    Morph Array 6 PP
    -Morph [Meta morph, increased action] (4)
    -Morph [Meta morph, increased action] (1)
    Enhanced Abilities 14PP
    -Agi: +6 (12)
    -Sta: +1 (2)
    Shrinking 6 [Permanent, Innate] 13 PP
    Sense [Low-light vision, ultra-hearing, Acute smell.] 3 PP
    Claws [Strength based strike, accurate 4] 5 PP
    Immunity[Aging, Disease, Posion] 3 PP
    Feline Swiftness 19PP
    -Leaping 3 (3)
    -Speed 3 (3)
    -Quickness 4
    --Agile Feint (1)
    --Defensive Roll 4 (4)
    --Redirect (1)
    --Improved Initiative 3 (3)

    Grab +0 (DC Spec 9)
    Claw + 8 (DC 15)
    Throw +2 (DC 14)
    Unarmed +0 (DC 14)

    -Motivation: Felix seeks to maintain peace between norms and metas.
    -Truthsayer: Felix, while he can be deceptive, can’t bring himself to flat out lie. He can readily say his name is Drake, Samuel, or David, as they’re names he has been given, but he could not say that the moon is made of cheese, he could how ever say that it is commonly referred to as cheese. And when attempting to lie, he becomes intensely unsettled and starts acting equally uncomfortable and nervous.
    -Modest: Felix is a very modest person, while normally not an issue, it is when changing from a cat into one of his other forms, causing him to be reluctant to do so when there are witnesses or when he has nothing to cloth himself with.
    -Catnip: When he is in his hybrid or cat form , he can readily be made drunk with catnip.
    -Silver allergy: moderate quantities of silver cause his nose to become stuffed and large quantities cause his eyes to become agitated, and moderate general swelling (that makes his fur fluff up).
    Physical contact with silver is agitating and prolonged contact can suppress his meta-human abilities, locking him in one form.
    -Density: In his natural, ‘hybrid’, form Felix is bizarrely dense; despite looking like he should weigh no more than thirty mounds at the extreme outside, of possibilities, he instead ways a, relatively, staggering one hundred and ten pounds.
    [This causes him to also sink like a stone; a very, very heavy stone]
    [Moderate quantities meaning a drawer of silverware, for example, large quantities is anything notably more (or anywhere silver has been recused into fin particles)]

    Alternate Identities:
    -Drake Eichmann: Felix’s first alias complete with full papers, he considers the alias used up, as it clearly stats he is twenty one, when he clearly isn’t. It was used during his ‘high school’ years while going to a high school owned by the The Gryphon Corporation. If anyone got access to his transcript they could readily find he was attending college level classes.

    -Samuel James North: A very recent, and still viable, alias, which he employed while investigating the Centre for Meta-human Rights.
    Age fifteen runaway with no sense of direction, an eccentric and intensely curious nature, and a knack for wandering off and finding his way into staff rooms and other areas that students are normally not invited into.
    His only listed power is the ability to transformation into, albeit large, house cat; an ability he commonly used while checking around the school for “hiding spots*”.
    [*This persona, little changed from his normal self, adores the game “hide and seek” and took any excuse to play it, coupled with his ability to be annoyingly curious, it was not uncommon for someone to say “I’m it” before he would dash off and get himself lost in the building. (and one time he got stuck, insideof a wall, he was fleeing from another student who wanted to make him into her pet, there was a hole knocked into the wall from another student’s ‘outbreak’]

    -David fletcher: Felix’s present alias. Age fifteen, single child, survived a plane crash that killed his parents. He is a trust fund baby who’s, major, assets are being managed until he is age thirty two. His present guardian is Trace Turner, a businessman and family friend.
    Foul play is suspected in the crash, but nothing is yet released to the public, the investigation, eleven years old, is a cold case file.

    Biography: Felix “copycat” Jaeger, a low level agent of the Gryphon Corporation who has, to date, been on one misson; the infultration Centre for Meta-human Rights. Preparing him for this role was a pampered life of privilege, and lazing about in front of the extra-large window in the siting room.

    Impressive as the mission initially sounds, he did little more than attend classes and functions the center provides under an alias; after each event, be it an average school day or an annual event, he would be debriefed and, once a week he would undergo tests, including a general psych test. It was an effort to see if the center was performing any kind of indoctrination. That Felix still did, and dos, appear and act young complied with his ability to recite and recall details normally lost in translation, made him an ideal caudate for the mission.
    [That he had led a remarkably sheltered life up to this point caused him to spew out even the most mundane information in great abundance.]

    Felix was not informed of the findings of the instigation when he was extracted nor is he even aware of if or if not the investigation is still ongoing, nor has he inquired; he has since been scouting the general population for metas and stumbled onto one by the name of Laura.
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    Katrina "The Material Girl" Hallman

    Katrina Hallman - PL 9
    Codename: The Material Girl


    Responsibility: Katrina watched movies of superheroes as a child with her father who made her a cape out of a sheet so she could play Supergirl. When her own powers manifested she felt a responsibility to do good deeds like the heroes of the movies.

    Relationship: Katrinaĺs boyfriend is a normal and as such could be used against her. She is out to him about being a meta and while it caused some problems they have come to grips with it now even though he does at times have issues with the idea she may have to protect him.


    Tradeoffs: None
    Trait: Powerful (+10PP)
    Earned Points: 0
    Points Spent: 0
    Hero Points: 0

    Abilities: 16 Pts
    STR 0
    STA 0
    AGL 0
    DEX 0
    FGT 3
    INT 0
    AWE 3
    PRE 2

    Offense: 0 pts
    Initiative:╣ +4 (+4 Improved Init)
    Melee:╣ +3(+3 Fgt), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Unarmed:╣ +7 (+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Improvised Weapon +7 (+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +4 (+0 Str, +4 Improvised Weapon)

    Defense: 12 pts
    Dodge:╣ +3 (+3 base)
    Parry: +6 (+3 base, +3 FGT)
    Fortitude:╣ +3 (+3 base)
    Toughness:╣ +3 (+3 Defensive Roll)
    Will: +6 (+3 base +3 AWE)

    Skills: 16pts
    Acrobatics╣ +4 (4 base, +0 AGL)
    Athletics╣ +4 (4 base, +0 STR)
    Close Combat (Unarmed)╣ +7 (4 base, +3 FGT)
    Deception +6(4 base, +2 PRE)
    Perception +5 (4 base, +1 AWE)
    Persuation +6 (4 base, +2 PRE)
    Slight of Hand╣ +4 (4 base, +0 DEX)
    Stealth╣ +4 (4 base, +0 AGL)

    Advantages: 10 pts. Defensive Roll 3, Improved Initiative 1, Improvised Weapon 5, Jack of all Trades,

    Powers: 91 pts
    Mimic: (13 ranks) 91 pts. Take on the traits and form of material attuned or appearance of person attuned. (up to 65 pts worth) Limited (-1) : Required Close Touch Attack (Standard Action) to attune, only one person or material may be attuned at a time. (Mutant Biological)

    Power Points Total: Abilities 16 + Powers 91 + Advantages 10 + Skills 16 + Combat 12 = 145


    Kat grew up in a modest middle class home with her mother and father. Her father was a comic book fan and they bonded over super hero movies. When she was nine years old her father died in an accident with a drunk driver. Her mother was devastated and grew distant. Kat fell into a bad crowd and experimented with alcohol and sex during her teen years. However when her powers manifested memories of her father came to light and she relized she would have to do something more important with her life. She moved to a different city (Wherever sheĺs being brought into the game), broke contact with her old friends. Now she is working at a starbucks, dating a nice boy named David and secretly trying to help the helpless.

    ╣ Will change with modified abilities.

    Mimic Forms:

    Solid (Stone, Wood or Metal) (58pts)

    Enhanced Stamina +6 (18pts) (Impervious)
    Enhanced Strength +9 (18pts)
    Immunity 10 (10pts) life support

    Initiative: +4 (+4 Improved Init)
    Melee: +3 (+3 Fgt), damage +9 (+9 Str)
    Unarmed: +7 (+3 Fgt, +4Close Combat), damage +9 (+9 Str)
    Improvised Weapon +7 (+3 Fgt, +4 Close Combat), damage +9 (+9 Str, +4 Improvised Weapon)

    Dodge: +3 (+3 base)
    Parry: +6 (+3 base, +3 FGT)
    Fortitude: +9 (+3 base, +9 STR)
    Toughness: +9 (6 Impervious) (+3 Defensive Roll, +6 STA)
    Will: +4 (+3 base +1 AWE)

    Liquid (Water) [64pts]

    Affliction (Suffocate) 9 (29 pts) (Fort: 1st Impaired-Coughing; 2nd stunned; 3rd incapacitated) (Progressive, Accurate X2)
    Concealment 4 (4 pts) (All Visual) , (-1) Limited to Underwater
    Elongation 2 (2pts)
    Immunity 15 (15pts) life support, fire damage
    Insubstantial 1 (5pts)
    Protection 6 (6pts)
    Swimming 3 (3pts)

    Initiative: +4 (+4 Improved Init)
    Melee: +3(+3 Fgt), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Unarmed: +7(+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Improvised Weapon +7 (+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +4 (+0 Str, +4 Improvised Weapon)
    Suffocate +7 (+3 FGT, +4 Accurate)

    Dodge: +3 (+3 base)
    Parry: +6 (+3 base, +3 FGT)
    Fortitude: +3 (+3 base)
    Toughness: +9 (+3 Defensive Roll, +6 Protection)
    Will: +4 (+3 base +1 AWE)

    Particulate (Sand) (43pts)

    ôSand Slamö Damage 9 (21 pts) (+1 Area: Shapeable, +4 Accurate(2pts), Alternate Effect (1pts) )
    ‣ ôSand Burstö Damage 9 (20pts) (+1 Area: Burst, +4 Accurate(2pts)
    Elongation 2 (2 pts)
    Enhanced Advantages: Defensive Roll 6, Instant Up (7pts)
    Flight 2 (3pts) (-1 Flat Quirk: Affected by Wind)
    Immunity 30 (30pts) life support, slashing
    Insubstantial 1 (5pts)
    Movement (Slithering) (2pts)

    Initiative: +4 (+4 Improved Init)
    Melee: +3(+3 Fgt), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Unarmed: +7(+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Improvised Weapon +7 (+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +4 (+0 Str, +4 Improvised Weapon)
    ôSand Cloudö +9
    ôSand Blastö +9

    Dodge: +3 (+3 base)
    Parry: +6 (+3 base, +3 FGT)
    Fortitude: +3 (+3 base)
    Toughness: +9 (+9 Defensive Roll)
    Will: +4 (+3 base +1 AWE)

    Rubber (57 pts)

    Elongation 4 (4pts)
    Enhanced Advantages: Defensive Roll 6, Fast Grab (7pts)
    Enhanded Agility 5 (10 pts)
    Enhanced Dexterity 5 (10 pts)
    Immunity 20 (20pts) life support, electricty
    Leaping 4 (4pts)
    Movement (Safe Fall) (2pts)

    Initiative:╣ +5 (+4 Improved Init, +5 AGL)
    Melee:╣ +3(+3 Fgt), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Unarmed:╣ +7(+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +0(+0 Str)
    Improvised Weapon +7 (+3 Fgt, 4 Close Combat), damage +4 (+0 Str, +4 Improvised Weapon)

    Dodge: +8 (+3 base, +5 AGL)
    Parry: +6 (+3 base, +3 FGT)
    Fortitude: +3 (+3 base)
    Toughness: +9 (+9 Defensive Roll)
    Will: +4 (+3 base +1 AWE)
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