D&D 3rd Edition / 3.5 (D&D 3.5) Can you hide in between attacks with Hide in Plain Sight?

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    (D&D 3.5) Can you hide in between attacks with Hide in Plain Sight?

    There are at least three ways that I can think of a character might gain Hide in Plain Sight per the core rules: 1) ranger ability, 2) assassin ability, 3) shadowdancer ability. Let's assume a character with one of these abilities is making a full attack action. Is it possible to hide in between attacks and therefore deny your opponent his Dex mod to AC for each attack (assuming the Hide checks are successful of course)? If so, how does this work mechanically? Sources would be helpful.
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    From the d20 SRD on actions:

    "A full-round action requires an entire round to complete. Thus, it cant be coupled with a standard or a move action, though if it does not involve moving any distance, you can take a 5-foot step."

    * Full attack is (of course) a full-round action.

    Hide in Plain Sight is an Extraordinary ability for Rangers, and Supernatural for Assassins and Shadowdancers. (see the individual class descriptions)

    * Using an Extraordinary ability is a standard action.
    * Using a Supernatural Ability is a standard action.

    Since you cannot couple a full round action with a standard action, you cannot use those abilities in the middle of a full attack.

    Even if you could use the ability, the ability allows you to use Hide. Hide doesn't usually take an action in and of itself, but only because it is normally done as part of movement - and you can't take the move action while taking a full attack action either.

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    No. Hiding requires a move action. Even HiPS doesn't change that part, it only lets you hide without cover. You still need to use your move action. Making a full attack is a full round action, which precludes the necessary move action.

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    Yes you can. you just have to take a -20 Hide check (as a free action) while attacking, so as to know whether you are effectively hidden for you next attack.


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    Barring Jimlock's example there is another way. You never stated that the attacks were in consecutive rounds, so attack, hide, attack over three rounds. Your conditions are met albeit probably not in the spirit of your question. but as you asked it, yes, it is possible.
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