WotBS: Character Generator (Alpha) - Bug Reports and Feature Requests

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    WotBS: Character Generator (Alpha) - Bug Reports and Feature Requests

    This thread is for bug reports regarding the online character generator for WotBS Online.

    (Note that I can't answer questions - I'm just passing on the message here).
    The wait is finally over! After months of anticipation and questions wondering when will the character generator be released? the time has finally come!

    The first installment to the WotBS-Online game is now ready for testing (Alpha). We invite you to create your own character and prepare it for war with our OGL 3.5 systems rule set Character Generator. You have total control over the class, race, skills, feats, spells and alignment.

    Please understand that not all features will necessarily use the OGL 3.5 System Compatible rule set. As we are still trying to improve and polish the WotBS: Character Generator through this Alpha testing, our developers openly invite feedback. You are welcome to write your thoughts in this forum and we will try our best to address your comments and implement your suggestions.

    The WotBS: Character Generator can be accessed via the WotBS website. Click on the link that says try our Character Generator! and it will direct you to Facebook. Please sign-in using your personal Facebook account. Once you are signed in, you will be directed to the WotBS: Character Generator Facebook Application.

    Next stepbegin creating your character!

    Invite your family and friends and compare characters! Enjoy!
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    I really rather like that, seems nice and simple, nicely designed.

    Some comments:
    * I can't add a missile weapon and a melee weapon to my fighter, as they're both primary hand weapons, and need to be "equipped" in the single slot available - or possibly I'm being stupid
    * It's quite hard to differentiate between class and non class skills, perhaps grouping CLASS at the top, with a separator before NON CLASS - makes it a bit easier for newbies
    * Couldn't get the gauntlets to drop into the hand slot, although perhaps there's a restriction that stops me doing that...

    But mostly I really do like that, nice work guys!

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    I've only tried Fighter, Ranger, and Wizard, so...

    • Several of the skills for those classes read as "Non-Class Skill", even though they are Class skills for the classes in 3.5 (i.e., the Ranger should have Stealth and Survival as Class skills).
    • Several of the skills for those classes read as "Class Skill", even though they are Non-Class skills for those classes in 3.5 (i.e., the Ranger should not have Intimidate and Diplomacy as Class skills).
    • All Craft skills should be Class skills to all classes.
    • Several feats that are selectable for those classes are not selectable (i.e., the Fighter is not allowed to select Two-Weapon Fighting.)

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    Is there a privacy notice on the site someplace? Because I pretty much avoid facebook apps....

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    Nope, no go as long as it's Facebook.

    Jan van Leyden

    Former DDI subscriber

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    Sorry facebook.

    No thanks.
    Check out my 4E Campaign- HARD CORE a final attempt to play through the WOTC core modules- obviously we've made a few changes along the way.

    Or else there's my Let's Play scenarios, a bunch of one-off games, mostly, you'd best go check out the list.

    Let's Play series also available, all in one place, at Obsidian Portal.

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    will there be any way to play this without involving facebook apps?

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    Count me as another "don't wanna Facebook" vote.

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