I Want My Magic Back! - Rank I Spells

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    I Want My Magic Back! - Rank I Spells

    This is the second in the I Want My Magic Back! series of articles. The first article introduced the 4E Vancian Mage, and this installment brings you a selection of Rank I spells to get started with. All of the spells in this article are suitable for use as Signature Spells.

    Between this article and the first you should have everything you need to play a Vancian Mage of levels 1-3.

    Vancian Mage?
    To use this article, you need a copy of the first I Want My Magic Back! article, also by Sigfried Trent. The first article details the Vancian Mage character class and the basic mechanics for acquiring and casting spells. You can find that article on EN World in the subscribers content area.
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    Hope folks enjoy it

    I hope folks enjoy the latest installment. I'd love to hear what you like so far or areas you think could be better or any flaws you may find.

    Also if anyone has ideas or requests they'd like to see as we go forward, both Morrus and I would love to hear about them.
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    I think its great.

    Just keep doing it!
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    Cool stuff, as always - some stuff probably worth changing:

    Discrete Distortion Barrier shouldn't scale with tier (+2 is equally effective at heroic and epic tier, and matches the actual shield rules)

    Gabriazar's Devilish Beguilement needs to specify what a "standard attack" is - at-wills only? basics only? Do you want a caster casting a spell, or everyone making a melee basic? "The target makes an at-will attack of the caster's choosing, or charges" - note that charging is _particularly_ powerful because it will provoke opportunity attacks from all of the caster's allies potentially, so at-will would be too strong. Ranged and area attacks can also provoke OAs, so will be a bit strong, though not quite as strong.

    Gabriazar's Gift of the Golden Tongue: "Non-Allies" should be "Enemies". This effect could really be cleaned up, with a condition and (save ends). As a blast 5 (effective stun) power, this is also on par with many dailies, despite being a possible at-will.

    Lady Vile's Terror of the Unknown: Unclear if a frightened creature must flee in such a way that they provoke or not. Example: Can a frightened creature shift 1 square away and second wind, or total defense? Also probably easier to just reduce language on what they can do to just "cannot attack". If this results in provoking, it's a bit strong at-will.

    The Marquess Hellblood's First Gate of Battle should probably have stats for the minion it calls.

    Wigglefoot Jr's Highly Perplexing Patterns - Refers to both blast 3 and "creatures in burst". At-will multi target potentially multi-round daze is a bit strong.

    And some more niggling notes that may still be worth a look...

    Cordigan's Grey Armor likely shouldn't stack with Unarmored Agility feat.

    Sage Damalon's Prophecy of Pain - why a spell bonus and not a power bonus?

    The Great Lenarte's Amazing Athletic Endowment - +10 is probably a larger bonus than is necessary or appropriate.

    Zintressa's Thermal Dampener - "full rest" should probably be "extended rest"

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