4E The Kolloseaum: Team Go Hard or Go Home (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)
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    The Kolloseaum: Team Go Hard or Go Home (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)

    The Kolloseaum: Team Go Hard or Go Home

    As you arrive at the harbor, your eyes are drawn to what has to be the largest ship ever built anchored off shore. It is too large even enter the harbor, its many decks towering several stories above the sea below. The cheers of the crowds onboard can be heard even from here and a small flotilla of brightly-colored craft ferry spectators, gladiators, food, drink, weapons, armor, and more back-and-forth from the ship.

    A bright pavilion has been erected on one of the piers with a massive cloth banner above it proclaiming Kolloseaum Competitor Registration. A balding goblin a fringe of wiry hair and cracked monocles looks up as the group approaches. "You look like a group that probably won't all die instantly. I'll take your papers if you have them and if you don't you can fill them out here."

    Team Lineup
    Ignatz (WEContact) - Half-Orc Barbarian 1
    Rilissa (Faraque) - Shadar-Kai Swordmage 1
    Sha'kar (VanderLegion) - Gensai Artificer 1
    Corragan (Medina) - Elf Druid 1
    Dina (Son of Meepo) - Artificer|Warlord 1

    GM: Post your character's arrival here, preferably along with a statblock and a link to your character sheet. Also, @Faraque , please repost the group's final "contract". Once that is up and everyone has checked in here, the games will begin!
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    Ignatz glances at the goblin absently, only barely registering his words. He had been busy grinning at the ship. The words take and papers drift across his mind. He had never seen a ship anything like that, and so naturally it delighted him. New things were fun. Papers latches on to contract, and together the words gain some momentum.

    Ignatz looks at the goblin again with a puzzled frown, and then pulls a crumpled sheet of paper from a front pocket of the pack on his back. "Dot's the vun hyu vant, hey? Can hyu tell me who I'z fightin' vit, or haff I gots to vait a leedle longer?"

    Ignatz Jńgerkin - Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1
    Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 18, Passive Insight: 11
    AC:17 Fort:16 Ref:14 Will:11
    HP: 30/30 Bloodied: 15 Surge value: 7 Surges/day: 10
    Speed: 6 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused

    Powers: Body of the Wolf, Howling Strike, Pressing Strike
    Furious Assault, Swift Charge, Desperate Fury
    Thunder Hooves Rage
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    Rilissa enters the harbor, and looks around. The large floating arena isn't difficult to spot fortunately. Flexing her armor, she tests her movement and then begins the short journey to the pavilion on board. Her paperwork in order, she hands it to the steward. Stealing a glance around ship, she looks for the other competitors in order to see who will share the glory of battle with her.

    "This will be a splendid day for battle. Let the blood flow like wine and the ale even more so! Onward, to glory!"

    Stat Block

    Rilissa Shandalar - Female Shadar-kai Assault Swordmage 1
    Initiative: +1 Passive Perception: 9 Passive Insight: 9
    AC: 19 Fort: 14 Ref: 14 Will: 14
    HP: 27 Bloodied: 13 Surge Value: 6 Surges left: 9/9
    Speed: 6 Languages: Allarian, Imperia
    AP: 1 Second Wind: Unused

    Aegis of Assault, Lightning Lure, Greenflame Blade
    Shadow Jaunt, Flame Cyclone
    Frost Backlash

    Team "Go Hard or Go Home!"

    Shakar - level 1 Genasi Artificer
    Rilissa - level 1 Assault Swordmage
    Dina - level 1 Deva Artificer|Warlord
    Corragan - level 1 Elf Druid
    Ignatz - level 1 Barbarian

    Fights 3

    Round 1: I want to fight the hard enemies, and beat them to the objective without the enviroment killing us.
    Difficulty: Challenging (The BBEG!)
    Arena Challenge: Hazardous (Watch your step!)
    Objective: Yes (GET THE FLAG!!)
    To The Death (Do you really want to lose at 1/2 hp?)

    Round 2: I want to beat the arena enviroment and finish the objective without the enemies beating us.
    Difficulty: Hard (The BBEG's Little Brother!)
    Arena Challenge: Extreme (OH CRAP! LAVA!)
    Objective: Yes (NO! *YOU* GET THE FLAG!)
    To The Death (I am not a pansy!)

    Round 3: See round 2.
    Difficulty: Hard (The BBEG's Little Sister!)
    Arena Challenge: Extreme (EXTINGUISH MEEEEEE!!)
    Objective: Yes (GAH! GET THE FLAG BACK!)
    To The Death (It's just a flesh wound!)

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    Strolling onto the docks, Sha'kar takes in the sight of the massive ship anchored out at sea. He approaches the pavillion and hands over his signed contract, then walks over to where he sees some other members of the team to wait for the remainder of the members.

    "Is everyone prepared for the challenge?"
    Sha'kar Menoth Male Genasi Artificer
    Initiative: +0, Passive perception: 17, Passive Insight: 12, Senses: Normal

    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 14
    Resist 5 Psychic

    HP: 30/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges Left: 10/10
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: unused

    Allarian, Tsugo

    Basic Attacks:
    Melee Basic Attack: +2 vs AC - Quarterstaff 1d8
    Ranged Basic Attack: +2 vs AC - Repeating Crossbow 1d8

    At-Will: Magic Weapon, Thundering Armor
    Encounter: Burning Weapons, Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture, Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula, Void Assumption
    Daily: Icebound Sigil
    Item:Alchemist's Fire (1/1)

    Quarterstaff - 1d8
    Repeating Crossbow - 1d8


    Crossbow Caster - Use Crossbow as implement for implement attacks
    Voidsoul - Resist 5 Psychic damage
    Arcane Empowerment - Empower magic item once per day + once per milestone (Augment Energy or Impart Energy)
    Augment Energy - A weapon gains a +2 bonus as a free action once. A weapon can't be infused twice (lasts until next extended rest or until used)
    Impart Energy - Recharge a daily magic item. An item can't be recharged twice in a day.
    Arcane Rejuvenation - When an ally uses a daily magic item they gain 4 temporary hit points.

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    Corragan looks out across the sea, breathing the salty sea air in deeply. For a moment he is lost in his thoughts,"Like home..." he mutters to himself.

    Sha'kar's voice pulls him out of his thoughts and back into the modern day. "Huh? Ready? Oh, yes, of course."

    Corragan - Elf Druid (Unaligned) Level 1
    Initiative +3
    Passive Insight 15; Passive Perception 22; Senses Low-Light

    HP 28 Bloodied 14 Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 7

    AC 16 Fortitude 11 Reflex 14 Will 16
    Speed 8; Size Medium
    Str 13 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Wis 20 (+5)
    Con 11 (+0), Int 10 (+2), Cha 8 (-1)

    AP: 1, Second Wind: Unused

    Wild Shape, Savage Rend, Fire Hawk, Grasping Tide
    Thorn Spray, Elven Accuracy
    Summon Giant Toad

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    GM: I think we're just waiting for @Son of Meepo with Dina?

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    OOC: That is correct.

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    Dina sits on the deck of the ship, writing notes into a journal.


    Dina - Level 1 Artificer|Warlord
    Init: +2 Speed: 6
    Passive Perception: 13; Passive Insight: 13
    AC: 17 Fort 11 Ref 15 Will 15
    HP: 24/24 Surges: 7/7 Surge Value: 6 AP: 1
    Languages: Allarian, Draconic, Eladrin
    Str:10 Dex:10 Wis:17 Con:12 Int:20 Cha:8

    Commander's Strike
    Magic Weapon

    Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes []
    Healing Infusion []
    Inspiring Word []
    Use Vulnerability []
    Provocative Order []
    Second Wind[]

    Punishing Eye[]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Meepo View Post
    OOC: @WEContact - I reviewed your sheet as well.
    OOC: Thanks! I fixed the things you noted. Still learning how to use Wikia; could use help on the Math Section.

    Quote Originally Posted by VanderLegion View Post
    Strolling onto the docks, Sha'kar takes in the sight of the massive ship anchored out at sea. He approaches the pavillion and hands over his signed contract, then walks over to where he sees some other members of the team to wait for the remainder of the members.

    "Is everyone prepared for the challenge?"
    OOC: Heh, I wrote as if Ignatz didn't know who he was fighting alongside, but I suppose that information is part of the registration papers, so I'm assuming there was an off-camera scene in which some or all of us met and agreed to enter together?
    Ignatz turns away from the goblin to look at the genasi, and from the genasi to all the others whose names grace his registration form. "Ho yez, Hy am ready. Haff no fear, comrade," he says, grinning toothily.

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    The contract complete and signed, the goblin looks it over, then sniffs. It reaches into a jar of snails sitting behind the wooden plank it's using for a desk, pulls out a trowel, and crunches the snail onto the contract document to seal it.

    "You are ready to die... er, I mean, win great glory and riches or whatever. Take the ferry to the ship and give this to the arena master. Scripple here will lead you to her when you get there." He pulls out a kruthik hatchling, out of a bag nearby and ties the document onto its back. A moment later, he produces a small jar of what is, by the scent, ogre sweat, dips a cloth in it and drops the kruthik and the cloth in a small cage.

    The ferry departs soon, carrying a laughing pack of gnolls, a small stand-offish unit of heavily-armed eladrin, a few miscellaneous orcs, ogres, goblins, and minotaurs, and several cages of various sizes with heavy canvas tarps draped over them and strange hissings, scrapings, and growlings coming from within.

    Before long, the group arrives at the Kolloseaum - it looks even larger when you are moored along side it, staring up at it. A muffled scream cries out from somewhere above and the ship's deck planking shakes with the stamp and roar of the crowd.

    The group is instantly lost. The ship is like a small city, but as many as ten decks tall in places. Fortunately, someone remembers the kruthik. As soon as its cage is opened, it high-tails it across the deck and it's all the group can do to keep up with it.

    It leads the group under massive creaking wooden bleachers, past a fly-swarmed pile of corpses, around a swarm of goblins painting some sort of elaborate set, and eventually to a warren of passageways that lead to a massive chamber full of goblins and gladiators going in every which direction.

    Hovering at the center is a blue-skinned ogre mage surrounded by floating sheets of parchment and a crystal ball hovering beside her. She's constantly shouting orders and somehow managing the chaos going around her. The group has no chance of being noticed until the kruthik leaps off a goblin's head and clomps onto her foot.

    She looks at it in irritation, rips the document off of it and begins prying it open with one hand as she blasts the kruthik to a spray of green ichor with a snap of her fingers.

    "Rilissa and company?" she shouts, looking up. She makes eye contact with the group and floats your way. "You guys are about to be up. Head to Arena Four and be ready. You guys are playing the role of the heroes of the Siege of Anakabar. You can, of course, just kill all the goblins, but you lose and..." she glances at the contract "...will be executed if they manage to take too much of the city. If you live through all three events, you can claim your reward, but you get nothing if you don't complete the entirety of your contract. If you have any last minute changes to make to your contract, this is your last chance. After the first fight you'll have maybe half-an-hour before the next event starts. If you're ready, head to the arena and take your places in the city. Oh, and don't go in the water."

    The arena itself is a fairly high quality scale model of a harbor city with a river running through it and a forest nearby, the barely visible flicker of a wall of force denoting the outer edges of the arena. The translucent, shimmering names of each district float in the air above them. By the time the group gets there, there are hundreds already finding seating in the stands and dozens more constantly stream in every second as the match gets ready to get underway.

    GM: I should have labelled "Challenging" as "Brutal". Easy, Hard, Brutal would be the appropriate difficulties. With that and the no treasure rewards for not completing your contract (I.E. backing out after the first or second fight) that I wasn't clear about, feel free to modify the fight difficulties and/or number of fights.

    If you're good to go, let me know where you want to be on the attached map and roll initiative, as well as roleplaying any of your character's responses to the trip.

    Appease the Crowd
    All fights have the following rule:
    *As a minor action, a PC may make a skill check to wow the crowd. If they succeed at the check, they gain +2 to their next d20 roll if they beat the DC, plus +2 per 5 by which they beat the DC. If they fail the check, the take a -2 penalty to their next d20 roll, -2 more per 5 by which they miss the DC.

    I.E, if the DC is 15, 1-5 would be -6, 6-10 would be -4, 11-14 would be -2, 15-19 would be +2, etc.

    All skill DCs will start at 15 and each individual skill's DC goes up by 2 per time the skill is used as the crowd gets more jaded. The DCs go up at the end of the round in which they are used. The DCs do not drop between arena rounds. Any skill can be used, as long as the player can provide relevant character action to back up the roll.

    Match 1 special rules
    *Your character can be placed anywhere inside the city walls to start.

    *Enemies will start adjacent to of any map edge.

    *If any enemy starts their turn within a district (any of the eight labelled areas with cities) that district is "overrun" for the remainder of the match. If six of the eight districts are "overrun", the group loses and everyone dies (To the Death).

    *Crossing the walls takes an extra square of movement if you are crossing between walls within the city or crossing walls to leave the city. Crossing walls to enter the city takes a DC15 Athletics (Climb) check.

    *The walls grant cover against attacks made from outside the city to the inside.

    *The water is boiling for extra drama. Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the water takes 5 fire damage.

    *Creatures can cross the wall segments in the water leading to the Bluffhold by making a DC15 Acrobatics check. Failure means the move action ends and the creature falls into the water. Crossing the gap at L16 requires a DC 10 Athletics (Jump) check.

    *City, forest, and river squares are difficult terrain. For any square, its terrain type is whatever the majority of the square contains. When in doubt, ask for clarification.

    *Forest squares are light obscurement (grant concealment, 5 squares of them provide total concealment).
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