2012 PC Bodycount thread
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    2012 PC Bodycount thread

    Since the year of Reynard's 2011 thread had come to a close, I figured it's about time to start a new one (also because I had deaths to record).

    I'll begin, having started the year with a TPK while running the Pathfinder AP Jade Regent. All four PCs died in a single combat with the Ogre Mage boss of the second volume's final dungeon. The druid went down first, then the monk, the magus was killed by the villain's captive winter wolf, and the paladin went down last. He put up a good fight and knocked the oni to her last few hit points, but ultimately died.

    Yep. One day into the year and we've already got a TPK on our hands. I look forward to seeing what sort of deaths this year brings.

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    Block enrious

    Ptolus, underground. A curious PC jump on a pit a Chaos (pure chaos, acts as disintegrate).

    Little backstory for this one: PC A is being blackmailed by PC B, who is secretly working on behalf of PC C.

    The party is run out of town and PC B mucks about with some drinks at one of their residences and presents glasses of wine for everyone to toast to better future success. All drink, except for PC A, who hands it to PC C (the guy who was behind the blackmail), who drinks without question. Farewell, Mr. Boddy. Looks like B picked the wrong time to poison A to eliminate a potential threat.

    This is looking to be the start of a great year.

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    Block Pour

    Running M1: Gallery of the Hate Blossom, I had the half-marilith/half-medusa lich petrify and smash three adventurers who dared face her, one of them twice in the same combat.

    They luckily had an 'Amulet of Amon Rul' with 3 'resurrection' charges, which they put to good use throughout the battle, but when I tell you it came down to the final minute of the 4 hour module time limit, it came down to maybe the last couple of seconds.

    Our hexblade managed to cut off her head, and a little DM fiat allowed him to follow with a petrifying gaze attack against the 10,000 skeleton legionnaires that just breached the chamber. He succeeded... and a table legend was born.

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    'Cause this thread will need it ...

    Always the First to Die
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    Forgot to post it up. Jade Regent claimed another PC.

    Lance Llandu, Aasimar Cleric 3/Sorcerer 2 (Dreamed of one day becoming a Mystic Theurge) died from constitution poisoning. The Summoner also almost died, but the cleric urged him to drink the last potion of Lesser Restoration, and sacrificed himself by doing so. The Summoner staggered away, supported by his Eidolon, with a temporary Constitution of 1.

    They rested, recovered, recruited the Cleric's replacement character (an Inquisitor who can cast Lesser Restoration spontaneously :P ) fought a few thugs which resulted level-ups for two or three of them, and then returned to the stronghold they were assaulting a the start of the next week with newfound vengeance. They brought about 2 dozen summoned air elementals with them, courtesy of the Master Summoner, led by the other Summoner's (terribly strong) Eidolon with her new wings. They absolutely tore apart the place's defences, despite the villains having reinforced the place while they were out recovering.

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    Block Jon_Dahl

    A game of total madness yesterday. I think the surprise baby-news and a bottle of wine confused us totally (everyone had 1 glass of wine though).

    During the whole session PCs were absolutely determined to split the party, no matter what. After the first scare, they finally managed to nearly face a total TPK when two of the PCs battled BBEG and undead minions - neither one was a cleric...

    Priceless moment: The ranger was about to be slain by two spectres and become one of them, so he tried to commit suicide. He took a dagger and performed coup de grace on himself... and failed miserably!

    Human Cleric of Olidammara 10th-level. Killed by spectres. Died mainly because we agreed Confuse-spell's "attack nearest creature" does not permit any special attacks.
    Half-elf Ranger 10th-level. Killed by spectres.
    Half-dragon half-human sorcerer 6th-level (ECL 9). Eliminated by a task force including the city guard, some Pelorite clerics and a high-level cleric/paladin.

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    PC Body Count 2012

    The first deaths of 2012 for my group!

    Died on our January 21, 2012 session:

    Dorin, Level 4 Dwarven Cleric of Cayden Cailean (mine)
    Hakak, Level 4 Half-Orc Paladin of Iomedae
    Naif, Level 4 Human Rogue
    Zodie, Level 4 Gnome Druid

    Barely stabilized... to continue the campaign was Kuma our Human Monk. The rest of us are rolling up new level 4 characters to continue with the PF Serpent Skulls AP. The DM is just going to fit us into the story somehow. So it was almost a TPK, a fun session and now I'm looking forward to playing a raging barbarian!
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    Block Astos

    Died on our January 20, 2012 session:

    Jalfrezi, Level 6 Human Wizard
    Therthyra Brutebeard, Level 6 Dwarf Rogue
    Pan Oros, Level 6 Human Witch

    to a carnivorous crystal ooze.

    Later in the session:

    Bimarian, Level 6 Half-orc Barbarian

    to a wickedly strong blade-clawed creature.

    Jalfrezi and Pan Oros were reincarnated, though Jalfrezi chose to retire from adventuring. With these deaths, only two of the original party members remain.

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    There's actually a 2012 bodycount thread up already. It just doesn't seem to be seeing much use.


    Apparently people aren't killing as many PCs this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowleopardVK View Post
    There's actually a 2012 bodycount thread up already. It just doesn't seem to be seeing much use.


    Apparently people aren't killing as many PCs this year.
    Sorry didn't see it, must have fallen back a few pages.

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