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    How to post a review

    Anybody is welcome to post a review in this forum. However, there are some basic formatting guidelines.
    • Any thread started must be a self-contained review. Do not start a thread posting a question, or a link to a review elsewhere.
    • To reiterate the above - this isn't a links directory. No links to reviews you've posted elsewhere. You need to post the actual review.
    • Your thread title should include the title of the product you are reviewing. If possible, please also try to include the name of the publisher - anything that makes it easier for someone Googling a review of the product. Ideally, it shoud read: "A review of X by Y" where X is the product title and Y is the publisher. The word "review" is included just to make it easier for web searches.
    • You can reply to or comment on reviews as normal.

    You can search this forum even if you're not a subscriber. I've attached an image below showing you how.

    Review Length

    Please make your review a decent length. This forum is for full reviews, not for posting a couple of comments. If you only have a acouple of comments to offer, you can do that by replying to a review of the product.

    Grammar and Formatting

    You don't have to, but please try to make an effort with your grammar and formatting. Keep it readable and tidy. Make it easy for the reader.
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