Evening all,

We have a spot for 1 player to join us in an ongoing 4th Ed D&D campaign which has been run for a year now. We're currently playing fortnightly Saturday afternoons in a nice cafe in town.

The group is currently level 6, so you'd be joining with a character at that level. Some previous experience of 4th would be preferred, but we can make do without if you're able to hit the ground running and learn the game quickly.

We're a relaxed, easy going group and sessions usually involve plenty of laughs. Age range is 20s and 30s, and due to the nature of some of the table talk, I'd probably prefer players to stay in the 18+ age range.

The campaign is combat encounter focussed (but does have a gradually uncovering narrative), and is likely to stay that way. Character backgrounds are encouraged, and I'll try my best to work any player driven plot hooks into the campaign.

Any questions, shout here or send me a PM