A new Warden arrives in the city of Atlanta, straight from Edinburgh. He's got a big job ahead of him. The streets are littered with rogue practitioners, sorcerers, and warlocks, and those are only the problems that he's been directly assigned. There are worse things out there that will try to occupy his time, but justice is his only goal. He's got a city to clean up, to tie a neat bow around, and present to the White Council. And, he doesn't have much time.

Deputy Chief John Brady of the Atlanta Police Department pulls up in front of a nondescript little shop in Little Five Points. The wares for sale here usually fall under the radar of the APD, but Brady knows some things that most other officers don't know. For example, that they just got a shipment in of lophophora williamsii for a local spell slinger to do some kind of divination. For a small cut, he's decided that he won't give the shop any problems. He considers himself a nice guy for that.

Sarah Reed walks down "Metropolitan Parkway" as it is now called. The name might have changed, but the women working the street remain. A pleading brother sent her to find his sister, a woman named Nicole Smith. Sarah has a way of talking to people, of getting them to open up and getting them to listen. She also knows that this woman's pimp is probably a Red Court vampire, and getting her out isn't going to be as easy as just convincing her to leave.

These stories will soon be intertwined with yours. Will they be allies? Enemies? What dangers await in the city? What mysteries? This is only the starting point.


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