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    Chicago Gameday 32 Event Planning

    Gameday 32 Planning Thread

    This is the planning thread for Chicago Gameday 32.
    Gameday 32 is being held on July 14th, 2012, at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL.

    What is Chicago Gameday?

    How to Submit an Event

    If you would like to run an event for Chicago Gameday, please follow these three steps.

    1. Post your event description in this thread

    Your event description must include the following:
    • Time: morning (9:30 a.m.) or afternoon (3:30 p.m.) slot;
    • Game system: e.g., "D&D 3.5";
    • Event Title: e.g., "The Caves of Chaos";
    • Description: ideally, short and to the point; here are some guidelines from designer/editor Ryan Macklin;
    • An image: one you wish associated with your event description, or else state that you are happy to leave that up to me;
    • Content Rating: choose either "Kid-Friendly" or "Adults Only";
    • Number of Players: total your event can accomodate, not including yourself;
    • Table Preference: Whether you want to reserve the private room or need a specific table; I will assign you a table based on your event's size otherwise.

    2. Make sure I have a way of contacting you

    Either like us on Facebook or provide me with your email address so I can add you to our mailing list. You can email me at buzz (at) buzzmo (dot) com. If you have Private Messaging enabled here at ENWorld, that works, too.

    3. Subscribe to this thread on ENWorld or else make sure to check it regularly.

    How to Be a Great Gameday GM

    You should create a safe, friendly space for your event.
    Introduce yourself and help introduce the players to each other. Be accommodating to people with special needs, e.g., someone who needs to sit closer to you in order to hear better. Be sensitive to players who let you know they are uncomfortable with certain topics your game may address; do what you can to make them comfortable. In short, treat your players as you would guests in your home.

    You should be aware of how long your event lasts.
    Four hours is the ideal minimum. Morning events should end with enough time left to allow you and your players to get lunch and spend at least some time shopping before the afternoon events begin. Afternoon events should keep both the Metra schedules and the store's hours in mind.

    You should come to Gameday prepared to run your event matter how many people have signed up for it. If you don't want to run your event, let me know as soon as possible and I will remove it from the schedule.

    Gameday 32 Proposed Event Lineup

    Morning: 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    1. Rivers and Lakes RPG, Reidzilla, Table G
    2. Star Wars Saga Ed., sw3333, Table D
    3. D&D 4e, Trevalon Moonleirion
    4. Supernatural, Ninjacat, private room
    5. HiBRiD, hujraadjohaansen
    6. Trollbabe, Nev the Deranged
    7. Grimoire, ekb
    8. GURPS, buzz

    Afternoon: 3:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    1. Serenity, TracerBullet42, private room
    2. D&DNext, Dokomo
    3. Monsterhearts, willowx
    4. Ghosts of Albion, WebWarlock
    5. Bulldogs!, Vyvyan Basterd, Table D
    6. Swords Without Master, Nathan Paoletta
    7. Griffins & Grottos, Mark, Table G
    8. Dungeon World, JoeBeason

    This thread is for planning purposes only. A separate thread will be created for player sign-up closer to Gameday. A link to that thread will be posted here at that time.
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