Pathfinder RPG ZEITGEIST #4: Always on Time (Pathfinder)

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    ZEITGEIST #4: Always on Time (Pathfinder)

    It's been a bit of a wait, but the PATHFINDER RPG version of ZEITGEIST #4 : Always on Time is finally here! A fantastic investigative adventure set on a week-long train journey as the heroes race against time to identify the bad guy, this adventure is available to EN World Silver Subscribers.

    The famous Avery Coast Railroad thunders along its week-long journey through the grandest cities of civilization. Among its roster of international passengers travel stowaways and scoundrels, slavers and spies - and one shadowy figure, bearing an invention that will illuminate the world and cast it into darkness.
    Riding undercover, agents from Risur have one week until this invention falls into the hands of a sinister conspiracy. Before then, they must suss out who they can trust, and who's out to stop them. But on a train full of liars, will they be able to solve the mystery in time?

    A fantasy adventure for motivated heroes of 6th level.
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