Part I: The Wormwood Mutiny
by Richard Pett

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Campaign Start

Date and Time: Wealday, 18 Desnus, 4712 AR (06:57:18)
Location: Unknown Ship, Unknown Waters, Off the Coast of Garund, Inner Sea Region, Golarion
Developments: Pirates take whatever they please, whether it be ships, plunder, or people! The undine sea druid Jhiv wakes to find himself press-ganged into the crew of the pirate ship Wormwood, the vessel of the nefarious Captain Barnabus Harrigan. Hell have to learn how to survive as a pirate if he's to have any hope of weathering rough waves, brutal crew members, enemy pirates, ravenous beasts, and worse. Will fortune turn to his favor, or will he be keelhauled before voyage's end? Its up to the aspiring buccaneer to decide whether hell remain the pirates swab or seize control and set sail for adventures all his own.