I am running Rise of the Runelords on roll20.net. They are relatively new so they are working a few bugs out with audio and video, but we don't use video so that is not an issue.

I do post on the pathfinder forum for the purpose of handing out information. We are at level 2 currently and still in the first book.

As of now we game from 9PM to 1AM on Mondays

Gameplay Rules
The only rule not in there is that you must start with a normal age.

Link to the Players Guide

Link to Roll20.net

Link to a useful guide to Sandpoint

We currently have 3 players. I am looking for 3 more. that way if 2 people can't make it for whatever reason we can still play. The group has nobody that is really suitable to be on the frontline. I am not requiring anyone up front, but it would be appreciated.

If your schedule changes or you decide you just don't enjoy it, that is fine. All I ask is you shoot me a PM or leave a note on the discussion board letting me know you are no longer participating.

With that said I will check back here in about 24 hours to see how much interest I have. You should also feel free to leave me messages here or PM here if you wish, if you don't want to create a Paizo account just yet.