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    Planescape Collector's Guide

    Welcome to the Planescape Collector's Guide!

    This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Planescape campaign setting, which was supported from 1994 to 1998.

    This Collector's Guide isn't intended to be a comprehensive review of all D&D planar content, but is mostly limited to Planescape campaign setting products. It also includes a few of the generic products published near the end of the 2nd Edition release cycle that weren't officially Planescape products, but which may well have been if the line had continued. Beyond Countless Doorways is also included, because although it isn't an official Planescape product, Wizards of the Coast did give permission for it to be marketed as "A Planescape Reunion Book", and for that reason it seemed a shame to omit it.

    This was the sixth installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

    Collector's Guides: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, Next, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer

    AD&D 2nd Edition products

    Boxed sets

    Planescape Campaign Setting (March 1994)
    Planes of Chaos (July 1994)
    Planes of Law (January 1995)
    A Player's Primer to the Outlands (April 1995)
    Planes of Conflict (November 1995)
    Hellbound: The Blood War (June 1996)

    Monster collections

    Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix (June 1994)
    Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II (September 1995)
    Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (March 1998)


    In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil (May 1995)
    The Factol's Manifesto (June 1995)
    Uncaged: Faces of Sigil (March 1996, PDF)
    The Planewalker's Handbook (August 1996)
    On Hallowed Ground (September 1996)
    A Guide to the Astral Plane (October 1996, PDF)
    Faces of Evil: The Fiends (September 1997)
    A Guide to the Ethereal Plane (August 1998, PDF)
    The Inner Planes (November 1998)


    The Eternal Boundary (May 1994)
    Well of Worlds (September 1994)
    In the Abyss (October 1994)
    The Deva Spark (November 1994)
    Fires of Dis (March 1995)
    Harbinger House (July 1995)
    Something Wild (February 1996)
    Doors to the Unknown (November 1996)
    The Great Modron March (October 1997, PDF)
    Dead Gods (November 1997)
    Tales from the Infinite Staircase (May 1998, PDF)
    Faction War (October 1998, PDF)

    Related material

    A Paladin in Hell (September 1998)
    Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four (Darklore, Mercurial, Uridezu) (November 1998)
    TSR Jam 1999 (The Manxome Foe) (March 1999)
    Warriors of Heaven (September 1999)
    Guide to Hell (December 1999)
    The Vortex of Madness and Other Planar Perils (January 2000)
    Die Vecna Die! (City of Doors) (June 2000)
    The Quesar (Warriors of Heaven web enhancement) (March 2001)

    Other products


    The Blood Wars 1: Blood Hostages (January 1996)
    The Blood Wars 2: Abyssal Warriors (May 1996)
    The Blood Wars 3: Planar Powers (July 1997)
    Pages of Pain (Hardcover August 1996, paperback December 1997)
    Torment (November 1999)

    Coffee table books

    The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination (Hardcover September 1994, paperback July 1995)
    30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, paperback February 2006)


    The Unity of Rings (online release, November 2003)

    Planescape: Torment computer game

    Planescape: Torment (1999)
    Planescape: Torment: Official Strategies & Secrets (1999)
    Promotional soundtracks (1999)
    Promotional t-shirts (1999)
    Promotional posters (1999)
    Promotional mouse pad (1999)
    Promotional trading card (1999)

    Interactive puzzles

    Riddle of the Runes: The Worlds of TSR (1995)

    Ral Partha miniatures

    10-519: Planescape Miniatures (boxed set)
    10-520: Powers of Chaos (boxed set)
    10-521: Powers of Law (boxed set)
    10-522: Powers of Conflict (boxed set)
    11-600: Mercykiller Factol
    11-601: Factol Ambar
    11-602: Factol Lhar
    11-603: Factol Darius
    11-604: Lei Kung
    11-605: Thor
    11-606: Factol Koran
    11-607: Mask
    11-608: Freya
    11-609: Akin
    11-610: Estavan
    11-611: Kylie
    11-612: Shemeshka & Colcook
    11-613: Cirily
    11-614: Djhek Nlarr
    11-615: Fell
    11-616: Jemorille the Exile
    11-617: Sly Nye
    11-618: Parakk the Rat Catcher
    11-619: Aluvius Ruskin
    11-620: Transcendent Order
    11-621: Xaositects
    11-622: Free League Bariaur
    11-623: Mercykillers
    11-624: Anarchists
    11-625: Incantifiers
    11-626: Aasimar
    11-627: The Us
    11-640: Greater Gelugon
    11-641: Solar Aasimon
    11-642: Tanar'ri Succubus
    11-643: Erinye
    11-644: Armanites
    11-645: Hamatula
    11-646: Marut
    11-647: Cornugon
    11-648: Pit Fiend
    11-649: Chasme
    11-650: Elemental Vermin
    11-651: Dretch
    11-652: Molydeus
    11-653: Marilith
    11-654: Barbazu
    11-655: Black Abishai
    11-656: Doomguard

    Pre-painted miniatures

    Blood War 8/60: Harmonium Guard (November 2006)
    Blood War 11/60: Soldier of Bytopia (November 2006)
    Blood War 16/60: Free League Ranger (November 2006)
    Blood War 18/60: Hero of Valhalla (November 2006)
    Blood War 28/60: Acheron Goblin (November 2006)
    Blood War 40/60: Mercykiller (November 2006)
    Blood War 47/60: Doomguard (November 2006)
    Night Below 1/60: Arcadian Avenger (July 2007)

    Blood Wars card game

    Blood Wars Dual Deck Card Game (March 1995)
    Blood Wars Escalation Pack 1: Rebels and Reinforcements (March 1995)
    Blood Wars Escalation Pack 2: Factols and Factions (June 1995)
    Blood Wars Escalation Pack 3: Powers and Proxies (August 1995)
    Warlord's Tactical Manual Reference Guide (February 1996)
    Blood Wars promotional poster
    Blood Wars promotional t-shirt

    Promotional items

    The Planescape Sketchbook (1994)
    Lady of Pain pewter belt buckles (1994)
    Pewter necklaces (1994)
    Pewter key rings (1994)
    Pewter faction pins (1994)
    In the Cage t-shirt (1995)
    Pewter box (1996)
    Pewter flask (1996)
    GenCon promotional faction pins (1996)
    Planescape Conspectus (1996)
    Faction War promotional stickers (1998)
    Planescape sweatshirt

    d20 releases

    Beyond Countless Doorways (2004)

    Magazine articles

    Dragon Magazine

    Dragon 203, p74, The Plane Truth Part I: Codifying Sigil (March 1994)
    Dragon 204, p28, The Plane Truth Part II: A Journey To the Outlands (April 1994)
    Dragon 205, p50, The Plane Truth Part III: The Transformation (May 1994)
    Dragon 207, p50, Role-Playing Reviews (July 1994)
    Dragon 208, p42, Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Planescape Setting (August 1994)
    Dragon 208, p107, Sage Advice (August 1994)
    Dragon 209, p82, Sage Advice (September 1994)
    Dragon 210, p96, Sage Advice (October 1994)
    Dragon 211, p88, Role-Playing Reviews (November 1994)
    Dragon 211, p95, Sage Advice (November 1994)
    Dragon 213, p10, Godsmen, Bleakers, Guvners, & Takers (January 1995)
    Dragon 213, p32, Planar Personalities (January 1995)
    Dragon 214, p34, Role-Playing Reviews (February 1995)
    Dragon 215, p88, Sage Advice (March 1995)
    Dragon 216, p22, April Fool's Faxions (April 1995)
    Dragon 216, p103, Sage Advice (April 1995)
    Dragon 217, p82, Sage Advice (May 1995)
    Dragon 218, p39, The Game Wizards: Flashpoint Sigil! (June 1995)
    Dragon 218, p82, Role-Playing Reviews (June 1995)
    Dragon 218, p97, Sage Advice (June 1995)
    Dragon 221, p100, Sage Advice (September 1995)
    Dragon 223, p10, The Lords of the Nine (November 1995)
    Dragon 229, p108, Role-Playing Reviews (May 1996)
    Dragon 230, p93, Sage Advice (June 1996)
    Dragon 233, p24, Fiendish Fortress (September 1996)
    Dragon 233, p92, The Rod of Seven Parts: World by World (September 1996)
    Dragon 234, p109, Role-Playing Reviews (October 1996)
    Dragon 235, p8, Planar Heroes (November 1996)
    Dragon 236, p108, Role-Playing Reviews (December 1996)
    Dragon Annual 1, p75, A Handful of Keys (December 1996)
    Dragon 240, p56, Mysteries of the Dead Gods (October 1997)
    Dragon 241, p56, Modron Magic (November 1997)
    Dragon 243, p26, Destriers of the Planes (January 1998)
    Dragon 245, p16, Sage Advice (March 1998)
    Dragon 245, p70, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Relics (March 1998)
    Dragon 246, p108, Roleplaying Reviews (April 1998)
    Dragon 264, p74, Rogue's Gallery: Planescape Torment (October 1999)
    Dragon 265, p22, Sage Advice (November 1999)
    Dragon 287, p44, Fractious Factions: Planar Prestige Classes (September 2001)
    Dragon 305, p28, Cities of the Planes: N'gati (March 2003)
    Dragon 315, p44, The Exiled Factions (January 2004)
    Dragon 339, p32, Dead Factions (January 2006)
    Dragon 347, p28, Archomentals (September 2006)
    Dragon 347, p42, Elemental Hazards (September 2006)
    Dragon 347, p54, Paraelementals (September 2006)
    Dragon 347, p66, Ecology of the Elemental Weird (September 2006)
    Dragon 351, p50, The Gatetown of Ecstasy (January 2007)
    Dragon 353, p36, Multiple Dementia (March 2007)
    Dragon 353, p42, Archomentals (March 2007)
    Dragon 353, p52, Ecology of the Keepers (March 2007)
    Dragon 354, p34, Return of the Modrons (April 2007)
    Dragon 359, p26, Unsolved Mysteries of D&D (September 2007)
    Dragon 414, Bazaar of the Bizarre: From the Attic of Alluvius Ruskin (August 2012)
    Dragon 414, The Ecology of the Modron (August 2012)
    Dragon 414, History Check: The Iggwilv-Graz'zt Affair (August 2012)
    Dragon 414, Character Themes: Ciphers, Sensates, and Xaositects (August 2012)
    Dragon 417, p4, History Check: The Blood War (November 2012)
    Dragon 417, p11, History Check: That Shadow That Was (November 2012)
    Dragon 417, p16, Fallen Angels: Ecology of the Succubus (November 2012)
    Dragon 419, p22, Winning Races: Bladelings (January 2013)
    Dragon 421, p4, Creature Incarnations: Mephits (March 2013)
    Dragon 421, p10, Lords of Chaos: Cryonax (March 2013)

    Dungeon Magazine

    Dungeon 55, p18, Umbra (September 1995)
    Dungeon 60, p32, Nemesis (July 1996)
    Dungeon 204, The Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Shemeshka the Marauder (August 2012)
    Dungeon 208, p43, Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Fraz-Urb'luu, Prince of Deception (November 2012)
    Dungeon 212, p15, Court of the Dark Prince (March 2013)

    Polyhedron Newszine

    Polyhedron 100, p6, The Analects of Sigil (October 1994)
    Polyhedron 127, p23, The Day of Grace (December 1997)
    Polyhedron 133, p11, Stench Cow Recipes! (December 1998)
    Polyhedron 135, p18, Gifts from Below (April 1999)
    Polyhedron 137, p14, Of Sigil and the Sea (August 1999)

    Electronic releases

    Official web site

    Planewalker (main site)
    Denizens of the Transitive Planes (PDF release, October 2005)
    Denizens of the Inner Planes (PDF release, March 2006)
    Gods List (PDF release, latest version August 2009)

    Web articles and downloads

    Animated modron (small)
    Animated modron (large)

    International products

    French translations

    Planescape: Cadre de Campagne (1996)
    La Frontière de l'Infini (1996?)
    Bestiaire Monstrueux Appendice 4 (1997?)

    German translations

    Planescape Kampagnenwelt (1995)
    Die Ewige Grenze (1996)
    Monsterkompendium V (1996)

    Spanish translations

    Planescape: Epítome de Campaña
    La Frontera Eterna
    Planos del Caos (1997)
    Compendio de Monstruos: Planescape Apéndice
    En la Jaula: Una Guía de Sigil

    Organized play

    AD&D 2nd Edition convention adventures

    The Poison Pen (Gencon 1995)

    Adventurer's Guild adventures

    Menagerie (1Q1998)
    Manxome Foe (2Q1998)
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