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    Forgotten Realms Collector's Guide

    Welcome to the Forgotten Realms Collector's Guide!

    This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, which was launched in 1987 and has been reasonable continuously supported ever since. The sheer volume and variety of game products, novels, computer games, comics, and everything else produced for the Forgotten Realms over the years is staggering, and this proved to be the most challenging Collector's Guide in the series, clocking in at more than twice the size of the Greyhawk Collector's Guide.

    For this guide, tips of the hat are due to Roger E. Moore, whose meticulous notes on Realms content in early magazines were extremely helpful, and especially to Candlekeep and the Forgotten Realms bibliography at, who have walked this path long before. As might be expected, the Wayback Machine was once again a crucial research tool. Special thanks also to Brett Easterbrook, whose Living City research allowed me to upgrade that section from patchy to reasonably complete.

    It should be noted that Zakhara, the land of the Al-Qadim setting, is also located in the Forgotten Realms. However, Al-Qadim products and references are not included below, since those are already covered in the Al-Qadim Collector's Guide for that setting. Products and articles set in the Kara-Tur sub-setting, on the other hand, have been included here, since the Oriental Adventures Collector's Guide doesn't cover only Kara-Tur.

    This was the nineteenth installment when the Collector's Guides were first published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

    The Forgotten Realms Collector's Guide has been split into four parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

    Collector's Guides: Original D&D, 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, 5th Edition, D&D PDFs, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer

    AD&D 1st Edition products

    Boxed sets

    Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (July 1987)
    City System (July 1988)
    Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (October 1988)

    Forgotten Realms accessory series

    FR1: Waterdeep and the North (October 1987, PDF)
    FR2: Moonshae (November 1987, PDF)
    FR3: Empires of the Sands (February 1988, PDF)
    FR4: The Magister (May 1988, PDF)
    FR5: The Savage Frontier (August 1988, PDF)

    Other accessories

    REF5: Lords of Darkness (December 1988)


    N5: Under Illefarn (September 1987, PDF)
    I14: Swords of the Iron Legion (April 1988)
    H4: Throne of Bloodstone (May 1988)
    FRC1: Ruins of Adventure (August 1988)

    Related material

    I3: Pharaoh (January 1983, PDF)
    I4: Oasis of the White Palm (February 1983, PDF)
    I5: Lost Tomb of Martek (July 1983, PDF)
    H1: Bloodstone Pass (July 1985)
    Oriental Adventures (October 1985)
    OA1: Swords of the Daimyo (February 1986, PDF)
    H2: The Mines of Bloodstone (December 1986)
    OA2: Night of the Seven Swords (December 1986)
    N4: Treasure Hunt (December 1986, PDF)
    OA3: Ochimo the Spirit Warrior (January 1987)
    I3-5: Desert of Desolation (May 1987)
    OA4: Blood of the Yakuza (July 1987)
    H3: The Bloodstone Wars (June 1987)
    DQ1: The Shattered Statue (January 1988)

    AD&D 2nd Edition products

    Boxed sets

    Ruins of Undermountain (February 1991)
    Menzoberranzan (September 1992)
    The Ruins of Myth Drannor (February 1993)
    Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (June 1993)
    The Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep Levels (February 1994)
    City of Splendors (July 1994)
    Elminster's Ecologies (September 1994)
    Ruins of Zhentil Keep (March 1995)
    Spellbound (June 1995)
    The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier (download; April 1996)
    Netheril: Empire of Magic (download; October 1996)
    Lands of Intrigue (August 1997)
    Empires of the Shining Sea (September 1998)

    Hardcover books

    Forgotten Realms Adventures (March 1990, PDF)

    Monster collections

    MC3: Monstrous Compendium Volume Three: Forgotten Realms Appendix (November 1989)
    MC6: Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur Appendix (June 1990)
    MC11: Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (December 1991)

    Forgotten Realms accessory series

    FR6: Dreams of the Red Wizards (November 1988)
    FR7: Hall of Heroes (February 1989)
    FR8: Cities of Mystery (June 1989)
    FR9: The Bloodstone Lands (November 1989, PDF)
    FR10: Old Empires (February 1990, PDF)
    FR11: Dwarves Deep (October 1990, PDF)
    FR12: Horde Campaign (May 1991, PDF)
    FR13: Anauroch (November 1991)
    FR14: The Great Glacier (August 1992)
    FR15: Gold & Glory (download; November 1992)
    FR16: The Shining South (April 1993)

    Softcover accessories

    FOR1: Draconomicon (September 1990, PDF)
    FOR2: Drow of the Underdark (June 1991, PDF)
    FOR3: Pirates of the Fallen Stars (February 1992, PDF)
    FOR4: The Code of the Harpers (August 1993, PDF)
    PG2: Player's Guide to the Forgotten Realms (November 1993)
    FOR5: Elves of Evermeet (March 1994, PDF)
    FOR6: The Seven Sisters (April 1995, PDF)
    FOR7: Giantcraft (August 1995, PDF)
    Pages from the Mages (October 1995, PDF)
    Wizards and Rogues of the Realms (November 1995, PDF)
    Warriors and Priests of the Realms (January 1996, PDF)
    Faiths & Avatars (March 1996, PDF)
    Heroes' Lorebook (July 1996)
    Powers & Pantheons (August 1997)
    Prayers from the Faithful (December 1997)
    FOR8: Cult of the Dragon (download; January 1998)
    Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves (download; March 1998)
    Villains' Lorebook (download; July 1998)
    The City of Ravens Bluff (download; October 1998)
    Demihuman Deities (November 1998)
    Demihumans of the Realms (January 1999, PDF)
    Skullport (June 1999, PDF)
    Sea of Fallen Stars (August 1999)
    Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark (November 1999)
    FOR9: Secrets of the Magister (February 2000, PDF)

    Volo's Guides

    Volo's Guide to Waterdeep (December 1992, PDF)
    Volo's Guide to the North (download; November 1993)
    Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast (October 1994, PDF)
    Volo's Guide to Cormyr (July 1995, PDF)
    Volo's Guide to the Dalelands (June 1996, PDF)
    Volo's Guide to All Things Magical (September 1996, PDF)
    Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II (July 2000)

    Other accessories

    Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog (June 1992, PDF)
    FRS1: The Dalelands (October 1993)
    Cormyr (January 1994)
    Book of Lairs (December 1994, PDF)
    The Moonsea (January 1995, PDF)
    Elminster's Ecologies Appendix I: The Battle of Bones & Hill of Lost Souls (download; March 1995)
    Elminster's Ecologies Appendix II: The High Moor & The Serpent Hills (download; September 1995)
    The Vilhon Reach (download; May 1996)
    Calimport (download; October 1998)


    FRC2: Curse of the Azure Bonds (March 1989, PDF)
    FRE1: Shadowdale (May 1989, PDF)
    FRE2: Tantras (June 1989)
    FRE3: Waterdeep (September 1989)
    FA1: Halls of the High King (October 1990, PDF)
    FA2: Nightmare Keep (April 1991)
    FRQ1: Haunted Halls of Evening Star (May 1992)
    FRQ2: Hordes of Dragonspear (October 1992)
    FRM1: Jungles of Chult (May 1993)
    FRQ3: Doom of Daggerdale (September 1993, PDF)
    Marco Volo: Departure (download; May 1994)
    Marco Volo: Journey (download; July 1994)
    Marco Volo: Arrival (download; November 1994)
    The Sword of the Dales (May 1995, PDF)
    The Secret of Spiderhaunt (July 1995, PDF)
    The Return of Randal Morn (September 1995, PDF)
    Undermountain: The Lost Level (May 1996, PDF)
    Undermountain: Maddgoth's Castle (August 1996, PDF)
    How the Mighty are Fallen (download; November 1996)
    Undermountain: Stardock (download; January 1997)
    Castle Spulzeer (download; October 1997)
    Four from Cormyr (download; November 1997)
    Hellgate Keep (February 1998)
    For Duty and Deity (download; May 1998)
    The Fall of Myth Drannor (download; June 1998)
    The Accursed Tower (March 1999, PDF)
    Wyrmskull Throne (September 1999)
    The Dungeon of Death (May 2000, PDF)
    Cloak & Dagger (June 2000)

    RPGA accessories and adventures

    LC1: Gateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living City (August 1989)
    LC2: Inside Ravens Bluff, the Living City (July 1990)
    LC3: Nightwatch in the Living City (March 1991)
    LC4: Port of Ravens Bluff (July 1991)
    Kidnapped (August 1998)

    The Horde setting

    The Horde Barbarian Campaign Setting (download; August 1990)
    FRA1: Storm Riders (April 1990, PDF)
    FRA2: Black Courser (July 1990, PDF)
    FRA3: Blood Charge (November 1990, PDF)

    Maztica setting

    Maztica Campaign Set (download; June 1991)
    FMA1: Fires of Zatal (download; August 1991)
    FMA2: Endless Armies (download; October 1991)
    FMQ1: City of Gold (download; March 1992)

    Kara-Tur adventures

    OA5: Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon Claw (download; December 1988)
    OA6: Ronin Challenge (download; May 1990)
    OA7: Test of the Samurai (download; December 1989)
    FROA1: Ninja Wars (December 1990)


    TM4: The City of Waterdeep Trail Map (November 1989)
    TM5: Kara-Tur Trail Map (December 1989)
    The Forgotten Realms Atlas (July 1990, PDF)
    Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas (September 1999)

    Related material

    Castles: A 3-Dimensional Game Accessory ("Darkhold", October 1990)
    SJR2: Realmspace (January 1991)
    Forgotten Realms Play by Mail Game (1995)
    Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Four (Worlds-Specific Lists: Forgotten Realms/Maztica, September 1998)
    Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four (Asperii, Firestar, Ascallion, Vurgens, Gemstone Golem, Groundling, Inquisitor, Lythari, Shadowrath, Sewerm, Wizshade) (November 1998)
    TSR Jam ("Vale of the Dragon Oracle", March 1999)
    Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume Three (Spell Lists by World: Forgotten Realms, February 2000)

    D&D 3.X products

    Hardcover books

    Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (errata; June 2001, PDF)
    Faiths and Pantheons (May 2002)
    Races of Faerūn (March 2003, PDF)
    Unapproachable East (errata; May 2003, PDF)
    Underdark (October 2003, PDF)
    Player's Guide to Faerūn (errata; March 2004)
    Serpent Kingdoms (errata; July 2004, PDF)
    Shining South (October 2004, PDF)
    Lost Empires of Faerūn (February 2005, PDF)
    Champions of Ruin (May 2005, PDF)
    City of Splendors: Waterdeep (June 2005, PDF)
    Champions of Valor (November 2005, PDF)
    Power of Faerūn (errata; March 2006, PDF)
    Mysteries of the Moonsea (June 2006, PDF)
    Dragons of Faerūn (August 2006, PDF)
    FR1: Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave (March 2007, PDF)
    Expedition to Undermountain (June 2007, PDF)
    FR2: Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land (July 2007, PDF)
    The Grand History of the Realms (September 2007, PDF)
    FR3: Anauroch: The Empire of the Shade (November 2007, PDF)

    Monster collections

    Monsters of Faerūn (February 2001)

    Softcover accessories

    Magic of Faerūn (errata; July 2001, PDF)
    Lords of Darkness (October 2001)
    Silver Marches (July 2002)


    Dungeon Master's Screen (February 2002)


    Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor (September 2000)
    Into the Dragon's Lair (October 2000)
    City of the Spider Queen (September 2002)
    Sons of Gruumsh (September 2005, PDF)
    Twilight Tomb (September 2006, PDF)

    Related material

    Epic Level Handbook (Epic NPCs of Faerūn, July 2002)
    Fiend Folio (Abyssal Ghoul, Ophidian, Wicker Man; April 2003)
    Dungeon Master's Guide v.3.5 (Red Wizard prestige class, July 2003)
    Complete Warrior (Purple Dragon Knight and Thayan Knight prestige classes, November 2003)
    Monster Manual III (various "In Faerūn" notes, September 2004)
    Weapons of Legacy (various "In Faerūn" notes, July 2005)
    Monster Manual IV (various "In Faerūn" notes, July 2006)
    Monster Manual V (various "In Faerūn" notes, July 2007)

    D&D 4th Edition product

    Hardcover books

    Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (August 2008)
    Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (September 2008, PDF)
    Neverwinter Campaign Setting (August 2011)
    Halls of Undermountain (April 2012)


    FR1: Scepter Tower of Spellguard (September 2008)


    Forgotten Realms World Map (August 2011)
    Neverwinter Cloth Map (2011)
    Neverwinter Campaign Map (February 2012)


    Neverwinter Fortune Cards (July 2011)

    Related material

    DN1: Caverns of Icewind Dale: Dungeon Tiles (January 2011)
    DN6: Castle Grimstead (September 2012)

    Edition-neutral products

    Hardcover books

    Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue (August 2012)
    Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms (October 2012)

    Sundering adventures

    1: Murder in Baldur's Gate (August 2013)
    2: Legacy of the Crystal Shard (November 2013)
    3: Dreams of the Red Wizard: Scourge of the Sword Coast (PDF release, February 2014)
    4: Dreams of the Red Wizard: Dead in Thay ((PDF release, April 2014)

    D&D 5th Edition products

    Preview adventures

    Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (August 2013, PDF)


    Hoard of the Dragon Queen (August 2014)
    The Rise of Tiamat (October 2014)
    Princes of the Apocalypse (April 2015)
    Out of the Abyss (September 2015)

    Novels and fiction


    1: Darkwalker on Moonshae (May 1987, reprinted October 2004)
    2: Black Wizards (April 1988, reprinted November 2004)
    3: Darkwell (March 1989, reprinted December 2004)

    Icewind Dale

    (also part of the Legend of Drizzt series)
    1: The Crystal Shard (January 1988)
    2: Streams of Silver (January 1989)
    3: The Halfling's Gem (January 1990)
    Icewind Dale Collector's Edition (Hardcover January 2000, paperback February 2001)
    Icewind Dale Gift Set (September 2002)

    Shandril's Saga

    1: Spellfire (August 1988, expanded edition April 2002, reprinted February 2005)
    2: Crown of Fire (reprinted June 2002, reprinted March 2005)
    3: Hand of Fire (September 2002, reprinted April 2005)

    Finder's Stone

    1: Azure Bonds (October 1988)
    2: The Wyvern's Spur (February 1990)
    3: Song of the Saurials (February 1991)


    1: Shadowdale (May 1989, reprinted May 2003)
    2: Tantras (July 1989, reprinted June 2003)
    3: Waterdeep (September 1989, reprinted July 2003)
    4: Prince of Lies (July 1993, reprinted September 2003)
    5: Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad (February 1998, reprinted November 2003)

    Pools (Heroes of Phlan)

    1: Pool of Radiance (November 1989)
    2: Pools of Darkness (January 1992)
    3: Pool of Twilight (September 1993)


    1: Ironhelm (March 1990)
    2: Viperhand (October 1990)
    3: Feathered Dragon (March 1991)


    1: Horselords (April 1990)
    2: Dragonwall (July 1990)
    3: Crusade (December 1990)

    Dark Elf

    (also part of the Legend of Drizzt series)
    1: Homeland (August 1990)
    2: Exile (November 1990)
    3: Sojourn (April 1991)
    Dark Elf Trilogy Collector's Edition (Hardcover July 1998, paperback February 2000)
    Dark Elf Trilogy Gift Set (September 2001)


    1: The Parched Sea (May 1991)
    2: Elfshadow (September 1991) (also part of Songs & Swords)
    3: Red Magic (October 1991)
    4: The Night Parade (April 1992)
    5: The Ring of Winter (October 1992)
    6: Crypt of the Shadowking (February 1993)
    7: Soldiers of Ice (October 1993)
    8: Elfsong (January 1994) (also part of Songs & Swords)
    9: Crown of Fire (March 1994) (also part of Shandril's Saga)
    10: Masquerades (July 1995)
    11: Curse of the Shadowmage (November 1995)
    12: The Veiled Dragon (March 1996)
    13: Silver Shadows (May 1996) (also part of Songs & Swords)
    14: Stormlight (October 1996)
    15: Finder's Bane (July 1997) (also listed as Lost Gods 1)
    16: Thornhold (August 1998) (also part of Songs & Swords)
    17: Rise of the Blade (eBook, July 2011)

    Cleric Quintet

    1: Canticle (October 1991, reprinted February 2000, reprinted March 2009)
    2: In Sylvan Shadows (February 1992, reprinted March 2000, reprinted March 2009)
    3: Night Masks (July 1992, reprinted May 2000, reprinted May 2009)
    4: The Fallen Fortress (April 1993, reprinted June 2000, reprinted August 2009)
    5: The Chaos Curse (June 1994, reprinted July 2000, reprinted September 2009)
    Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition (Hardcover January 1999, paperback January 2002)


    1: Prophet of Moonshae (January 1992)
    2: The Coral Kingdom (July 1992)
    3: The Druid Queen (July 1993)

    Legacy of the Drow

    (also part of the Legend of Drizzt series)
    1: The Legacy (Hardcover August 1992, paperback August 1993, hardcover January 1996)
    2: Starless Night (Hardcover September 1993, paperback August 1994, hardcover February 1996)
    3: Siege of Darkness (Hardcover August 1994, paperback September 1995)
    4: Passage to Dawn (Hardcover July 1996, paperback August 1997)
    Legacy of the Drow Collector's Edition (Hardcover January 2001, paperback January 2003)
    Legacy of the Drow Gift Set (September 2003)

    Twilight Giants

    1: The Ogre's Pact (September 1994, reprinted May 2005)
    2: The Giant Among Us (January 1995, reprinted August 2005)
    3: The Titan of Twilight (September 1995, reprinted October 2005)


    1: Elminster: The Making of a Mage (Hardcover December 1994, paperback December 1995)
    2: Elminster in Myth Drannor (Hardcover November 1997, paperback November 1998)
    3: The Temptation of Elminster (Hardcover November 1998, paperback November 1999)
    4: Elminster in Hell (Hardcover August 2001, paperback May 2002)
    5: Elminster's Daughter (Hardcover May 2004, paperback June 2005)
    The Annotated Elminster (November 2007)
    Elminster Ascending: The Sage of Shadowdale omnibus (November 2010)

    Shadow of the Avatar

    1: Shadows of Doom (March 1995)
    2: Cloak of Shadows (May 1995)
    3: All Shadows Fled (September 1995)


    1: King Pinch (April 1995)
    2: War in Tethyr (September 1995)
    3: Escape from Undermountain (February 1996)
    4: The Mage in the Iron Mask (July 1996)
    5: The Council of Blades (September 1997)
    6: The Simbul's Gift (October 1997)

    Starlight & Shadows

    1: Daughter of the Drow (Hardcover August 1995, paperback September 1996, reprinted February 2003)
    2: Tangled Webs (Hardcover April 1996, paperback May 1998, reprinted March 2003)
    3: Windwalker (Hardcover April 2003, paperback April 2004)
    Starlight & Shadows Gift Set (August 2005)


    1: Murder in Cormyr (Hardcover March 1996, paperback July 1998)
    3: Murder in Halruaa (Hardcover October 1996)

    Netheril (Arcane Age)

    1: Sword Play (May 1996)
    2: Dangerous Games (November 1996)
    3: Mortal Consequences (January 1998)

    Cormyr Saga

    1: Cormyr: A Novel (Hardcover July 1996, paperback April 1998)
    2: Beyond the High Road (paperback December 1999)
    3: Death of the Dragon (Hardcover May 2000, paperback May 2001)

    Lost Gods

    1: Finder's Bane (July 1997) (also listed as Harpers 15)
    3: Tymora's Luck (December 1997)

    Double Diamond Triangle Saga

    1: The Abduction (January 1998)
    2: The Paladins (January 1998)
    3: The Mercenaries (January 1998)
    4: Errand of Mercy (February 1998)
    5: An Opportunity for Profit (March 1998)
    6: Conspiracy (April 1998)
    7: Uneasy Alliances (May 1998)
    8: Easy Betrayals (June 1998)
    9: The Diamond (July 1998)

    Lost Empires

    1: The Lost Library of Cormanthyr (March 1998)
    2: Faces of Deception (November 1998)
    3: Star of Cursrah (February 1999)
    4: The Nether Scroll (September 2000)

    Paths of Darkness

    The Silent Blade (Hardcover October 1998, paperback June 1999)
    The Spine of the World (Hardcover September 1999, paperback June 2000)
    Servant of the Shard (Hardcover October 2000, paperback July 2001) (also part of The Sellswords)
    Sea of Swords (Hardcover October 2001, paperback August 2002)
    Paths of Darkness Collector's Edition (Hardcover February 2004, paperback August 2005)
    Paths of Darkness Gift Set (August 2004)

    Threat from the Sea

    1: Rising Tide (January 1999)
    2: Under Fallen Stars (October 1999)
    3: The Sea Devil's Eye (March 2000)
    The Threat from the Sea omnibus (April 2009)

    Songs & Swords

    1: Elfshadow (reprinted April 2000)
    2: Elfsong (reprinted April 2000)
    3: Silver Shadows (reprinted January 2001)
    4: Thornhold (reprinted February 2001)
    5: The Dream Spheres (May 1999)

    Baldur's Gate

    1: Baldur's Gate (July 1999)
    2: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (July 2000)
    3: Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (September 2001)

    Counselors & Kings

    1: The Magehound (April 2000)
    2: The Floodgate (April 2001)
    3: The Wizardwar (March 2002)


    1: The Halls of Stormweather (July 2000, reprinted February 2007)
    2: Shadow's Witness (November 2000, reprinted April 2007)
    3: The Shattered Mask (June 2001, reprinted July 2007)
    4: Black Wolf (November 2001, reprinted August 2007)
    5: Heirs of Prophecy (June 2002, reprinted October 2007)
    6: Sands of the Soul (November 2002, reprinted November 2007)
    7: Lord of Stormweather (March 2003, reprinted February 2008)


    1: The City of Ravens (December 2000)
    2: Temple Hill (September 2001)
    3: The Jewel of Turmish (February 2002)
    4: The City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel (Hardcover August 2005, paperback May 2006)

    Return of the Archwizards

    1: The Summoning (March 2001)
    2: The Siege (December 2001)
    3: The Sorcerer (November 2002)
    Return of the Archwizards omnibus (December 2009)


    1: Servant of the Shard (reprinted June 2005)
    2: Promise of the Witch-King (Hardcover October 2005, paperback September 2006)
    3: Road of the Patriarch (Hardcover October 2006, paperback July 2007)
    The Sellswords Gift Set (October 2008)
    The Sellswords omnibus (December 2010)

    War of the Spider Queen

    1: Dissolution (Hardcover July 2002, paperback August 2003)
    2: Insurrection (Hardcover December 2002, paperback November 2003)
    3: Condemnation (Hardcover May 2003, paperback May 2004)
    4: Extinction (Hardcover January 2004, paperback February 2005)
    5: Annihilation (Hardcover July 2004, paperback August 2005)
    6: Resurrection (Hardcover April 2005, paperback February 2006)
    War of the Spider Queen Gift Set, Part 1 (September 2006)
    War of the Spider Queen Gift Set, Part 2 (September 2006)
    War of the Spider Queen Volume I (April 2012)
    War of the Spider Queen Volume II (May 2012)

    The Hunter's Blade

    1: The Thousand Orcs (Hardcover October 2002, paperback July 2003)
    2: The Lone Drow (Hardcover November 2003, paperback June 2004)
    3: The Two Swords (Hardcover October 2004, paperback September 2005)
    The Hunter's Blade Collector's Edition (January 2007)
    The Hunter's Blade Trilogy Gift Set (September 2007)


    1: The Alabaster Staff (July 2003)
    2: The Black Bouquet (September 2003)
    3: The Crimson Gold (December 2003)
    4: The Yellow Silk (February 2004)

    Erevis Cale

    1: Twilight Falling (August 2003)
    2: Dawn of Night (June 2004)
    3: Midnight's Mask (November 2005)
    The Erevis Cale Trilogy omnibus (June 2010)

    Scions of Arrabar

    1: The Sapphire Crescent (November 2003)
    2: The Ruby Guardian (November 2004)
    3: The Emerald Sceptre (August 2005)

    Legend of Drizzt

    1: Homeland (Hardcover reprint March 2004, paperback December 2005)
    2: Exile (Hardcover reprint June 2004, paperback March 2006)
    3: Sojourn (Hardcover reprint December 2004, paperback June 2006)
    4: The Crystal Shard (Hardcover reprint March 2005, paperback January 2007)
    5: Streams of Silver (Hardcover reprint July 2005, paperback May 2007)
    6: The Halfling's Gem (Hardcover reprint November 2005, paperback August 2007)
    7: The Legacy (Hardcover reprint April 2006, paperback April 2008)
    8: Starless Night (Hardcover reprint July 2006, paperback May 2008)
    9: Siege of Darkness (Hardcover reprint November 2006, paperback June 2008)
    10: Passage to Dawn (Hardcover reprint March 2007, paperback August 2008)
    11: The Silent Blade (Hardcover reprint June 2007, paperback February 2009)
    12: The Spine of the World (Hardcover reprint November 2007, paperback April 2009)
    13: Sea of Swords (Hardcover reprint March 2008, paperback June 2009)
    The Legend of Drizzt Gift Set, Books I-III (October 2007)
    The Legend of Drizzt Gift Set, Books IV-VI (October 2007)
    The Legend of Drizzt Gift Set, Books VII-X (October 2008)
    The Legend of Drizzt Gift Set, Books XI-XII (October 2009)
    The Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition, Book I (Hardcover January 2008, paperback January 2010)
    The Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition, Book II (Hardcover March 2008, paperback May 2010)
    The Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition, Book III (Hardcover January 2009, paperback September 2010)
    The Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition, Book IV (Hardcover September 2010, paperback May 2011)
    The Collected Stories: The Legend of Drizzt Anthology (February 2011)
    The Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition, Book I (September 2013)
    The Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition, Book II (October 2013)
    The Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition, Book III (November 2013)
    The Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition, Book IV (December 2013)

    House of Serpents

    1: Venom's Taste (March 2004)
    2: Viper's Kiss (March 2005)
    3: Vanity's Brood (March 2006)
    House of Serpents omnibus (October 2009)

    Year of Rogue Dragons

    1: The Rage (April 2004)
    2: The Rite (January 2005)
    3: The Ruin (May 2006)
    The Year of Rogue Dragons omnibus (October 2010)


    1: Lady of Poison (July 2004)
    2: Mistress of the Night (December 2004)
    3: Maiden of Pain (June 2005)
    4: Queen of the Depths (September 2005)

    Last Mythal

    1: Forsaken House (August 2004)
    2: Farthest Reach (July 2005)
    3: Final Gate (June 2006)
    The Last Mythal Gift Set (October 2007)
    The Last Mythal Omnibus (August 2011)


    1: Master of Chains (September 2005)
    2: Ghostwalker (December 2005)
    3: Son of Thunder (January 2006)
    4: Bladesinger (April 2006)


    1: Whisper of Waves (November 2005)
    2: Lies of Light (September 2006)
    3: Scream of Stone (May 2007)


    1: Blackstaff (July 2006)
    2: Bloodwalk (July 2006)
    3: Darkvision (September 2006)
    4: Frostfell (December 2006)

    Knights of Myth Drannor

    1: Swords of Eveningstar (Hardcover August 2006, paperback June 2007)
    2: Swords of Dragonfire (Hardcover August 2007, paperback April 2008)
    3: The Sword Never Sleeps (Hardcover November 2008, paperback May 2009)

    Twilight War

    1: Shadowbred (November 2006)
    2: Shadowstorm (August 2007)
    3: Shadowrealm (December 2008)

    Lady Penitent

    1: Sacrifice of the Widow (February 2007)
    2: Storm of the Dead (September 2007)
    3: Ascendancy of the Last (July 2008)


    1: Depths of Madness (April 2007)
    2: The Howling Delve (July 2007)
    3: Stardeep (October 2007)
    4: Crypt of the Moaning Diamond (November 2007)

    Haunted Lands

    1: Unclean (April 2007)
    2: Undead (March 2008)
    3: Unholy (February 2009)

    Empyrean Odyssey

    1: The Gossamer Plain (May 2007)
    2: The Fractured Sky (November 2008)
    3: The Crystal Mountain (July 2009)
    The Empyrean Odyssey omnibus (March 2011)


    1: The Orc King (Hardcover September 2007, paperback July 2008, trade paperback November 2008)
    2: The Pirate King (Hardcover October 2008, paperback July 2009, trade paperback December 2009)
    3: The Ghost King (Hardcover October 2009, paperback July 2010)
    Transitions Gift Set (October 2011)


    1: Neversfall (November 2007)
    2: Obsidian Ridge (April 2008)
    3: The Shield of Weeping Ghosts (May 2008)
    4: Sentinelspire (July 2008)

    Blades of Moonsea

    1: The Swordmage (Hardcover May 2008, paperback December 2008)
    2: Corsair (Hardcover March 2009, paperback November 2009)
    3: Avenger (Hardcover March 2010, paperback October 2010)
    Blades of Moonsea Omnibus (August 2012?)

    Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep

    1: Blackstaff Tower (September 2008)
    2: Mistshore (September 2008)
    3: Downshadow (April 2009) (also part of the Shadowbane series)
    4: City of the Dead (June 2009)
    5: The God Catcher (February 2010)
    6: Circle of Skulls (May 2010)
    Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep, Book I (July 2011)
    Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep, Book II (December 2011)

    Stone of Tymora

    1: The Stowaway (Hardcover September 2008, paperback July 2009)
    2: The Shadowmask (Hardcover November 2009, paperback October 2010)
    3: The Sentinels (Hardcover November 2010, paperback August 2011)
    Stone of Tymora Omnibus (Hardcover October 2012, paperback July 2013)

    Abolethic Sovereignty

    1: Plague of Spells (December 2008)
    2: City of Torment (September 2009)
    3: Key of Stars (September 2010)

    The Wilds

    1: The Fanged Crown (January 2009)
    2: The Restless Shore (May 2009)
    3: The Edge of Chaos (August 2009)
    4: Wrath of the Blue Lady (December 2009)

    Chosen of Nendawen

    1: The Fall of Highwatch (November 2009)
    2: The Hand of the Hunter (December 2010)
    3: Cry of the Ghost Wolf (December 2011)

    Brotherhood of the Griffon

    1: The Captive Flame (May 2010)
    2: Whisper of Venom (November 2010)
    3: The Spectral Blaze (June 2011)
    4: The Masked Witches (February 2012)
    5: Prophet of the Dead (February 2013)

    Unbroken Chain

    1: Unbroken Chain (July 2010)
    2: Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road (July 2011)

    The Sage of Shadowdale

    1: Elminster Must Die (Hardcover August 2010, paperback June 2011)
    2: Bury Elminster Deep (Hardcover August 2011, paperback June 2012)
    3: Elminster Enraged (Hardcover September 2012, paperback May 2013)


    1: Gauntlgrym (Hardcover October 2010, paperback July 2011)
    2: Neverwinter (Hardcover October 2011, paperback July 2012)
    3: Charon's Claw (Hardcover August 2012, paperback February 2013)
    4: The Last Threshold (Hardcover March 2013, paperback September 2013)

    Neverwinter Novella

    Cold Steel and Secrets: Part 1 (eBook October 2011)
    Cold Steel and Secrets: Part 2 (eBook November 2011)
    Cold Steel and Secrets: Part 3 (eBook December 2011)
    Cold Steel and Secrets: Part 4 (eBook January 2012)

    Sword of the Gods

    Sword of the Gods (April 2011)
    Sword of the Gods: Spinner of Lies (eBook June 2012)


    Shadowbane (eBook September 2011)
    Eye of Justice (eBook September 2012)

    Brimstone Angels

    Brimstone Angels (November 2011)
    Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils (December 2012)
    Fire in the Blood (Hardcover October 2014, paperback March 2015)
    Ashes of the Tyrant (Hardcover December 2015)
    The Devil you Know (Hardcover October 2016)

    The Sundering

    1: The Companions (Hardcover August 2013, paperback February 2014)
    2: The Godborn (Hardcover October 2013, paperback March 2014))
    3: The Adversary (Hardcover December 2013, paperback May 2014)
    4: The Reaver (Hardcover February 2014, paperback July 2014)
    5: The Sentinel (Hardcover April 2014, paperback October 2014)
    6: The Herald (Hardcover June 2014, paperback November 2014)

    Companions Codex

    1: Night of the Hunter (Hardcover March 2014, paperback September 2014)
    2: Rise of the King (Hardcover August 2014, paperback February 2015)
    3: Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Hardcover March 2015)

    Homecoming series

    1: Archmage (Hardcover September 2015)
    2: Maestro (Hardcover April 2016)
    3: Hero (Hardcover October 2016)


    Realms of Valor (January 1993)
    Realms of Infamy (December 1994)
    Realms of Magic (December 1995)
    Realms of the Underdark (March 1996)
    Realms of the Arcane (December 1997)
    Realms of Mystery (June 1998)
    Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters (August 1999, reprinted January 2005)
    Realms of the Deep: The Threat from the Sea (March 2000)
    Realms of Shadow: Return of the Archwizards (April 2002)
    The Best of the Realms (November 2003)
    Realms of the Dragons: The Year of Rogue Dragons (October 2004)
    Realms of the Dragons II: The Year of Rogue Dragons (May 2005)
    The Best of the Realms II: The Stories of Ed Greenwood (July 2005)
    Realms of the Elves: The Last Mythal Anthology (February 2006)
    The Best of the Realms III: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham (May 2007)
    Realms of War: The Twilight War Anthology (January 2008)
    Realms of the Dead: The Haunted Lands Anthology (January 2010)

    Miscellaneous novels

    The Cloakmaster Cycle 2: Into the Void (Spelljammer cross-over, October 1991)
    Once Around the Realms (March 1995)
    Evermeet: Island of Elves (Hardcover April 1998, paperback March 1999)
    The Shadow Stone (September 1998)
    The Glass Prison (April 1999)
    Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (November 2000)
    Sandstorm (March 2011)
    Dawnbringer (May 2011)
    Untold Adventures ("Tallfolk Tales", "Watchers at the Living Gate", "Lord of the Darkways" and "Dreaming of Waterdeep", June 2011)
    Venom in Her Veins (March 2012)
    The Rose of Sarifal (May 2012)
    The Gilded Rune (July 2012)
    Prince of Ravens (eBook, July 2012)
    If They Even Happen Upon My Lair (eBook, September 2012)
    Spider and Stone (eBook, November 2012)
    Rise of the Zhentarim (eBook, December 2012)
    Spellstorm (June 2015)
    Death Masks (June 2016)

    Miscellaneous short stories

    Bold as Brass (2003)
    Wayfarer (December 2005)
    The Bones of the Beast (2006)
    That Time of the Tenday (2007)
    Pigs Explode (November 2008)
    Serpentsong (February 2009)
    The Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane (April 2009)
    Seven They Were (May 2009)
    The Winter Scourge (November 2009)
    Tallfolk Tales (December 2009)
    The Resurrection Agent (January 2010)
    Speak of the Devil: Circle of Skulls Extended Ending (May 2010)
    Chosen of the Sword (September 2011)
    Really Don't Do That (February 2012)
    The Unforking Family Tree (December 2013)


    DC AD&D comics

    1: Origins Arc, Part 1: The Gathering (December 1988)
    2: Origins Arc, Part 2: The Bouty Seekers of Manshaka (January 1989)
    3: Origins Arc, Part 3: The Secret of Selune's Eye (February 1989)
    4: Origins Arc, Part 3: Sorcerer's Moon (March 1989)
    5: The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 1: The Spirit of Myrrth (April 1989)
    6: The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 2: Beneath the City of the Dead (May 1989)
    7: The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 3: Showtime! Or Revenge of the Living Monologue (June 1989)
    8: The Spirit of Myrrth, Part 4: Die Laughing (July 1989)
    9: Catspaw Quartet, Part 1: Night of the Moonpenguin (August 1989)
    10: Catspaw Quartet, Part 2: Of Mirt & Mind Flayers (September 1989)
    11: Catspaw Quartet, Part 3: All Hades Breaks Loose (October 1989)
    12: Catspaw Quartet, Part 4: Down in the Depths (November 1989)
    13: Spell Games, Part 1: Shackles of the Past (December 1989)
    14: Spell Games, Part 2: Shell Game (January 1990)
    15: Spell Games, Part 3: Cat & Mouse (February 1990)
    16: Spell Games, Part 4: The Last Betrayal (March 1990)
    17: The Ostus Legacy, Part 1: Kyriani's Story (April 1990)
    18: The Ostus Legacy, Part 2: Day of the Darkening (May 1990)
    19: Phases of the Moon, Part 1: First Quarter: Selune Rising (June 1990)
    20: Phases of the Moon, Part 2: Second Quarter: Dark of the Moon (July 1990)
    21: Phases of the Moon, Part 3: Third Quarter: Lunatics (August 1990)
    22: Phases of the Moon, Part 4: Fourth Quarter: Total Eclipse (September 1990)
    AD&D Annual (September 1990)
    23: Lawyers! (November 1990)
    24: Scavengers, Part 1: Scavengers (December 1990)
    25: Scavengers, Part 2: Predators (January 1991)
    26: Scavengers, Part 3: Survivors (February 1991)
    27: The Dragon's Eye, Part 1: Death and the Dragon (March 1991)
    28: The Dragon's Eye, Part 2: Suspicion (April 1991)
    29: The Dragon's Eye, Part 3: Dead of Night (May 1991)
    30: The Dragon's Eye, Part 4: Burning Questions (June 1991)
    31: Dwarven Gold, Part 1: Pillar of Gold (July 1991)
    32: Dwarven Gold, Part 2: Broken Pillars (August 1991)
    33: Summer in the City (September 1991)
    34: Rites and Wrongs, Part 1: Telling Lies (October 1991)
    35: Rites and Wrongs, Part 2: The Truth (November 1991)
    36: Rites and Wrongs, Part 3: Rights and Wrongs (December 1991)

    DC Forgotten Realms comics

    1: The Hand of Vaprak! Part 1: The Ogre's Paw (September 1989)
    2: The Hand of Vaprak! Part 2: Converging Lives (October 1989)
    3: The Hand of Vaprak! Part 3: The Great Game (November 1989)
    4: The Hand of Vaprak! Part 4: Fools Rush In (December 1989)
    5: The Dragonreach Saga, Part 1: The Dragon in the Dale (January 1990)
    6: The Dragonreach Saga, Part 2: Dragonspawn (February 1990)
    7: The Dragonreach Saga, Part 3: Dragonsmoker (March 1990)
    8: The Dragonreach Saga, Part 4: Dragons (and Other Beasts) (April 1990)
    9: The Morning After (May 1990)
    10: Head Cheeeese (June 1990)
    11: Triangles, Part 1: Jasmine (July 1990)
    12: Triangles, Part 2: Rivals (August 1990)
    13: Triangles, Part 3: Trial (September 1990)
    14: Liches in Love (October 1990)
    15: Fallen Idols, Part 1: Possessions (Against the Gods: An Avatar Story) (November 1990)
    16: Fallen Idols, Part 2: Mad Gods and Paladins (Against the Gods: An Avatar Story) (December 1990)
    Annual: Waterdhavian Nights (December 1990)
    17: Fallen Idols, Part 3: Divine Rights (Against the Gods: An Avatar Story) (January 1991)
    18: Fallen Idols, Part 4: On Earth as it is in Heaven (Against the Gods: An Avatar Story) (February 1991)
    19: Picking up the Pieces (March 1991)
    20: Temptations (April 1991)
    21: Cannibal Girls (Won't You Come Out Tonight?) (May 1991)
    22: Cat Logic (June 1991)
    23: Unreal Estate (July 1991)
    24: Everybody Wants to Run the Realms (August 1991)
    25: The Wake of the Realms Master (September 1991)

    DC Avatar series

    1: Shadowdale (February 1991)
    2: Tantras (March 1991)
    3: Waterdeep (May 1991)

    Miscellaneous TSR-era comics

    TSR Worlds Annual 1 (August 1990)
    The Grand Tour (1996)
    Baldur's Gate (1998)

    Twenty First Century Games comics

    The Forbidden Sands of Anauroch 1 (June 2000)
    The Forbidden Sands of Anauroch 2 (August 2000)

    Devil's Due comics

    Homeland 1 (three covers, June 2005)
    Homeland 2 (two covers, July 2005)
    Homeland 3 (two covers, August 2005)
    Exile 1 (two covers, September 2005)
    Exile 2 (two covers, October 2005)
    Exile 3 (two covers, November 2005)
    Sojourn 1 (two covers, December 2005)
    Sojourn 2 (two covers, January 2006)
    Sojourn 3 (two covers, February 2006)
    The Crystal Shard 1 (two covers, November 2006)
    The Crystal Shard 2 (two covers, December 2006)
    The Crystal Shard 3 (two covers, January 2007)
    Streams of Silver 1 (two covers, February 2007)
    Streams of Silver 2 (two covers, March 2007)
    Streams of Silver 3 (two covers, April 2007)
    The Halfling's Gem 1 (two covers, May 2007)
    The Halfling's Gem 2 (two covers, June 2007)
    The Halfling's Gem 3 (two covers, July 2007)
    The Legacy 1 (three covers, February 2008)
    The Legacy 2 (two covers, April 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 1 (two covers, April 2008)
    The Legacy 3 (two covers, June 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 2 (two covers, June 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 3 (two covers, August 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 4 (two covers, September 2008)
    Starless Night 1 (two covers, October 20008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 5 (two covers, October 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 6 (two covers, October 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 7 (two covers, December 2008)

    Devil's Due comic collections

    Homeland (Hardcover November 2005, paperback November 2005)
    Exile (Hardcover March 2006, paperback March 2006)
    Sojourn (Hardcover August 2006, paperback August 2006)
    Legend of Drizzt Omnibus 1 (Hardcover October 2006)
    The Crystal Shard (Hardcover April 2007, paperback April 2007)
    Streams of Silver (Hardcover August 2007, paperback August 2007)
    The Halfling's Gem (Hardcover November 2007, paperback November 2007)
    The Comic Cover Art of Dungeons & Dragons Vol. 1 (Hardcover July 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 1 (Paperback July 2008)
    The Legacy (Paperback August 2008)
    The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 2 (Paperback October 2008)
    Legend of Drizzt Omnibus 2 (Paperback April 2009)

    IDW comics

    Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales 1 (four covers, August 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales 2 (three covers, September 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales 3 (two covers, October 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales 4 (two covers, November 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales 5 (two covers, December 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 1 (four covers; April 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 2 (three covers; May 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 3 (three covers; June 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 4 (three covers; August 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 5 (three covers; September 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 1 (preview; April 2013)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 2 (May 2013)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 3 (June 2013)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 4 (July 2013)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter 5 (August 2013)
    Thieves of Calimport series (2013?)

    IDW comic collections

    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Volume 1 (February 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons Classics Volume 1 (April 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms - Legend of Drizzt Omnibus Volume 1 (August 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Volume 2 (September 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons Classics Volume 2 (October 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons 100-Page Spectacular (January 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales (Hardcover March 2012, paperback May 2013)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 100-Page Spectacular (April 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Volume 3 (May 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons Classics Volume 3 (June 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms - Legend of Drizzt Omnibus Volume 2 (August 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics 4 (October 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms (Hardcover November 2012, paperback November 2013)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter (November 2013)

    Computer games

    Pool of Radiance

    Pool of Radiance (June 1988)
    Curse of the Azure Bonds (1989)
    Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)
    Pools of Darkness (June 1991)
    Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (September 2001, Collector's Edition September 2001)

    Eye of the Beholder

    Eye of the Beholder (June 1990)
    Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (December 1991)
    Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor (1993)
    Eye of the Beholder Trilogy (1995)
    Eye of the Beholder (Game Boy Advance, November 2002)

    Baldur's Gate

    Baldur's Gate (November 1998)
    Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast (May 1999)
    Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (September 2000, Collector's Edition December 2000)
    Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (June 2001)
    Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga (November 2001)
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (December 2001)
    Baldur's Gate II: The Collection (August 2003)
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II (January 2004)
    Baldur's Gate 4 in 1 Boxset (June 2006)
    Baldur's Gate II Complete (2010)
    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (November 2012)
    Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition (September? 2013)

    Icewind Dale

    Icewind Dale (June 2000)
    Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter (February 2001)
    Icewind Dale: Trials of the Luremaster (June 2001)
    Icewind Dale II (August 2002, Collector's Edition September 2002)
    Icewind Dale II: Adventure Pack (August 2002)
    Icewind Dale Complete (November 2001)
    Icewind Dale: The Collection (2002)
    Icewind Dale: The Ultimate Collection (November 2003)
    Icewind Dale 3 in 1 Boxset (2006)

    Neverwinter Nights

    Neverwinter Nights (AOL, 1991-1997)
    Neverwinter Nights (June 2002, Collector's Edition December 2002)
    Neverwinter Nights: Shadowguard (2002)
    Neverwinter Nights: Witch's Wake (2002)
    Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide (June 2003)
    Neverwinter Nights Gold Edition (November 2003)
    Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark (December 2003)
    Neverwinter Nights: Community Expansion Pack (April 2004)
    Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition (September 2004)
    Neverwinter Nights: Mobile (September 2004)
    Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker (November 2004)
    Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast (September 2005)
    Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker (Pack) (October 2005)
    Neverwinter Nights Diamond (November 2005)
    Neverwinter Nights: Tyrants of the Moonsea (July 2006)
    Neverwinter Nights: Darkness over Daggerford (August 2006)
    Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons (May 2006)
    Neverwinter Nights: Wyvern Crown of Cormyr (September 2006)
    Neverwinter Nights 2 (October 2006, Limited Edition October 2006, Chaotic Evil Edition November 2006, Lawful Good Edition November 2006)
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer (September 2007)
    Neverwinter Nights 3-Pack (September 2007)
    Neverwinter Nights: Legends (October 2008)
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir (November 2008)
    Neverwinter Nights Deluxe (November 2008)
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate (April 2009)
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum (December 2010)
    Heroes of Neverwinter (Facebook game, October 2011)
    Neverwinter Nights Complete Collection (November 2011)
    Neverwinter Nights 2: Complete (January 2013)
    Neverwinter (2013)
    Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild expansion (August 2013)
    Neverwinter: Shadowmantle expansion (December 2013)
    Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale expansion (May 2014)
    Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragon expansion (August 2014)
    Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat (November 2014)
    Neverwinter: Elemental Evil (April 2015)
    Neverwinter: Underdark (2015)

    Miscellaneous games

    Hillsfar (1989)
    Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)
    Treasures of the Savage Frontier (1992)
    Unlimited Adventures (March 1993)
    Dungeon Hack (1993)
    Menzoberranzan (1994)
    Riddle of the Runes: The Worlds of TSR (1995)
    Blood & Magic (1996)
    Descent to Undermountain (January 1998)
    Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (September 2004)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale (May 2011)
    Dungeons & Dragons Online, Menace of the Underdark (June 2012)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Warbands (2013?)
    Arena of War (July 2013)
    Lords of Waterdeep (iOS release, November 2013)
    Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport (iOS release, early 2014)

    Miscellaneous collections

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Limited Edition Collector's Set) (1990)
    AD&D Collector's Edition (1994)
    AD&D Collector's Edition Vol. 1 (1994)
    AD&D Collector's Edition Vol. 3 (1994)
    Fantasy Fest! (1994)
    Forgotten Realms: The Archives (1997)
    Forgotten Realms: The Archives - Collection One (1999)
    Forgotten Realms: The Archives - Collection Two (1999)
    Forgotten Realms: The Archives - Collection Three (1999)
    Gamefest: Forgotten Realms Classics (2001)
    Black Isle Compilation (2002)
    Black Isle Compilation - Part Two (November 2004)
    Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons (November 2006)
    Forgotten Realms Deluxe Edition (December 2006)
    Dungeons & Dragons: Classic Anthology (November 2011)

    Computer game books

    Pool of Radiance Clue Book (1988)
    Curse of the Azure Bonds Clue Book (1989)
    Hillsfar Clue Book (1989)
    Secret of the Silver Blades Clue Book (1990)
    Eye of the Beholder Clue Book (June 1991)
    Gateway to the Savage Frontier Clue Book (1991)
    Pools of Darkness Clue Book (1991)
    Eye of the Beholder II Clue Book (1992)
    Eye of the Beholder III Clue Book (1993)
    Baldur's Gate Official Strategy Guide (February 1999)
    Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast Official Strategy Guide (July 1999)
    Icewind Dale Official Strategy Guide (July 2000)
    Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Official Strategy Guide (September 2000)
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Official Strategy Guide (2001)
    Icewind Dale II Official Strategy Guide (2002)
    Neverwinter Nights Official Adventure Guide (June 2002)
    Neverwinter Nights Official World Builders Guide (June 2002)
    Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Official Strategy Guide (August 2003)
    Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark Official Strategy Guide (January 2004)
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Official Strategy Guide (October 2003)

    Other products

    Miniature reprints

    Elminster's Ecologies (1999)
    Menzoberranzan (1999)
    The Ruins of Undermountain (1999)

    Game books

    AD&D Adventure Gamebook 17: Spawn of Dragonspear (May 1988)
    Catacombs Solo Quest 4: Knight of the Living Dead (May 1989)

    Art collections and coffee table books

    The Art of the AD&D Fantasy Game (September 1989)
    The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination (Hardcover August 1994, paperback July 1995)
    30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, paperback February 2006)
    Dragons: Worlds Afire (Hardcover June 2006, paperback July 2008)
    A Reader's Guide to the Legend of Drizzt (August 2008)


    Secrets of the Sages: Forgotten Realms Newsletter Summer 1988 (June 1988)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 1 (March 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 2 (April 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 3 (May 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 4 (June 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 5 (July 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 6 (August 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 7 (September 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 8, Special Preview Page (October 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 8 (October 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 1, Issue 9 (November 1997)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 1 (January 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 2 (February 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 3 (March 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 4 (April 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 5 (May 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 6 (June 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 6, Special Edition (June 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 7 (July 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 7, Special Edition (July 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 8 (August 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 9 (September 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 10 (October 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 2, Issue 11 (December 1998)
    The Trumpeter Vol 3, Issue 1 (January 1999)


    1993 TSR Master Catalog ("Remembrances of the Forgotten Realms Setting", January 1993)

    Board games

    Mertwig's Maze Gamefolio (July 1988)
    The Great Khan Game (May 1989)
    Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the Underdark (January 2010)
    Heroscape Small Expansion Set: Champions of the Forgotten Realms (March 2010)
    Heroscape Small Expansion Set: Moltenclaw's Invasion (November 2010)
    The Legend of Drizzt Board Game (October 2011)
    The Legend of Drizzt Board Game Vierna Do'Urden promo card (October 2011)
    Lords of Waterdeep Board Game Inevitable Betrayal promo card (January 2012)
    Lords of Waterdeep (March 2012)
    Excerpts: Skullport (Web article, July 2013)
    Excerpts: Rulebook (Web article and PDF download, July 2013)
    Exceptrs: Undermountain (Web article, July 2013)
    Livestream Game: Scoundrels of Skullport, Part 1 (Video, July 2013)
    Livestream Game: Scoundrels of Skullport, Part 2 (Video, August 2013)
    Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport (August 2013)
    Scoundrels of Skillport: Art Gallery (Web article, August 2013)
    Rulebook: Lords of Waterdeep (PDF download, February 2012, updated November 2013)
    Characters 2: Lords of Waterdeep (November 2013)
    Characters 3: Lords of Waterdeep (November 2013)

    Jigsaw puzzles

    Menzoberranzan 3D puzzle (1995)


    AD&D Forgotten Realms 1989 Calendar (May 1988)
    Forgotten Realms 1990 Calendar (May 1989)


    Anauroch: The Great Desert poster map (also included in Dragon 124, August 1987)
    Forgotten Realms Conspectus (1995)
    Faerūn poster map ("What is the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Anyway?") (1998)
    Orcus' Domain poster

    Icewind Dale Promotional Cards

    Released: 2000

    1: Black Isle Studios Title card
    2: Hrothgar
    3: Orrick the Grey
    4: Accalia
    5: Priestess of Auril
    6: Amelia
    7: Aldwin
    8: Oswald Fiddlebender
    9: Hildreth Highhammer


    Forgotten Realms Cloth Patch (1993)
    Forgotten Realms Promotional Cap
    Sundering: The Companions t-shirt (August 2013)


    Forgotten Realms pewter pin
    Neverwinter Faction Badges (August 2011)

    Other promotional items

    Empires Trilogy bookmark (1990)
    Harpers Series bookmark
    Forgotten Realms dice bag
    Forgotten Realms mouse pad
    Ravens Bluff mouse pad
    Secret Password (Loose page thieves' guild prop, 1998)
    Summer Sneak Preview (March 2000)
    Azoun Memorial Card (August 2000)
    Servant of the Shard free preview booklet (September 2000)
    Servant of the Shard magnet (October 2000)
    Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor dice bag (2001)
    Transitions 2: The Pirate King free preview booklet (August 2008)
    Stone of Tymora 1: The Stowaway free preview booklet (August 2008)
    Menzoberranzan dice set and bag (Gencon 2012)


    Ral Partha miniatures

    01-505: Dracolich
    10-550: Heroes (boxed set)
    10-551: Menzoberranzan (boxed set)
    10-560: The Horde: Yaemun's Hoekun Clan Warriors
    10-561: Billidum and the Ogre Marauders of Spiderhaunt
    10-562: The Grey Blossom Regiment
    10-563: Harag Skullsmasher and his Gnoll Raiders
    10-564: The Iron Lord's Orc Foes of Earthfast
    10-565: Lord Harcourt's Knights of the Golden Way
    11-050: Fzoul Chembryl
    11-051: Zulkir Szass Tam
    11-052: Mourngrym Amcathra
    11-053: Midnight
    11-054: Lord Manshoon
    11-055: Manxam the Beholder
    11-056: Shaerl Amcathra
    11-057: Elminster
    11-058: Khelben "Black Staff" Arunsun
    11-059: Dove Falconhand
    11-060: Florin Falconhand
    11-061: Suul the Lich
    11-062: King Azoun of Cormyr
    11-063: Vangerdahast War Wizard
    11-068: Drizz't
    11-078: Laeral Silverhand
    11-079: Storm Silverhand
    11-082: Alustriel
    11-083: Dove Falconhand (Varient)
    11-084: Simbul
    11-085: Qilue Veladom
    11-086: Selune (Ghost Form)
    11-900: Lances of Cormyr - Mounted Knights
    11-901: Longbowmen of Cormyr
    11-902: Cormyr Swordsmen
    11-903: Cormyr Lancers - Eastern March
    11-904: Cormyr Lords and War Wizards
    11-905: Peasant Levy
    11-906: Cormyr Militia
    11-907: War Elephant
    11-913: Elven Light War Chariot
    11-920: Elf Horse Archers
    11-921: Elf Foresters, Longbowmen
    11-922: Silver Elf Pikemen - Evereska
    11-923: Elven Light War Chariot
    11-924: Evil Noble Archers of Evereska
    11-930: Dwarven Regulars of Tethyamyr
    11-931: Dwarven Axemen of Tethyamyr
    11-932: Tethyamyr Crossbowmen
    11-933: Iron Dwarf Ballista
    11-940: Skeletal Minions of Darkhold
    11-941: Skeletal Archer Minions of Darkhold
    11-942: Mounted Minions of Darkhold
    11-950: Baatezu the Pit Fiend and his Cornugons
    11-951: Bugbears of Dragonspear
    11-952: Ogres of Dragonspear
    11-953: Hobgoblins of Dragonspear
    11-954: Trolls of the Claw Mercenary Company
    11-955: Villains of the Forgotten Realms
    11-960: Drow Elf Females
    11-961: Drow Elf Crossbows
    11-962: Drow Elf Lizards
    11-970: Orc Regulars of the Desertsmouth Mountains
    11-971: Orc Bowmen of the Desertsmouth Mountains
    11-972: Levy of the Goblin Marshes
    11-973: Wolf Riders of the Goblin Marshes
    11-974: Kobold Infantry
    11-975: Orc War Machine
    11-990: Windriders Mercenary Company
    11-991: Dark Watch Mercenary Company
    11-992: Mindgulph Giff
    11-993: Mindgulph Wemics
    11-994: Mindgulph Kenku

    Wizards of the Coast metal miniatures

    City of the Spider Queen Miniatures boxed set (September 2002)

    D&D prepainted miniatures

    Dragoneye 7: Purple Dragon Knight (January 2004)
    Dragoneye 38: Thayan Knight (January 2004)
    Archfiends 1: Cleric of Lathander (March 2004)
    Archfiends 2: Dalelands Militia (March 2004)
    Archfiends 3: Gold Dwarf Fighter (March 2004)
    Archfiends 7: Paladin of Torm (March 2004)
    Archfiends 8: Soldier of Cormyr (March 2004)
    Archfiends 12: Champion of Eillistrae (March 2004)
    Archfiends 14: Drizzt, Drow Ranger (March 2004)
    Archfiends 15: Evermeet Wizard (March 2004)
    Archfields 16: Graycloak Ranger (March 2004)
    Archfiends 20: Moon Elf Fighter (March 2004)
    Archfiends 28: Aspect of Bane (March 2004)
    Archfiends 29: Dark Moon Monk (March 2004)
    Archfiends 35: Human Cleric of Bane (March 2004)
    Archfiends 37: Red Wizard (March 2004)
    Archfiends 40: Zhentarim Fighter (March 2004)
    Archfiends 48: Cultist of the Dragon (March 2004)
    Giants of Legend 59: Tanarukk (June 2006)
    Aberrations 1: Alusair Obarskyr (October 2004)
    Aberrations 24: Ryld Argith (October 2004)
    Aberrations 28: Dekanter Goblin (October 2004)
    Aberrations 53: Ice Troll (October 2004)
    Aberrations 58: Taer (October 2004)
    Underdark 5: Gold Dwarf Soldier (November 2005)
    Underdark 16: Elminster of Shadowdale (November 2005)
    Underdark 17: Guenhwyvar (November 2005)
    Underdark 20: Nentyar Hunter (November 2005)
    Underdark 23: Spirit Folk Fighter (November 2005)
    Underdark 32: Artemis Entreri (November 2005)
    Underdark 37: Helmed Horror (November 2005)
    Underdark 45: Draegloth (November 2005)
    Underdark 51: Hunched Giant (November 2005)
    Underdark 52: Large Deep Dragon (November 2005)
    War Drums 25: Wemic Barbarian (March 2006)
    War Drums 29: Flameskull (March 2006)
    War Drums 53: King Obould Many-Arrows (March 2006)
    War of the Dragon Queen 33: Dread Warrior (July 2006)
    Blood War 13: Air Genasi Swashbuckler (November 2006)
    Blood War 23: Storm Silverhand (November 2006)
    Unhallowed 3: Cormyrean War Wizard (March 2007)
    Unhallowed 15: Cleric Sune (March 2007)
    Unhallowed 16: Dwarf Battlerager (March 2007)
    Unhallowed 27: Wizard of Turmish (March 2007)
    Night Below 7: Guard of Mithral Hall (July 2007)
    Night Below 25: Wulfgar (July 2007)
    Night Below 26: Aspect of Loviatar (July 2007)
    D&D Icons: Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack (September 2007)
    Desert of Desolation 10: Bruenor Battlehammer (November 2007)
    Dungeons of Dread 18: Howling Hag (April 2008)
    Against the Giants 28: Plaguechanged Ghoul (July 2008)
    Demonweb 19: Draegloth Favored One (November 2008)
    Lords of Madness 28: Manshoon (September 2010)

    Dungeon Command

    Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr (July 2012)
    Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth (July 2012)

    Gale Force Nine Collector's Series

    Isteval the Paladin (Gencon Promo, August 2013)
    Drizzt Do'Urden, Drow Ranger (August 2013)

    Wizkids prepainted miniatures

    D&D Icons of the Realms: Starter Set (July 2014)
    D&D Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons (July 2014)

    Continued in part 2.
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    The Forgotten Realms Collector's Guide has been split into four parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

    Magazine articles

    Dragon Magazine

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    Continued in part 3.
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    Monsters of Faerūn (August 2003)
    Underdark (October 2003)
    Player's Guide to Faerūn (March 2004)
    Shining South (October 2004)
    Lost Empires of Faerūn (February 2005)
    Champions of Ruin (May 2005)
    City of Splendors: Waterdeep (June 2005)
    Sons of Gruumsh (October 2005)
    Power of Faerūn (March 2006)
    City of the Spider Queen (April 2006)
    Dragons of Faerūn (August 2006)
    The Twilight Tomb (September 2006)
    Champions of Valor (September 2006)
    Mysteries of the Moonsea (October 2006)
    Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave (March 2007)
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    Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land (July 2007)
    Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (September 2009)
    Forgotten Realms Players Guide (Septembar 2009)
    Elminster's Forgotten Realms (August 2013)

    The Border Kingdoms

    Introduction (March 2006)
    Adaerglast, the Land of Mages (March 2006)
    Alamontyr (April 2006)
    Arnglar (April 2006)
    Arthyn (April 2006)
    Barony of Blacksaddle (April 2006)
    Barony of Great Oak (May 2006)
    Bedorn (May 2006)
    Beldargan (May 2006)
    Blackalblade (May 2006)
    Blackbarn (May 2006)
    Bloutar (June 2006)
    Bowshot (June 2006)
    Burntbridges (June 2006)
    Dapplegate (June 2006)
    Derlusk (July 2006)
    Dunbridges (July 2006)
    Duskwood (July 2006)
    Emrys (August 2006)
    Estelker (August 2006)
    Free Barony of Felshroun (August 2006)
    Gallard (September 2006)
    The Grand Duchy of Shantal, pt. 1 (September 2006)
    The Grand Duchy of Shantal, pt. 2 (October 2006)
    The Grand Duchy of Shantal, pt. 3: The Green Road (October 2006)
    Hawkgarth: The Wood of Many Monsters (October 2006)
    Hawkgarth pt. 2: The Countryside (November 2006)
    High Emmerock pt. 1: Origins and History (November 2006)
    High Emmerock pt. 2: Leaders and Domains (November 2006)
    High Emmerock pt. 3: The Lake in the Cleft (November 2006)
    Irl (November 2006)
    High Mukshar (December 2006)

    Circle of Vehlarr

    Circle of Vehlarr - Part 1 (August 2000)
    Circle of Vehlarr - Part 2 (August 2000)
    Circle of Vehlarr - Part 3 (August 2000)
    Circle of Vehlarr - Part 4 (August 2000)
    Circle of Vehlarr - Part 5 (August 2000)
    Circle of Vehlarr - Part 6 (August 2000)
    The Search for the Circle of Vehlarr - Part Seven: The Assassin's Spear (August 2000)

    Elminsters Speaks

    Part 1: Voonlar (April 2001)
    Part 2: The Bron of Voonlar (April 2001)
    Part 3: The Bron's Deputies (April 2001)
    Part 4: Justice and the Law (April 2001)
    Part 5: The Moods of Voonlar (April 2001)
    Part 6: Local Faith (April 2001)
    Part 7: The House of the Helm (April 2001)
    Part 8: To Venerate The Great Mother (April 2001)
    Part 9: Voonlarran Religious Politics (April 2001)
    Part 10: The Dark God Reformed (April 2001)
    Part 11: Into the Dark Sun's Embrace (April 2001)
    Part 12: In The House of Darkness (April 2001)
    Part 13: A Dark Heart to Lead Voonlar (April 2001)
    Part 14: Dark Temple Deeds, Darker Doers (April 2001)
    Part 15: Serving the Dark Sun (April 2001)
    Part 16: The Dark Blessed (April 2001)
    Part 17: A Place to Stay (May 2001)
    Part 18: The Finest Beds in Town (June 2001)
    Part 19: The Shield Staff (July 2001)
    Part 20: Staying at the Shield (August 2001)
    Part 21: Where Zhents Feel At Home (August 2001)
    Part 22: Night Ale at the Meet (August 2001)
    Part 23: Cheap and Cheerful at the Three Elves (September 2001)
    Part 24: An Inn For Adventurers (September 2001)
    Part 25: A Tour of the Wizard (October 2001)
    Part 26: Why Stay at the Wizard? (October 2001)
    Part 27: The Wizard's Well, and Dove of the Seven (October 2001)
    Part 28: The Recent and Colorful History of the Wizard (November 2001)
    Part 29: The Battle at the Bar (November 2001)
    Part 30: Endgame at the Wizard (December 2001)
    Part 31: The Wizard Then to Now (December 2001)
    Part 32: Perendra's Little Secret (January 2002)
    Part 33: A Farewell to Voonlar (January 2002)
    Part 34: Malthuk's Tower (February 2002)
    Part 35: A First Glance at Delzimmer (February 2002)
    Part 36: The Satraps of Delzimmer, Part 1 (March 2002)
    Part 37: The Satraps of Delzimmer, Part 2 (March 2002)
    Part 38: Life in Delzimmer (April 2002)
    Part 39: Delzemaeran Delicacies, Part 1 (April 2002)
    Part 40: Delzemaeran Delicacies, Part 2 (May 2002)
    Part 41: Delzemaeran Delicacies, Part 3 (May 2002)
    Part 42: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 1 (May 2002)
    Part 43: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 2 (June 2002)
    Part 44: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 3 (June 2002)
    Part 45: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 4 (July 2002)
    Part 46: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 5 (July 2002)
    Part 47: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 6 (August 2002)
    Part 48: The Road to Kholtar, Part 1 (September 2002)
    Part 49: The Road to Kholtar, Part 2 (September 2002)
    Part 50: Kholtar, Part 1 (September 2002)
    Part 51: Kholtar, Part 2 (October 2002)
    Part 52: Kholtar, Part 3 (October 2002)
    Part 53: Kholtar, Part 4 (October 2002)
    Part 54: Kholtar, Part 5 (November 2002)
    Part 55: Kholtar, Part 6 (November 2002)
    Part 56: Kholtar, Part 7 (December 2002)
    Part 57: Kholtar, Part 8 (December 2002)
    Part 58: Kholtar, Part 9 (January 2003)
    Part 59: Kholtar, Part 10 (January 2003)
    Part 60: Kholtar, Part 11 (February 2003)
    Part 61: Kholtar, Part 12 (February 2003)
    Part 62: Kholtar, Part 13 (March 2003)
    Part 63: Kholtar, Part 14 (March 2003)
    Part 64: Kholtar, Part 15 (April 2003)
    Part 65: Kholtar, Part 16 (April 2003)
    Part 66: Kholtar, Part 17 (April 2003)
    Wrapup Compilation (May 2003)


    Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (November 2001)
    Player's Guide to Faerūn (July 2004)
    Serpent Kingdoms (November 2004)
    The Unapproachable East (February 2006)
    Magic of Faerūn (March 2006)
    Power of Faerūn (May 2006)

    Forging the Realms

    Mirt Strides out of the Mists (September 2012)
    Ham Acting Across a Table (September 2012)
    Just a Typical Night in an Inn (September 2012)
    Ends Are Sometimes Better Left Loose (September 2012)
    A Dark and Stormy Knight (October 2012)
    Only My… (October 2012)
    Bringing a City to Life (October 2012)
    The Player Pack (October 2012)
    The Surprise Adventure (November 2012)
    The Friendly Monsters (November 2012)
    Making the Trains Run on Time (November 2012)
    So What Do Ye Do for a Living? (November 2012)
    All the News, and Then Some (December 2012)
    The Mushroom Man (December 2012)
    What's He Got in His Wagons (December 2012)
    Quelzard, Patron of Adventurers (January 2013)
    When Stuff Happens, What’s a DM to Do? (January 2013)
    When Stuff Happens, Leaving a Legacy (January 2013)
    Foundation Stones (January 2013)
    Lord Crakehall (February 2013)
    How Many Hidden Cults Is Too Many? (February 2013)
    The New Underways (February 2013)
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    The Wizards Did It (March 2013)
    The Lone Wizard (April 2013)
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    The Stench Carts (April 2013)
    The Talkative Tavernmaster (May 2013)
    The Cargo that Bites Back (May 2013)
    The Lost Crown of Athalantar (May 2013)
    The Haunted Armor of Lornalar (May 2013)
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    The Feather Guilds (June 2013)
    Blades of the Unicorn (June 2013)
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    The Halarkenblood Mystery (July 2013)
    Lord Mantlepard’s Homecoming (July 2013)
    The Solution (July 2013)
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    The Sly Blade (August 2013)
    The Dream of Empire (August 2013)
    The Library Code (August 2013)
    Lost Lavandril (August 2013)
    Stealing a Crown (September 2013)
    Tharamralar "Blood of Beholders" (September 2013)
    The Slaying Fever (September 2013)
    A Handful of Hauntings (September 2013)
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    The Teleporting Oddity (December 2013)
    Jarasson, Founder of Guilds (December 2013)
    Outcast House (December 2013)
    When Stuff Happens, What’s a DM to Do? (reprint, December 2013)
    The Eye Tyrant's Predicament (January 2014)
    The House of the Falling Axe (January 2014)
    The Rhauligans (January 2014)
    Curse of the Dread Throne (January 2014)
    Tales Hanging by Threads (February 2014)
    So Many Reaching Hands (February 2014)
    And On the Way He Lost It (February 2014)
    The Skalantur Scandal (February 2014)
    And On the Way He Lost It (February 2014)
    Where Bloody Knives See the Sun (February 2014)
    The Lost Triarchy of Scorune (February 2014)
    Hulther's Mimics (March 2014)
    Sinister Citizens of Kormul (March 2014)
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    The Traitors' Mill (May 2014)
    The Horned Skull (May 2014)
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    The Eyes of the Dragon, Part 2 (June 2014)
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    Masks of the Dragon (June 2014)
    Cult Maraudings (June 2014)
    The Sardolphyn Gambit (July 2014)
    Firebraces of Selgaunt (July 2014)
    The Spellwyrm's Search (July 2014)
    The Wooden Nose War (July 2014)
    A Statuesque Affair (August 2014)
    The Vellurith, Part One (August 2014)
    The Vellurith, Part Two (September 2014)
    The Subterfuge of Art (September 2014)
    After the Fall (September 2014)
    Newly Fashionable Curses of the Realms (October 2014)
    Manshoon the Manyfaced (October 2014)

    Legacy of the Green Regent

    The Legacy Begins (May 2003)
    A Fellowship Rises (June 2003)
    What is the Green Regent? (July 2003)
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    "Nurture Nature" Plot Recap (July 2005)
    "Rat's Bastard" Plot Recap (July 2005)
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    "Denial of Resource" Plot Recap (July 2005)
    "Humility" Plot Recap (August 2005)
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    "The Ruins of Karse" Plot Recap (November 2005)
    "A Difference of Opinion" Plot Recap (November 2005)
    "The Howling of a Mighty Storm" Plot Recap (March 2006)
    "As Seconds Slip Away" Plot Recap (April 2006)

    Magic Books of Faerūn

    Magic Books of Faerūn (February 2004)
    A Harper's Companion, Volume III: A Collection of Bard Songs, with a Touch of Magic for Ease in Use (February 2004)
    Barb of the Mind (Destructive Enchantment Spells) (March 2004)
    Lesser Testament of Vraer (April 2004)
    Tar'Ael Veluuthra (Whetstone of the Blade) (May 2004)
    The Codicil of White (Cold Spells for Auril's Wizards) (June 2004)
    Earthmother's Weapons (Druid Spells from the Moonshaes) (July 2004)
    Obsul Ssussun, "The Door to Light" (Drow Spells for the Surface World) (August 2004)
    Master Tactician (Spells from the Church of the Red Knight) (September 2004)
    Guildbook of the Watchful Order (Volume 1: Spells from the "Watch Wizards" of Waterdeep) (October 2004)
    Treasure of the Golden Hills (Spells from Gnome Pantheon) (November 2004)
    Nybor's Small Codex (Spells from a Former Zulkir) (December 2004)
    Kaupaer's Quick Book (Spells from the Hastiest Mage) (January 2005)
    Hate of the Cobra (Spells from the Church of Set) (February 2005)

    Mintiper's Chapbook

    Part 1: Moonlight's Triumph (August 2001)
    Part 2: Tree of Wailing Souls (August 2001)
    Part 3: Leaves of Gold (August 2001)
    Part 4: Crypt of the Black Hand (August 2001)
    Part 5: Myth Glaurach (August 2001)
    Part 6: Trail of Mists (August 2001)
    Part 7: Gildenfire (August 2001)
    Part 8: Grandfather Tree (August 2001)
    Part 9: Hall of Mists (October 2001)
    Part 10: Chronicler's Compendium (January 2002)

    Mirrorstone articles

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    Wizards Presents: Hand of Fire (September 2002)
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    Chat Transcript: Insurrection (November 2002)
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    Dissolution Screensaver (2002)
    Dissolution Wallpaper (2002)
    Drow as Art (2002)
    Drow (Famous and Not) (2002)
    Drow Fighting Styles (2002)
    Drow Pets and Animal Companions (2002)
    Drow Social Relationships (2002)
    Ed Greenwood Brings Shandril's Saga to a Close (2002)
    Hell in the Forgotten Realms (2002)
    History of the Crinti (2002)
    House Baenre (2002)
    Insurrection Screensaver (2002)
    Insurrection Desktop Wallpaper (2002)
    Locations in Shandril's Saga (2002)
    More Orcs than You Can Shake a Stick at! (The Thousand Orcs Wallpaper) (2002)
    Netheril, the Archwizards, and the Return of Shade (2002)
    R.A. Salvatore Unleashes the Orcs of War in The Thousand Orcs (2002)
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    The Sapphire Crescent: Chondath and the Church of Waukeen (2002)
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    Perilous Gateways

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    The Trail of Tears (December 2001)
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    Portals of Thay (December 2002)
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    Portals of the Moonsea (February 2003)
    Racial Portals of Faerun (March 2003)
    Portals in Time (April 2003)
    Portals of the Triad (May 2003)
    Portals of Anauroch (June 2003)
    Portals of the Written Word (July 2003)
    Portals Under the Black Gauntlet (August 2003)
    Dwarven Portals (September 2003)
    Moon Portals (October 2003)
    Portals of the Harvest Gods (November 2003)
    Bandit Lord Portals (December 2003)
    Portals of the Moonstars (January 2004)

    Rand's Travelogue

    Caravans of the Western Heartlands (August 2001)
    Caravans and Trading Companies in Sembia (September 2001)
    More Moonsea! (September 2001)
    More Dalelands! (September 2001)
    More Lake of Steam and Dragon Coast (November 2001)
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    More of the Conclave of Silverymoon (February 2003)
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    Monks of the Long Death (April 2003)
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    Realms by Night

    Intro: A Ghost Walk in Waterdeep (January 2000)
    Part 1: The Veiled Lady of Sail Street (January 2000)
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    Part 3: The Magistree, or the Hanging Tree of Ravencourt (January 2000)
    Part 4: Lhestyn's Court (February 2000)
    Part 5: The Crying Girl (February 2000)
    Part 6: The Monks of the Three Candles (May 2000)
    Part 7: Kahla the Ghost of Heroes' Garden (August 2000)
    Part 8: The Thann Guardian (September 2000)
    Part 9: The Spirit of Ahghairon (November 2000)
    Part 10: The Cache Dwellers (December 2000)


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    The Rise and Fall of the Window Tax (June 2003)
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    The Matchmaker of Sembia (July 2003)
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    Moon Doors of Silverymoon (April 2004)
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    Storm Silverhand's Quieter Days (June 2004)
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    Daily Dwarf Common (October 2006)
    Azoun's Offspring (November 2006)
    The Scarlet Mummers (November 2006)

    Realms Personalities

    Khemed (July 2001)
    Rornar Gordrinn (July 2001)
    Irilivar Celevessin (July 2001)
    Cala Graycastle (August 2001)
    Ramas Fezim-Ret (October 2001)
    Ashemmi (November 2001)
    Malark (November 2001)
    Teliene Coloara (June 2002)
    Jhaurmael Riversedge (July 2002)
    Akordia Pharn (August 2002)
    Thordek Stonebreaker (September 2002)
    Methrammar Aerasume (October 2002)
    Sindonish (November 2002)
    Selinah Varhast (December 2002)
    Alak Abaeir (January 2003)
    Jesanta Beril (May 2003)
    Lirela Drumsinger (July 2003)
    Perinsa Falmarya the Wanderer (August 2003)
    Diedora Shadow's Child (September 2003)
    Riggilla the Dark (October 2003)
    Nashyim of the Desolated Wood (November 2003)
    Vishara “The Arm of Mielikki” (December 2003)
    Nadul DaRoni (January 2004)
    Halmuth Bruil, “The Lord of Keys” (February 2004)
    Mourngrym Amcathra, “Lord of Shadowdale” (April 2004)
    Kang Yu (May 2004)
    Abalajar Ocerat, Magehunter (June 2004)
    Ghiz'kith, Devotee of the True Sseth (July 2004)
    Fyldrin of the Eleven Chairs (September 2004)
    Dauphal, the Dangerous Bull (December 2004)

    Return to Undermountain

    Return to Undermountain Introduction (March 2005)
    Room 1: The Bottom of the Well (EL --) (March 2005)
    Room 2: Down on Their Luck (EL 2) (March 2005)
    Room 3: Antimagic Room (EL 6) (April 2005)
    Room 4: The Hall of Mirrors (EL 4) (April 2005)
    Call to Adventurers Contest (April 2005)
    Room 5: Gate-Fall Hall (EL 6) (May 2005)
    Room 6: Undeath Trap (EL 7) (May 2005)
    Room 7: Ghoul Pool (EL 7) (June 2005)
    Room 8: The Grim Statue (EL 12) (June 2005)
    Room 9: The Lanceboard (EL 11) (July 2005)
    Room 10: The Winding Way (EL 10) (July 2005)
    Room 11: A Cold Welcome (EL 11) (August 2005)
    Return to Undermountain Traps (August 2005)
    Room 12: Top Three Rooms (August 2005)
    Room 13: Ogre Trouble (EL 10) (September 2005)
    Room 14: The Morgue (EL 10) (September 2005)
    Room 15: The Hall of Sleeping Kings (EL 8) (October 2005)
    Room 16: Drow Camp (EL 13) (October 2005)
    Dungeon Room Description Generator (October 2005)
    Room 17: The Ice Prison (EL 14) (November 2005)
    Room 18: No Place Like Home (EL 3) (November 2005)
    Room 19: Not a Drop to Drink (EL 9) (November 2005)
    Room 20: Librarium (EL 7) (December 2005)
    Room 21: Moving Day (EL 12) (December 2005)
    Room 22: Cavern, Part 1 (EL 2, 12, and 12) (January 2006)
    Room 23: Cavern, Part 2 (EL 12 and 13) (March 2006)
    The Dragon's Legacy (April 2006)

    Waterdeep News

    South Ward Cobbler Finds Rubies (August 2005)
    Flying Snake Seen in Sea Ward (August 2005)
    Monster-Man Found Murdered (September 2005)
    Serious Carriage Crash on Sul Street (September 2005)
    New Scent Makes Faces Glow (October 2005)
    Strange Fire on Cage Street (October 2005)
    Shapechanger on the Loose! (November 2005)
    Man Wounds Self, Vanishes (November 2005)
    Double Wedding on Spindle Street (November 2005)
    Sharp Rise in Silversheen (December 2005)
    Tharantra Husband-Hunting Again (January 2006)
    Treasure Found in Sea Ward Well (January 2006)
    Palace Fined over Outlander Injury (February 2006)
    Chiming Gems Hit of Promenade (February 2006)
    Brawl Erupts after Guild Hikes Dues (March 2006)
    Confession in Flavauro Slaying (March 2006)
    Merchant Slays Rival in Bizarre Attack (March 2006)
    Woman Sought in Stabbing (April 2006)
    Fugitive Hunted in Snail Street (April 2006)
    Nobles Demand Halt to Sale of Paintings (May 2006)
    Ship Sinks at Docks (May 2006)
    Revelers Adopt Tessalar “Disguises” (June 2006)
    Mouther Slaughters Six at Revel (June 2006)
    Backlash Spell Scrolls in City Again (July 2006)
    Suspected Smugglers Foiled at Docks (August 2006)
    Attackers Plague Goldenfields (August 2006)
    Poisonings Rumored -- Zzar Scarce (August 2006)
    Merchants Demand Representation (September 2006)
    Snake Sickness Claims Two (September 2006)
    Controversial Book Published (October 2006)
    Body Found in Chimney (October 2006)
    Ghost Sightings (November 2006)
    Lords Order Statue's Removal (November 2006)
    Minstrel's Songs a Hit (December 2006)
    Clergy Recruiting Soldiers (December 2006)
    Thongolir Heir Seeks Wife (January 2007)

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    Wyrms of the North

    Arauthator, "Old White Death" (November 2001)
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    Balagos, "The Flying Flame" (January 2002)
    Claugiyliamatar, "Old Gnawbone" (February 2002)
    Daurgothoth, "The Creeping Doom" (March 2002)
    Deszeldaryndun Silverwing (May 2002)
    Galadaeros, "Sunset Flame" (August 2002)
    Gaulauntyr, "Glorytongue" (September 2002)
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    Continued in part 4.
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    The Forgotten Realms Collector's Guide has been split into four parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

    Collector's cards

    1991 set

    Released: June and September 1991

    1: Alias
    2: Bruenor Battlehammer
    3: Dragonbait
    4: Midnight
    5: Prince Tristan Kendrick
    6: Robyn
    7: Shandril Shessair
    8: Olive Ruskettle
    81: Chhe Phou
    113: Masakitof
    114: Takako
    120: Thunderstorm
    124: Oni
    148: Cloaker
    149: Thri-kreen (Mantis Warrior)
    150: Meazel
    166: Allisa of the Mists
    205: Sikkin Wu, Shen Lung or Spirit Dragon
    206: Go-Zu-Oni
    207: Jiki-ketsu-gaki
    210: Cyan Bloodbane, Green Dragon
    211: King Lorac Caladon
    212: Riverwind
    213: Jarak-Sinn
    243: Casimir
    250: Ren o' the Blade
    251: Dracolich
    252: Chou Ling
    253: Drizzt Do'Urden
    254: Wulfgar
    266: Sukari
    267: Ki-rin
    268: Bayalun
    269: Ranach
    270: Dhoran
    271: Yamun Khahan
    272: Samuel
    273: Carmen
    276: Finder Wyvernspur, The Nameless Bard
    277: Grypht
    278: Giogioni Wyvernspur
    282: Sonya Dell'Anar, Vampire
    283: Cork Renford
    284: Orog
    291: The Pereghost
    292: Khoman
    293: Dazar
    294: Chalak
    316: Karlott
    317: Joliet
    320: Pallandra
    327: Varalla, Lich-Queen
    328: Pseudodragon
    364: Ghengal
    365: Sandiraksiva, The Black Courser
    370: Gulian
    371: Wendel
    411: Halvor II
    414: Gabriel
    415: Ambrose
    416: Barent
    417: Duncan
    446: Gorgosaurus
    456: Seiroku Ashida
    457: Goblin Spider
    478: Matron Grazia Drodeen
    479: Alodia Drodeen
    480: Mind Flayer
    517: Intellect Devourer, Adult
    519: Noble Djinni
    520: Quiornim, Gold Dragon
    523: Gershom
    557: Lander
    558: Koresh
    559: Swendi
    560: Joseph
    561: Pteranodon
    565: Sim Piang
    573: Kappa
    599: Hubadai
    600: Elminster
    604: Selim
    607: Worden Ironfist
    608: Vasos Flameslayer
    609: Udall Granitecrusher
    610: Tibold Hillmover
    614: Uthgar
    622: Asperii
    625: Darkenbeast
    626: Brontosaurus
    627: Iguanodon
    645: Priest of Milil (Lord of All Songs)
    646: Priest of Lathander (Morninglord)
    647: Priest of Torm (The True)
    648: Priest of Waukeen (Merchant's Friend)
    649: Priest of Gond (Wonderbringer)
    650: Priest of Silvanus (Oak Father)
    651: Priest of Mask (Lord of Shadows)
    652: Priest of Talona (Lady of Poison)
    653: Priest of Malar (The Beastlord)
    654: King Azoun IV
    655: Princess Alusair
    656: Torg mac Cei, Ironlord of Earthfast
    657: Dwarf of Earthfast
    658: Emperor Kai Tsao Shou Chin
    659: Batu Min Ho
    660: Lady Batu Hsuang Wu
    661: Mandarin Ting Mei Wan
    662: Nymph
    663: Black Pudding
    664: Dun Pudding
    668: Living Web
    682: Oorag
    683: Aeriell
    684: The Magister
    686: Firestar
    690: Topaz, Yellow Dragon
    696: Okuma
    697: Toraga
    698: Min Lang
    724: Halloran
    725: Erixitl of Palul
    726: Captain Daggrande
    727: Amerigo
    728: Gultec, Captain of Jaguars
    729: Qotal, the Plumed One
    730: Takto and Loktil
    731: Darien
    732: Bishou Domincus
    733: Lactun
    734: Zocon
    749: Baloreik
    750: Gort Ta'alen

    1992 set

    Released: June and August 1992

    9: Cloaker
    10: Dinosaur, Allosaurus
    11: Dinosaur, Titanothere
    14: Bakemono
    15: Buso (Tigbanua)
    18: Chiang Lung (River Dragon)
    19: Li Lung (Earth Dragon)
    20: Tun Mi Lung (Typhoon Dragon)
    22: Ren's Sword of Dancing
    32: Janean's Deck of Many Things
    40: Trick Door
    45: Arrow Alley
    54: Dathan of Thunderstone
    55: Catherine "Cat" Kincaid
    60: Meriba Rahabahne
    63: Ramen Byrrd
    64: Reman Byrrd
    65: Lana Thorbin
    72: Otto "Mouse"
    73: Thrakmar Nikfar
    74: Wallingford Greenhill
    75: Jaqolya ("Jaq")
    76: Pendleton Merryweather
    82: Lanatiramae
    84: Amethyst Trueblood
    85: Karani
    87: Kamshir Strongtalon
    88: Tiralaylee Tai-Muran
    89: Jasper Thunderhand
    92: Sherry Feldstone
    93: Trelia Mornmay
    95: Timon Silvertongue
    96: Sheeryl Soulsearcher
    97: Nura D'Agor
    98: Kylia
    99: Drake Elderwood
    100: Agrorn Silverleaf
    101: Nilat
    102: Katyr
    103: Annelwin
    107: Ardonell Firemoon
    108: Thenek Strongaxe
    111: Adolmus
    112: Guenhwyvar
    118: Checklist 1- 40
    124: Firenewt
    142: Nura D'Agor's Mirror of Life Trapping
    144: Jasper Thunderhand's Handy Haversack
    148: Ebomara's Slippers of Spider Climbing
    152: Haroistem's Phylactery of Faithfulness
    154: Locke's Medallion of Thought Projection
    179: Haikur
    189: Frizzt Toz'Wevial
    193: Briney Valesaris
    203: Aeark
    204: Chin Shi Lang
    206: Sin Sha Jenna
    212: Infinity
    214: Helliman McKillum
    217: Mitre LeMond
    219: Red
    221: Morgan Longbow
    222: Tipsy Toehammer
    249: Meazel
    265: Reptilla's Staff of the Serpent
    266: Malice's Rod of Reincarnation
    270: Sherry's Ring of Animal Friendship
    294: Sir Darras of Suzail
    301: Bantu
    307: Flowrana Tareehugge
    311: Ferret Jones
    317: Endrenn Allerendris
    323: Grash Crackbacker
    324: Ebomara
    325: Boon Silverhoarde
    346: Indigo Twynight
    347: Alley Cat Kordin
    349: Boray Gulditch
    358: Checklist 361-400
    363: Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome)
    367: Thri-kreen
    378: Kaluk
    396: Waterdeep - Fortified Independent City
    397: Arabel - Fortified City of Cormyr
    398: Berdusk - Independent City
    399: Hillsfar - Independent City
    400: Mulmaster - Independent City
    401: Shadowdale - Independent Dale
    402: Suzail - Capital of Cormyr
    403: Tantras - Independent City
    404: Zhentil Keep - Independent City-State
    407: Ring of Winter
    409: Finder's Stone
    418: Blacker Crow
    419: Erin Three-toes
    425: Khenel Barony
    427: Esu Kabloona
    440: Lepidius Tragemandes
    444: Haedyll
    445: Galfrey Kaarne
    446: Celadae
    457: Malrinth Alont
    458: Nhar-del
    501: Khenel's Philosopher's Egg
    525: Faerie Dragon
    533: Dracohydra
    544: Shur
    549: Thogaf
    553: Lortej Thul
    554: Voluril Ocing
    555: Kyrie
    557: Dappledref
    560: Jadethread
    561: Haroistem
    565: Rumeltocey
    566: Wesclodat the Aged
    567: Thear
    570: Mistletan
    572: Mantiera
    573: Manawabe
    581: Sharna
    582: Keinen
    583: Clotho
    584: Randers
    586: Locke
    590: Theras
    591: Nonakaniumi
    593: Trader Bob
    595: Silmarien Silverleaf
    597: Blade
    598: Checklist 481-520
    631: Reptilla's Curdled Death
    663: Esmeralda
    665: Kishiria
    666: Zenobia
    673: Crennon Centime
    675: Ternen Foxx
    676: Barrom Quiverleaf
    680: Belathin of Thay
    681: Archadamius Luciard
    687: Hamhock
    696: Sabbagh
    697: Maastik
    698: Zallara
    710: Kelki Lightfingers
    711: Olantius Jasus ("O.J.")
    717: Checklist 601-640
    725: Hm-boye
    729: Reptilla Half-elven
    738: Peryton
    739: Hornhead Saurial
    740: Feyr
    742: Maligor the Red Wizard
    7 (of 11): Matron Baenre (Gencon promo set)

    1993 set

    Released: March, June and September 1993

    26: Balian's Yellow Ioun Stone
    27: Murlyn's Harp of Charming
    29: Garion Mendocio
    30: Mordmorgan
    33: Ardhuval Raiserek
    43: Mendolin Nightweaver
    44: Ada the Unbending
    46: Mrandos of Helm
    50: Crelt
    51: Jarathine
    52: Blind Lemon Murlyn
    74: Triceratops
    77: Harpo's Short Sword +2 Orc-Slayer
    78: Henry's Carpetbag of Holding
    83: Matilda the White Lady
    85: Losifan Urdo
    88: Tymoriel
    89: Henry the Shadow Master
    90: Wemick the Wise
    95: Synthalus
    107: Harpo Bogglinn
    109: Balian Rocksmith
    118: Gayriana, "Lady Bloodsword"
    119: Zahara the Shark
    120: Noro Amoto
    121: Miquiztl Manik ("Hand of Death")
    122: Nkonzi Maru
    123: Solara
    124: Hajima sitt-Nasir
    125: Turgosz "Tenhammer" Khosann
    126: Duke Eltan
    130: Mirandos's Staff of Insect Command
    131: Mordmorgan's Ring of Warmth
    132: Myste's Stone of Mixed Luck
    137: Wemick's Cane of Striking
    147: Myste
    164: Alysia Wass
    185: Artemus's Cloak of Displacement
    191: Corkitron's Ring of Human Influence
    193: Nariako
    194: Terasaka Tadafusa
    199: Diogi the Wanderer
    200: Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
    204: Corkitron Allinamuck
    206: Nymara Sheiron
    207: Storm Silverhand
    212: Nikolls
    226: Tree Seat (Shopping at Aurora's)
    227: Mini-Blade
    228: Zulkoon
    229: Censer
    230: Astrolabe and Armillary
    231: Forge
    232: Cases for Books
    233: Tabards
    234: Water Clock
    240: Golgomere's Hammer of Thunderbolts
    248: Mannin the Stout
    251: Ratha Rann the Eagle-Eyed
    253: Llewellan
    258: Fera
    261: Justina Sittas
    263: Rhodhan
    266: Salmone Healsmith
    273: Nyral Sunsdottir
    274: Morin Granitefist
    299: Sathallarin's Wand of Wonder
    301: Storm's Harp of Methild
    304: Artemus Dimartius
    309: Ceryx
    312: Sathallarin
    363: Kregos Belizzian
    365: Pyros the Cunning
    371: Bailey
    372: Serpe
    378: Arden
    379: Tanith
    381: Soolin Potter
    412: Pyros's Ring of Spell Storing
    418: Nahal the Incorrigible
    421: Vexter, Master of Illusion
    423: Thwitle Phaslebum
    426: Sarina Reqnivich
    427: Lanasetas Neasfilarion
    432: Boeddu
    436: The Shadowed One
    445: Kamadan
    461: Serpe's Belt of Swimming
    478: Sagrais Bigelow
    480: Valurian
    485: Malabeth Tr'rudena
    493: Elisseer of Shadowdale
    3 (of 60): Magnus Arifek (rare card set)
    5 (of 60): Keira Nierna (rare card set)
    6 (of 60): Kaele Nierna (rare card set)
    7 (of 60): Daltim Flamefist (rare card set)
    23 (of 60): Lerithyn (rare card set)
    38 (of 60): Logan Starr (rare card set)
    42 (of 60): Lhaeo (rare card set)
    43 (of 60): Darsson Spellmaker (rare card set)
    56 (of 60): High Princess Alicia Kendrick (rare card set)
    57 (of 60): Prince Brandon Olaffson (rare card set)
    58 (of 60): Myrmeen Lhal (rare card set)
    59 (of 60): Artus Cimber (rare card set)

    Spellfire cards

    Base set (0th-3rd edition)

    Released: 1994

    1: Waterdeep
    2: Menzoberranzan
    3: Zhentil Keep ("Ruins of Zhentil Keep" in 3rd edition)
    4: Shadowdale
    5: Cormyr
    6: Sembia
    7: Moonshae Isles
    8: Thay
    9: Calimshan
    10: Pirate Isles
    11: Ravens Bluff
    12: The Great Rift
    13: Myth Drannor
    14: Vaasa
    15: Jungles of Chult
    16: The High Forest
    17: Sword Coast
    18: Anauroch
    19: Impiltur
    20: Icewind Dale
    21: The High Moor
    22: Rashemen
    23: Damara
    24: Narfell
    25: Dragonspear Castle
    26: Daggerdale
    27: Darkhold
    28: Haunted Hall of Eveningstar (not included in 3rd edition)
    29: Evermeet
    30: The Trollmoors
    31: Berdusk
    32: Tantras
    33: Mulmaster
    34: Hillsfar
    35: Suzail
    36: Arabel
    37: Fortifications ("Castle Draw" in 3rd edition)
    38: Fortifications
    39: Selune
    40: Peasant Militia
    41: Alias the Sell-Sword
    42: King Azoun IV
    43: Maligor the Red
    44: Elminster the Mage
    45: Drizzt Do'Urden
    46: Midnight, Goddess of Magic
    47: Torg Mac Cei, the Ironlord
    48: The Pereghost
    49: Bruenor Battlehammer (not included in 3rd edition)
    50: Marco Volo
    51: The Harpers
    52: Gnomes of Samek
    53: Adventurers!
    55: Crime Lord
    56: Adventurers
    57: The Jotunslayers
    62: The Magister
    63: Karlott the Shaman
    64: King Halvor II
    67: Greater Feyr
    68: Cleric of Gond
    69: Cleric of Torm
    70: Cleric of Mask
    71: Drow Matron
    72: Dracolich
    73: Vasos Flameslayer
    74: Allisa of the Mists
    75: Grypht the Saurial
    76: Worden Ironfist
    77: Amarill
    78: Joliet the Rash
    79: Dwarf of Earthfast
    80: Black Courser
    82: Dagrande
    85: Hubadai (not included in 2nd or 3rd edition)
    87: Shandrill
    89: Cleric of Malar
    93: Rod of Shapechange
    198: Border Forts
    404: Chaos Shield (only in 1st and 2nd edition)
    408: Living Scroll (only in 1st and 2nd edition)
    409: Ren's Bell of Death (only in 1st and 2nd edition)
    410: The Labyrinth Map of Shucc (only in 1st and 2nd edition)
    417: Mind Flayer Lord (only in 1st and 2nd edition)
    431: Prismal the Outrageous (only in 1st edition)
    432: Malatra, the Living Jungle (only in 1st edition)
    433: Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane (only in 1st edition)
    434: Bengoukee the Witch Doctor (only in 1st edition)
    435: Big Chief Bagoomba (only in 1st edition)

    Base set (4th edition)

    Released: June 1996

    1: Menzoberranzan
    2: Ruins of Zentil Keep
    3: Sembia
    4: Myth Drannor
    5: Icewind Dale
    6: Damara
    7: Daggerdale
    8: Evermeet
    9: The Trollmoors
    10: The Coral Kingdom
    11: Raurin
    12: The Vilhon Reach
    13: Giant's Run Mountains
    65: Council Aerie
    73: Mulmaster
    74: Blackstaff Tower
    75: Candlekeep
    76: Mithral Hall
    77: Moonwell
    78: Nagawater
    79: Tilverton
    80: Lhespenbog
    81: Adderswamp
    253: Drizzt Do'Urden
    254: The Harpers
    255: Helm
    262: The Pereghost
    263: Dracolich
    264: Stone Giant
    271: Elminster the Mage
    272: Vangerdahast
    273: Ambassador Carrague
    280: Amaril
    281: Clerics of Malar
    282: Adon
    316: Borin Moradinson
    317: Mallin Dimmerswill
    318: Arden Glimrock
    319: Drider
    320: Eye Tyrant
    321: Roper
    322: Malleyahl
    323: Malaruat
    324: Maleficent
    325: Isika
    334: Iserik
    455: The Ring of Winter
    458: Guenhwyvar
    487: Midnight, Goddess of Magic
    516: Towers of Menzoberranzan

    Forgotten Realms expansion set

    Released: November 1994

    11: The Coral Kingdom
    12: Halruaa
    13: Kozakura
    14: Luiren
    15: Maztica
    16: Mulhorand
    17: Raurin
    18: Shou Lung
    19: Blackstaff Tower
    20: Candlekeep
    21: High Horn
    22: Mithril Hall
    23: Moonwell
    24: Pook's Palace
    25: Yulash
    26: Tower of Ashaba
    58: Dragon Throne
    59: Guenhwyvar
    60: Hammer of Tyr
    61: Ring of Winter
    62: Sword of Cymrych Hugh
    78: Darkenbeast
    79: Firbolg
    80: Iron Golem
    81: Storm Giant
    82: Stone Giant
    83: Werewolf
    84: Adon
    85: Erixitl
    86: Fzoul Chembryl
    87: Young Robyn
    88: Ambassador Carrague
    89: Helm
    90: Simbul of Aglarond
    91: Vangerdahast
    92: Cyric
    93: Dragonbait
    94: Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
    95: Ochimo
    96: Prince Tristan
    97: Princess Alusair
    98: Randal Morn
    100: Tablets of Fate
    5 (of 25): Hawksflight Grail
    8 (of 25): Ebony Cup of Fate
    23 (of 25): Netheril
    24 (of 25): Lure of Undermountain
    25 (of 25): Zhentarim Intrigue

    Artifacts expansion set

    Released: April 1995

    10: All-Knowing Eye Yasmin Sira
    11: Coin of Jisan the Bountiful
    84: Princess Amber
    85: Darsson Spellmaker
    86: Council Aerie
    7 (of 20): Lord Blacktree

    Powers expansion set

    Released: September 1995

    16: Jacenelle Traen
    39: Icedawn, Avatar of Auril
    40: Nightsinger, Avatar of Shar
    53: Crabman
    54: Aquatic Elf
    55: Ixitxachitl
    57: Locathah Champion
    58: Living Wall
    59: Tako
    61: Skriaxit, Composite Elemental
    62: Mountain Giant
    63: Grippli

    Underdark expansion set

    Released: January 1996

    7: UnderToril
    16: Echoes from the Deep
    50: The South Wind
    72: The Avatar Shar
    91: Belwar Dissengulp
    92: Jarlaxle
    94: Zaknafein the Weapons Master
    95: Baldar Dwellardon

    Runes & Ruins expansion set

    Released: March 1996

    6: The City of Phlan
    37: Ren o' the Blade
    39: Wulfgar
    69: Albruin
    6 (of 25): Manshoon of the Zhentarim

    Draconomicon expansion set

    Released: June 1996

    1: Rauglothgor's Lair
    4: Dragonspine Mountains
    14: The Mist Caves
    28: Pelath the Bronze Dragon
    30: Tamarand, Great Gold Wyrm
    31: Lareth, King of Justice
    33: Fi Lendicol
    34: Rauglothgor
    4 (of 25): Morcanth Dragontamer
    9 (of 25): Dragon Cultist

    Nightstalkers expansion set

    Released: September 1996

    3: Mintarn
    4: Nelanther
    13: Forgotten Crypt
    17: Hellgate Keep
    29: Artemis Entreri
    30: Daryth of Calimshan
    31: Storm Silverhand
    45: Mask
    54: Herald of Mei Lung
    66: Crawling Claws
    20 (of 25): Gib Reltub

    Dungeons expansion set

    Released: September 1997

    5: Undermountain
    18: Spells of the Friar
    35: The Hidden Village
    41: Jasper
    44: Dearlyn Ambersong
    57: Net of Ensnaring
    94: Ball Lightning
    9 (of 25): Lilac Hesabon
    15 (of 25): Shan, Karate Master
    20 (of 25): Poor Oriental Lord
    25 (of 25): Dor Amberglow

    Inquisitions online expansion set

    Released: 2001

    9: Quasqueton
    30: Vargas
    33: Adamar Session
    55: Tymora's Coin
    59: Monacle of Bagthalos

    Millennium online expansion set

    Released: 2002

    27: Treasures of Netheril
    80: Kalator
    81: Wealthy Oriental Vassal

    Chaos online expansion set

    Released: 2003

    10: Tyr, Avatar of Justice

    Conquest online expansion set

    Released: 2004

    46: Gib Occav
    48: Gib Igoy
    55: Lady Marie
    75: Maerimydra, City of the Spider Queen
    76: The Frozen Forest
    77: The Wetwoods

    International products

    This space is reserved for future use.

    Organized play

    Miscellaneous tournament adventures

    Into the Forgotten Realms (Reprinted in Dragon 95; Gencon 17, August 1984)
    Death & Taxes (1985?)
    First Steps (1985?)
    Shifting Sands (1985?)
    The Reluctant Bride (1985?)
    Wizards to the Rescue (1985?)
    Thaldigar's Tower (1997)
    Murder in Baldur's Gate (GenCon, August 2013)
    Confrontation at Candlekeep (GenCon, August 2013)

    Living City


    Player’s Guide to the Living City Campaign (April 1996)
    Living City Campaign, Procampur Expansion Packet (1997)


    Caravan (Gencon 20, August 1987)


    At Last, Ravens Bluff (Gencon 21, August 1988)


    Counterfeit Dreams (Gencon 22, August 1989)


    Nightwatch in the Living City (Gencon 23, August 1990)


    Downunder the Living City (Gencon 24, August 1991)
    Day of the Raven (Gencon 24, August 1991)


    Eye of the Leviathan (Winter Fantasy, January 1992)
    The Curse of Red Death (Conn Con, March 1992)
    Your Tax Dollars at Work (Gencon 25, August 1992)
    The Ugly Stick (Gencon 25, August 1992)
    Tarot of the Tarot's Hut (Gencon 25, August 1992)
    Bard's Song (And Con, September 1992)


    Dungeons of Dracona (Pandemonium 9, January 1993)
    A Good Day to Die (Winter Fantasy, January 1993)
    The Wizard's Guards (Total Confusion, February 1993)
    What in the World is This? (Conn Con, March 1993)
    Morgan's Revenge (Conn Con, March 1993)
    Bitter Harvest (Conn Conn, March 1993)
    The Call of the Griffon (Con Man, June 1993)
    False Prophecy (Origins, July 1993)
    Birds of a Feather (Dover Con IX, July 1993)
    Phantom of Ravens Bluff (King Con, August 1993)
    To Live and Die in Ravens Bluff (King Con, August 1993)
    The Search for Run-free Stockings (Gencon 26, August 1993)
    A Handful of Dust (Gencon 26, August 1993)
    Death that Walks (And Con, September 1993)
    Terror in the City (And Con, September 1993)
    Storm on the Horizon (And Con, September 1993)
    The Great Green Sheep Mystery (Totally Tubular, October 1993)
    Pillar of the Community (Contrary, November 1993)
    Invitation to a Wedding (Contrary, November 1993)
    Spirits of the Night (Contrary, November 1993)


    Scavenger Hunt (Winter Fantasy, January 1994)
    The Greater of Two Evils (Total Confusion, February 1994)
    When Beastly Beauties go Mad (Con Conn, March 1994)
    Why is There Air? (Con Conn, March 1994)
    And Justice for All (Conn Conn, March 1994)
    The Price of Rulership (Con Conn, March 1994)
    Bloody Trouble in Maskyr's Eye (Con Conn, March 1994)
    Just Lookin' (A Day in Ravens Bluff, May 1994)
    A Smuggler's Life for Me (Con Man, June 1994)
    Dragon School (London Con, June 1994)
    A Snowball's Chance (Origins, July 1994)
    Where the Teak Snakes Slither (Origins, July 1994)
    Tempest in a Tea Pot (Dex Con, July 1994)
    Pig in a Poke (Dex Con, July 1994)
    Death in the Shire (Gencon 27, August 1994)
    Hero Takes a Fall (Gencon 27, August 1994)
    The Rat Pack (Gencon 27, August 1994)
    Dark Harvest (Gencon 27, August 1994)
    Hammer of Fire (Gencon 27, August 1994)
    Dark Star (And Con, September 1994)
    Dragon's Eye (And Con, September 1994)
    Heart of Ilmater (And Con, September 1994)
    Hunt for Discount Merlin (And Con, September 1994)
    Knight Mission (And Con, September 1994)
    Stolen Property (And Con, September 1994)
    Wedding Summons in Ravens Bluff (And Con, September 1994)
    Friends in Low Places (Dire Consequences II, October 1994)
    Strongwind (Dire Consequences II, October 1994)
    Just Because… (Contrary, November 1994)
    Kidnapped (Contrary, November 1994)
    Revenge's Sweet (also released as "Revenge's Morgan"; Contrary, November 1994)


    Luck Takes a Vacation (Round Con, January 1995)
    Call of the Wilde (Constitution, January 1995)
    Mansion of the Mad Wizard Ren (Winter Fantasy, February 1995)
    Slugfest (Winter Fantasy, February 1995)
    An Ape for Mr. Mooney (Winter Fantasy, February 1995)
    My Death Bow (Total Confusion, February 1995)
    Women of the Veil (Spring Revel, March 1995)
    The Dying City (Spring Revel, March 1995)
    Stop the Madness (Spring Revel, March 1995)
    Case of Raymond's Oyster Farm (March 1995)
    How Long Can You Tread Water? (CosCon, March 1995)
    Mandolin Wind (Con Conn, March 1995)
    Return of the Fire Witch (Con Conn, March 1995)
    Court of the Crimson King (Con Conn, March 1995)
    Rod of Guile (Con Conn, March 1995)
    Monday's Child (Con Conn, March 1995)
    One Thing… (Con Conn, March 1995)
    On Patrol (Weekend in Ravens Bluff, April 1995)
    Last Stand at Dragon Falls (Weekend in Ravens Bluff, April 1995)
    Day in the Circus (Weekend in Ravens Bluff, April 1995)
    Quest for Survival (Weekend in Ravens Bluff, April 1995)
    Perils of Politics (Cruise Con, April 1995)
    Inferno in the Living City (Cruise Con, April 1995)
    Short People Too (Glathricon, June 1995)
    The Ice Mage Cometh (Origins, July 1995)
    Foreclosure (Origins, July 1995)
    Mortgage Application (Origins, July 1995)
    Cliché (Dragon Con, July 1995)
    Mercenaries, Judges and Wives (Dragon Con, July 1995)
    The Twilight Avenger (Dragon Con, July 1995)
    Crypt of Heroes (Dragon Con, July 1995)
    The Murkos Mission (Dragon Con, July 1995)
    Veil Threats (Dragon Con, July 1995)
    Voice of a Lyre (MOC X, July 1995)
    Something Fishy… (DexCon IV, July 1995)
    …Leads to Another (DexCon IV, July 1995)
    Only the Good Die Young (Gencon 28, August 1995)
    The Dogs of War (Gencon 28, August 1995)
    Petals of the Night's Rose (Gencon 28, August 1995)
    Sarbreen, the Undying City (AndCon, September 1995)
    …And the Body Dies (AndCon, September 1995)
    A Goodly Apple (AndCon, September 1995)
    Winter Weather Woes (HexCon, September 1995)
    Crest of Doom (AGE, September 1995)
    Spice of Life (AGE, September 1995)
    All for Love (Dire Consequences, October 1995)
    Die Scum (Dire Consequences, October 1995)
    Inner Sea Romance (Antares, November 1995)
    Ghosts of the Past (Gold Con, November 1995)


    Plane Speaking (Sun Quest, January 1996)
    Purrfect Opportunity (Sun Quest, January 1996)
    House Cleaning (Sun Quest, January 1996)
    A Near Death Experience (Winter Fantasy, February 1996)
    Stroke of Midnight (Winter Fantasy, February 1996)
    Coming Attractions (Round Con, February 1996)
    Dangerous Alliances (Gengis Con, February 1996)
    After the Ball is Over
    Altruists Need Only Apply
    Attention Shoppers
    A Banner Day
    Beauty and the Beholder
    Big Trouble
    Braving the Elements
    Brotherhood of Darkness
    The Case of the Weatherbeaten Book
    Courtly Courtesies
    Dark Maiden
    The Deluge
    Destrider's Despair (Living City Benefit, Gencon 29; August 1996)
    Down Below
    Elementally Speaking: Waterfalls
    Elements of an Assassin
    Everyone Loves a Clown
    Firehair and Friends Interactive
    The Grandmason Salt and Stone Co.
    The Hall of the Black Phoenix
    He Who Laughs
    Hero's Welcome
    In the Dead of the Night
    In the Eyes of Revenge
    Innocence Lost
    Knight and the Living Dead
    A Knight in the Big House
    Last Dance of the Fire Mage
    The Living Dungeon
    Living: Impossible
    Love and Death on the Vesper River
    Mine your Own Business
    Much Ado about Mutton
    Night Shift
    No Business Like It
    Not Quite Feeling Myself
    One Giant Coming Right Up
    The Only Thing We Have to Fear
    Opposites Attract
    Passing the Torch
    Peaking Around
    Playing Pieces
    Protective Custody
    Ruff Knight in Ravens Bluff
    Seeds of Discontent
    A Shipwreck for Kassy
    A Simple Man
    Skeletons in the Closet
    Slaves to Fashion
    Slippery When Wet
    A Small Threat
    Some Enchanted Evening
    Something Weird is Going On in Late Uncle Rupert's Root Cellar
    Special Delivery
    Spirits of the Night
    Strange Bedfellows
    Tears of Selune
    The Test of Fate's Strength
    To Boldly Go
    To Fly
    To Gain a Lady's Favor
    Too Many Chefs
    Troubador's Reprise: Court of the Crimson King
    Troubador's Reprise: Mandolin Wind
    Troubador's Reprise: Return of the Fire Witch
    Troubled Waters
    Unfinished Business
    Water Babies
    When Beastly Beauties Go Mad II
    A Wish For Temptation (Living City Game Fair Exclusive, August 1996)
    With Great Risks
    Your Business is Mine Business

    War Modules (1996)

    By Dawn's Early Light
    Dangerous Alliances
    Foolish Pride
    The Longest Night
    Orcs Galore
    The Orcslayer Scroll (Living City Feature, Gencon 29; August 1996)
    The Search for the Truth
    Seeds of Discontent
    A Spell of Bad Weather
    Stop the Pack Train
    A Walk on the Wild Side
    Whistling in the Dark


    Aethalynmur's Wings
    Awakening the Beast
    Baby's Got Blue Eyes
    Best Served Cold
    Blaze of Glory
    Bursting Your Bubble
    Cat and Mouse
    Descent into the Deep
    Elementally Speaking: Air's Looking at You
    Elementally Speaking: Fire's Eye
    The Fisherman's Tale
    For the Sake of Goodness
    The Gathering
    Going Ape
    Going Home
    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
    A Hard Place
    Housecleaning II
    Hunting Party
    In Search of Beauty
    It Happened One Night
    Knight Moves
    A Knight to Remember
    A Last Request
    Light in the Lover's Eye
    Make A Wish
    A Man for the Ages
    Mirror Mirror
    Potions, Lotions & Notions
    Saviors of Sarbreen
    The Scarlet Picaros
    Sea of Tears
    Sojourn II: Wrath of Athuman
    Stairway to Heaven
    The Stars and Moon Above
    Stranded in Sarbreen
    To Protect and Serve
    Up, Up and Away
    The Value of a Miracle
    A Very Personal Request
    A Very Serious Matter
    Victis Enim Vermis
    The Wandering Heartwarder
    When the Maul Falls
    Where You Were
    Who's to Blame
    The Wizard's Guard


    Along the Wheel of Fate
    Alter Egos
    Alyssia's Travail
    Anduri's Wandering Conundrum
    Annie Would I Lie to You
    Another Serious Matter
    Arrr... Maties
    Body Bags and Other Loose Ends (Living City Megadeath Benefit, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    A Boy and His Mammoth
    The Case of the Little Grey Box
    A Cleric in Crow's End
    The Copycat
    Court of Thieves
    The Crysmal Caves
    Dark Lord, Morning Glory (Living City Masters, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    The Dark Maiden's Price
    Dawning of a New Day
    Dying Man's Last Wish
    The Ebulon Affair
    Elementally Speaking: Stone Cold
    Envy Life
    Eye of the Storm
    Eyes of the Raven
    A Fistful of Drachmas
    Following Cobalt Flame
    Fool's Luck
    For Sale
    The Guns of Azzagrat
    Heart of Darkness (Living City Exclusive, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    Heroes of the Guild
    Impendant Symposium
    In an Elven Way
    Innocent Eyes
    In Those Days
    It Just so Happens
    Judgment Day
    Kuril's Tomb
    A Land Remembered
    A Life and Death Struggle
    Lich Hunt
    The Life of the Party
    A Little Knowledge
    Live and Let Die
    Monster Mash
    Natural Order
    A Necessary Evil? (Living City Feature, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    Night of the Lunar Eclipse
    No Place Like Home
    The Octagon
    Out in the Cornfield
    Perfect Ten
    Red Dawn
    A Return to Innocence
    Revenge is Harder than Stone
    The Rock
    The Rogue of The World
    The Roundup
    Scrutiny on the Bounty
    Shadows Rising
    Ship of Doom
    A Small Problem
    Soul Storm
    The Swearing Stone
    To Boldly Go... Again
    To Hell in a Handbasket
    To Kill a Nightingale (Living City Benefit, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    Tomb of the Unknown
    Total Eclipse
    The Twilight Avenger II
    The Underground
    Unfamiliar Territory
    Veil of Darkness
    What the…?
    Where in Ravens Bluff is Madison Connor?
    Where Have You Gond?
    White Wedding (TwinCon, 1998)
    The Wizard Eywoz


    Aethalynmur's Plight
    All the World's a Stage
    Beautification Day
    Before Its Time
    The Challenge of the Children (Living City Masters, Gencon 32; August 1999)
    Civic Duty
    Crawl II
    Cuckolds and Mussels
    Desperately Seeking Selune
    Dog Days of Summer
    Everything Dies
    The Fallen Knight
    For a Few Zhents More
    The Forgotten Land
    Heir Un-apparent (Living City Exclusive, Gencon 32; August 1999)
    A Hope and a Prayer
    I'm Your Bane
    In Memory of Evermeet
    In the Halls of the Mountain Mage
    Just Lookin'
    The Lacquered Chest (Living City Feature, Gencon 32; August 1999)
    Lord of the Grapes
    Megadoom - Evening at the Necropolis
    Mist Opportunities
    The Moon
    Out for a Stroll
    The Return
    Revenge of the Evermen
    Rightful Property
    The Scars that never Heal
    See How they Run
    See No Evil
    Shadowed Paths
    Spirit of Vengance
    Starry Eyes
    Summer Festival in Mossbridges (Living City Interactive, Gencon 32; August 1999)
    To Boldly Go... One Last Time!
    The Witch of the Mists (Living City Benefit, Gencon 32; August 1999)

    2000 (2nd Edition)

    And the Deep Blue Sea
    An Average Day in Ravens Bluff
    A Beautiful Day
    Cloaks and Daggers
    Close Quarters
    Crypt of the Unknown
    The Dungeon of Sorrow
    The Eye of Horus
    Festival of Blood
    A Gruesome Faerie Tale
    Heroes' Feast
    If Only
    It's Your Lucky Day??
    Jerm Warfare
    Ladies Knight
    The Night
    The Other Side of The Coin
    The Overlooked
    Pure Evil
    Say Cheese
    A Simple Pickup
    Something in the Water
    The Stars Don't Lie
    Twilight of the Dirty Turtles
    Vast Shadows
    When Ao Comes to Town
    The Wizard's Game

    2000 (2nd/3rd Edition)

    Back to the Hills
    Built to Last
    The Case of the Missing Chef
    Cloud Nine
    Cold Feat
    Dangerous Liaisons
    Everyone's Favorite Haunted House
    Feat of Clay
    The Good, the Undead and the Ugly
    Heart of Mohammed
    It Came from the Sea
    The Laws of Luck
    Luck, Law, and Life
    Mirror Maker
    Silk and Assassins
    The Stakeout
    Stanham Stone
    Swan Song
    Wedding Day

    Dragon Modules

    Dragon's Deep
    Dragon's Honor
    Dragon's Knowledge
    Dragon's Rage
    Dragon's Spirit

    Dwarf Modules (2000?)

    Approaching Doom
    Day of the Dwarf
    Dwarf in the Fold
    Halur a' Moradin
    Race for the Rod
    Tunnel Vision

    High-Level Underdark

    HUD 1: A Shot in the Dark: Part 1 (Living City High Level Premiere, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    HUD 2: A Shot in the Dark: Part 2
    HUD 3: The Killing Grounds
    HUD 4: Queen for a Day
    HUD 5: Friend or Foe
    HUD 6: On Guard
    HUD 7: The Mines of Sarbreen
    HUD 8: The Isle of the End (Living City High-level Underdark, Gencon 32; August 1999)
    HUD 9: A Meeting of Brains
    HUD 10: A House Divided
    HUD 11: The Jig is Up
    HUD 12: Blood Under Kandlespire
    HUD 13: Will Somebody Please Close that Gate
    HUD 14: Special Mission
    HUD 15: Recovery

    High-Level Planar

    HLP 1: A Ticket to Midnight
    HLP 2: Three Coins in a Well (Living City High Level Planar, Gencon 32; August 1999)
    HLP 3: Stone and Steel
    HLP 4: Spider Tower
    HLP 5: No Time to Lose
    HLP 6: Into the Depths
    HLP 7: Revenge of the Cult
    HLP 8: The Messengers

    Procampur Modules

    Battlefield Procampur
    Delgath's Lament
    Dragon's Law
    Eagle's Landing (2000)
    A Friendly Suggestion
    Grimm Determination
    Grimm Revelations
    Legacy of Thallastan
    The Other Side of the Coin
    A Pinnagio for your Thoughts
    Pirate of Hearts
    Pirates of Yore
    Quest for Fire
    Something Fishy Going on
    The Stolen Crown
    Stop Spreading the News
    To Kill a Nightingale
    A Vial Secret
    What You Don 't Know
    Where Have all the Leaders Gone


    A Weekend in Ravens Bluff (April 1995)
    A Weekend in Ravens Bluff 2 (April 1996)
    Weekend in Ravens Bluff 3 (April 1997)
    Weekend in Ravens Bluff 4 (April 1998)
    Weekend in Procampur (January 1999)
    Weekend in Ravens Bluff 5 (April 1999)

    Army Mini-modules

    Artic Conditions
    Artic Survival
    War Games

    2000 (3rd Edition)

    All Bad Things Must Come to an End
    Backstreet Justice
    Cold Feat
    First Link
    Wild Ride


    Amber's Story
    And They Shall All Fall
    Cowboy Diplomacy
    Death Rides on Brown Wings
    Elementally Speaking: Full Circle
    For Love Lost
    Forever Hold your Peace
    Friend of a Friend
    The Gift of Song
    Hawk's Pride
    The Hawthorne Crown
    The Last Defense
    Ineffable Tome
    Lost in Love
    A Night at Sharkey's Bar and Grill
    No Stone Unturned
    Once Upon a Time in the Vast
    Raison d'Etre
    Rise to the Surface
    Shadows of Sevenecho
    Silence Going for Death
    A Squire's First Errand
    Street Survivors
    Swan Song
    A Tale of Two Towers
    Thay came from the East
    Too Much of Me is Magic
    When Chaos Reigns


    Art Imitates Life (February 2002)
    The Beggar Factory (May 2002)
    Broken Glass (February 2002)
    Call of the Griffon
    Castle Zadrian
    Danger in the Forest (May 2002)
    Dawn of the Serpent
    A Day at the Races (January 2002)
    Dead Man's Cove
    Deep Reading (July 2002)
    Family Matters (February 2002)
    Family Ties (March 2002)
    The First Link (April 2002)
    Fist of Fire (June 2002)
    Future Problems (March 2002)
    The Game
    Glory of the Game (July 2002)
    Grass Roots Politics (July 2002)
    The Hive (April 2002)
    The Keys of the City
    A Kind of Magic (January 2002)
    The Little Red Man (May 2002)
    The Meanstreets (June 2002)
    Nature's Balance
    News of the World (January 2002)
    Offending Forest (April 2002)
    Opening the Locks (April 2002)
    Out of Body, Out of Mind
    Ow, Quit It (February 2002)
    Per our Usual Arrangements…
    Prophecies of the Kir-Lanian
    Rogue (May 2002)
    Scum and Villany (April 2002)
    Sea Dog Stories (March 2002)
    Servants of the People (April 2002)
    Servants of the Blood Moon
    The Shaft (March 2002)
    Starboard Stuff (March 2002)
    Swift Justice (February 2002)
    Temple of the Iron Codex
    To the Rescue (June 2002)
    Touch (June 2002)
    Unmasked (July 2002)
    We the People (April 2002)
    What in the World is This?
    The Wreck of the Venerable Drake


    Actions Speak Louder than Words
    Chain Gang
    Fortress Island
    A Murder In Dwarf Point
    Out of the Pan
    Remains of the Day
    Return to Ravens Bluff
    A Seed is Planted
    Silent Night


    Ravens Bluff Approaches its Golden Age
    Ravens Bluff - Gateway to the Vast

    Adventurer's Guild adventures

    Vale of the Dragon Oracle (1Q1998)
    The Fallen Archmage (2Q1998)
    Special Delivery (3Q1998)
    Dungeon of the Hark (4Q1998)
    The Light Fantastic (1Q1999)
    The Hand of Justice (2Q1999)
    Crown of Salt (3Q1999)
    Amongst Fungus (4Q1999)

    Living City Adventurer's Guild adventures

    1st Living City Tournament: Caravan (3Q1998)
    2nd Living City Tournament: At Last, Ravens Bluff (3Q1998)
    3rd Living City Tournament: Counterfeit Dreams (3Q1998)
    5th Living City Tournament: Downunder the Living City (3Q1998)
    6th Living City Tournament: Day of the Raven (3Q1998)
    8th Living City Tournament: The Curse of the Red Death (3Q1998)
    Living City Adventure 1: False Prophesy (4Q1998)
    Living City Adventure 2: What In the World is This? (4Q1998)
    Living City Adventure 3: Call of the Griffon (4Q1998)
    Living City Adventure 4: Birds of a Feather (4Q1998)
    Living City Adventure 5: Pillar of the Community (4Q1998)
    Living City Adventure 6: The Greater of Two Evils (4Q1998)
    Living City at War Part 1: Dangerous Alliances (1Q1999)
    Living City at War Part 2: A Spell of Bad Weather (1Q1999)
    Living City at War Part 3: Foolish Pride (1Q1999)
    Living City at War Part 4: The Search for the Truth (1Q1999)
    Living City at War Part 5: The Longest Night (1Q1999)
    Living City at War Part 7: Whistling in the Dark (1Q1999)
    Troubador's Reprise Part 1: Mandolin Wind (2Q1999)
    Troubador's Reprise Part 2: Return of the Fire Witch (2Q1999)
    Troubador's Reprise Part 3: The Hall of the Crimson King (2Q1999)
    Just Lookin' Part 1: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way… (2Q1999)
    Just Lookin' Part 2: Stag Falls Knights (2Q1999)
    Just Lookin' Part 3: The Pyre Down Below (2Q1999)

    Living Jungle

    The Jungle Book of Malatra (2001)
    Inhabitants of the Jungle (January 2003)

    The Year Of Awakening

    1: From the Gods of Fire Mountain (February 1995)
    2: Along the River of Laughing Idols (February 1995)
    3: Into the Valley of Spirits (February 1995)
    4: Dark Shadow Over Kuamu (March 1995)
    5: Until the End of the World (July 1995)
    6: Plague (September 1995)
    7: A Stitch in Time (September 1995)
    8: Lair of the Headshrinker (September 1995)
    9: To Fight for a Tiger's Honor (October 1995)
    10: Lost Tribe of Fire Mountain (October 1995)

    The Year Of Discovery

    11: Searching for a Flower (February 1996)
    12: The Revenge of the Exile (March 1996)
    13: The Golden Child (March 1996)
    14: Once Broken (June 1996)
    15: For Chief and Tribe (August 1996)
    16: Thunder Lizard (Living Jungle Challenge, Gencon 29; August 1996)
    17: The Curse of Fire Mountain (Living Jungle Feature, Gencon 29; August 1996)
    18: Search for Blue Heron (September 1996)
    19: Spirits of the Lake (December 1996)

    The Year Of New Peoples

    20: The Great Hunt (March 1997)
    21: Mantu’s Sacrifice (March 1997)
    22: Lion! (April 1997)
    23: Death from Above (July 1997)
    24: Sharp Teeth, Mostly Tasty (July 1997)
    25: Death from the Mist (September 1997)
    26: Ship from the Sky (September 1997)
    27: If the Shu Fits (September 1997)

    The Year Of Gathering Darkness

    28: Quest for the Snake Mother (April 1998)
    29: Trembling Village (April 1998)
    30: Venom (July 1998)
    31: Masks of the Dohri (August 1998)
    32: Huroola Prophet (Living Jungle Extreme, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    33: The Soulless Shu (Living Jungle Feature, Gencon 31; August 1998)
    34: Dreaming Lake (September 1998)
    35: Terror from Below (October 1998)
    36: On the Lookout! (October 1998)
    37: To Catch a Feathered Shu (November 1998)

    The Year Of Sorrow And Hope

    38: Allies or Enemies? (March 1999)
    39: The Sound of Silence (April 1999)
    40: The Sickness (July 1999)
    41: Spirit of Ash (August 1999)
    42: Monkey City (Living Jungle Extreme, August Gencon 32; 1999)
    43: The Necromancer's Stone (Living Jungle Feature, August Gencon 32; 1999)
    44: Courage of a Coward (December 1999)

    The Year Of Great Change

    45: Forgotten Father (January 2000)
    46: Web of Destruction (January 2000)
    47: Dark Village (January 2000)
    48: Legacy of the Headshrinker (January 2000)
    49: Warriors of the Katimaya (February 2000)
    50: Shu Fly, Don't Bother Me (March 2000)
    51: Shadows of Sin (June 2000)
    52: The Lost Temple (July 2000)
    53: Shadows of Earth (August 2000)
    54: Mama Needs Her New Pair of Shu (September 2000)
    55: Come the Tiger (September 2000)
    56: Shadows of Change (September 2000)

    The Year Of Tigers Curse

    57: Herd (February 2001)
    58: Infection (February 2001)
    59: Slithering Heights (February 2001)
    60: Curse of the Lizard (February 2001)
    61: Madness (April 2001)
    62: An Army of One Thousand (August 2001)
    63: Ten Times the Hero (September 2001)
    64: Swarm (September 2001)
    65: Come the Lion (September 2001)

    The Year Of Despair

    66: Lonely Chief (May 2002)
    67: The Tournament of Thokk (May 2002)
    68: It Came from the Sky (July 2002)
    69: Iron Will (August 2002)
    70: Snake Time (September 2002)
    71: Leaves (September 2002)
    72: Dark Suns (September 2002)
    73: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (October 2002
    74: Recipe for Disaster (December 2002)

    The Year Of Lion's Victory

    75: And the Spirits Cried Tears of Black (April 2003)
    76: Night of the Dead Chiefs (May 2003)
    77: Engine of Destruction (May 2003)
    78: Taboo Test (May 2003)
    79: Unnatural Balance (August 2003)
    80: A Time for Heroes (August 2003)


    81: Day Of The Saru - Part 1 (2007)

    Legacy of the Green Regent

    LGR1: Extermination (2003)
    LGR2: Gray Hunt (2003)
    XGR1: Under High Lord’s Hall (2003)
    LGR3: Key to Phantom’s Cloister (2003)
    LGR4: Secret of Phantoms’ Cloister (unreleased)
    LGR5: Dark Exodus (2003)
    LGR6: Epidemic (2003)
    LGR7: Nurture and Nature (2004)
    LGR8: Rat's Bastard (2004)
    XGR2: Dungeon of the Hark (2004)
    LGR9: Denial of Resource (2004)
    LGR10: Into the Fallen Lands (unreleased)
    LGR11: Humility (2004)
    LGR12: Tyranny (2004)
    LGR13: Book Knowledge (2004)
    LGR14: Native Intelligence (unreleased)
    LGR15: Caravan to Waterdeep (unreleased)
    LGR16: In Cold Blood (2004)
    XGR3: Undermountain (2004)
    LGR17: Tour of Duty (2004)
    LGR18: Feast of the Moon (2004)
    XGR4: The Ruins of Karse (2005)
    LGR19: A Difference of Opinion (2005)
    LGR20: The Howling of a Mighty Storm (2005)
    LGR21: The Truth of Hearts (2005)
    LGR22: As Seconds Slip Away (2005)
    LGR23: Strange Bedfellows (unreleased)
    LGR24: To Sever the Snake's Head (2005)

    Living Forgotten Realms

    Campaign documents

    Living Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (Final Version 2.0, January 2011; Draft Version 2.5, August 2011)
    Living Forgotten Realms Adventure Log
    Pre-Generated Characters (Heroes of the Fallen Lands)

    Core adventures

    CORE 1-1: Inheritance (August 2008)
    CORE 1-2: The Radiant Vessel of Thesk (August 2008)
    CORE 1-3: Sense of Wonder (August 2008)
    CORE 1-4: Crystal Clear (October 2008)
    CORE 1-5: Touched by Darkness (November 2008)
    CORE 1-6: Incident at the Gorge of Gauros (January 2009)
    CORE 1-7: Sovereign of the Mines (February 2009)
    CORE 1-8: Taken (March 2009)
    CORE 1-9: Ages Best Left Forgotten (April 2009)
    CORE 1-10: Dancing Shadows (June 2009)
    CORE 1-11: Drawing a Blank (September 2009)
    CORE 1-12: Songs of the Heart (August 2009)
    CORE 1-13: The Fate of Camp 15 (August 2009)
    CORE 1-14: What Storms May Come (August 2009)
    CORE 1-15: Where Dragons Die (October 2009)
    CORE 1-16: Fragments of a Shattered Mind (released as CALI 3-4)
    CORE 1-17: Finding Harmony (December 2009)
    CORE 2-1: Killing the Messenger (February 2010)
    CORE 2-2: Rising of the Dark (February 2010)
    CORE 2-3: High Infidelity (January 2010)
    CORE 2-4: Lost on the Golden Way (March 2010)
    CORE 2-5: The Black Card (May 2010)
    CORE 2-6: Ripples in the Stream of Souls (October 2010)
    CORE 2-7: Where Secrets Lie (April 2010)
    CORE 2-8: Enemy of My Enemy (August 2010)
    CORE 2-9: The Company We Keep (unreleased)
    CORE 2-10: Upon the Sea of Stars (August 2010)
    CORE 2-11: The Sign of Four (January 2011)
    CORE 2-12: The Sschindylryn Heresy (January 2011)
    CORE 3-1: A Vengeful Dream (October 2011)
    CORE 4-1: Eastern Carnivals (August 2012)
    CORE 4-2: Legacy (August 2012)
    CORE 4-3: Running Amok (October 2012)
    CORE 4-4: Shadow Siege (October 2012)
    CORE 4-5: Skeletons in the Closet (December 2012)
    CORE 5-1: Churning Shadows (January 2013)
    CORE 5-2: A Radiance Faded (January 2013)
    CORE 5-3: Lost Refuge (January 2013)
    CORE 5-4: ???
    CORE 5-5: Dark Lords of Oman (2013)
    CORE 5-6: Turning Point (2013)
    CORE 5-7: Broken Light (June 2013)
    CORE 5-8: The Dantalien Maneuver (June 2013)
    CORE 5-9: Last Testament (July 2013)
    CORE 6-1: Behind Obould's Lines (January 2014)

    Aglarond regional adventures

    AGLA 1-1: Lost Temple of the Fey Gods (September 2008)
    AGLA 1-2: At the Foot of the Lighthouse (November 2008)
    AGLA 1-3: The Worst of All Snares (January 2009)
    AGLA 1-4: Through Twilight Boughs (June 2009)
    AGLA 1-5: Silver Lining (July 2009)
    AGLA 1-6: Twisted Roots Run Deep (October 2009)
    AGLA 1-7: Twilight Ambitions (May 2010)
    AGLA 2-1: The Undumor Connection (April 2010)
    AGLA 2-2: First Strike (June 2010)
    AGLA 2-3: Sojourner's Way (February 2012)
    AGLA 2-4: Fruit from a Poisoned Tree (2014?)

    Akanūl regional adventures

    AKAN 1-1: The Rotting Ruins of Galain (September 2008)
    AKAN 1-2: The Depths of Airspur (December 2008)
    AKAN 1-3: Property for Sale (February 2009)
    AKAN 1-4: Runes in Ruins (June 2009)
    AKAN 1-5: Shell Game (July 2009)
    AKAN 1-6: Abeir Eternal (unreleased)
    AKAN 1-7: Faint Hope (December 2009)
    AKAN 2-1: Set Adrift (April 2010)
    AKAN 2-2: Peripheral Concerns (unreleased)

    Baldur's Gate regional adventures

    BALD 1-1: Flames of Initiation (August 2008)
    BALD 1-2: The Night I Called the Undead Out (December 2008)
    BALD 1-3: Tome of the Traitor (March 2009)
    BALD 1-4: Silent Streets and Vanished Souls (June 2009)
    BALD 1-5: Lost Refuge (cancelled, see BALD 3-1)
    BALD 1-6: Brothers in Arms (November 2009)
    BALD 2-1: Turning Point (cancelled, see BALD 3-1)
    BALD 2-2: Broken Pride (unreleased)
    BALD 2-3: Scores to Settle (unreleased)
    BALD 3-1: Lost Refuge, Turning Point (2014?)

    Cormyr regional adventures

    CORM 1-1: The Black Knight of Arabel (September 2008)
    CORM 1-2: Gangs of Wheloon (October 2008)
    CORM 1-3: Head Above Water (March 2009)
    CORM 1-4: All the King's Men (May 2009)
    CORM 1-5: In the Bleak Midwinter (September 2009)
    CORM 1-6: Curse of the Queen of Thorns (October 2009)
    CORM 1-7: Patronage and Pestilence (November 2009)
    CORM 2-1: For Crown and Kingdom (February 2010)
    CORM 2-2: Pain (May 2010)
    CORM 2-3: Secret of the Queen of Thorns (December 2010)
    CORM 2-4: Fury of the Queen of Thorns (March 2011)

    Dalelands regional adventures

    DALE 1-1: The Prospect (September 2008)
    DALE 1-2: Blades for Daggerdale (October 2008)
    DALE 1-3: Master and Servant (January 2009)
    DALE 1-4: The Lady in Flames (May 2009)
    DALE 1-5: Hunters' Down (July 2009)
    DALE 1-6: The Vesperin Initiative (October 2009)
    DALE 1-7: Arts (November 2009)
    DALE 2-1: Forever (February 2010)
    DALE 2-2: Agony (May 2010)
    DALE 2-3: Swords from Plowshares (November 2010)
    DALE 2-4: Illsyldra (March 2010)

    Dragon Coast regional adventures

    DRAG 1-1: Many Hands Make Light Work (September 2008)
    DRAG 1-2: The Thin Gray Line (November 2008)
    DRAG 1-3: A Stab in the Dark (January 2009)
    DRAG 1-4: Falling Snow, White Petal (June 2009)
    DRAG 1-5: White Flower Falling (September 2009)
    DRAG 1-6: Night of Fallen Petals (October 2009)
    DRAG 1-7: Crafts (November 2009)
    DRAG 2-1: Discomfort (February 2010)
    DRAG 2-2: This Gathering Storm (June 2010)
    DRAG 2-3: Of Wild and Darkened Waters (December 2010)
    DRAG 2-4: Into the Maelstrom (February 2011)

    East Rift regional adventures

    EAST 1-1: These Hallowed Halls (August 2008)
    EAST 1-2: Marauder's Spear (December 2008)
    EAST 1-3: Unbidden (January 2009)
    EAST 1-4: Darkness in Delzimmer (April 2009)
    EAST 1-5: Mole Hunt (August 2009)
    EAST 1-6: The Fardrop Incident (November 2009)
    EAST 1-7: Right of Passage (unreleased)
    EAST 2-1: Ends and Means (June 2010)
    EAST 2-2: Sibilant Whispers (August 2010)
    EAST 2-3: Nightmares (February 2011)

    Impiltur regional adventures

    IMPI 1-1: Alone (September 2008)
    IMPI 1-2: Breaking Point (October 2008)
    IMPI 1-3: Lost Souls (February 2009)
    IMPI 1-4: Bandits on the Farm (May 2009)
    IMPI 1-5: How to Hunt a Demon (August 2009)
    IMPI 1-6: The Ancient Temple (April 2010)
    IMPI 1-7: Masquerade (December 2009)
    IMPI 2-1: Goblins from Below (March 2010)
    IMPI 2-2: Wetwork (September 2010)
    IMPI 2-3: Rooting Out Corruption (November 2010)
    IMPI 2-4: Goblins Strike Back (January 2011)

    Luruar regional adventures

    LURU 1-1: Silvers of Eaerlann (August 2008)
    LURU 1-2: The Gibbous Moon (November 2008)
    LURU 1-3: Shades of Blue Fire (March 2009)
    LURU 1-4: Prey for the Night (April 2009)
    LURU 1-5: Beyond the Wild Frontier (August 2009)
    LURU 1-6: Desperate Times (October 2009)
    LURU 1-7: Demonic Dealings (December 2009)
    LURU 2-1: Hands That Rock the Cradle (October 2010)
    LURU 2-2: Shadows of the Knights (June 2010)
    LURU 2-3: Forgotten Crypts, Hidden Dangers (September 2010)
    LURU 2-4: Need to Know (May 2011)

    Moonshae Isles regional adventures

    MOON 1-1: Nature's Wrath (September 2008)
    MOON 1-2: The Sea Drake (October 2008)
    MOON 1-3: Black Gold (February 2009)
    MOON 1-4: Black Blood (April 2009)
    MOON 1-5: Lost Love (September 2009)
    MOON 1-6: Black Heart (November 2009)
    MOON 1-7: Treasure Hunt (December 2009)
    MOON 2-1: Darkness Falls Over Moray (February 2010)
    MOON 2-2: Matters of the Heart (2013?)
    MOON 2-3: Dark Lords of Oman (unreleased)

    Tymanther regional adventures

    TYMA 1-1: Elder Wisdom (September 2008)
    TYMA 1-2: Taking Stock of the Situation (November 2008)
    TYMA 1-3: Tools of the Trade (March 2009)
    TYMA 1-4: Death Before Dishonor (May 2009)
    TYMA 1-5: From One Dwarf to Another (July 2009)
    TYMA 1-6: Troubled Roads (November 2009)
    TYMA 1-7: Stolen Cargo (unreleased)
    TYMA 2-1: Old Enemies Arise (June 2010)
    TYMA 2-2: The Hand of Darkness (June 2010)
    TYMA 2-3: Tying Up Loose Ends (December 2011)
    TYMA 2-4: Stand Against the Darkness (January 2012)

    Waterdeep regional adventures

    WATE 1-1: Heirloom (August 2008)
    WATE 1-2: Dark Secrets of Downshadow (October 2008)
    WATE 1-3: The Woolmen's Restless Tomb (February 2009)
    WATE 1-4: Mystery of Deepwater Harbor (April 2009)
    WATE 1-5: Lost in the Fog (July 2009)
    WATE 1-6: Out of Hatred (October 2009)
    WATE 1-7: The Missing and the Missed (November 2009)
    WATE 2-1: Gilding a Noble (February 2010)
    WATE 2-2: Closing a Deal (May 2010)
    WATE 2-3: Noble Dangers (February 2011)
    WATE 2-4: Stage Misdirection (August 2011)
    WATE 3-1: Moon Rising (April 2012)
    WATE 3-2: Deepest Shadow (October 2013)
    WATE 3-3: Dark Ranger (October 2013)
    WATE 4-1: Paying the Piper (August 2012)
    WATE 4-2: Rivals (August 2012)
    WATE 4-3: The Devil's Denouement (August 2012)

    Adapted adventures

    ADAP 1-1: Barrow of the Ogre King (August 2008)
    ADAP 1-2: Scepter Tower of Spellgard (1/3) (September 2008)
    ADAP 1-3: Scepter Tower of Spellgard (2/3) (September 2008)
    ADAP 1-4: Scepter Tower of Spellgard (3/3) (September 2008)
    ADAP 1-5: Menace of the Icy Spire (October 2008)
    ADAP 2-1: Monument of the Ancients (March 2011)
    ADAP 2-2: The Spiral Gate (December 2010)
    ADAP 3-1: The Gauntlgrym Gambit (October 2011)
    ADAP 3-2: Shards of Selūne (November 2011)
    ADAP 3-3: That Which Never Sleeps (January 2012)
    ADAP 3-4: The Five Deadly Shadows (December 2011)
    ADAP 4-1: Leader of the Pack (July 2012)
    ADAP 4-2: Stick in the Mud (October 2012)
    ADAP 4-3: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (July 2012)
    ADAP 4-4: Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane (October 2012)
    ADAP 4-5: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (2014?)
    ADAP 4-6: Hall of the Fire Giant King (2014?)
    ADAP 4-7: Halls of Undermountain 1: Zarr's Invincible Army (October 2012)
    ADAP 4-8: Halls of Undermountain 2: Tombs of Dayan (October 2012)
    ADAP 4-9: Halls of Undermountain 3: Scaly Doom (October 2012)

    Scions of Hope trilogy

    ABER 4-1: The Price of Freedom (October 2012)
    ABER 4-2: A Dream Frozen in Amber (October 2012)
    ABER 4-3: A Little Rebellion (October 2012)

    Adventuring Company adventures

    ADCP 1-1: Jungle Hunt (May 2014)
    ADCP 2-1: The Paladin's Plague (May 2014)
    ADCP 2-2: Heart of the Desert (May 2014)
    ADCP 3-1: Swarm of Chaos (May 2014)
    ADCP 3-2: From Dawn Till Dusk (May 2014)
    ADCP 4-1: City of Destinies (May 2014)
    ADCP 4-2: The Lost City of Suldolphor (May 2014)
    ADCP 5-1: Home's Last Light (May 2014)
    ADCP 5-2: The Best Defense (May 2014)
    ADCP 6-1: The End and the Beginning (January 2014)

    Calimshan adventures

    CALI 3-1: Malice of Mintar (August 2011)
    CALI 3-2: Menace of Memnon (August 2011)
    CALI 3-3: The Agony of Almraiven (August 2011)
    CALI 3-4: Fragments of a Shattered Mind (May 2012)
    CALI 4-1: Plain of Stone Spiders (June 2012)
    CALI 4-2: Dragon Above, Desert Below (June 2012)
    CALI 4-3: Twisted Rune (June 2012)

    Elturgard adventures

    ELTU 3-1: Good Intentions (February 2011)
    ELTU 3-2: Blue Wounds (February 2011)
    ELTU 3-3: The Way of all Flesh (July 2011)
    ELTU 3-4: Blue Beast (July 2011)
    ELTU 3-5: It's in the Blood (August 2011)
    ELTU 3-6: True Blue (August 2011)
    ELTU 4-1: Born by Fiends (October 2012)
    ELTU 4-2: The Iriaebor Gambit (October 2012)
    ELTU 4-3: Minutes to Midnight (January 2013)
    ELTU 4-4: The Fall of Elturgard (January 2013)

    Epic adventures

    EPIC 3-1: The Glorious Hunt (February 2011)
    EPIC 3-2: Cracks in the Crimson Cage (May 2011)
    EPIC 3-3: The Tangled Skein of Destiny (December 2011)
    EPIC 4-1: Shooting the Moon (January 2012)
    EPIC 4-2: Age of Ruin (September 2012)
    EPIC 4-3: Dark Hearts of Madness (December 2012)
    EPIC 5-1: Plaguewrought Prism (January 2013)
    EPIC 5-2: Dragons Dark (July 2013)
    EPIC 5-3: Shadow Storm (color puzzles, b/w puzzles; January 2014)
    EPIC 6-1: Confrontation in Shadow (January 2014)

    Introductory adventures

    INTR 4-1: Born Every Minute (October 2012)
    INTR 4-2: This Way to the Egress (November 2012)

    Mini-campaign adventures

    MINI 1-1: Stirring the Embers (August 2009)
    MINI 1-2: The Burning Scent of Perfumed Swords (September 2009)
    MINI 1-3: Building the Pyre (October 2009)
    MINI 1-4: Coaxing the Flame (November 2009)
    MINI 1-5: Pyrophobia (December 2009)
    MINI 1-6: Quench the Fire of the Raging God (March 2010)
    MINI 2-1: A Mourning of Ravens (August 2010)
    MINI 2-2: Ravens Under the Midday Sun (August 2010)
    MINI 2-3: Raven Knights (August 2010)

    My Realms adventures

    MYRE 1-1: My Realms Adventure H1 2009 (June 2009)
    MYRE 1-2: My Realms Adventure H2 2009 (June 2009)
    MYRE 1-3: My Realms Adventure H3 2009 (September 2009)
    MYRE 1-4: My Realms Adventure P1 2009 (January 2010)
    MYRE 2-1: My Realms Adventure P2 2010 (August 2010)
    MYRE 2-2: My Realms Adventure P3 2010 (August 2010)
    MYRE 3-1: My Realms (Heroic) (April 2011)
    MYRE 3-2: My Realms (Paragon) (April 2011)
    MYRE 4-1: My Realms: Calimshan (August 2012)

    Myth Drannor adventures

    MYTH 6-1: Preemptive Strike (February 2014)
    MYTH 6-2: Ambassador, General, Herald, Spy (March 2014)
    MYTH 6-3: The World Will End in Fire (March 2014)

    Netheril adventures

    NETH 3-1: Secrets and Shadows (July 2011)
    NETH 3-2: Flirting with Disaster (July 2011)
    NETH 3-3: Seek and Destroy (July 2011)
    NETH 4-1: Containing Shadow (January 2012)
    NETH 4-2: The Tripartite Tower (February 2012)
    NETH 4-3: Purifying the Prophet (February 2012)

    Neverwinter adventures

    NEVE 5-1: Hound's Baying (September 2013)
    NEVE 5-2: Serpent's Kiss (October 2013)
    NEVE 5-3: Spider's Web (October 2013)

    Prequel adventures

    PREQ 3-1: Shrouded Visions (May 2011)
    PREQ 5-1: Edge of Justice (August 2013)
    PREQ 6-1: A Tale of Two Cities (January 2014)

    Preview adventures

    PREV 1: Scalegloom Hall (June 2008)
    PREV 2: Escape from Sembia (June 2008)
    PREV 3: Death in the Skyfire Wastes (June 2008)

    Quest adventures

    QUES 1-1: Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries (July 2009)
    QUES 2-1: Stir Not the World's Doom (October 2010)
    QUES 4-1: Liberation (March 2013)

    Special adventures

    SPEC 1-1: Shades of the Zhentarim (August 2008)
    SPEC 1-2: Zhent's Ancient Shadows (March 2009)
    SPEC 1-3 H1: Ghosts of the Past: Hive of Corruption (September 2009)
    SPEC 1-3 H2: Ghosts of the Past: Windsong Tower (September 2009)
    SPEC 1-3 H3: Ghosts of the Past: Siren's Lure (September 2009)
    SPEC 1-3 P1: Ghosts of the Past: Dark Portal (September 2009)
    SPEC 2-1 H1: The Blue Fire Chronicles: The Scourge of the Scornubel (February 2010)
    SPEC 2-1 H2: The Blue Fire Chronicles: Dogs of War (February 2010)
    SPEC 2-1 H3: The Blue Fire Chronicles: The Morninglord's Laughter (February 2010)
    SPEC 2-1 P1: The Blue Fire Chronicles: Blinking Eye of Fire (February 2010)
    SPEC 2-1 P2: The Blue Fire Chronicles: Scout's Honor (February 2010)
    SPEC 2-2 P1: Tyranny's Bleak Depths (September 2010)
    SPEC 2-2 P2: Tyranny's Bitter Frost (September 2010)
    SPEC 2-2 P3: Tyranny's Perilous Bastion (September 2010)
    SPEC 3-1: Roots of Corruption: Infestation (February 2011)
    SPEC 3-2: Roots of Corruption: Dark Seeds (February 2011)
    SPEC 3-3: Dance of the Sun and Moon (August 2011)
    SPEC 4-1: Cerulean Dreams (February 2012)
    SPEC 4-2: The Writhing Obelisk (April 2012)
    SPEC 4-3: Conflict in Calimport (June 2012)
    SPEC 4-4: Mischief in Memnon (June 2012)
    SPEC 4-5: Rising Darkness (August 2012)
    SPEC 4-6: Raging Shadows (October 2012)
    SPEC 5-1: Morthac's Mansion (January 2013)
    SPEC 5-2: Closer to the Heart (January 2013)
    SPEC 5-3: What Distant Skies (July 2013)
    SPEC 5-4: Sky's Favor (July 2013)
    SPEC 6-1: Divide and Conquer (January 2014)

    Weekend in the Realms events

    Beneath Haunted Halls (October 2008)
    The Icy Queen's Crossing (November 2009)

    D&D Encounters

    Halaster's Lost Apprentice (March 2010, PDF)
    Lost Crown of Neverwinter (August 2011, PDF)
    Web of the Spider Queen (May 2012, PDF)
    Council of Spiders (August 2012, PDF)
    War of Everlasting Darkness (October 2012, PDF)
    Storm over Neverwinter (April 2013)
    Search for the Diamond Staff (June 2013)
    Murder in Baldur's Gate Launch Weekend kit (August 2013; PDF)
    Murder in Baldur's Gate Events Supplement (August 2013)
    Murder in Baldur's Gate Monster Statistics (August 2013)
    Legacy of the Crystal Shard Launch Weekend kit (November 2013)Legacy of the Crystal Shard Monster Statistics: 3.5 Edition (November 2013)
    Legacy of the Crystal Shard Monster Statistics: 4th Edition (November 2013)
    Legacy of the Crystal Shard Monster Statistics: D&D Next (November 2013)
    Scourge of the Sword Coast Launch Weekend kit (February 2014)

    Game days

    Gates of Neverdeath (August 2011)
    Vault of the Dracolich (Game Day, June 2013; PDF)

    Lair Assault

    Forge of the Dawn Titan (September 2011)
    Spiderkiller (June 2012)
    Kill the Wizard (September 2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apotheot View Post
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    Yeah, both the location and formatting of the Collector's Guides have suffered from a few successive wiki software upgrades. I can't seem to locate the original versions of page 2-4, but I have pasted copies above, so this thread now contains all of the parts.

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    Awesome. thanks. You should get them set up over at The Piazza also, so that they can be archived in multiple places.

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