The Once and Final Ruler of Hyperborea, THE ULTIMATE!
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    The Once and Final Ruler of Hyperborea, THE ULTIMATE!

    The Ultimate, as his name is lost to time, is the undisputed ruler of Hyperborea, he has through sheer will and the deepest of meditations created a tangent existence devoid of time, divorced utterly where he alone resides with only a handful of his most devoted followers, not even the Supreme Being can access this place without great difficulty as it exists beyond his dominion. The Ultimate is rarely if ever encountered upon Creation, having long since ascended beyond it, he prefers to rule his people from afar, watching, meditating, and guiding with gentle tugs vice harsh pushes. Though he cares very much for the Hyperborean cause, he sees his direct involvement as an affront to the development of his people. Though one day, he hopes to acquire enough power to depose Thychen, the Current Supreme Being and Aspect of Time from the High Throne and recreate existence in the view he sees most fit.


    ​The Ultimate

    “He who sits upon the Rainbow Lotus” “The Peaceful Conquerer of all Spacetime” “The Once and Final Ruler of Hyperborea”
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You feel a wave of relief flow through you like a spring breeze. Time seems to stop and with the blink of an eye, you find yourself in an unending expanse, both above and below, of clouds and blue sky. Presented before you, moving swiftly but unthreateningly is a brilliant churning arch of fiery rainbow energy, hundreds of feet in diameter and all seven colors, surrounded in the brightest white, it lights up the whole plane with white gold light not unlike the sun.

    In it’s center sits a lotus of many colors, and upon the lotus sits a man, his shadow, sharp and black as ink in contrast to the vibrant white light, he is not unlike a human male, but strangely striped almost like a tiger, his coloration merging with seemingly moving with and one with his shadow. He has a build like the greatest martial artists of all time, absolutely jacked, chiseled muscle, not unduly large, but each muscle group defined to an absurd extent, his shimmering silver-white hair flowing to the center of his back, shining like mithral.

    He sits motionless with a smile on his face and his eyes closed, though distinctly, you can feel his gaze upon you.

    Large Augmented Humanoid

    Hit Dice: 10,000d10,000+ 48,000,000 x2,500 (∞/370,000,000,000 hp)

    Initiative: Always First
    Speed: Folds Space/ Supeanymorel
    Armor Class: ∞/ 26,700 (+10,000 natural, +5,200 Deflection, +5200 Deflection, +4,300 Insight, +2,000 Perfection,+ ∞ Deflection)

    Base Attack/Grapple: 12,000/ ∞

    -Onchin Punch: Always Hits: (∞/+38,800 Melee) 10,000d10,000 + ∞/10,400 +10,000d10,000x24(x4 Quantum Effect, x6 Unearthly Weapon Specialization) + 15,000d10,000 x24 Metempiric Prana Damage,+ ∞, +Onchin (2,000 Attacks)(6,000,000,000 damage each)
    -Metempiric Prana Ray: Always Hits: (∞/+37,700 Ranged Touch) 10,000d10,000 x24+∞, Onchin (2,000 Attacks) (2,400,000,000 each x Telluric Effect damage)

    Full Attack: 2,000 attacks, + 1 Ray (x2 Time Dilation)

    Special Attacks: Metempiric Prana Blast, Onchin Punch, Wish

    Special Qualities: Damage Reduction ∞/2,500/-, SR ∞/20,600, Adaption (Immune to nearly all effects), Immunity to All Elements, Immune to Magic, Space Folding, Starflight, Onchin Aura, Divine Power, Cosmic Power, Transcendent Power, Omnific Power, *Metempiric Power

    Saves: Fort ∞/+27,200, Ref ∞/+26,700, Will ∞/+27,000

    Abilities: Str ∞/10,400 (+5,200), Dex ∞/8,200 (+4,100), Con ∞/9,600(+4,800), Int ∞/8,600(+4,300), Wis ∞/8,600(+4,300), Cha ∞/10,400(+5,200)

    Skills: All skills are at 12,000+ relevant ability modifier.

    Feats: Anyfeat x10 (Whirlwind Attack, Cleave, as needed)

    Epic Feats: Combat Mastery, Haleness, Inedia, Insomnious, Infinite Deflection, Deflect Anything, Reflect Arrows, Master archer

    Divine Abilities: Third Eye, Anyfeat x10, Enlarge Aura x10, Quantum Effect, Soldier of Fortune, Uncanny Whirlwind Attack, Regeneration, X-Ray Vision, Perfect Initiative, Telluric Effect, Telelocation, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Chaotic Mind, Chaotic Soul, Chaotic Spirit, Heavy Handed, Strong Soul, Strong Mind, Strong Spirit

    Cosmic Abilities: Slipstream, Abrogate, Cosmic Consciousness, Assimilate, Oblique Strike, Learned Ability Immunity, Inner Eye, Elusion, Perfect Critical Multiplier, Time Dilation, Unearthly Weapon Focus, Unearthly Weapon Specialization, Unearthly Reach, Unearthly Effect

    Transcendental Abilities: Legendary Strength, Legendary Charisma, Legendary Constitution, Legendary Intelligence, Legendary Wisdom, Legendary Dexterity, Perfect Defense, Ultimate Weapon Focus, Ultimate Weapon Specialization, Evil Eye, Transversal

    Omnific Abilities: ∞ Strength, ∞ Dexterity, ∞ Constitution, ∞ Intelligence, ∞ Wisdom, ∞ Charisma, Transcendental Inspiration, Transcendental Nescience, Tenth Sense, Cosmic Nullification, Omnipresent

    Metempiric Abilities: Aura of the Seven Heavens, Seal of the Twin Gates, Meditation of the Center Path, Omnific Inspiration, *Metempiric Toughness, *The Onchin

    Environment: The Solitary Sky of the Inner Mind
    Organization: Unique

    Challenge Rating: (official CR 13,000)
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Beyond Alignment
    Effective Class Level: 20,000

    The Ultimate, strongest of all Mortal beings, Champions, The Amidah among Amidahs and strongest of all achieving beings, though such a title hardly applies to him anymore. Once a fisherman and local martial artist who stumbled upon the spark of raging intensity that can make the gods pause.

    The first Hyperborean was an accident. Just a man following a feeling and that feeling being right...

    Combat: The Ultimate has many abilities that will allow him to crush would be attackers in an instant. His Solitary Sky sits divorced from time and space and thusly getting to him is more his choice than your own. If an opponent engages him he simply alters their alignment to whatever he chooses, engages them in a sparring match, teaches them a few things and meditates kindly with them. Against foes that can bypass this or are truly vile, he destroys them effortlessly with his Onchin Punch, or annihilates them with the power of Infinity. Against foes able to bypass even this, he takes full advantage of his many attacks and defenses namely his ability to fold space and elude attacks, engages melee first, and pummels his foes into oblivion confident in his ability to defeat even the hardest of would be attackers.

    Metempiric Prana Blast (Su): Treated as the Uncanny Omnific Effect however unlike the standard Omnific Damage, it does not instantly destroy shields or defenses. It does, however kill foes instantly, and blind foes permanently, it instead blinds foes for 10,000 rounds on a successful Fort save of 25800, and deals d10,000s for damage.

    All Effects deal +∞ Damage as per The Seal of the Twin Gates, his Omnipresense ability allows his Storm and Immolation to extend to the edges of the universe (50,000,000,000 Light Years), his Unearthly Reach working in conjunction with the mentioned abilities allows his other abilities to hit all parts of the universe as well.

    Beam (Ray) 10,000d10,000x 24 (6 Unearthly Weapon Spec x4 Quantum Effect) (2,400,000,000) Line of Sight range

    Blast 10,000d10,000x4 (400,000,000) 168000 mile range./ 5000ft Radius, Standard action DC 25800/half

    Blood 2,500d10,000x4 (100,000,000) Melee Free action DC 25800/half

    Breath* 5,000d10,000x4 (200,000,000) 168000 mile range (cone) Line of Sight. (line) Standard 25800/half

    Hand 15,000d10,000x24 (3,600,000,000) Melee Touch

    Immolation 15,000d10,000x4 (600,000,000) 168000 mile range radius Free 25800/half

    Storm 2,500d10,000x4 (100,000,000) 168000 mile range radius Free -

    Strike 2,500d10,000x24 (600,000,000) Melee (bonus) Free -

    Wrath (Gaze) 5,000d10,000x4 (200,000,000) 168000 mile range, Both 25800/none

    The Onchin(Ex): The Ultimate wields the mightiest of martial arts, the way of the Onchin, able to literally focus all potential forms from all times and all spaces to act upon a singular intention at once, he is able to crack the very bonds of the space/time continuum. His blows deal double base damage as each hit strikes paradoxically twice at the exact same moment. His Aura, his blows and all hostile actions done by him are marked by red cracks of light in the space itself. Any opponents struck must make a Fort Save DC 25,800 or be instantly destroyed. This is not a death effect. Enemies killed in such manner cannot be resurrected as they have been obliterated in all existences and thusly it becomes a literal impossibility to revive themselves or resurrect in any way whatsoever except by a Resurrect Seed of appropriate level.

    The Aura of the Seven Heavens (Ex): The Ultimate is surrounded in vibrant rainbow fire, stretching for hundreds of feet in all directions, though the fire is very much three dimensional, and blocks out most other things, somehow The Ultimate is still able to be seen as plain as day in it’s center, seemingly not even subject to it’s glow. The Aura of the Seven Heavens is a mighty effect granted to him from timeless meditation upon the Rainbow Lotus of Eternity. He is able to bend spacetime to his will allowing him to fold space allowing him to target a foe without being able to be targeted himself, gains the 10th Sense Omnific power, changes all Prana or Divine Damage to d10,000s, and grants him the Infinite Omnific Ability to all Stats.

    Seal of the Twin Gates (Ex): The Ultimate has conquered both Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, and all Duality. He is above such things and can control their powers with absolute certainty and detachment. His mastery of the Dark aspect of Reality grans him Transcendental Nullification rendering him Immune to Transcendental Abilities and allowing him to kill Transmortal beings with ease, His mastery of Light allows him to deal Infinite Damage with all Effect powers and grants him an Infinite deflection AC, Spell Resistance, and Damage Reduction

    Meditation of the Center Path (Ex): Deep Meditations in spaces that have no time or space have allowed the Ultimate to realize the true nature of reality, he is considered to have all perquisites for any ability, need no alignment and is above such things, and is considered to be the ‘Messiah’ as per the ability of all beings encountered. All beings interacting with the Ultimate must make a DC 20,600 Will save or have their alignment shifted to whatever the Ultimate wishes, including Insane and Unaligned, and will find themselves unable to fight seriously, simply wishing to contemplate existence and train to become both stronger physically, spiritually, and mentally.

    Infinite: (Ability Score): The power of Infinity flows through The Ultimate. It is considered to have ∞ for all ability scores. Each Ability Score must be peeled off individually by it’s own use of Abrogate or similar powers.

    Unearthly Reach (Ex): Your reach is equal to the range of your divine aura,

    Unearthly Effect (Ex): All Effect powers ranges are increased to the range of your divine aura. Lines and ray effect powers have a range equal to line of sight. This coupled with Cosmic Consciousness gives effect power ray and lines Infinite range.

    Cosmic Nullification (Ex): All enemy Cosmic powers are negated.

    Omnific Inspiration (Ex): The Ultimate has one Omnific Power it can change at will.

    Starflight(Sp): Can reach any place in the multiverse in less than 1 Minute.

    Adaption (Ex): Immune to damaging natural effects and you can no longer die from natural aging, however he is affected normally by non damaging effects. With enough time, he can adapt to any environment.

    Legendary Ability Scores x6: Each Ability score is doubled

    Perfect Defense: Infinite AC

    Elusion: Ref save to avoid any damage

    Ultimate Weapon Focus: Infinite Attack Bonus

    Oblique Strike: Can foil an opponent's defenses by hitting something else.

    Time Dialtion: Double actions every round

    Inner Eye: Always rolling maximum on all dice rolls

    Quantum Effect: Variable damage with attacks. (x4 permanently with Inner Eye)

    Omnipresent: Your Divine Aura extends to the edge of the known universe (50,000,000,000 Light Year radius, the rough edge of the observable universe, in my campaign)

    *Metempiric Toughness: The Ultimate's status as a pinnacle being and master of both body, mind and soul grant him unreasonable d10,000s Health.

    Unearthly Weapon Focus: Only need to roll touch to hit with melee.

    Unearthly Weapon Specialization: Damage multiplied by crit multiplier.

    Perfect Critical Multiplier: +4 crit multiplier steps

    -Wish: at will, Caster Level equal to 20+ HD+ Perfection Bonus


    New Divine Abilities:

    -Strong Mind/ Body/ Soul/ Spirit:

    Absolute Trust in the Might in your body allows you to far surpass your peers.
    Prerequisites: Strength 100+
    Benefit: Str to respective stats, Divine Bonus to AC.

    (reexplained) New Cosmic Abilities:

    Unearthly Reach:

    Your reach extends into the heavens themselves.
    Prequisites: Dex 70 or Above
    Benefit: Your reach equals your divine Aura.

    Unearthly Effect:
    Your Effect Powers can stretch the span of space.
    Prequisites: Divine Aura (or equivalent), 70 Dex or Above, Uncanny "____" Effect
    Benefit: Your Effect power ranges are equal to your Divine Aura. Line and Ray attacks have a range equal to your line of sight.
    Special: With Cosmic Consciousness, it will allow Ray and Line Effect powers to reach across the universe.

    *Granted Abilities, not in any book.
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    What was the base class you used to build The Ultimate?

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    I just used the Spiritual Strength template I outlined on my earlier Hyperborean posting. I generally use Monk for PC Hyperboreans, and I have a couple of Monk variants or new Monk type classes I use too.

    I usually, tbh, don't bother with class features unless I need it, so if someone was to get strong enough to take on the Ultimate, and abrogated his ass to the point he needed them or matched and countered him to the point it got down to Class Feature level abilities I would make him a monk and just heighten his stuff using the previous progression to level 10,000. So... Lots of Flurry!

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