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    pogre's model and figure thread - Tabaxi(2/28/2017)

    PMT 01
    Pogres Model and Figures Thread
    The Gate House

    All of the pictures in this thread are thumbnails linked to larger pictures.

    Some Story Hours have Rogues Gallery Threads to accompany them, but mine needed a model and figures thread! First up is the gatehouse I designed based on Wolfgang Baurs adventure Legacy of the Griffon.

    The gatehouse is made mostly of Hirst Blocks.

    The middle section has a drawbridge that actually goes up and down. Note that this was not completed when the adventure was shot on disc.

    This is a side view of the gate section and one of the towers. The doors in the towers were sculpted and the walkway above the gate tunnel is complete with murder holes!

    This is a top down view of one of the upper stories of the towers. Lots of room for guards to move around in there.

    The towers are composed of three sections: roof, upper story, and base story. This allows easy access for minis.

    The model still needs a few things like trap doors, stairs, and ladders. However, overall I am very pleased with it. I will eventually build some walls with aprons that will attach to the towers and create an entire castle/keep.
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