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    T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil 3.5 Conversion Complete!

    Hi all this is just a quick note to announce that I have completed my 3.5 conversion of ToEE, and have sent it to Morrus to be posted in the Conversion Library. If anyone wants me to send them a copy while we're waiting for it to become available just send me an e-mail and I'll send a copy off to you! Comments & criticisms welcome. This is only the first in hopefully a long line of my 3.5 converted adventures and I'd like your feedback on how I should improve things on forthcoming releases. I may even take requests.

    Right now the way ToEE came out converted pretty much as is, characters will be a much higher level coming out of the adventure then originally intended. I was thinking of moving right along the lines with Scourge of the Slave Lords, I haven't taken a look at it yet, but it may be too easy converted as is for characters of the level PC's will be after ToEE, so I may try to do Return to the Tomb of Horrors. In your e-mail you guys can vote for either of these or something else and from those responses I'll probably make my decision.

    Anyway, hope you like the conversion!

    Edit - Now in conversion library!
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