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Welcome to the EN World Wiki! This wiki can be added to and edited by any EN World member. If you've ever used Wikipedia you already know how a wiki works. If not, think of it as a large reference library which anybody can edit. Feel free to create a page or improve an existing page.
Note: you are welcome to use this wiki system for any gaming purpose, from maintaining information and certain subjects to helping you run your own RPG campaign. However, if you choose a wiki page name like "Character Creation" or "Home Page" or something equally generic, an admin might change your page name. This is because, in a wiki, any usage of words identical to a wiki page title would automatically link to your page.
TIP: Link to other wiki pages by surrounding words with [wiki] tags. If the page doesn't exist yet, it will appear red with a link to create it. If it exists, it will link to the page directly.

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