13th Age Resource Page

13th Age Resource Page

Click for more about 13th Age13th Age is a d20 fantasy RPG produced by Pelgrane Press and written by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. "This is the RPG that Rob (lead designer of 4th edition D&D) and Jonathan (lead designer of 3rd edition D&D, Over the Edge and Everway) play at their own tables. New mechanics such as backgrounds, icon relationships, escalation dice and uniques offer exciting storytelling possibilities, simple yet powerful skill rules and fun, fast-moving combat."

This page lists and compiles various 13th Age resources from around the web. Feel free to add to this page! These are all items that EN World has reported on in the last few months.

Product Schedule

Product Date Notes
13th Age Core Rulebook
13 True Ways April 2014 New classes, monsters etc. The Kickstarter. [update 14-Oct-2013] [commander class]
Bestiary 2014 Our preview. Pre-order is now available.
Shards of the Broken Sky 2014 By Rob Heinsoo: "...an adventurer tier sandbox adventure that could even be played twice by the same group with different characters and icon connections."
Eyes of the Stone Thief 2014 "The Stone Thief is an old and cunning Living Dungeon. For unknown ages, it has slithered through the Underworld, rising to consume towers and cities or other, lesser dungeons. Now, it has your scent. It swims through the earth, eager to steal everything you cherish, eager to drag you down into its hellish labyrinth." Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan talks about it here.

Third Party

13th Age is an OGL game. Publishers can indicate compatibility with the Archmage Engine logo.



  • Take a look at this artful hand-drawn character sheet.
  • Here is a new batch of custom pre-generated character sheets. "These pre-generated characters are as follows: Wood Elf Barbarian, Half Elf Bard, Holy One Cleric, Draconic Fighter, Forgeborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Gnome Rogue, Demontouched Sorcerer and Dark Elf Wizard."
  • Want a more active 13th Age paladin? Find it here!
  • The Vanguard is a "more complex and tactical" fighter variant. The Fury is an alternate barbarian.
  • The Elementalist is a new character class.
  • If you were looking to convert Kobold Press' White Necromancer over to 13th Age, they have you covered!
  • Download bard, fighter, and cleric class power decks.
  • Eldritch Knight – Lawrence Augustine R. Mingoa has writen up a mash-up of melee and magic.
  • Check out the Blackguard, a 13th Age paladin option.
  • The mindweaver is a new psionic class.
  • The Chamber of Mazarbul has some new toys for the 13th Age paladin.
  • Homebrew Paladin abilities.
  • The Field Commander is a new 13th AGE class to cover the beloved Warlord or Marshall slot.
  • The Dilettante is a new 13th AGE class in the vein of the Swordmage or Bladesinger.
  • 13th Age designer Rob Heinsoo blogs about the other 13th Age designer Jonathan Tweet's sorcerer character. "Samlael's One Unique Thing is that he learned sorcery from his familiar, a small green snake named Winder. Winder does all the talking for Samlael, who only speaks in his normal halfling voice when he is casting spells."






Videos & Interviews

  • Here's a new 13tH AGE video from Gen Con featuring Rob Heinsoo and Chatty DM.

  • 13TH AGE is on MTV Geek -- How Two D&D Veterans Created Their Own Fantasy Game, '13th Age'. "In some ways, it's familiar: go on adventures, hit monsters, loot their stuff. But in recent years the independent roleplaying game scene has done some great things with the idea that a group of people can create great stories together".
  • iO9 says "13th Age RPG delivers an incredible fantasy storytelling experience" and interviews Rpb Heinsoo on the design of 13th Age and the role of storytelling in gaming. Excellent article, well worth the read.
  • RPG Geek interviewed Rob Heinsoo at Gen Con.
  • The D&D Miniatures fansite interviewed Rob Heinsoo on minis, morale rules, Chainmail, fans and 13th Age.
  • Regarding our video from UKGE about 13th Age. Sadly, the demo/gameplay footage we took was unuseable - the audio wasn't clear enough, despite our best efforts to clean it up. In the meantime, you can read about my playtest game, even if you can't watch it! Sorry! Update: we're releasing the video despite the audio issues. "At UKGE we were able to play a short, two-hour demo of 13th Age. Apologies for the audio quality here - we weren't set up to record an RPG in the middle of a loud, busy room, but we've done what we can to make it audible. We weren't actually going to make this public on account of the audio, but we've been persuaded otherwise - so here it is, audio notwithstanding! I hope it at least gives you a sense of the game."
  • Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet did an interview which covered, amongst other things, modrons, monks, and moving fights.
  • Rob Heinsoo has recieved the first printed copy of 13th Age! In the meantime, while you wait for yours, check out this video of the binding process in action.
  • A 13th Age game on a Google Hangout.
  • Forbes has reviewed 13th Age, and has a video Q&A with Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. "It’s fun, fast, and accessible and encourages imagination from players and GM alike. It bakes some very cool new ideas into the d20 ecosystem while keeping all the major pieces intact. Of the many systems I’ve read recently, it’s one of the best."
  • RPG Geek talks 13th AGE with Rob Heinsoo at Gen Con 2013 (video).
  • Here's a video of 13th Age being played on Roll20.
  • Sly Flourish (Mike Shea) talks to 13th Age designer Rob Heinsoo about GMing 13th Age. Amongst other things, they mention that new Icon rules are coming in 13 True Ways.
  • Here's a review of 13th Age.

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