2nd Edition AD&D Collector's Guide

2nd Edition AD&D Collector's Guide

Welcome to the 2nd Edition AD&D Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, which was launched in 1989 and ran until 2000. This period of D&D's history was characterized by a steep climb in the numbers of products released each month, at least until TSR crashed in 1997.

This Collector's Guide doesn't list AD&D 2nd Edition products that are included in the Al-Qadim, Birthright, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Lankhmar, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, and Spelljammer Collector's Guides.

This was the sixteenth installment when the Collector's Guides were first published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

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Books and boxed sets

Hardcover books

Player's Handbook (February 1989)
Dungeon Master's Guide (May 1989)
Legends & Lore (July 1990, PDF)
Tome of Magic (May 1991, softcover reprint 1996, PDF)
Monstrous Manual (June 1993)
Book of Artifacts (September 1993, softcover reprint 1996?, PDF)
Player's Handbook (revised) (errata; April 1995)
Dungeon Master's Guide (revised) (errata; April 1995)
Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (errata; June 1995, softcover reprint 1997, PDF)
Dungeon Master Option Rulebook: High-Level Campaigns (August 1995)
Player's Option: Skills & Powers (errata (1st printing), errata (2nd printing), errata (both printings); September 1995, softcover reprint 1997, PDF)
Player's Option: Spells & Magic (May 1996, softcover reprint 1997, PDF)
Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms Setting (September 1999)

Boxed sets

Monster collections

Player's Handbook reference series

PHBR1: The Complete Fighter's Handbook (November 1989, PDF)
PHBR2: The Complete Thief's Handbook (December 1989, PDF)
PHBR3: The Complete Priest's Handbook (May 1990, PDF)
PHBR4: The Complete Wizards's Handbook (June 1990, PDF)
PHBR5: The Complete Psionics Handbook (errata; January 1991, PDF)
PHBR6: The Complete Book of Dwarves (October 1991, PDF)
PHBR7: The Complete Bard's Handbook (March 1992, PDF)
PHBR8: The Complete Book of Elves (December 1992, PDF)
PHBR9: The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings (February 1993, PDF)
PHBR10: The Complete Book of Humanoids (April 1993, PDF)
PHBR11: The Complete Ranger's Handbook (December 1993, PDF)
The Complete Paladin's Handbook (May 1994, PDF)
The Complete Druid's Handbook (August 1994, PDF)
The Complete Barbarian's Handbook (January 1995)
The Complete Ninja's Handbook (August 1995, PDF)

Dungeon Master's Guide reference series

DMGR1: Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide (March 1990, PDF)
DMGR2: The Castle Guide (text download; April 1990, PDF)
DMGR3: Arms and Equipment Guide (July 1991, PDF)
DMGR4: Monster Mythology (April 1992, PDF)
DMGR5: Creative Campaigning (January 1993, PDF)
The Complete Book of Villains (April 1994, PDF)
The Complete Book of Necromancers (March 1995, PDF)
Sages and Specialists (July 1996)
Of Ships and the Sea (September 1997, PDF)

Historical reference series

Encyclopedia Magica series

Encyclopedia Magica, Volume I (Leatherette cover November 1994, reprinted in softcover 1999?, PDF)
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume II (Leatherette cover March 1995, reprinted in softcover 1999?, PDF)
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume III (Leatherette cover May 1995, reprinted in softcover 1999?, PDF)
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume IV (Leatherette cover November 1995, reprinted in softcover 1999?, PDF)

Monstrous Arcana series

I, Tyrant (June 1996, PDF)
Eye of Pain (June 1996, PDF)
Eye of Doom (September 1996, PDF)
Eye to Eye (December 1996, PDF)
The Sea Devils (July 1997)
Evil Tide (August 1997)
Night of the Shark (October 1997)
Sea of Blood (December 1997)
The Illithiad (April 1998, PDF)
A Darkness Gathering (June 1998)
Masters of Eternal Night (August 1998)
Dawn of the Overmind (October 1998)

Spell Compendium series

Jakandor books

Battlesystem books

Softcover books

Warriors of Heaven (September 1999, PDF)
Bastion of Faith (December 1999)
Guide to Hell (December 1999, PDF)
The Vortex of Madness and Other Planar Perils (January 2000)
Diablo II: The Awakening (March 2000)

Softcover adventures

Other adventures

HHQ1: Fighter's Challenge (January 1992, PDF)
HHQ2: Wizard's Challenge (June 1992, PDF)
HHQ3: Thief's Challenge (January 1993, PDF)
GA1: The Murky Deep (February 1993, PDF)
GA2: Swamplight (March 1993, PDF)
GA3: Tales of Enchantment (August 1993, PDF)
HHQ4: Cleric's Challenge (September 1993, PDF)
Fighter's Challenge II (March 1994, PDF)
Temple, Tower & Tomb (May 1994)
Wizard's Challenge II (September 1994, PDF)
The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga (March 1995, PDF)
Thief's Challenge II: Beacon Point (June 1995, PDF)
Labyrinth of Madness (errata; July 1995, PDF)
Cleric's Challenge II (December 1995, PDF)
The Silver Key (January 1996)
A Hero's Tale (July 1996)
The Gates of Firestorm Peak (October 1996, PDF)
Road to Danger: From the Pages of Dungeon Magazine (dagger rock map, underground map; August 1998)
A Paladin in Hell (September 1998)
Destiny of Kings (November 1998)
The Shattered Circle (January 1999)
Dungeons of Despair (February 1999)
Return to the Keep on the Borderlands (June 1999)

RPGA adventures


Dark & Hidden Ways (1990)
Wild Things (1990)
Magic Encyclopedia, Volume One (July 1992)
Magic Encyclopedia, Volume Two (January 1993)
City Sites (December 1994, PDF)
Castle Sites (June 1995, PDF)
Chronomancer (August 1995, PDF)
Country Sites (October 1995, PDF)
Shaman (November 1995, PDF)
Den of Thieves (March 1996)
World Builder's Guidebook (October 1996)
College of Wizardry (January 1998)
Dungeon Builder's Guidebook (May 1998)

Premium reprints


Character sheets

REF2: Character Record Sheets (September 1989)


REF1: Dungeon Master's Screen (includes Terrible Trouble at Tragidore) (July 1989)
Fighter's Screen (June 1994)
Priest's Screen (June 1994)
Thief's Screen (June 1994)
Wizard's Screen (June 1994)
Dungeon Master Screen & Master Index (October 1995)

Map folios

GR3: Treasure Maps (download section 1, section 2, section 3, section 4; November 1992)
Treasure Chest (February 1994)
Treasure Tales (April 1996)

Decks of cards

CR1: Wizard Spell Cards (January 1992, reprinted as "Deck of Wizard Spells" 1994)
CR2: Deck of Priest Spells (June 1992)
CR3: Deck of Magical Items (March 1993)
Cardmaster Adventure Design Deck (June 1993)
CR4: Deck of Encounters, Set One (January 1994)
CR5: Deck of Encounters, Set Two (June 1994)
CR6: Deck of Psionic Powers (October 1994)

Player Packs

Fighter's Player Pack (September 1994)
Priest's Player Pack (September 1994)
Thief's Player Pack (September 1994)
Wizard's Player Pack (September 1994)


REF6: Rogues Gallery (December 1992)

Other products


The Rod of Seven Parts (February 1996)
Tale of the Comet (July 1997)


Board games

AD&D Trivia Game (July 1991)



1993 TSR Master Catalog (January 1993)

Trading cards

1991 Trading Cards (750 cards, sold in "Set One" and "Set Two" boosters) (1991)
1991 Trading Cards Factory Set (September 1991)
1992 Trading Cards (750 cards, sold in "Part One" and "Part Two" boosters) (1992)
1992 Trading Cards Gencon Promo Set (11 cards) (August 1992)
1992 Trading Cards Factory Set (September 1992)
1993 Trading Cards (495 cards + 60 cards, sold in "Part One", "Part Two" and "Part Three" boosters) (1993)
1993 Trading Cards Factory Set (December 1993)

Promotional items


Ral Partha miniatures

Many Ral Partha miniatures were released with both 1st and 2nd edition branding. All of these miniatures are listed in the 1st Edition Collector's Guide, and are not repeated here.

Boxed sets

Council of Wyrms

11-576: Gold Dragon
11-577: Red Dragon
11-578: Bronze Dragon
11-579: Amethyst Dragon
11-580: Black Dragon
11-581: Topaz Dragon
11-582: Dracolich
11-583: Silver Dragon
11-584: Blue Dragon
11-585: Emerald Dragon
11-586: Green Dragon
11-587: Copper Dragon
11-588: Brass Dragon
11-589: Sapphire Dragon

WotC miniatures

40000: Paladin (1999)
40001: Cleric (1999)
40002: Halfling Thief (1999)
40003: Elven Fighter/Mage (1999)
40004: Fighter (male) (1999)
40005: Dwarven Fighter (1999)
40006: Fighter (female) (1999)
40007: Bugbear (1999)
40008: Hobgoblin (1999)
40009: Lesser Vampire (1999)
40010: Dwarven Cleric (1999)
40011: Elven Thief (Female) (1999)
40012: Evil Mage (1999)
40013: Barbarian (1999)
40014: Orc (1999)
40015: Carrion Crawler (1999)
40016: Cyclops (1999)
40017: Red Dragon (1999)
40018: Ogre (1999)
40019: Minotaur (1999)
40020: Hill Giant (1999)
40021: Ettin (1999)
40022: Fire Giant (1999)
40023: Good Mage (1999)
40024: Diablo II Heroes Boxed Set (1999)
40025: Diablo II Monsters Boxed Set (1999)


Only issues of these magazines containing AD&D 2nd Edition content are listed.

Dragon Magazine

Dragon 148-273 (August 1989 - July 2000)
Dragon Annual 1 (November 1996)
Dragon Annual 2 (November 1997)
Dragon Annual 3 (November 1998)
Dragon Annual 4 (November 1999)

Other magazines

Dungeon 24-81 (July 1990 - July 2000)
Dungeon 191, Adapting "The Lich-Queen's Beloved" (June 2011)
Polyhedron Introductory Issue (1989)
Polyhedron 53 - 143 (May 1990 - August 2000)
Polyhedron Gencon Special Edition (August 1999)
Polyhedron UK 1-8 (July 1998 - June 2000)

Electronic releases

Web articles and downloads

Chronomancy and the Multiverse (1995)
Half-Dragon PCs For All Worlds (1995)
Infravision & Your Fantasy Hero (1995)
Skills & Powers Psionicist (1996)
Player's Option Character Sheet (front and back; 1996?)
The Shattered Circle (January 1999)
New Kits for a Crusading Campaign (March 2001)
Devil's Deal (Warriors of Heaven Web Enhancement) (March 2001)
Quesar (Warriors of Heaven Web Enhancement) (March 2001)
Erratta: Priest Spell (Warriors of Heaven Web Enhancement) (March 2001)
Dragotha's Lair (August 2001)


International products

This section is reserved for future use.

Organized play

Adventurer's Guild adventures

Adventurer's Guild Instruction Booklet (1Q1998)
Final Exam (1Q1998)
Marooned on Jakandor: Island of War (1Q1998)
Blood Feud (2Q1998)
A Simple Errand (2Q1999)
Cult of the Swamp Lord (3Q1999)
Needle in the Eye (4Q1999)
Grudge Match (PDF release, March 2000)
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