Ex-WotC Employees

Ex-WotC Employees

This is a list of ex-employees of WotC and their current jobs. Note that there are hundreds of such employees. It's here to help you find your favourite D&D designers and check out the awesome gaming stuff they're likely still making!

As of 2014, according to Mike Mearls, there are about 15 people working on D&D, and about half of those are working on the RPG itself as opposed to ancillary stuff: "The team as a whole has about fifteen people. About half that are actually working on the RPG right now. The other half are working on other D&D stuff like Neverwinter, iOS games, licensing, or board games."

As of January 2015, Chris Sims confirmed that "Jennifer Clarke Wilkes and I were laid off on Wednesday the 28th. Our positions were eliminated, reducing the D&D team to eight people working directly on the tabletop game."

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Current Team

Current D&D Team
Position or Note
Mike Mearls Senior Manager
Jeremy Crawford R&D (D&D Lead Designer & Managing Editor)
Greg Bilsland D&D Senior Producer, Licensing
Chris Perkins D&D Producer
Peter Lee R&D (shared with M:tG)
Matt Sernett R&D
Trevor Kidd Community Manager
Shelly Mazzanoble Associate Brand Manager
Chris Tulach Program Manager, Organized Play
Nathan Stewart Brand Director & Executive Producer
Liz Schuh Director of Brand Marketing
Kate Irwin
Chris Dupuis Game Producer
Richard Whitters
Chris Youngs
Ben Petrisor
Sean K Reynolds (Managing 'lore' for licensees)
Adam Lee

Changed Departments

The following people work for WotC still, but not on D&D: James Wyatt, is on M:tG. Bart Carroll is and Nina Hess are both still at WotC but also no longer working directly on D&D.


1990-2001 Peter Adkison
2002-2004 Chuck Huebner
2004-2008 Loren Greenwood
2008-2016 Greg Leeds
2016-present Chris Cocks

Ex Employees

Below is the list of ex-employees. Note that in total WotC employs between 100 and 200 staff, although only about 15 of them work on D&D.

Last Job at WotC
Current Company Project
Wolfgang Baur 1999 Designer, RPG R&D Voluntary Kobold Press D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons
Lisa Stevens 2000 Brand Manager, Star Wars RPG Lay off[1] Paizo Publishing Pathfinder
Peter Adkison 2001 CEO Voluntary[2] Gen Con
Monte Cook [3] 2001 Senior Designer, 3E Voluntary Monte Cook Games Numenera
Ryan Dancey 2001 Vice President Voluntary[4] Goblinworks Pathfinder Online
Owen K.C. Stephens 2001 Designer, Star Wars RPG Lay off Paizo Publishing
Jim Butler 2001 Designer, Creative Director Trion Worlds RIFT, Defiance, ArcheAge, Trove
Chris Pramas 2002 Creative Director for Miniatures R&D Lay off[5] Green Ronin Publishing Mutants & Masterminds, Dragon Age RPG, A Song of Ice and Fire,
True20, Freeport, and more
Skip Williams 2002 Senior Designer, 3E Lay off Freelancing [6]
Penny Williams 2002 Lay off Crystal Unicorn Enterprises
JD Wiker 2002 Lead Designer, Star Wars RPG Lay off The Game Mechanics
Jeff Grubb 2002 Designer Lay off ArenaNet Guild Wars 2
Sean K Reynolds 2002 Designer Lay off/Rehired May 2015[7]
Stan! (Stan Brown) 2002 Designer Lay off/Rehired Super Genius Games, WotC [8]
Anthony Valterra 2003 Category Manager for RPGs Lay off[9] North Seattle Community College
Chris Toepker 2003 Category Manager for Miniatures Lay off Kuboo Kuboo
Charles Ryan 2005 Brand Manager, D&D Lay off[10] Monte Cook Games Numenera
Scott Rouse 2008 Brand Manager, D&D Lay off[11] Microsoft
Jennifer Paige 2008 Online Community Manager Lay off Microsoft
Julia Martin 2008 Editor Lay off Microsoft
Linae Foster 2008 Associate Brand Manager Lay off Passport Game Studios
Dave Noonan 2008 Designer Lay off Sasquatch Games Primeval Thule
Jonathan Tweet 2008 Lead Designer, 3E Lay off Fire Opal Media 13th Age
Rob Heinsoo 2009 Lead Designer, 4E Lay off Fire Opal Media 13th Age
Stephen Radney-MacFarland 2009 Developer Lay off Paizo Publishing Pathfinder
Logan Bonner 2009 Designer Lay off Paizo Publishing Pathfinder
Chris Sims 2009 Designer Lay off/Rehired Back at Wizards of the Coast, Technical Editor, October 2011-present D&D
Andy Collins 2010 Designer Lay off Gazillion Entertainment
Torah Cottril 2010 Editor Lay off Becker and Mayer (book publisher)
Bill Slavicsek 2011 Director of RPG Design & Development Lay off ZeniMax Online Studios The Elder Scrolls Online
Michele Carter 2011 Editing Manager, D&D Group Lay off
Richard Baker 2011 RPG Group Manager Lay off Sasquatch Games [12] Primeval Thule
Stephen Schubert 2011 Development Manager, D&D Lay off Sasquatch Games Primeval Thule
Steve Winter 2011 Designer Lay off/Rehired Wizards of the Coast [13]
Monte Cook [3] 2012 Designer, D&D Next Voluntary[14] Monte Cook Games Numenera
Kim Mohan 2012 Designer Retired[15]
Bruce Cordell 2013 Designer Voluntary[16] Monte Cook Games Numenera
Jon Schindehette 2013 Senior Art Director Voluntary Treehouse Brand Stores
Mari Kolkowsi 2013 D&D Art Director Lay-off
James Wyatt 2014 Designer Inter-company move WotC (but no longer on D&D) Magic: the Gathering
Chris Sims 2015 Editor Lay off[7]
Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes 2015 Editor Lay off[7]
Rodney Thompson 2015 R&D Voluntary Bungie Games
Daniel Helmick 2015 R&D (contract) Contract ended
Tom Olsen 2015 R&D (UI/UX) Lay off
Dan Gelon 2016 Art Director Lay off
Greg Leeds 2016 President Resigned

Rob Schwalb was listed as a Lead Designer during the early devlopment of D&D Next. He was a contractor rather than a staff member and left in 2014.

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