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Multiple Choice
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Tuesday, 1st January, 2013
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Quiz Description

How many of these product covers can you identify?

Rules & Suggestions

Each product cover contains artwork, but no title. Your job is to select the correct product title from the four options provided. Good luck!
You have unlimited tries left.


pictures didn't always load for me, or only partially, leading to some blind guesswork
Yeah, there are a few glitches I'm working on.
Took it, got 9/9. Seven of the answers, I knew on sight. The exceptions were #3 which I might have got wrong if different choices had been offered, but as it was I got by elimination, and #6 which was part elimination, part lucky/educated guess.

After I was done two graphics came up. One was a table with no apparent entries, the other was a pie chart with no explanation of what the regions of the chart meant. (Whatever they were, they weren't my correct versus incorrect answers, since I got 100%.)

Also, the leaderboard seems buggy. It says I have a 50% average, but I've only taken one quiz and I got 100% on it.
This is me commenting on this quiz.