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5IDER and EN World TRAILSEEKER are donation-based article platforms which produce regular content for the world's leading roleplaying games.  Unlike subscriptions, donations allow you choose exactly how much you want to pay.

The articles are released individually, and designed and formatted to be printed out and placed in a binder.

Each magazine is separate, ensuring that you only donate to the game system that you have a use for, although some system-neutral articles will appear in both publications.


Each magazine publishes the following articles each month:


You decide what these articles are worth to you via a regular donation. You can choose to donate as much or as little as you wish. $1? $5? $1,000,000? You select exactly how much you wish to donate per article.  Additionally, you may place a cap on your total monthly donation, ensuring that you never pay more than that amount even if additional articles are produced.  You still get those articles, of course!

You get the articles however much or however little you choose to donate.

The donations and article delivery are powered by PATREON.  


If you wish to contribute articles or art to either publication, please see our submissions page.  We are constantly looking for writers and artists, and we are committed to fair pay for fair work.  We do not use volunteers or accept free work.

EN5IDER and TRAILSEEKER articles are designed to be printed out and placed in a binder

  1. How do I get EN5IDER or TRAILSEEKER?  Each publication has its own Patreon page.  Click here for EN5IDER or here for TRAILSEEKER.
  2. What happens if the donations per article fall below the milestones shown on the Patreon page?  The beauty of Patreon means that you set your donation per article (to a maximum cap per per month).  That means that if donations fall and the rate of article creation falls, you simply don't pay!  You only pay when we produce an article or adventure!
  3. What does the cap per month mean?  When you choose how much to donate per article, you can also set a monthly cap. This means that, no matter what sort of publishing flurry we engage in, you will never exceed that monthly cap.  However, you will still receive all the articles.
  4. How are the articles and adventures delivered?  The Patreon page will be where you get the articles and adventures from.  You will simply download them in PDF format, print them out, and file them in a binder.
  5. I would like to write something for EN5IDER or TRAILSEEKER.  We were hoping you'd say that! If you wish to contribute articles or art to either publication, please see our submissions page.
  6. What sort of content do you want from writers?  Please see our submissions page for more information on that. The type of content we are looking for will frequently change depending on what we have a lot of, any themes we plan, what proves popular, or any nmber of other factors!
  7. Do I get a free binder?  Sadly, no.  Although we are looking for ways to produce and sell the binders.

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