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Each publication has its own style guide.  Download the PDF for the publication you're interested in writing for.


This document is designed to explain the process and make things clear and easy for you and for us. That way, we all know what to expect, and we can move on with the fun part! This process protects you, and it protects us.

Sometime we may be looking for specific types of content fitting certain themes. Please keep an eye on the submissions page, where we will note this if appropriate. If it doesn't indicate we're looking for specific types of content, then we're not!

We are looking primarily for rules content. We can also use system-neutral articles, GMing advice, world-building articles, etc. but we're not looking for fiction right now.

There are two standard article lengths. This may change in future, so please check back here before submitting future ideas.

  • 2,000 word articles for TRAILseeker, EN5ider, and EONS.

  • 5,000 word adventures for TRAILseeker or 7,000 word adventures for EN5ider and EONS (these are based on subscriber milestones).

  • Note that EONS articles and adventures can be sci-fi, fanatsy or a mix of the two.

We only pay up to that article length, so please don't go over it. The editor will trim it down to the right length if necessary.

We pay by the word. Starting rates for new writers are $0.03 per word.  That's $60 for a 2,000 word article, $150 for a 5,000 word adventure, and $210 for a 7,000 word adventure.


Unless noted otherwise by an editor, please review these guidelines and follow them when submitting an article or adventure to EN World.

  1. Send an article proposal (a paragraph summarising your article idea) to the editor of the appropriate publication:

    1. EN5IDER queries to Mike Myler at mike.myler.adventures@gmail.com

    2. EONS queries to Morrus at morrus@hotmail.com
    3. TRAILSEEKER queries to Felipe Real at farealh@gmail.com
  2. The editor will respond to your query requesting an outline or letting you know that we can't use that idea right now.

    1. If requested, send an outline giving a detailed description of the whole article. Not every article will require an outline, so only send one if the editor asks for one.

  3. If we like your article, we'll send you a contract to sign and return.

  4. Write and submit your manuscript.

  5. Your editor may ask for revisions or changes. Please make these changes as soon as possible.

  6. Please understand that if your article isn't up to standard, we may have to reject it. We hate doing that, so please take care to follow writers' guidelines and style guides, and check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Your query is simply an email with a short article proposal. One paragraph is fine. You can include multiple proposals in one email, but don't go overboard – you can always send more later!

Remember, we cannot accept unsolicited articles. If we haven't asked for a manuscript, we will delete your article without reading it. This is to protect us in situations involving independent but similar development – if we haven't seen your article, there's no way we can copy it!

We work on strict deadlines; we have to prepare, illustrate, and lay out your manuscript and then move on to the next one. You don't have to write the article before your query, but be ready to start writing it immediately if it is accepted. 2,000 word articles are usually needed within a week; adventures may have a little longer. Try not to submit a proposal if you don't have the time to write it - you can always submit later when you do!

Please check to see you aren't repeating an article idea we've already done.


Please only send an outline if asked to by your editor. Outlines should be in Harvard Outline style, listing broad topics first, then subtopics, and finally important details within those subtopics. Only include the most important details within your outline. While this should be a comprehensive overview of your proposed article, this outline should distill it to just the juiciest bits. It should make the editor want to hire you!


If we like your article proposal, we will ask for a manuscript. Please note that at this stage, the manuscript can still be rejected if it's not of sufficient quality. Here's how that works:

  1. Contract. We will send you a contract. You will need to sign and return it. Without a contract, there is no article!

  2. Send your manuscript in RTF format by the date indicated in the contract. Ensure your name as you wish to be credited is under the title. Include your email address at the start of the article; we won't publish that, but it helps us know how to contact you if it gets separated from the email! If you need specific maps or diagrams, a rough sketch will suffice; we'll pass that to our artists and cartographers. Please use Chicago Style.

    1. TRAILSEEKER writers will find a style guide here. That explains how to format manuscripts for the Pathfinder RPG.

    2. EONS writers will find a style guide here.
    3. EN5IDER writers will find a style guide here.
  3. If your article is acceptable, you should expect a request for revisions. Few articles require no changes – please don't be offended! Even veteran writers need to make changes. The changes may reflect style, length, mechanical issues, tone, etc. If you can't or won't revise your article as requested, sadly we cannot use it.

  4. Understand that the editor may edit your article further for a whole variety of reasons.


Occasionally we will have to reject a manuscript, even after revisions. We hate doing that! This may be because of poor writing, bad mechanics or rules understanding, poor formatting or style adherence, differences between the proposal and the article, not making requested changes, etc. It helps if you ask somebody to proof your work before sending it.


This is all in the contract, but in short:

  1. If we accept your manuscript, you'll be paid on or about the 15th of the following month by PayPal.

  2. Your manuscript remains your property, and your copyright, unless we have agreed otherwise (if, for example, you are writing an article based in one of our adventure paths or similar). We're not trying to take it away from you.

  3. You grant us a perpetual, worldwide license to use your article.

  4. You agree not to publish your article elsewhere for one year. That gives us chance to try to make back our costs and make some profit on it. After that, you can sell it, publish it, give it away for free, or anything else you like.

  5. We're nice people. We want stuff to work out. If you have a problem, let us know. We'll figure it out!


If you're writing for EN5IDER, under no circumstances copy any text or statblocks from the core rulebooks of the game. Do not refer to the name of the game, its publisher, or any of the game's books. Do not plagiarise your work (and remember that the contract indemnifies us if you do!)

If you're writing for TRAILSEEKER, you may use any open gaming content you wish. If you do, your manuscript should include a list of every publication you referenced. You can freely reproduce the text of open gaming content where needed, but we don't pay for words that have been copied from elsewhere – we only pay for the words you write!

If you're writing for EONS, you may use any official WOIN material. We own it all, so there are no restrictions on what we can use.

At this time, we can't accept work from anybody under the age of 18.

If multiple people work on an article, that's fine. How you distribute the fee is up to you. All of you will need to sign the contract.

Your contract is a private agreement between you and us. You can't post it publicly.


Unless otherwise noted, don't write your article in the first person.

Keep statblocks inline. We don't use the 'encounter' format and we try to limit page flipping. If a statblock is used multiple times, ask your editor how they'd like to handle it.

You may talk about your article online or elsewhere. There's no NDA - we like it when you publicise our magazines! So if you're writing or have written an article for us, feel free to talk about it even if it hasn't been published yet. The only thing you can't do is share the actual article within our exclusive period.

We promote equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. This means that NPCs, illustrations, situations, etc. should endeavour to include people of different skin colours, genders, age, sexuality, builds, body type, and more. If you include romantic scenes, or people romantically involved, consider different options. Of course, you don't have to make everybody a minority, but try to remember that many of your readers may be from different backgrounds.

Keep to US English and spelling.


Art should promote inclusiveness also. This includes all the above elements. Importantly, please don't try to illustrate all characters or NPCs as supermodels; different builds and body types are welcome.