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Making a Heroes' Feast: Traveler's Stew
  • 21
We decided to try our hand at making meals from the official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook: Heroes' Feast. The first recipe in the book is the simplest: Traveller's Stew.
Mythological Figures: Atalanta (5E)
  • 6
Mythological Figures is headed back to Ancient Greece today with a huntress by the name of Atalanta!

Mythological Figures: Brünnhilde (5E)

  • 9
Are you ready for a valkyrie? Let’s hope so because today in Mythological Figures we’re getting into one of Norse mythology’s premier shield-maidens: Brünnhilde!

Epic Monsters: Shub-Niggurath (5E)

  • 7
Great Old One or Outer God? That’s not what we’re determining here with the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young and instead I’ve conjured some statistics for the dubiously named Shub-Niggurath!

Mythological Figures: Sinbad (5E)

  • 3
Today’s a bit of a shipwreck because Mythological Figures is taking on the erstwhile sailor Sinbad!

D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Morgan le Fay (5E)

  • 11
Mythological Figures is back in Britain and more specifically Camelot with today’s entry: the enchantress Morgan le Fay!

Epic Monsters: Cerberus (5E)

  • 59
Today on Epic Monsters we visit the underworld which means of course crossing paths with Hades’ guard dog: Cerberus!

Mythological Figures: Tarzan (5E)

  • 35
Are you ready for some pulp? Because today on Mythological Figures we’re getting literary and going into the jungle with Tarzan!

D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Grendel (5E)

  • 30
Today in Epic Monsters we’re visiting upon the epic of Beowulf for a giant like no other: Grendel!

Mythological Figures: Tomoe Gozen (5E)

  • 11
Today’s post in Mythological Figures focuses on another truly badass woman warrior from the east, this time in Japan with the feared samurai Tomoe Gozen!

Epic Monsters: Loch Ness Monster (5E)

  • 11
Another modern tale from the British Isles is today’s entry in Epic Monsters as we head to Scotland for one of the only myths that gives it all away with the creature’s name: Nessie the Loch Ness Monster!

Mythological Figures: Cleopatra (5E)

  • 34
In today’s Mythological Figures post we’re examining the quintessential Queen of the Nile and a woman not at all unfamiliar with intrigue: Cleopatra!

Epic Monsters: Chupacabra (5E)

  • 10
In today’s Epic Monsters post we’re going after the feared beast of the lower North American desert, that eater of goats and terror in the night known to man as the Chupacabra!

Mythological Figures: Beowulf (5E)

  • 19
Welcome to Mythological Figures! This week we’ve got another hero from Britain’s ancient past, the star of the oldest epic in Olde English: Beowulf!

Epic Monsters: Gremlins (5E)

  • 12
Epic Monsters has a bit of an odd entry today but click onward to learn about the relatively recently conjured myth of Gremlins!

Mythological Figures: Rasputin (5E)

  • 11
We’ve got likely the most contemporary entry that Mythological Figures will ever have but someone we’d be behooved not to address. It is of course the Black Monk: Grigori Rasputin!

Mythological Figures: John Henry (5E)

  • 11
Today’s entry in Mythological Figures is probably my favorite American myth: the steel-driving man known as John Henry!

Mythological Figures: Odysseus/Ulysses (5E)

  • 86
In Mythological Figures today we’re headed after a person that is more popular in terms of ancient Western mythologies than probably anyone else: Odysseus/Ulysses!

Epic Monsters: Headless Horseman (5E)

  • 12
In our entry for Epic Monsters today we’re looking at a common motif in European folklore that didn’t really get its footing until The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I’m talking of course about the Headless Horseman!

Mythological Figures: Confucius (5E)

  • 20
Mythological Figures once again heads to the far east, this time considering one of the best known figures in all of recorded history, a person with teachings that still have influence today more than a century after their time: Confucius!

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