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Epic Monsters: Drop Bears (5E)

  • 10
Today’s Epic Monster is probably my all-time favorite entry in the series because honestly how could it be anything else? I’m talking of course about the deadliest beast in all of Australia, the vicious creature from the bush: DROP BEARS!

Mythological Figures: Talos (5E)

  • 15
In today’s Mythological Figures entry we’re going after probably the only forged *cough cough* individual on the list: Talos, the metal man of ancient Crete!

Epic Monsters: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (5E)

  • 11
"I learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man; I saw that, of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both." In fewer words: today’s entry in Epic Monsters is Doctor Jekyll & Mister Hyde!

Mythological Figures: Conan the Barbarian (5E)

  • 272
WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE? Click here to find out! This week's Mythological Figure is one sure to generate a lot of discussion, as we delve into Conan the Barbabarian!

Mythological Figures: Drona (5E)

  • 0
Mythological Figures: Droṇa (5E) In Mythological Figures today we’re going after Droṇa, guru of princes and wielder of the world’s first, greatest weapon!

Mythological Figures: Queen Boudica (5E)

  • 20
We’re back in Britain for this week’s Mythological Figure although this time we’re going way, way back to just a few decades after Year 0 with Lady Boudica!

Mythological Figures: Robin Hood (5E)

  • 12
Today in Mythological Figures we’ve got the master of the bow, leader of the Merry Men, and maybe the world’s first famous and most beloved outlaw: Robin Hood!

Mythological Figures: Hua Mulan (5E)

  • 20
Today we’ve got another entry in Mythological Figures that’s had the House of Maus treatment, a warrior-general from ancient China: Hua Mulan!

Epic Monsters: Yog-Sothoth (5E)

  • 14
In today’s Mythological Figures post we’ve got the Epic Monster to end all Epic Monsters, it that is all things and all times yet none of the above so very certainly Lovecraftian in the extreme—Yog-Sothoth!

Epic Monsters: Nyarlathotep (5E)

  • 27
Today’s Epic Monster for Mythological Figures is the “Mighty Messenger” of the Great Old Ones, an endless font of maleficent darkness known to humanity as Nyarlathotep!

Mythological Figures: Circe (5E)

  • 16
We’re back in Ancient Greece for today’s Mythological Figures post with Circe, transmuter of men and one of the truly unique antagonists in The Odyssey.

Mythological Figures: Blackbeard (5E)

  • 14
We’re on the high seas for today’s entry in Mythological Figures with one of the most infamous pirates in all of history: Edward Teach, or as he’s better known, Blackbeard.

Mythological Figures: Merlin Ambrosius (5E)

  • 27
Today we’re going after one of the most requested Mythological Figures so far in the column’s short history, the world’s most popular mage and easily the best known seer of any crown: the iconic Arthurian wizard, Merlin!

Epic Monsters: Hastur (5E)

  • 4
Epic Monsters continues with the most enigmatic of the Great Old Ones, the strange entity wrapped in mystery and tattered yellow robes: Hastur! Epic Monsters is part of our weekly Mythological Figures column.

Mythological Figures: Sage Douban (5E)

  • 1
Mythological Figures is sporting another character from 1,001 Arabian Nights today but one decidedly more obscure: the cunning and lethal Sage Douban!

Mythological Figures: Perseus (5E)

  • 12
Today’s entry in Mythological Figures is one of Greece’s most beloved heroes, known far and wide for slaying Medusa and having the coolest gear: Perseus! He is not however the tamer of Pegasus—read onward to find out more about the invisible-capped decapitating founder of Mycenea.

Mythological Figures: Don Quixote (5E)

  • 14
Today’s entry in Mythological Figures is the beleaguered slayer of windmills, the man of La Mancha, the greatest knight errant (errant knight?) of Spain: Don Quixote!

Mythological Figures: Sun Wukong (5E)

  • 8
Here I was thinking King Arthur was going to be hard! For every bit of popularity the lord of Camelot has in the west, the Handsome Monkey King/Great Sage, Equal of Heaven/Victorious Fighting Buddha matches him in the east. You may know him through Goku but to most of the world he’s Sun Wukong!

Mythological Figures: Baba Yaga (5E)

  • 18
The Witch of Wilds, grandmother of Satan, gourmand of children, and crone of crones is today’s star on Mythological Figures: Baba Yaga!

D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Gilgamesh (5E)

  • 24
As last week was a great example of a Mythological Figure from the perspective of transference of media between cultures (Aladdin’s unique place via the ancestral “game of telephone”), now we’re going way back to a figure even older than our first entry—GILGAMESH! As you can see from the artwork for today’s entry there’s really not a lot about him in popular culture until relatively recently, so the best depictions of this God-King are thousand and thousands of years old.

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