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Mythological Figures: Coyote (5E)

  • 19
:) The web comic, Gunnerkrigg Court, has alot of fun with Coyote. In the context, he personifies the mysteries of nature versus the rationality of science − but both are important and in need of...

Mythological Figures: Aladdin (5E)

  • 20
What a fantastic subject for Mythological Figures! Aladdin is our first entry from the Middle East and an interesting example of what makes a myth just that—for starters, despite being the most popular character from 1,001 Arabian Nights, he’s a late addition to the book by a Frenchman translator (who heard it from a Syrian storyteller from Aleppo, a Maronite scholar named Youhenna Diab). Incidentally as well despite what we’re all likely to think, the character was originally Chinese. This amalgamation of misconceptions and changes (from storyteller to translator to now) are one of the defining traits of a myth and what makes it a wonderful cultural artifact. Mythology is win.

Mythological Figures: Joan of Arc (5E)

  • 11
The popular Mythological Figures series continues with another character for your 5E games! Born to a peasant family (although her father headed the local watch and collected taxes in addition to farming), Joan of Arc was raised inside of a territory loyal to the French but surrounded by pro-Burgundian forces (an alliance between some of the French aristocracy and England). Starting at the age of 13 she began to have visions of the saints beseeching her to drive out the English and see to the coronation of the Dauphin (Charles VII) to Reims as the rightful ruler of France.

Mythological Figures: Miyamoto Musashi (5E)

  • 46
Mythological Figures focuses on Fifth Edition builds for persons too big for true history like Achilles and Sir Lancelot, but some individuals absolutely distinguished themselves to an equal status. Perhaps my favorite of these is arguably one of the most skilled people to have ever picked up a sword: Miyamoto Musashi!

D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Sir Lancelot (5E)

  • 79
Welcome to the second installment of Mythological Figures, a column for introducing icons from history to your Fifth Edition game. Last post featured Achilles but today we’re pushing the clock forward to the Arthurian age to design Camelot’s second greatest—and perhaps most beleaguered—knight: Lancelot du Lac!

D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Achilles (5E)

20 Random Battlefield Events To Add Chaos To Combat!
  • 11
Every fight is different, whether that be due to the participants, the weapons, the location, or even the weather. A sudden gust of wind or ground tremor, a wandering monster attracted by the commotion, or even a previously undiscovered trap - all these things can swing the tide of an encounter. Fate and fortune, after all, are as much part of battle as are skill and planning. This article introduces battlefield events - random events which can happen on the battlefield, affecting the combatants or the environment. Battlefield events add an additional element of randomness into a battle.

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