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RPG Crowdfunding News – Ruins of Symbaroum, Academies of the Arcane, Tavern Tales, and more
  • 6
This week, I look at RPGs and RPG-related crowdfunding campaigns that end between May 5th and the 18th. While not every RPG currently crowdfunding, this list offers projects using the 5e engine...
Blue Planet: Recontact: An Interview With Jeff Barber (Biohazard Games) And Alan Bahr (Gallant Knight Games)
  • 2
Blue Planet is back with a new edition. Crowdfunding via Kickstarter, this book is coming from Jeff Barber of Biohazard Games and Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games. Jeff and Alan agreed to answer...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Venture Maidens, Blue Planet, We Die Young, and more
  • 4
This week I share a range of tabletop RPG crowdfunding projects and quickstarters ending between April 20th and May 9th. This article is full of 5e options for your campaign as well as a Powered...
RPG Crowdfunding News – DEATH IN SPACE, Sin, AFFINITY, and more
  • 21
This week, I review RPG Kickstarters and an IndieGoGo that run from April 19th through May 1st. While this week is 5e heavy, there’s still system neutral and Spire options. While this is a solid...
News Digest for the Week of April 2
  • 3
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New D&D licensed Tiamat figure, Scion optioned for television series, Fallout 2d20 RPG available for pre-order, a collection of April...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Legendary Adventures, Inferno, Trinity Continuum, and more
  • 15
This week, I look at RPG crowdfunding projects and quickstarters that end between April 8th and 29th. These projects include some epic 5e offerings, options for Call of Cthulhu, Storypath, Powered...
The Darkest House: An Interview With Charles M. Ryan (Monte Cook Games)
  • 4
Monte Cook Games has a new RPG experience coming, The Darkest House. This game defies easy categorization and continues to show the creative range that MCG is known for. MCG COO Charles M. Ryan...
RPG Crowdfunding News – The Darkest House, HC SVNT DRACONES 2.0, Cerebox, and more
  • 6
This week I look at Kickstarters and quickstarters that end between March 30th and April 18th. These projects range from stock art and sourcebooks to completely original horror RPGs and more.
Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E Kickstarter
  • 87
Wish that killer D&D 5E game didn't end at 20th level? Keen on taking up a fight with a god? Looking to sunder worlds? I have a thing for you.
RPG Crowdfunding News – Encyclopedia, The Terminator RPG, Barrowmaze, and more
  • 12
This week I talk about RPG crowdfunding projects at Kickstarter and GameOnTabletop that end between March 25th and April 8th. I look at a heavy hitter in terms of funding, an amazing licensed RPG...
News Digest for the Week of March 12
  • 2
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. New Unearthed Arcana for Dungeons & Dragons, more previews and playtests for Level Up 5e, Terminator RPG Kickstarter launches, Lasers &...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Coyote & Crow, Victorian Mage, DIESEL, and more
  • 19
This week, I look at crowdfunding projects through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo that end by April 1st. We’re post-Zine Quest 3 and the number of newly offered crowdfunding projects has come down, but...
News Digest for the Week of March 5
  • 6
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. More D&D movie casting news plus character names, a new open-world Dungeons & Dragons video game on its way, Kickstarter controversy, and...
RPG Crowdfunding News – What Once Went Wrong, Crypt of the Devil Lich, and more
  • 12
This week, I look at more RPG projects that end between March 5th and 25th. As Morrus shared last week, there are two million-dollar RPG Kickstarters running right now. In addition to that...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Vault of Magic, Good Society, Temples & Tombs, and more
  • 1
In this article, I’ll review RPG projects ending in early March plus one dice project ending in April. The number of RPG crowdfunding projects remains at record levels on Kickstarter, mainly as a...
RPG Crowdfunding News – The One Ring, Trudvang, Xanadu, and more
  • 15
This week’s article features RPG projects and quickstarters ending in late February through mid-March. With hundreds of RPG crowdfunding offerings right now (mainly via Kickstarter’s Zine Quest)...
News Digest for the Week of February 12
  • 2
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. Dungeons & Dragons movie casting news, The One Ring 2e Kickstarter launched, more info about Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, an update on...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Twisted Taverns, Traveller, Everway, and more
  • 11
This week, I review some of the RPG crowdfunding projects and quickstarters that end in February and March. As of this writing, I am tracking over 230 RPG crowdfunding projects, but space is...
End Times RPG, Vajra Enterprises: An Interview with Brian St. Claire-King
  • 0
Brian St. Claire-King, creative director of Vajra Enterprise, talks about his latest kickstarter, End Times. In a previous interview, Brian talked about Vajra Enterprises and his rpgs. This time...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Iron Kingdoms, Gods of Metal, Torg Eternity, and more
  • 23
This week’s article covers project ending in February including a number of quickstarters. Due to the deluge of RPG crowdfunding campaigns (largely from Kickstarter’s Zine Quest), I’m covering as...

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