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Mearls on RPG Art
  • 20
WotC's Mike Mearls took to Twitter yesterday to offer some thoughts on art in tabletop RPGs, specifically aimed at small creators and publishers.
A Dozen General RPG Podcasts
  • 7
I was looking for some podcasts to add to my weekly dogwalking routine, mainly general RPG ones (as opposed to those which talk about a single game) to expand my horizons a little. I asked about on social media and other places and got these suggestions. I figured I'd share the list for those also looking for some general RPG podcasts to try out. And yes, there's only 11, not a dozen.

10 Videos to Help Inspire Your Role-Playing Games! [PART 1]

  • 8
When Wizards of the Coast started talking about launching Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons the talked about a “transmedia” operation where the game would be brought to the world across a wide variety of formats ranging from books to video games and everything in between. In a lot of way this signaled a renewed confidence in the game that has been lacking in recent years from the official channels; however, this hobby isn’t about waiting on the official channels to tell us what to do and how to think. With the rise of the internet this hobby has found ways to create new games, stories, adventures, and videos to showcase our love for it without worrying about what the industry expects us to do. The creative output from people in this hobby is truly staggering with thousands of blogs, hundreds of games and adventures, and countless videos being produced every week. Today I’d like to share 10 of my favorites videos with you from Vimeo and YouTube that help inspire my games and that get my creative juices flowing!
What's the most anticipated RPG of 2015?
  • 77
I'm taking nominations for a poll I plan to start next week. The theme is most anticipated RPG for 2015. This is for complete roleplaying games, not adventure, supplement, accessory, sourcebook...

Top 10 Classic D&D Movies

  • 62
What, no love for The Princess Bride? Lan-"inconceivable"-efan

Waibel's Rule of Interpretation (aka "How to Interpret the Rules")

  • 308
The only CORRECT interpretation is the one I say! :eek::cool::p The sooner the rest of the world gets that, the sooner we can all sit down and have fun...and end all fantasy rpg forum arguments...

Amazon Coupon 25% off any Book: DMG for $22.48

  • 21
Thanks for sharing, I used it!!
4 Hours w/RSD: Who Is Sitting At Your Table
  • 8
Who Is Sitting At Your Table? This might seem like a simple question to answer. Usually, you play with a group of friends whom you’ve come to know quite well. Even if you find yourself in a...

Halloween Horror For 5E



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