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Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien
  • 123
In my previous article we discussed technological differences; this article focuses on cultural differences. Perhaps the cultural differences aren’t as clear in one’s awareness, but can be very...
Ruins of Symbaroum [5E] - The Promised Land: An Interview With Free League Publishing
  • 22
Free League is converting their award-winning dark fantasy tabletop RPG, Symbaroum, to use the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition system. To start a conversation about the conversion, they’re...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Scion: Demigod, Into the Fey, Laser Ponies, and more
  • 19
This week’s RPG crowdfunding projects through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo end by October 1st. These project include new rules, settings, and expansions to Scion, D&D, Monster of the Week, Delve...
Lords of the Middle Sea: An Interview
  • 3
I spoke with Jason Durall about Chaosium’s upcoming Lords of the Middle Sea Roleplaying Game for Basic Roleplaying. Based on Chaosium’s second board game of the same name, published in 1978, the...
Lessons Learned from Virtual Gaming
  • 36
I wasn't completely new to online gaming before Covid-19, but recent events have given me a crash course, as it has for most of us. It's made me change my gaming habits, but also taught me a few...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Legends of Avallen, Arium, 65 Enchanted Trinkets, and more
  • 8
This week’s RPG crowdfunding review looks at projects that end by September 24th. Featuring sourcebooks, RPG zines, and more, this article shares some innovative options to bring to your RPG...
Mark Twain: American Geek
  • 6
Although he isn't often associated with geekdom, Mark Twain's love of technology, his clear-eyed cynicism, and his role-playing persona would fit right in with modern gamers.
Worlds of Design: When Technology Changes the Game
  • 95
Any change you make from the real world will have consequences, possibly massive consequences. If you want your world to hold together, you have to figure out those consequences, which is hard to...
D6 Ways to be a Great Game Moderator
  • 9
RPGs have sections on what an RPG is, what dice are, rules, and usually GM advice including adventure design. However, knowing the accoutrements and rules of gaming do not necessarily lead to...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Old-School Essentials, Mnemonic, GUN&SLINGER, and more
  • 23
This week, I review Kickstarters and GameOnTabletop campaigns that end by September 17th. There are a number of RPG projects that are reaching five- and six-figures, showing a lot of strength from...
The Building Blocks of Oz-Inspired American Fantasy RPGs
  • 17
Although Oz-inspired American Fantasy isn't nearly as popular with tabletop role-playing games as traditional fantasy, there are elements that we can identify that can provide the foundation for a...
No Good Choices
  • 64
I'd like to make a case for taking your game to the darkest places you can imagine. Not just with violence or carnage but the sort of horror that makes you question everything. This might sound...
Twilight: 2000 4E: An Interview With Free League
  • 32
Free League’s Twilight: 2000 crowdfunding project is lighting up the RPG section of Kickstarter. Having shot past its initial goal, it continues to unlock a stack of stretch goals building out the...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Hellboy, Dark Matter, Wondrous Expeditions, and more
  • 28
This week’s list of RPG crowdfunding products end by September 10th. I share some popular Dungeons & Dragons options as a system neutral sourcebook and a dice tower. There are some winners this...
Where's the American Fantasy RPG?
  • 342
L. Frank Baum's Oz series established American Fantasy as a genre, and yet it hasn't had much influence on popular tabletop role-playing games despite several fantasy authors providing the...
Roleplaying Fear Traps in Battle
  • 12
In most RPGs, battles start by rolling initiative. In the real world, battles start with fear. The attacker feels the adrenaline and sweat and the inner voice listing everything that could go...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Twilight: 2000, Wanderhome, Trilemma Adventures, and more
  • 49
This week’s roundup of RPG Kickstarters and IndieGoGo end by September 3rd. It’s a strong list featuring six D&D 5e options, three OSR products, two games using the Year Zero Engine, and many...
Robots & Cyborgs & Oz, Oh My!
  • 28
The Wizard of Oz has become iconic thanks to the titular movie that established L. Frank Baum's world. And yet, there are over a dozen of books set in Oz in the public domain that go well beyond...
D6 Basic Ways to Improve Your GMing
  • 36
Gamemasters are the beating heart of an RPG home game. Their hard work creates the adventures player characters play through and the world their characters experience. If you’re a GM you are...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Svilland, Axon Punk, Lands of Theia, and more
  • 17
This week’s RPG crowdfunding projects through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo end by August 27th. There are a number of RPG options on this list including some products that are based on RPGs. I...

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