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Crowdfunding News – Deviant: The Renegades, Scarred Lands, and more
  • 8
There are at least 23 RPG and RPG-related Kickstarters ending between October 11th and the 17th (with some leftover projects that end on the 10th that I missed last week). Of those, I link many...
Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Judicator? A Review of Mutant: Elysium
  • 2
Play a judicator and try to keep law and order in the decaying enclave of Elysium. You want your House to lead the way back to the surface and a new dawn in Mutant: Elysium.
Design Masterclass: Smallville
  • 5
Having taken a look at Pendragon, it should come as no surprise that I noticed plenty of other games out there that can teach us a lot of about game design. So it’s time to take a look at one of...
Crowdfunding News – SLA Industries, PunkApocalyptic, and more
  • 9
From October 4th through the 10th, Kickstarter has at least 15 RPG and RPG-related projects ending and IndieGoGo has 2. These include some heavy hitters and fun projects worth checking out.
Meet Brian St.Claire-King, Publisher and Writer of Vajra Enterprises
  • 0
Brian St.Claire-King agreed to an interview about his company, Vajra Enterprises and RPG works. He has authored several books using his ORC (Organic Rule Components) rules like Hoodoo Blues the...
Band of Blades: A Tightly-Woven Military Fantasy
  • 16
For all the swords, magic and monsters that run through the pages of Band of Blades it stands utterly distinct from traditional fantasy RPGs. Where others dream of shelf-spanning sagas, it instead...
How Expensive is Too Expensive?
  • 206
A couple of years ago, Monte Cook Games began an experiment, kickstarting a project called Invisible Sun. The game itself has plenty of interesting ideas, and an amazing (although not unique)...
Meet Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams of Triple Ace Games
  • 7
Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, co-founder of Triple Ace Games, kindly responded to my request for an interview. He has authored several books for Savage Worlds Hellfrost and Ubiquity Leagues of...
David Kizzia, Monkeyfun Studios, Discusses RPGs and Orangutans
  • 0
David Kizzia of Monkeyfun Studios, kindly agreed to an interview about his company and RPG work. Monkeyfun publishes the Spirit of 77 and Bedlam Hall RPGs and recently kickstarted a town called...
Worlds of Design: Gun vs. Sword
  • 142
Lanchester’s Power [Linear and Square] Laws mean that combat in science fiction RPGs will usually be fundamentally different than combat in fantasy RPGs. Or the designer will have to somehow...
Honoring the Loomis Legacy
  • 6
Rick Loomis, owner of Flying Buffalo Games and publisher of the Tunnels and Trolls RPG and Nuclear War card game, passed away on August 24 after a long struggle with lymphatic cancer -- just seven...
Pendragon: A Game Design Masterclass
  • 11
We all have our favorite games, but even the ones we love often have flaws we overlook or imperfections we happily house rule. However, there is one game that I find myself unable to find any...
Worlds of Design: Who Needs Spellcasters Anyway?
  • 35
The most widespread (by far) RPG has been Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), though in quite different forms. And Dungeons & Dragons tends to be dominated by magic users, or more broadly, spell casters...
Free RPG Day 2020 and Beyond - Interview with Paul Alexander Butler of Gaming Days, LLC
  • 2
With Free RPG Day 2019 in the rearview, it’s time to talk about next year’s Free RPG Day. 2020 is the first full-year that this event will be under the guidance of its new owners, Gaming Days LLC...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Fiasco, Shadow Profiteer, Resist & Remember, and more
  • 9
There are at least twenty-four RPG and RPG-related Kickstarters that end between August 30th to September 5th. In this article, I try to list them all and share a closer look at six of them.
Your Guide to Free RPG Day 2019: Quick Reviews
  • 1
For Free RPG Day 2019, I was able to get lay hands on nine of the offerings (as review copies and items picked up by my partner-in-RPG-crime from Giga-Bites Tabletop Gaming Café [2018 Power Retail Award - Outstanding Organized Play Program and 2019 GAMA Power Retail Award - Outstanding Marketing] and Raven’s Nest Games). I want to thank every game store that stocked Free RPG Day products and every publisher that produced these quick starts and adventures.

Poll of the Week: What's the Best Gift For a RPG Player?

  • 15
We heard about what you would buy a game master for the holidays, so now it's the player's turn!

Poll of the Week: What's the best gift for your GM?

  • 29
The holidays are coming up so it's time to start thinking about what to buy your fellow gamers, especially the critically underappreciated game master in your life. But what to buy? Take this poll and let us know!
Frank Mentzer reveals more details on Worlds of Empyrea
  • 21
Frank Mentzer, in a video interview about his years in game design and upcoming Kickstarter, notes that Worlds of Empyrea will not just include multi-system support, but that each game system will have an Empyrea boxed set tailor made to fit the play style for that particular game system, which he hopes to release for Gen Con 2018 following the upcoming Kickstarter next month.

Fantasy Flight Games is Doing Very Well, Thank You!

  • 16
This chart from a Fantasy Flight seminar at GAMA just struck a chord with me.Which chord? Was it D minor, the saddest of all keys?

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