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Spaceship Creator
Category: Sci-fi

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Overall Rating:8
Generates a quick human-owned spaceship, along with its captain, first officer, and cargo hold. The ship itself may have any origin of manufacture, depending on the franchise you choose, but the captain will be human. Best used to quickly generate a list of ships at a docking port, space station, or similar.
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by Haraash Saan on 2013-07-09 18:17:10

I'm running a Star's Without Number sandbox game and this is an excellent tool for generating ideas to build upon in game.
by Morrus on 2013-07-09 20:47:12

Cool! Feel free to offer suggestions. I keep tweaking it.
by Lacey Hawkins Vess on 2017-12-15 21:45:32

Great ideas!

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