Game Revision

Game Revision

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  1. DMMike
    Help to make the game better (not necessarily bigger) here.
  2. DMMike
    Any tinkerers here? The spells need a lot of attention. That's not to say they're broken - but they definitely need vetting.

    I've identified a handful of perks that need help, as mentioned on the home site here. They are:

    - Weapon Focus - allows stacking, which somewhat prevents more interesting choices for perks
    - Armor Training - allows stacking, reduces potential for special armor types
    - Martial Artist - allows a free action without the need for a high attribute score
    - Dual Wielder - allows a free action without the need for a high attribute score
    - Toughness/Stubborn/Mana - awards a +3 when most other numbers are +2 or +4
    - Specialize - effectively awards skill points, which is what skills are for
    - Backstabber - awards a +3 when most other numbers are +2 or +4

    And possible revisions:

    - Weapon Focus - Rename: Weapon Master. Allows an improvement to weapon damage for one type of weapon. No stacking - increases scarcity
    - Armor Training - your knowledge of how to use armor effectively reduces your physical penalty while wearing armor by 1
    - Martial Artist - cause 1 mental damage with physical damage, or increase damage and protection (when they're at rock-bottom)
    - Dual Wielder - can choose to use a weapon as a shield when wielding 2 weapons
    - Toughness/Stubborn/Mana - increase to +4 max damage
    - Specialize - gain special knowledge, improved progress die (can apply to damage rolls), and no level cap on that skill
    - Backstabber - reduce to +2 damage for tiny and small weapons. With this, a small weapon would have medium max damage, or heavy weapon average damage.

    Brainstorm anyone?
  3. Dannyalcatraz
    Well its hard to know what to do when you don't really know the system...

    But I have 2 thoughts:

    1) would it work to have the "revised" perks be "advanced" additional benefits derived from those perks as the PCs increase in power?

    2) would it work to have each perk have a couple of different benefits, with the player choosing what particular perk benefit he wants his PC to have?
  4. DMMike
    Good questions.

    1) Perks are a lowest-common-denominator sort of thing: they're basically small, rules-mechanics benefits. So yes, the revised versions could be additional benefits, but a few of the unrevised perks are not as "small" as the others. The rulebook does mention perk trees, which means that some perks can be taken again to increase the power of the previous perk.
    2) This suggestion would be really cool in a game that had more focus on classes, but Modos does not. If a perk had 5 sub-perks, you'd really be looking at a list of 5 perks.

    You are touching on some ideas that I want to include in a rules module - but let's not get ahead of ourselves!
  5. DMMike
    Good thing I wrote some of these down prior to my hard drive crash. I started a thread looking for rules inspiration here:
  6. DMMike
    I'm looking to streamline the character creation side of the game a bit. Level points have been confusing some people, and since they're not keeping track of their level points, they don't know what level their characters are.

    Solution: ditch level points. Perk substitution is confusing to explain too, so I think I can ditch those as well if I create two new perks: one for attribute and one for skill substitution. Now, you just gain a level whenever the GM says so, and you have a concrete, easy-to-count benefit from each level.

    Yay or nay? Thoughts?
  7. Eveekitten
    If you gain the level do you still gain a new perk?

    I like the level point system, honestly, as long as you keep track, we get a level point after each game. So instead you would just let us know after every 3rd game or so that we gained a character level?
  8. DMMike
    That's the idea - when you level up, you get the full set: attribute bump, skill point, perk, and higher hero point count. For your perk, you could choose (for example) Skill Point Substitution, and then add that skill point to another skill.

    I like the level point system too. It feels organic, and would really shine if the whole group voted on what level point each character earned during the session. But like I've said before: it's a great rule...for a rules module. The core game is supposed to be as simple, yet cool, as possible.
  9. DMMike
    Worth mentioning here: I'm working on the rules patch to update v. 1.301 to 1.4. If you want to tinker with anything, let me know here, or send a PM!
  10. DMMike
    This patch is taking shape. Now it's a rules module - keeping in the features of the game. As a rules-light system, it's definitely going to be focusing on the story over the rules, but v.1.4 is going to add a lot of player inclusion.

    Some streamlining: I'm pulling out the "too easy" difficulty, nixing Minimum Contests, and cover rules for spellcasting are all but going bye-bye.

    Simplification: What's "shadowy" light? And why is "dark" the darkest of conditions? The light levels will now be Bright, Dim, Dark, and Black.
    Tree perks? Stackable perks? Gone. Now each perk has an entry for what happens if you take it again - IF you can take it again.
    I've found a real easy way to keep track of combat, which is going to eliminate the "counters" rules from 1.3.
    More to come...
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