Everyone in the D and D community

Everyone in the D and D community

  1. Migueruxd
    Hey everybody!

    I'm creating my first character and I am goin for a Male Eladrin (Elf) with the follow stats:

    CON 15
    DEX 13 (+2)
    STR 19
    INT 16
    CHA 19 (+1)
    WIS 18

    I'm going to start at level five and I am thinking of making a Fighter (Archer) +Sorcerer. Fighter will be the 1st class, and I am not sure if should choose Eldritch Knight or Battle Master. I have choosed the Outlander Background and I got Perception form my race. So, I am thinking of choosing intimidation and animal handing as fighter class skills. Should I choose them? Do I Choose Eldritch Knight or Battle Master? Should I choose which sorcerer bloodline and skills?

    I would appreciate having the community's help in this matter. Thank you in advance,

    PS: I'll be using two short swords for melee combat. Also, I'm not sure if I should choose to wear a chain mail armor or wear leather armor. Which one should I choose?
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