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    Straight from Amazon are not only Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica's tablet of contents, but also a double page spread featuring the introduction of character creation!  ...READ MORE

    WoTC has a new D&D survey up: "What are the things that make you play D&D? The open world, opportunities to optimize your character, to tell a shared story with friends, iconic art, or maybe all of the above! Take our survey and help shape the future of what we're working on at Wizards!"  ...READ MORE

    Some new official D&D miniatures are on their way, including sets for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, spell effects, and more!  ...READ MORE

    News from the GAMA trade show, as reported by the (excellent) Know Direction podcast: Return to a classic Adventure Path with Curse of the Crimson Throne, one of Paizo’s most popular campaigns! The city of Korvosa is in chaos, and her new queen may well be the source–can a ragtag group of heroes stand before the might of one of Golarion’s most nefarious villains? This immense book has everything you need to run an entire full-length campaign covering months and months of play!
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    ICv2 has released its quarterly hobby game rankings. No surprises here - Dungeons & Dragons has taken the top spot back after several years at #2, as expected, though how long it can hold it without an aggressive release schedule remains to be seen. Pathfinder follows at #2, and Numenera, Fate, and Star Wars all make showings in the top 5. As always, the charts are based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. This is for Fall/Winter 2014.
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    A decade ago, we had online System Reference Documents. Paizo has its online Pathfinder Reference Document. And now there's the brand new official D&D Basic Rules website! That's right - the 5th Edition basic rules online for free in an easily navigable web format. (Thanks to Jester Canuck for spotting it!) That's not the PDF you already have - it's browseable online resource.  ...READ MORE