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    If you're a fan of Paizo's Pathfinder Tales series of novels, and you're also a fan of audiobooks, then there's some excellent news: is now selling a bunch ofthe books. "The Pathfinder Tales explore the stories and legends of the heroes of Golarion - the setting of the fantasy, role-playing game. Written by the masters of sword and sorcery, these exciting adventures provide a new perspective on the Pathfinder world. Begin your adventure now, and explore the legends, adventures, and heroes of the Pathfinder Tales." There's 15 of them there are present, with a promise of more to come, and they include authors such as Tim Pratt, Dave Gross, Elaine Cunningham, James L. Sutter, and more.
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    Den of Geek has a lengthy interview with Chris Perkins about the Forgotten Realms and The Sundering. He also very briefly touches on other settings, indicating that WotC hopes that other worlds will be covered in the future if the right story comes along. On past controversial changes to settings, he says "Our guiding principle is to embrace the past and not pass judgment or rewrite history. We’d rather let the fans tell us what they like about the Realms and focus on those elements going forward."  ...READ MORE

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    Nordriki, the northern kingdom of the land of Mithgarthr, has been relatively free of dragons for hundreds of years, but recently the locals have been reporting sightings of red, white, and green dragons all throughout the Drekiberg mountains to the north. Recently, a green dragon has taken up residence in an abandoned mine that is close to the city of Valdhum. The surrounding land is rich with wildlife for the beast to feed on, and the lair it has chosen is well protected and secluded.

    The Mines of Valdhum is an exciting adventure for 6 or so PCs of levels 5-7, written for the fifth edition of the world's most famous RPG.

    R.A. Salvatore's Novels - In Order!

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    For many fantasy roleplaying fans, Erik Scott de Bie bounded into the spotlight in 2005 with his first Forgotten Realms novel, Ghostwalker, published by Wizards of the Coast. This gritty fantasy novel, with its dark portrayal of vengeance, was certainly one that explored the boundaries of WotC’s adherence to a PG-13ish rating for its content. Since then, the author has racked up quite a number of Forgotten Realms novels, most notably the Shadowbane series, as well as contributed to the design of a dozen or so Dungeons & Dragons products.
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