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    Elisabeth de Kleer recently launched a Kickstarter to film to fund LET'S PLAY, a documentary about the little-known stories of inmates and former inmates who go to great lengths to play table top role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons behind bars. They handcraft twenty-sided dice, build their own campaigns from scratch, even wage legal battles against the United States prison system to assert their right to play. I caught up with Elisabeth to discuss why she decided to make this documentary and if prisoners should be allowed to play games in prison.  ...READ MORE

    I’d like to ask you a favor. The next time (or ideally every time) you buy an RPG product, leave a short review. You might not think your opinion is that important, or that a line or two on a Drivethrurpg review is any use. But I promise you, it really helps in a lot of ways.  ...READ MORE

    Between July 26th to August 1st a number of franchises are offering new editions and sourcebooks. Fragged Empire, Torg Eternity, Aberrant, and Chivalry & Sorcery are just a sampling of the book ending during that timeframe.  ...READ MORE

    All of these projects end between July 19th through the 25th including a pair of D&D-inspired enamel pin Kickstarters. We’ve reached the week where I can properly cover EN Publishing’s A Touch More Class for 5e Kickstarter! Lots of good 5e options there (I can say with confidence as I back the Patreon and the original Kickstarter and have read/played these options).  ...READ MORE

    At PortConMaine I had the opportunity to sit in on Darren Watts' panel on superheroes in gaming. That panel merely scratched the surface of Darren's experience in the tabletop industry so I pounced on the opportunity to ask him about everything from tabletop gaming to playtesting.  ...READ MORE

    Happy almost Independence Day, America! Happy Wednesday, Morrus and Pete (whose weekly podcast is worth checking out). This week I review RPG crowdfunding projects, as well as a convention, that end between July 12th and the 18th.  ...READ MORE

    Tomas Härenstam, CEO of Free League and the creator behind the ALIEN RPG, discussed ALIEN, their game engine, their awards, the new Year Zero Engine OGL, the aftermath of the UK Expo incident, their upcoming Cthuhlu projects, and if they’re pursuing the Predator license, among other topics.  ...READ MORE

    As streams like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone start trickling into mainstream media consciousness, the tabletop RPG community finds itself entering a cultural renaissance. It’s estimated that 10% of all Kickstarters are indie developers trying to get off the ground. Every day new content is created by brilliant people, expanding our horizons and delighting players everywhere. I sat down with Trever Archuleta, author of the upcoming TTRPG Veil of the Void. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, our intrepid hero has first-hand experience with exposing and idea to the world and seeing it come to life.  ...READ MORE

    The USCSS Montero starfreighter diverts to check out the distress call of the USCSS Cronus science exploration ship. As the crew unravels what is happening stress builds sharpening skills and creating panic. Bodies pile up and conflicting agendas demonstrate that in some ways humans are worse than aliens.  ...READ MORE

    I was editing an old (1984) adventure I’d written, in order to include it in reprints of my articles from back then, when it occurred to me that adventures often have particular cores, a particular “something” that makes them go. The idea is to build the adventure around the core. It’s “the star of the show” in other words.  ...READ MORE

    MGM and Wyvern Gaming (best known for the board game Sojourn: A Journey Through Time) announced a new roleplaying game based on the Stargate television series franchise with a preview at Gen Con this year with a full release coming at Gen Con 2020.  ...READ MORE

    Good evening fellow Storm Knights, travelers of the Cosms, and veterans of The Possibility Wars! Last time we met, I brought you the knowledge and wisdom of our benefactor Darrell Hayhurst. Today, we bring you a glimpse of what's happening in the world of Torg Eternity and a few other Ulisses North America properties.  ...READ MORE

    After ten weeks of teaching a game design workshop to 20+ BSA Scouts, it was time for the Scouts to deliver their own games. This is where I discovered how interested and motivated our Scouts were to finish the badge.  ...READ MORE

    Through the Quickstarter article I did on EN World, I met Phil Reed, CEO of Steven Jackson Games and, from time-to-time, I ask him to share his thoughts. With their current Kickstarter for The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny live, it’s the right time to do a full-blown interview. What follows is a discussion of Decks of Destiny, TFT in general, the second issue of their TFT zine, Hexagram, demand for TFT print over PDF, tariffs, and how publishers will be able to utilize their Pocket Box packaging for their products.  ...READ MORE

    R. Talsorian Games announced details for the introductory boxed set for Cyberpunk Red, the new edition of the iconic cyberpunk roleplaying game.  ...READ MORE

    There are a lot of role-playing games out there, and almost all of them have something none of the others have. But a few stand out for offering such a new idea that it can change the way we play, or inspire other designers with new ideas. This list is really a fraction of ‘games that changed the industry’. You can probably add plenty more. But as a place to start in looking at some of the most innovative games on the market, this will do for now. If you happen to be unfamiliar with any of the following, I hope you take some time to check them out.  ...READ MORE

    This article is the latest in a series of workshops I ran for 20+ BSA Scouts for the Game Design Merit Badge. In this installment, we jump ahead in time a bit to cover some other aspects of the workshop, including intellectual property.  ...READ MORE

    How much detail do you need to know to run a particular setting in FRPG? Some settings have about the detail level of comic books, some are more detailed such as Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom novels or Lord of the Rings (LOTR), some have settings as detailed as the Game of Thrones show. Can you explain your RPG setting in just six words?  ...READ MORE

    Sequels can be a tricky thing to handle, especially when they promise a darker, edgier tone. Despite its much gloomier tone, however, Things from the Flood manages to avoid difficult-second-album syndrome with a game that neatly blends weird sci-fi mysteries and teenage drama, though sometimes it’s hard to tell which aspect is the most dangerous and unsettling.  ...READ MORE

    Gangs kill and terrorize Victory City overwhelming law and order. Super villains run amok. Become a vigilante and strike back using violence to fight violence in the dark setting nicknamed Vigilante City.  ...READ MORE
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