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    As you read this, I am likely in Tucson, AZ at RinCon. I remember a time when I was hungry to be invited to conventions as a Guest. Now I find myself thinking "Maybe I've gone too far?" Seriously, I've been at a lot of shows lately, and for the next few months, only December doesn't see me in a hotel or con center somewhere. It's gratifying and I am honored, to be sure... but I am also utterly buried! So much to do - like this article! Onward!
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    I was on the Round Table podcast recently, along with Teos Abadia and Dan Dillon, where we chatted to host James Introcaso about making money in the tabletop RPG business. Not that I'm a particular expert on the subject or anything, but I very much enjoyed the experience of appearing on the podcast. James also talks to Trapoor Technologies' Chris Matney about their recent deal to produce an official Pathfinder RPG mobile app. You can listen to the podcast here or just hit play below, or search for The Tome Show on iTunes.  ...READ MORE

    Fans of D&D Adventurers League will be interested to hear that Baldman Games - the company which runs WotC's DDAL events at conventions - will be working with WotC to produce new, official D&D Adventurer's League content, consisting of trilogies entered around the Moonsea area of the Forgotten Realms. These adventures will premier at conventions where Baldman Games is present, and appear later on Dungeon Master's Guild for purchase.  ...READ MORE

    The D&D Adventurers League has revealed the details of the Curse of Strahd season of adventures beginning this month. Each is based on one of the Tarokka cards, with titles like "The Beast", "The Raven", and so on. The season starts with Suits of the Mists on Sunday, 7th February, and will be available on the Dungeon Master's Guild website on March 1st (each adventure becomes widely available for sale the first day of the month after they launch). Here's the full list!  ...READ MORE

    Yesterday, WotC's Mike Mearls (Senior Manager, D&D R&D), Chris Lindsay (D&D Product Manager), and Trevor Kidd (WotC Community Manager) answered a whole pile of questions about the new Dungeon Master's Guild and D&D Adventurer's League (along with an assortment of other questions) in an AMA on Reddit. I have compiled their answers here, divided up into topic categories to make it easier to find the information you're interested in. I haven't necessarily included every single answer - only those which I thought added some interesting new information or important clarifications. I also haven't included personal questions, things like "What's your favourite class?" type stuff, or rules questions, though there wasn't much of that. It's a lot of information, so grab a coffee before you sit down to read it!  ...READ MORE

    Some additional details about the Dungeon Master's Guild and D&D Adventurer's LeagueL have been revealed. The Adventurer's League adventures will now be available for anybody to download (meaning that there is now a constant stream of short adventures supporting 5th Edition). Not only that, but anybody can now run a DDAL in any location - previously only game stores and conventions were eligible. There are currently 44 adventures available, ranging in price from $2.99 to $3.99.
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    In adddition to the official Player's Companion (which contains races and spells), the Player's Guide for the D&D Adventurer's League is also avaiable for download. Unlike the former, this PDF contains guidelines for organized play and allowed options. The guide is similar to the one released for Tyranny of Dragons.
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    Have some great ideas for adventures? "Want to hear all the great stories your friends will tell about the time they played that amazing adventure you designed for the D&D Adventurers League? Then take the first step towards being a D&D Adventurer’s League adventure designer! Check out the instructions in the Open Call for Adventure Designers and send your submission to Resource Manager, Bill Benham at submissions@dndadventurersleague.org. We will be accepting submissions for this open call until February 28th."
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    As with Tyranny of Dragons, the D&D Adventurer's League Organized Play program will be releasing a number of in-store exclusive adventures launching in March. Here's the schedule, which includes 16 brand new adventurers for D&D 5th Edition. These adventures are all (at least currently) exclusive to the D&D Adventurer's League program in game stores. Most of these premier earlier at conventions, as noted below.
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    Organized Play is a system of arranged event-based roleplaying game scenarios which take place in game stores and other public venues. Having been a little unclear on it for a while, I asked Teos Abadia (known as Alphastream online) to explain it to me!  ...READ MORE
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