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    Swedish company The Free League have been making a lot of waves since they started publishing their games in English. Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis – The Third Horizon and, of course, Tales from the Loop all come from their design studio. So the news that they have a new game on the way, launching on Kickstarter on Thursday 21st September, is sure to excite many. The fact that the game is also going to be a classic fantasy setting, not to mention a boxed set, got us straight in contact with them to find out more. So, come and explore the Forbidden Lands with us…
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    The kind folks over at Pelgrane Press have sent along a massive preview of their 300-page second official Bestiary for 13th Age (which you can buy from their website), which debuted at Gen Con as one of their best sellers. This enormous preview includes the table of contents, the introduction, and the Great Ghoul and its minions which were designed by Cthulhu Confidential's Ruth Tillman and developed by Rob Heinsoo. "More than 250 individual stat blocks appear in 51 entries, along with with story hooks, icon relationships, customizable campaign variants, and advice on creating exciting battles."  ...READ MORE

    The kind folks over at Smiteworks have sent along some sneak peeks at the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop version of the upcoming D&D adventure Tomb of Annihilation. It'll be available from Smiteworks and Steam on September 8th, the same day it appears in some local game stores (and 11 days before it appears in most!) Take a look!  ...READ MORE

    Fantasy Grounds has been busy working on the Starfinder package for its Virtual Tabletop (VTT). They've sent out a few "sneak peek" screenshots to show their progress. "John (aka Moon Wizard) is busy working on the the underlying mechanic changes from the PFRPG ruleset and Doug (aka ddavison) is working on the re-skinning and graphics that you see [below]."  ...READ MORE

    Back in July we looked at Craig Campbell’s new Murders & Acquisitions RPG that had just been released. Now Craig has dropped us a line to let us know that a 28-page free Quick-Start Guide has been released in PDF for those who’d like a closer look before they buy.

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    Esper Genesis is a heroic sci-fi RPG for 5E by Alligator Alley Entertainment that was funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. Inspired by Star Wars, Mass Effect, Phastasy Star and Ghost in the Shell players take on the role of a galactic hero where they forge their destiny within a universe of advanced technologies and hidden mysteries. A limited run of the game will be available at Gen Con and Rich Lescouflair of Alligator Alley has shared some of the games artwork with us (below) and also let us know what the company is planning for Gen Con…

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    The pre-order for the Tal'Dorei Campaign Guide, the D&D 5th Edition campaign setting book written by Matthew Mercer and James Haeck, published by Green Ronin, and based on Geek & Sundry's popular Critical Role web-series, was launched a few days ago (with overwhelmingly popular success, I'm told). It's a full-colour hardback book, 144-pages in length. James Haeck was happy to answer a few questions about the book, and about working with Matt Mercer, and Green Ronin was kind enough to send along a couple of gorgeous previews, which you can see below.  ...READ MORE

    Pelgrane Press has supplied some preview material to EN World from their in progress Kickstarter project of the Yellow King Roleplaying Game. We are going to look at some setting material from This Is Normal Now, the "alternate-reality present-day" setting for the game. In addition, you will find a previously unseen Aaron Acevedo illustration from the book above.  ...READ MORE

    We have an exciting new preview of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game direct from Paizo Publishing and features an introduction from James L. Sutter that is exclusive to EN World. This preview is a couple of spreads from the upcoming core book. It gives us a look at what the layout of the book will look like, and some clues about will be in the book as well.  ...READ MORE

    Robin D. Laws - creator of the GUMSHOE game system - has created a new game called The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, inspired by the short stories of Robert W. Chambers. Publisher Pegrane Press describessays that the game "pits the characters against the reality-altering horror of The King in Yellow. This suppressed play, once read, invites madness. Or a visit from its titular character, an alien ruler intent on invading and remolding our world into a colony of their planet, Carcosa." They've very kindly sent along a 13-page PDF preview of the game, containing the introduction, and some of one of the game's four settings, Belle Époque Paris.  ...READ MORE

    Bruce Heard has sent over an exclusive preview of the latest in the Calidar series, “Dreams of Aerie”. Dreams of Aerie is the third in the World of Calidar series. You may remember the first book In Stranger Skies, still listed near the top of EN World’s Certified Chart, more than two years after its initial release. Calidar books are tabletop RPG accessories that aren’t game-specific; in other words, they can be run with most role-playing game mechanics. The new book describes the Greatest Show on Calidar, a flying circus that offers amazing fantasy spectacles to the townspeople of Calidar. It welcomes among its crew misfits, freaks, those seeking solace from a society that fears or persecutes them, as well as deceivers with shady pasts. Unknown to all but circus folk, the glorious vessel travels the world in search of ancient artifacts. A benevolent god’s cult prevails aboard, patron of beast handlers and showmanship, an epic hero who earned immortality in Calidar’s ancient past. But not all is well aboard. Heroes are hired to investigate a mysterious murder. In the course of their mission, they uncover dark things, some causing shivers to run down their spines. Not everyone or everything dwelling aboard welcomes the adventurers’ meddling. UPDATE - the Kickstarter has launched!
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    Welcome to our second, and final, preview for RiotMinds Trudvang Chronicles – the game ENWorld readers votes the Most Anticipated RPG of 2017. Yesterdays preview looked at the setting of Trudvang and now, thanks to RiotMinds Theodore Bergquist and Magnus Malmberg, we’re looking at the rules…

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    RiotMinds Trudvang Chronicles was voted the Most Anticipated RPG of 2017 by ENWorld Readers earlier this year. Part of the ongoing Swedish Invasion Trudvang Chronicles was translated into English after an incredibly successful Kickstarter that wrapped in October 2016. Now the game is finished and about to be released to the masses and we’ve managed to get some sneak peeks of the game courtesy of RiotMinds Theodore Bergquist and Magnus Malmberg. We’ve split the preview in to two parts. This first part looks at the world of Trudvang

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    Modiphius has sent along a preview of some more of their upcoming Star Trek miniatures, along with some art from the tabletop roleplaying game. Both focus on the Romulans. There are currently four miniature sets lined up - The Original Series Crew, The Next Generation Crew, Klingons and Romulans. They’ll be available with the Star Trek Adventures pre-order which launches June 8. Also, check out the Original Series and Next Generation bridge crews here.  ...READ MORE

    Over on Beasts of War, there's a look at Modiphius' new Star Trek miniatures. These are 32mm unpainted resin miniatures featuring the original Enterprise crew, and the Next Generation crew. The game - Star Trek Adventures - uses Modiphius' 2d20 system (which was used in their Conan RPG, amongst other games) and is due for release in August.  ...READ MORE

    Not only did Chris Perkins pretty much confirmed that the product codenamed "Dust" is the one which Pendleton Ward was involved with (see below), but WotC's Greg Tito also confirms that the weekend-long live stream will feature the main announcement right at the beginning with a preview of a piece of art featuring.... dinosaurs! The video below features that art, as well as Tito talking about the various celebrities who will be attending (and starring in) the event.  ...READ MORE

    A few Starfinder previews have popped up across the web recently. This is a quick roundup. Don't forget to check out previous previews, including the Operative and Envoy, classes, and Navasi the iconic envoy, the planet Castrovel, the cover of Incident at Absalom Station, some Starfinder miniatures, the core rulebook cover, some spaceships, and more. For all of EN World's Starfinder coverage, simply click here. And now on to the new stuff - the Drift, Eos the planet of the undead, three new iconics, and another class preview. Starfinder is being released at Gen Con in August this year. For those not yet familiar, Starfinder is Paizo's "Pathfinder-in-Space" standalone science-fantasy roleplaying game.  ...READ MORE

    What's Predation? It's a campaign setting for Monte Cook Games' Cypher System, written by Shanna Germain. Set a few hundred years in the future, time travellers send scientists to the Cretaceous period ... who become stranded there! Technology and dinosaurs mix! The setting will be available for pre-order soon. In the meantime, writer Shanna Germain has posted a quick look at the book's introduction, which you can see below. I think most of us can agree that dinosaurs are, indeed, awesome.  ...READ MORE

    Welcome to the first of a number of exclusive previews from the upcoming Starfinder game from Paizo. We are going to look at the planet Castrovel, one of the worlds that will be a part of the game's setting. All of the text is read is written by Paizo creative director James Sutter. All of the images are being seen here for the first time.  ...READ MORE

    Pelgrane Press, known for its narrative games like Hillfolk and its collection of story-games, Seven Wonders, is releasing an anthology of 34 mini-RPGs written by feminist authors from 11 different countries. These "nano-games", collected in the book #Feminism, are typically playable in under an hour, making them ideal for one-shots. Pelgrane has kindly sent along some previews of the book, which you can see below. With games like Mentioning the Unmentionables by Sweden's Kajsa Greger ("Three games about the anatomy of women: "Dances With Vulvas", "Dying for a Cup of Coffee", and "Just Put Some Salt on It"), Shoutdown to Launch by America's Jason Morningstar ("In this game about gendered interruption, a bunch of engineers need to fix a problem with a rocket engine in the dwindling time before launch. It won’t go well."), 6016 by Norway's Elin Nilsen ("In 6016 the only historical source of the 21st century is a collection of clips from the soap opera Love, Lust and Lack of Trust."), and First Joyful Mystery by Ireland's Cathriona Tobin ("Players examine the impact Ireland’s prohibitive abortion laws have on people who find themselves pregnant."), each game has an intensity rating from 1-5.  ...READ MORE
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