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    In my 8th One Page Adventure, I've adapted Charlie Brooks' HEAD GAMES adventure. HEAD GAMES is a mix of diplomacy and a moral quandary for 4th-level PCs, and can be set in any small market town.  ...READ MORE

    It's time for this month's ONE PAGE ADVENTURE! There's a monster running loose, the uncontrolled creation of a mad wizard who likes to sew creature parts together. Can the PCs track down the abomination and stop it? A new one-page adventure inspired by the EN5ider adventure by Dan Head!
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    It's time for my next One Page Adventure! This one is called Winterheart. A nobles' daughter has been kidnapped by a cruel elven warlord. Her latent ice magic is causing a great winter to fall across the land, field by her despair. Can the PCs rescue CHRYSSA from SANGELLION KEEP? An adventure all on one page, inspired by the original EN5ider adventure by Esper. If you like these, please do support the Patreon!  ...READ MORE

    We hit 150 patrons last night, and so here is the latest One Page Adventure! THE HAUNTING OF CALROW RUINS is a straightforward site-based adventure features ghouls, skeletons, wraiths, and more... can the PCs clear CALROW RUINS and end the haunting? Or will they join the ghouls wandering the castle grounds?
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    Today PRESENTS FOR GOBLINS goes out to my Patreon backers, who get it for free as a thank you for supporting my efforts. While most of my One Page Adventures are available to all, this one's for backers only. Thank you for your support, and have a great festive season!  ...READ MORE

    NEW AZTLAN’S annual celebration. A civilization of long-dead dinosaurs led by the dinosaur mummy lord MIQUIZTLICOATL plots to reclaim their lost lands from the ruins beneath the city. You'll fight velociraptor mummies riding ankylosaurus skeletons! You'll meet a zombie t-rex! Have dinner with a hall of undead dinosaur nobles!  ...READ MORE

    This is the second in this series of One Page Adventures for D&D. The limits are simple: everything has to be on one single page, one side, of A4/letter-size paper. This one involves a desert, warring tribes of bullywugs, and some magical talismans, and is called Croaking Sirocco, based on an adventure by Kyle Carty.  ...READ MORE

    I have been experimenting with the idea of one-page adventures designed for a single session, with everything on one side of one sheet of paper. The Business of Emotion was an early EN5ider adventure by Paul Oklesh, and this is that adventure converted to the one-page format. I figured I'd share it with you guys. You will need the core rules for NPC/creature stat blocks. You can see it as an image below, or grab the PDF for free over on the Patreon (you don't need to be a patron).  ...READ MORE