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    I’d like to ask you a favor. The next time (or ideally every time) you buy an RPG product, leave a short review. You might not think your opinion is that important, or that a line or two on a Drivethrurpg review is any use. But I promise you, it really helps in a lot of ways.  ...READ MORE

    Amid the fungi and dense foliage of a forest, a timid a warrior fends off the brazen attacks of raven with murderous intent. Alice in Dungeonland, Monsters of Mild Malign and Hyboria all receive top billing. Quarter page ads for Warriors of the Lost Continent (miniatures), Games Centre, The Specialist Game Shop, and SD & VM Steel (the low cost mail order specialists for all your board gaming/D&D needs!) grace the inside of the cover.  ...READ MORE

    Built with the aim of rejecting linear adventure writing, this slim collection of tales for Warhammer Fantasy RPG’s fourth edition blends the tangled storytelling of a Shakespearean farce with a generous helping of the blood, darkness and doom that are the setting’s calling-cards.  ...READ MORE

    One of the biggest surprises at D&D Live 2019: The Descent was the announcement of the D&D Essentials Kit. The D&D Starter Set has already been around several years so it was surprising that that Wizards of the Coast would make another set for new players. It seemed even more odd once they explained that the Essentials Kit was not replacing the Starter Set.  ...READ MORE

    Wizards of the Coast's collaboration with Penny Arcade to create a Dungeons & Dragons supplement featuring Acquisitions Incorporated has been 10 years in the making (sort of) – the original Acquisitions Incorporated podcast debuted in 2009. It should definitely please fans of AI and draw in those new to AI.  ...READ MORE

    The USCSS Montero starfreighter diverts to check out the distress call of the USCSS Cronus science exploration ship. As the crew unravels what is happening stress builds sharpening skills and creating panic. Bodies pile up and conflicting agendas demonstrate that in some ways humans are worse than aliens.  ...READ MORE

    When Disney took over the Star Wars universe, the press release called out role-playing games as part of the new Star Wars canon. Since then, Pablo Hidalgo has been a champion of bringing content established in West End Games' (WEG) tabletop role-playing Star Wars books into the movies and cartoons. But it all started with Bill Slavicsek, who sets the record straight in his new book, Defining a Galaxy: 30 Years in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.  ...READ MORE

    Three worlds: fantasy, supernatural space fantasy, and weird western. One book filled with strange vistas, otherworldly threats, maps, and adventure ideas awaits you in Index Card RPG Worlds.  ...READ MORE

    Wizards of the Coast is promoting Ghosts of Saltmarsh as an adventure book with a setting and rule supplements so since I already did a spoiler-free review of the book overall, let's take a closer look at the adventures it contains. While I avoid significant spoilers, be aware that broad information about each adventure is mentioned.  ...READ MORE

    The Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box due for release at Origins this June will be our first look at the new edition of the now 30-year-old Shadowrun game system. This new edition promises to be a more streamlined experience for new players while still satisfying veterans, but does it live up to that promise?  ...READ MORE

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh will make Greyhawk fans happy without losing newer D&D 5th Edition players. Billed as a supplement for nautical adventures, it's a mix of new rules for ships and sea travel, adventures and supplemental material for any coastal campaign.  ...READ MORE

    Sequels can be a tricky thing to handle, especially when they promise a darker, edgier tone. Despite its much gloomier tone, however, Things from the Flood manages to avoid difficult-second-album syndrome with a game that neatly blends weird sci-fi mysteries and teenage drama, though sometimes it’s hard to tell which aspect is the most dangerous and unsettling.  ...READ MORE

    Gangs kill and terrorize Victory City overwhelming law and order. Super villains run amok. Become a vigilante and strike back using violence to fight violence in the dark setting nicknamed Vigilante City.  ...READ MORE

    The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set was pretty much inevitable. From the moment we saw Mike DM D&D for his friends early in the first session of the Netflix series, the clock started ticking when some crossover product would be released. Announced at Toy Fair earlier this year, Hasbro is heavily gearing this product to the mass market, not just hobby game stores.  ...READ MORE

    That rabbit being used to celebrate spring does not look quite right. And that leprechaun spotted in the woods cannot be real and guarding gold can it? Introduce a dangerous bunny and glittering gold to your Dark Places & Demogorgons or D&D campaign.  ...READ MORE

    RPGs are commonly played to blow off steam and as a bit of wish fulfillment, but they can also be used to immerse yourself in a new experience as well as be a teaching tool. The game anthology War Birds by Unruly Designs definitely falls into the latter category. Set during WWII, it focuses on forgotten stories about the “Greatest Generation.”  ...READ MORE

    Who is hunting the mystics of Coriolis and why? Investigate to find out in Emissary Lost, an adventure for the Coriolis the Third Horizon RPG. Combine Emissary Lost with other Coriolis adventures for a long-term space opera campaign.  ...READ MORE

    Despite the title, Love and Sex in the Ninth World, this supplement, or as Monte Cook Games calls it, “Glimmer,” could be very useful for any GM, not just those that run Numenera.  ...READ MORE

    February is a month of cold temperatures and warm feelings of love and romance. If you’re looking for something to do with friends when it’s too cold to go out, why not stay in and take a look at the Romance Trilogy?  ...READ MORE

    There are a few fairly simple elements needed to make a solid RPG starter set, and while Warhammer Fantasy RPG 4E’s attempt won’t blow any minds it absolutely nails the fundamentals that new players need to get a game running.  ...READ MORE
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