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    Sunday, 26th May, 2019, 05:07 PM
    Wisconsin lost a legend today . . .
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    Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019, 04:42 AM
    Steven Creech has passed.
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Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...onCourage ; @JasonZZ; @jayoungr ; @JediGamemaster ; @JeffB ; @Jester Canuck ; @jgsugden ; @jodyjohnson; @Joe Liker ; @JohnLynch ; @Johnny3D3D ; @KarinsDad ; @kerbarian ; @kerleth ; @Kinak; @KingsRule77 ; @Kirfalas ; @Kobold Stew ; @koga305 ; @Lanefan ; @Lanliss ; @Leatherhead; @Libramarian ; @Li Shenron ; @LuisCarlos17f ; @lowkey13 ; @Manbearcat ; @MarkB; @MechaPilot ; @Mecheon ; @mellored ; @Mephista ; @Mercule ; @MG.0 ; @MichaelSomething; @Miladoon ; @Minigiant ; @Mishihari Lord ; @Mistwell ; @MoogleEmpMog ; @Mon @MonkeezOnFire ; @MoonSong(Kaiilurker) ; @MostlyDm ; @Mouseferatu ; @MoutonRustique; @Nemesis Destiny ; @neobolts ; @Neonchameleon ; @Nifft ; @nightspaladin ; @nomotog; @n00bdragon ; @Obryn ; @Ohillion ; @oknazevad ; @Olgar Shiverstone ; @Orlax ; @Otterscrubber ; @Pandamonium87 ; @Paraxis ; @PaulO. ; @Pauln6 ; @Pauper ; @payn; @pemerton ; @peterka99 ;@ Pickles III ; @Pickles JG ; @pkt77242 ; @pming ; @pogre; @PopeYodaI ; @Prickly ; @procproc ; @Psikerlord ; @Psikerlord# ; @(Psi)SeveredHead; @Quickleaf ; @Raith5 ; @raleel ; @Ralif Redhammer ; @Raloc ; @Ranes ; @RangerWickett; @Ratskinner ; @redrick ; @Rejuvenator ; @Remathilis ; @Ristamar ; @RolenArcher; @Roland55 ; @RPG_Tweaker ; @Rune ; @Rygar ; @Sacrosanct ; @Saelorn ; @Saeviomagy; @sailor-Moon ; @SailorNash ; @Saplatt ; @Satyrn ; @Shades of Eternity ; @shadowmane; @sheadunne ; @Shasarak ; @shidaku ; @shintashi ; @Shiroiken ; @SigmaOne ; @sleypy; @sleypy01 ; @SpiderMonkey ; @Staccat0 ; @Staffan ; @steeldragons ; @steenan @STeveC ; @strider13x ; @Strider1973 ; @Sword of Spirit ; @Talmek ; @TerraDave; @TheCosmicKid ; @The_Gneech ; @TheHobgoblin ; @The Human Target ; @the Jester; @The Mirrorball Man ; @The Myopic Sniper ; @ThirdWizard ; @Tia Nadiezja ; @Tinker-TDC; @Tonguez ; @Tony Vargas ; @Tormyr ; @TrippyHippy ; @tsadkiel ; @tuxgeo ; @twigglythe Gnome ; @TwoSix ; @Uchawi ; @Ulorian ; @UnadvisedGoose445 ; @UngeheuerLich; @Us ; @Valmarius ; @Warbringer ; @was ; @wedgeski ; @Wednesday Boy ; @Wik ; @WillDoyle ; @Wintertho...

Monday, 10th August, 2015

  • 07:24 PM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Character niche for monks?
    I like the idea of making monks masters of insight/assessment @Vasolv and (Psi)SeveredHead. As for the "type casting" concern, I've got a party that mostly has type-cast themselves already, so I think that's what we're going for, classic D&D class-based roles: Criminal halfling Rogue Military Leader human Fighter Wanderer human Monk Monster Hunter gnome Ranger Soldier/Urchin dwarven Cleric Noble half-elf Sorcerer Redthistle Even though our monk PC is a shiftless wanderer with no monastic order (sigh), I do like where you're coming from. Also, he's taken herbalism kit and weaving proficiencies to represent his mundane monkish skills. I'm trying to play to the herbalist aspect of his character.

Wednesday, 17th September, 2014

  • 08:43 PM - Sitara mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post [D&D 3.0] How to build a Fighter-Mage?
    @(Psi)SeveredHead I intend my PC to have the option of fighting in melee and casting spells, either destructive or utility. I am not looking to be the best in the game with either, just competent enough to have fun. A warrior-mage, nothing too fancy. Think Fighter/Mage from AD&D 2e. Enlarge person is indeed useful in 3e, unlike 3.5e where it is basically useless. Here is the 3.0e SRD. If you have time, please skim it over and give me more tips. You have been very helpful :) Combat Expertise is a good feat, but I don't want to reduce my attack bonus. I am not looking to be competent in multiple attacks at all, just a single attack. I was hoping to use Mage Armor + dex bonus to cover my armor needs (until I get something like Amulet of Natural Armor or Bracers of Armor...but magic items will be rare in this game) when I am in melee. Mage armor lasts 1 hour per level so it can last me 2 combats in the first level or so as long as both combats occur within a...

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014

  • 12:56 AM - Lalato mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Would a typical D&D town allow adventurers to walk around?
    In another thread I mentioned that the existence of adventurers would probably change how towns and villages interact with them. I mean... would you want people that could literally kill everyone you know without a lot of effort roaming around your town square? Probably not. Maybe over time the culture would change in obvious and non-obvious ways. I proposed that strangers wandering into your town would likely need to present themselves to the elders or leaders or whatever... and maybe customs would have evolved that they might keep you out of town until you, the adventurer, gained their trust. And this would likely be true of any strangers with weapons and magic that happened to walk into town. Anyway... KarinsDad, Umbran, (Psi)SeveredHead... have at it. We can discuss the finer points of how merchants do or don't get around this. Or better yet, how do you think cultures would evolve with magic and adventurers (aka murder hobos) wandering around?

Friday, 11th July, 2014

  • 02:28 PM - Mercurius mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Rangers: Your Thoughts and Preferences
    It may sound like a cop-out, but my answer is "all and none." I have played a ranger more than any other class in my 30+ years of D&D, so have a special love for the class. I have played a two-short sword wielding roguish hobgoblin, a classic elven archer, a scimitar-wielding desert nomad, and others besides. I like variations, not one d istinct or narrow archetype. So while I facetiously cried fowl at (Psi)SeveredHead's view that the ranger is a background and not a class, I think there is some truth in that but ultimately disagree. The ranger is a template--broader than some (monk), narrower than others (fighter)--that allows for a range (no pun intended) of variatons within the template. When we get too focused on two or three archetypal themes, then we lose the potential of the class as a whole. That said, there are some things I just wouldn't do with a ranger - wear heavy armor, for instance. I see a ranger as wearing no, light or occasionally medium armor. Weapons can range widely, but shouldn't impede movement. The main thing is that the ranger specializes in being in natural environments, whether forests, sub-arctic, deserts, or the Underdark. A ranger can be quasi-mystical, but doesn't have to be. If fighter, wizard, rogue, and cleric are the core four, irreducible classes, then ranger is a close fifth, just ahead of paladin and druid, and then bard, monk, and the rest.

Thursday, 12th June, 2014

  • 01:17 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Boss Fights: Fairly Countering Novas
    (Psi)SeveredHead Yeah, imposing attack penalties is very effective control (perhaps *too* effective) in 4e because nearly no monsters have a means to counter it. And I would expect your players to keep using that strategy early on, which means... You'll need to think up a unique way for each solo you use against this party to momentarily shut down or at least complicate attack penalties. Here are some ideas I've used: Terrain/minions/ritual that grant stacking attacking bonus to solo. Trait that prevents stacking on any conditions, including attack penalties (even those that normally would stack), explained by an ettin or hydra's dual brain, a dragon or lich's magical protections, etc. A nasty reactive power that triggers when it misses its 3rd attack (or when it's imposed attack penalty reaches -4 or worse), preferably something with strong control or auto-damage. Phased solo shaking off all attack penalties between phases (no action; triggers at HP=X). A mode the monster can enter w...

Wednesday, 7th May, 2014

  • 12:42 PM - I'm A Banana mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Mounts & Movement
    Correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm no great expert on 4E, but doesn't common sense still apply? I would expect that the DM would say you're being silly, if you tried to use one of your powers to make a horse climb a wall or tumble or fly. Isn't the obvious solution that, when you use a movement-based power while mounted, it necessitates you dismounting? If you used Tide of Iron, then you could push an enemy but you couldn't follow unless you chose to dismount? I think the biggest two are (1) does a movement effect on the rider affect the mount and (2) can the mount take free actions? The answer to (2) is Yes (Rules Compendium, p 254). The answer to (1) is not entirely clear, but I think the default is No. Yeah, that is contra to (Psi)SeveredHead 's interpretation. Which is a bit what I was worried about -- I don't want to make the DM make a lot of judgment calls just so I can use my character. I was actually looking at the mount in trying to make an "agile mounted character" -- all fast mount and spears and javelins and bows. Not unlike the Valenar elves in Eberron, or the Unicorn clan in Rokugan, or the Amazon kit from 2e. I picked up on Ranger as a good class fit, and particularly on the melee/ranged Ranger build that has a lot of powers that grant movement (things like Shoot And Stab), or the Beastmaster ranger for someone with a particularly close bond with their horse. There's even a theme that works with that kind of archetype. But if Saelorn and pemerton are right, then a lot of my powers would be basically useless, or at beast telling the DM to decide if this works or not. The DM's a bit of a newbie, so I don't really want to chuck a lot of weirdness his way. But in making the character I realized that whichever...
  • 12:42 AM - D'karr mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Mounts & Movement
    I think that the intent for the "rules" for mounted combat, like most rules in 4e, is to give guidance that as much as possible prevents/reduces abuse. They appear in the DMG and the Rules Compendium. The rules, however, leave questions as to what happens with powers interacting with the mount kind of open to interpretation by the DM. In cases like this say, "yes, and" or "yes, but" seem to be a suitable guiding factor. (Psi)SeveredHead covered the majority of this rather well. A PC rider and a mount share initiative and actions (standard, move, minor, opportunity, triggered). Mounts have unlimited free actions. Monster Riders are different and both mount and rider can act independently. Mounts attack at -2 penalty which is eliminated by the mounted combat feat, and have specific Mount Actions that it can use. Mounted combat feat also allows the mount to use skill modifier from the rider instead of their own for skill checks (Athletics, Acrobatics, Endurance, or Stealth) As for auras this is covered in the rules, select origin square of aura. If aura affects creatures instead of only enemies, the mount can be affected. When it comes to allowing the mount to take actions when a power "affects" it, I don't see why not, as long as the action economy is not violated. A mount can move and shift so if a power allows you to shift as part of an attack then possibly the mount could take the shift. Then aga...

Tuesday, 25th February, 2014

  • 05:41 PM - Cadence mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post 4e/13thA immersion question and 5e/13thA DoaM question
    Thanks for all the suggestions! @(Psi)SeveredHead for asking about the surroundings and looking for the coolest move @steenan for thinking about whether some powers focus a lot more on the system than the story @Dragonblade for suggesting to think about how each power should play out for the character @TheFindus for focussing on what the character would do in the situation @Dungeoneer for avoiding analysis paralis by trying to simplify some things in the build @Balesir for thinking about what I want to achieve and then grabbing a power that helps that, instead of the other way around Next game is tonight. One of the other players suggested printing out the various spells and powers (index card size) instead of literally having them on a big list. I'm hoping that having them sorted into thematic piles will make it easier to follow the suggestion to think about what I want to do, and then grabbing the action that enables it. (Seems obvious thinking about the power cards in 4e, but something I'd never used in the editions I've...

Monday, 10th February, 2014

  • 12:53 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post The 4e Solo Thread
    (Psi)SeveredHead Nice monster! I have a design question, since I don't have experience with epic tier. Do you consider features like Focused Brutality (reduce attack penalties to Desverendi by 6) and Elder of Annihilation (prevent PCs from reducing damage deslt by Desverendi) necessary for epic solos to compete with epic PCs?

Friday, 24th January, 2014

  • 03:50 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post The 4e Solo Thread
    (Psi)SeveredHead I noticed the same thing about prone DMing my first solo fight in my first 4e campaign; it was a homebrew solo against a large party of level 5 PCs. I also noticed shortly thereafter that Acrobat Boots were a common item among PCs, a level 2 item that turns rising from prone into a minor action. When it fits the monster, I commonly give them a "quick rise" power like this. Nemesis Destiny I like that cave troll! It makes for an unusual dilemma in play: the less conditions we give this troll, the less effective he is against us. I wouldn't make a habit of designing monsters that way (I want *both* sides encouraged to do cool stuff!), but it does work nicely for the monster you chose. RangerWickett Wow, ongoing 25 damage until grab ends on a level 16 solo. I like how you roll :)

Sunday, 19th January, 2014

  • 07:52 PM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post D&D 4.5E (Not Essentials)
    I know therE are a couple versions out there that folks are working on, such as C4. Personally I don't think there's any use in recreating the wheel. And who wants to go over all the broken rules, and then get stuck in a debate about what is broken and what isn't? Is my version of 4.5 the same as yours? Maybe, maybe not. Instead what I think the 4e chassis would be great for is an Ultralite 4e game inspired by something like Old School Hack (maybe a bit meatier) and focused on improvisational play. Something like that could operate on the premise that healing surges are essentially bennies that can be used to heal, to improve attacks, to get an extra attack or reroll an attack (replacing action points), etc. Each character class might have three feature options per level and you choose one. In addition, there'd be a list of power stunts and surge cost unique to the class like what fjw70 and (Psi)SeveredHead suggest. Anyhow, I don't mean to knock anyone's ideas, it's just a huge amount of work and inherently involves value decisions that not everyone will agree on (e.g. Look at the "build of every role for every class" debate forming in this thread). I will add that I like a lot of these ideas as house rules for my own games and have actually implemented several behind the DM screen. In particular, I use 6 types of monsters, not 3: Minion - I include lots of homebrew tricks for my minions to increase longevity and fighting effectiveness without tracking; worth XP of 1/4 standard and sometimes 1/8 if it's a throwaway fight. Humanoid - 33-50% HP of a standard, old damage expressions, simple mostly at-will powers,and worth half XP of a standard; used for small or medium sized creatures like gnolls, dwarves, orcs, goblins, etc. Standard - use MM3 damage expression, reserved for quadrupeds, large monsters, or anything that isn't humanoid basically Elite - As per the DMG2, for ...
  • 01:02 AM - Sage Genesis mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Spells as combat weapons.
    (Psi)SeveredHead This is a 5e thread. Judging by the game elements you provided, I think you're answering it for a 3e context instead. Does a natural 20 in a Ray of Frost attack triggers a critical hit? Yes. The How To Play pdf explains in the Attacks section that its rules are for both weapon and spell attacks. A multiclass rogue/mage should be able to sneak attack with a Scorching Ray? Yes, but you still only get to deal sneak attack damage once per turn so it would apply to only one ray, not all of them. A multiclass ranger/druid with archery as his fighting style gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls with Fire Seeds? No. Fire Seeds are, despite being physical objects, part of a spell. They are not ranged weapons.

Saturday, 18th January, 2014

  • 05:18 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post The 4e Solo Thread
    This thread is for the discussion of solo monster design & sharing of homemade solo monsters. Often I hear folks critiquing solos for "false advertising" (i.e. Needing other monsters to be threatening) or being too easy (e.g. Needing L+4 solos to even challenge a paragon party). This is one place where we can present ideas for making solo monsters worthy of the name, solicit feedback on our homebrew solos, and create an ENWorld catalogue of solos our fellow DMs can choose from. Howler Wasp Queen (3 solo brute) by the Jester Phantom Fungus Stalker (6 solo lurker) by the Jester Enraged Cave Troll (level 7 solo brute) by Nemesis Destiny Kobold Horde (9 solo skirmisher) by Quickleaf Shammu, Psion of the Order (11 solo controller) by (Psi)SeveredHead Beast of Bechaeux (13 solo brute) by Quickleaf Terakalir, steam-augmented dragon (14 solo soldier) by RangerWickett Ghost Council Swarm (15 solo brute) by RangerWickett Lurpask, Vexing Bugbear (16 solo skirmisher) by the Jester Mutated Umber Hulk (16 solo controller) by the Jester Trapper (18 solo lurker) by the Jester Lurborask, Grimlock Priest of Jubilex (20 solo controller) by the Jester Yuan-ti Anathema (21 solo brute) by (Psi)SeveredHead Desverendi, Spirit of the Land (23 solo controller/brute/lurker) by (Psi)SeveredHead Genius Loci (30 solo controller) by the Jester Shaktari, Queen of Mariliths (34 solo skirmisher) by Pour

Wednesday, 15th January, 2014

  • 01:42 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post The 4e Solo Thread
    (Psi)SeveredHead Wow, that's a great list of ideas, and some very creative ways of making action economy not work against solos. Some of them, like downgrading dazed to 10 damage and grant combat advantage, seem like they rob the players of some of their agency. For example, one of the main used of dazed is to prevent opportunity attacks / immediate actions. Manbearcat Totally agree that the lair needs a lot of thought in a solo fight. Your guidelines are a great place to start, and compliment the role/terrain pairing tips in the DMG nicely.

Tuesday, 14th January, 2014

  • 04:57 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post The 4e Solo Thread
    (Psi)SeveredHead All good advice, especially the part about solo design changing at each tier. Breaking the rules seems essential to me. While I agree that each solo should be different, I also think we could come up with a nice set of solo design guidelines...since the ones in the DMG flat out don't work. I'll think on that some more. For those curious the relevant DMG page is 185. the Jester Love your take on the Lurker Above, that's a classic :) Btw, I think you lowered its HP to account for its ability to share damage with trapped victims, but forgot that its ability is an immediate interrupt. Creatures can only use one immediate action per round. Might be better to make it an opportunity action.
  • 02:33 AM - Quickleaf mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post The 4e Solo Thread
    (Psi)SeveredHead Absolutely, the staged boss monster is a great way to make solos more interesting. I've done that three times now (cranium rat hive mind, red dragon, dragon mage) and it worked great...only downside is they were insanely long fights that easily took a full 3-4 hour session! They were fun tense sessions though...just I think me and my players' stamina for focused combat-oriented play caps out at 2 hours. In general I like simplicity of design because I think it frees the DM's brain space and thus makes for quicker fights. OTOH I find nearly all of the "official" solos don't have enough powers/things going on to stay interesting for a long combat. I'm interested in ways to reconcile these two issues...maybe by making design moves that kill several birds with one stone? I'm in the process of making a solo brute for an upcoming adventure...basically it's a big bad werewolf that will be encountered with other lower-level standard werewolves and some dire wolf minions. Thus I'm not g...

Thursday, 2nd January, 2014

  • 10:55 PM - Kinak mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post Advice for running Pathfinder
    @(Psi)SeveredHead pretty much nails it, as far as adjustments. If you have an experienced group, generous stat assignment, or any pro-player houserules, they can overmatch enemies in APs. I've found I actually like this, with Rise of the Runelords, because it lets you play the enemies more reasonably. It's not strange for my players to pull in two or three encounters, creating one massive waved battle. I'd second PFS's opinion on summoners. They may or may not be overpowered, but it's worth considering banning them and other summoning/companion builds due to concerns with table time. Especially if you have a big group, adding extra (sometimes lots of extra) members to the party can drag things down. Compared to 4e, there's a stronger push towards the five minute workday. In some parts of Jade Regent, that's sort of expected (because you're traveling for long periods), but consider the encounter areas and what might happen if the party pops out for a day. It definitely pays to demonstrate that th...

Sunday, 17th November, 2013

Sunday, 20th October, 2013

  • 08:18 PM - Mercurius mentioned (Psi)SeveredHead in post We're Getting Old - and is WotC Accounting For That?
    (Psi)SeveredHead, I have to chuckle because your post actually further confirms my view that good virtual tools would be greatly beneficial. That's a lot of paperwork, a lot of stuff to keep track of - and a suite of online (or downloadable, preferably) tools could be of great assistance. Out of curiosity, have you check out MasterPlan? Might be very useful for you. I really like it.

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Monday, 22nd April, 2019

  • 06:12 PM - Mike Myler quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post EN5ider #267: Weapon Degradation
    I feel like degrading equipment sort of goes against the grain of 5E's design philosophy in general, which has been to create a game with no drawbacks for characters, only advantages. This is most immediately relevant in races, all of which conspicuously lost their ability score penalties but is evident in several other areas of the game. This feels consistent with the changes made in streamlining recent iterations of the Elder Scroll series of video-games, where between Oblivion and Skyrim the choice was made that instead of the game having the mechanic of needing to repair your weapon versus wear and tear, it would have a mechanic where you could improve your weapons by tempering them, which seems much more "5E" to me. Now, I am sure there are people playing 5E who would like a weapon degradation system without switching games, so yay for this article. But the idea seems better suited to almost any fantasy game but 5E. I have uncharitable feelings about the idea. Is it realistic? Probably. But...

Tuesday, 16th April, 2019

  • 02:43 AM - Staffan quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post What Would You Want from PF2?
    Obviously an orca should deal significant damage when it bites you. I did not expect it to have a higher attack bonus than anyone in the party, something so high that my fast and agile brawler had no chance to dodge the attack. That is the kind of thing that wouldn't happen in 4e (or Mutants & Mastermind). The only way you face something with a huge attack bonus and huge damage is if it's much higher level than you (or has a much higher Power Level than you), not something that's effectively a summon. This is, I think, something that's been fixed. Monsters are no longer designed in a way similar to PCs, but rather in a way similar to the way they're done in 4e, 13th Age, or Starfinder: decide on level and their role, and base their stats on that. It will also treat NPCs like monsters in this regard. As I understand it, monster creation rules won't be available at launch, but some time soon after.

Wednesday, 6th March, 2019

  • 01:11 AM - Saelorn quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Why do people still play older editions of D&D? Are they superior to the current one?
    I saw this all the time, and if I was in a group that didn't do this, I told them to do it. (Buy wands, craft wands... if I were the cleric I would be crafting wands.) Sorry, but starting combat, half-dead, is just not sensible for a mortal PC. It's not sensible for a mortal PC if there's an easy alternative, which is why the burden is on the DM to not provide an easy alternative unless the PCs are meant to take it. If D&D wants to "fix" this, they needed to fix the high attack bonus vs relatively low AC and low starting hit points issue. (4e pretty much solved all of those issues.)The math wasn't too terrible in 3.x, because you actually could get a decent AC if you tried. It is the primary issue preventing trivial fixes to the healing rules in 5E, though. Low AC makes damage unavoidable.

Saturday, 16th February, 2019

  • 06:32 AM - Maxperson quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Half-Dragons and Dragonborn: What's the difference?
    Back in 3e there was a race called "dragonblooded" that I was a lot happier with than half-dragons. They had less draconic blood in them, and much smaller stat boosts (and therefore made better PCs). I suspect the concept of playable dragon people in 4e came from there. Also half-dragons could be half-anything, including some really ridiculous combos. If in your world half-dragons only get small benefits, then I rather doubt there is any distinction. Weren't those the bloodlines from the Unearthed Arcana?

Monday, 7th January, 2019

  • 07:10 AM - Samloyal23 quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Thievery at a gallop.
    I don't think Sleight of Hand even applies. You wouldn't have time to identify items (or even be able to put your hands in someone's pocket) and of course stealth is out of the question. I think the right rule is grapple, or maybe disarm. You would zip by someone, cut their backpack straps, bags, etc, grab that and run off with the bag. Once you're far enough away to be safe, you can examine the bags and see if there's anything worthwhile. Yes, it is closer to a grapple than it is to a pickpocket attempt. Maybe require Ride-By Attack and Improved Grapple?

Sunday, 30th December, 2018

  • 06:55 PM - MwaO quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Different Recharge Rates
    The GM doesn't want this for their campaign. It doesn't fit. GMs are allowed to use house rules. They just need to avoid having the house rule spread to affect other parts of the game. Right. A house rule that says 4 combats or so = long rest means that the DM can run standard combats without needing to rewrite anything else. That's how 13th Age works as an example.

Saturday, 29th December, 2018

  • 08:26 PM - AbdulAlhazred quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Different Recharge Rates
    That doesn't make narrative sense. What does exerting myself have to do with healing? Also, if I fight four fights, then go home, and wake up the next day with all my healing surges... it doesn't seem to deal with your flavor problem. I've had the misfortune of being in D&D (and D&D-like) games without a healer. In 4e, you can do without a healer, but this essentially forces the party to have a healer. Not just a healer, but one who can extract as much efficiency from each healing surge as possible. A cleric, or a pacifist cleric. Why does it force a healer? Because IME players don't want to do anything remotely dangerous if they can't heal up. If you don't want four-combat days, you should just cut the healing surges. You want only two combats a day, max? Cut the healing surges in half. I'd be reluctant to cut hit point totals because that's affecting game balance, but I'm pretty sure players would rather see hit points cut in half than potentially go into battle bloodied (even though it's th...
  • 07:56 PM - MwaO quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Different Recharge Rates
    This essentially forces the party to have a healer. Not just a healer, but one who can extract as much efficiency from each healing surge as possible. A cleric, or a pacifist cleric. Why does it force a healer? Because IME players don't want to do anything remotely dangerous if they can't heal up. Err…4e as a default is organized around 4 combat day in Heroic. You don't have at least 3 combats, some wacky things tend to happen.

Tuesday, 11th December, 2018

Monday, 10th December, 2018

Monday, 26th November, 2018

  • 01:57 AM - Saelorn quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post When did mixing editions become unusual?
    I read a few 1e products years ago, and literally could not tell it was the familiar AD&D 2e that I had played before until I wondered why these monsters were being given slightly unusual XP awards. "Oh, that's why" I thought, as palm of hand reached forehead.I think that's pretty much it. Early editions were such a kludge of mish-mashed mechanics that it was hard to consider the whole as a cohesive system. When it was clearly already a patchwork design, it didn't seem weird to patch more bits into it or out of it. Third edition was a cohesive system, with clear and consistent mechanics. Patching in something from AD&D would seem out of place. It's also worth noting that 3E coincided with the widespread adoption of the internet. The internet was around for the tail end of 2E, but by then, 2E players were used to the idea of rulesets being a local phenomenon. When 3E was new and popular, there were online message boards where players met to discuss the game, and a unified ruleset makes communication e...

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  • 06:20 PM - Nagol quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post 4e Compared to Trad D&D; What You Lose, What You Gain
    I think I disagree with this part. I don't see why there wouldn't be serial exploration or a keyed map. I have played in several 1e converted to 4e adventures (we have a GM who likes that) who used these resources. I've personally used random encounters/wandering monsters in 4e (as well as been on the receiving end from said GM). It's actually easier to balance, IMO. Even if the PCs manage to get a short rest after every random encounter, they're losing healing surges. (Probably not dailies, as random encounters are rarely that tough.) If this were 3e, this would likely tap healing spells (or wands) and maybe a few offense spells because players don't want to miss out on action. The non-casters aren't losing obvious resources in that scenario. Manbearcat gave a good answer, but I thought I'd chime in a bit. You can use random encounters, but each type of edition (OSR-2e being one type, 3e+5e being a second, and 4e a third) sets up mechanics to incent the players differently. The first typ...
  • 04:54 PM - Manbearcat quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post 4e Compared to Trad D&D; What You Lose, What You Gain
    I think I disagree with this part. I don't see why there wouldn't be serial exploration or a keyed map. I have played in several 1e converted to 4e adventures (we have a GM who likes that) who used these resources. I've personally used random encounters/wandering monsters in 4e (as well as been on the receiving end from said GM). It's actually easier to balance, IMO. Even if the PCs manage to get a short rest after every random encounter, they're losing healing surges. (Probably not dailies, as random encounters are rarely that tough.) If this were 3e, this would likely tap healing spells (or wands) and maybe a few offense spells because players don't want to miss out on action. The non-casters aren't losing obvious resources in that scenario. Let me unpack my thinking on this a little more. The Wandering Monster Clock machinery isn’t just a system of discrete parts. It works in concert, holistically, in order to engender the play experience. This is why when people were claiming that 5e could repro...

Friday, 31st August, 2018

  • 03:50 PM - ZAR22 quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Why is there no love for are boys/girls the gem dragons?
    To be honest, there are too many types of dragons already... and I suspect the majority of WotC game staff don't like psionics. That sucks that they hate psionic, also, I both agree and disagree with the whole too many types of dragons things. I believe ALL they need is the chromatics, metallics, and gems, nothing else is needed. And they only need the original five dragons of each group, and only FOUR, three if you count IO as dead to create the other dragon gods. Thoughs are the only dragons we need.

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  • 01:50 AM - mewzard quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Monks in Pathfinder 2: Fighting Styles & Ki
    I am happy to see this, but I hope it's not the dawn of the 14 or 15 AC monk at 1st-level. I am playing a brawler right now. My starting AC was 17 (Dex and chain shirt), which is generally higher than a rogue, roughly equal to a ranger and lower than a fighter, so it felt right. I doubt a starting monk gets +4 to AC, however. This looks like monks will start with horribly low AC and (possibly) end up with untouchable ACs at high levels, and I'm more interested in generally balanced ACs across the whole game. I hope that's not a -4 penalty on one of those attacks at 1st-level. You will miss a lot. Furthermore you can't even roll both d20s at the same time since their bonuses won't match. As a fan of the d20 Modern Martial Artist, I always like Flying Kick. Being able to charge 80 feet* and kick someone was pretty cool (using acrobatic skills to laugh at terrain obstacles in the meantime); that was critical to not getting shot :D *It could have been 90 feet, had I taken two more Fast levels. A reacti...
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    What is the BAB?Stat + training + level. Untrained (-2) Trained (+0) Expert (+1) Master (+2) Legendary (+3) It seems to be the same for everyone. And being "expert" or "legendary" is more about giving you more feat options rather than bigger bonuses. Can you ever move and flurry in the same round?Yes. You get 3 actions, and 1 reaction. Attacking is 1 action. With -5 (-4 for monks) penalties for each extra attack on the same turn. (so 0/-4/-8) Moving and such is 1 action. Most spells take 2 actions, but it varies. Flurry of blows is 1 action to attack twice (0/-4), and you still have 2 actions to do other stuff, like moving, quivering palm, or a ki blast. Or just attack 4 times, but with the scaling penalties (0/-4/-8/-12) your encouraged to do other things.

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  • 09:53 PM - Tony Vargas quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Conan vs the Swarms of Soldiers.
    Would Conan as a slayer make more sense? The Slayer can take Cleaving Assault as a stance to effectively get what the PH1 fighter gets (so potentially slaying two minions per round if he's not using Action Points). At first level there's not much to choose, as far as taking on multiple minions by yourself is concerned. The Fighter version is wasting his mark feature, the Slayer is wasting his damage bonus feature. But, once the Fighter starts getting Close attack powers (3rd level, IIRC), it gains a clear advantage vs minions.

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  • 09:46 PM - AbdulAlhazred quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Conan vs the Swarms of Soldiers.
    Would Conan as a slayer make more sense? Slayers are tough (lots of hit points, lots of healing surges) but use a more mobile combat style and don't wear as much armor. Conan has fought in chainmail, but also in no armor at all. I don't get the impression he marks foes, at least not on a regular basis. The Slayer can take Cleaving Assault as a stance to effectively get what the PH1 fighter gets (so potentially slaying two minions per round if he's not using Action Points). The Slayer has several powers that can let Conan move as a free action, slide opponents, or even make an opponent "scratch" another opponent (minions are pretty good at killing minions). I also wonder if Conan, a superlative warrior, would be better described as an elite monster, rather than a PC. He could still be given PC-like powers as abilities, so he could still take Cleaving Assault, and with some sort of double attack (or double actions) could potentially slay three or four minions per round without using Action Points. ...

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  • 02:27 AM - Garthanos quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post Conan vs the Swarms of Soldiers.
    A swarm of soldiers feels powerful, like a real challenge, but things can get ludicrous if you can knock them prone, slide them (you can with AoE powers such as a lot of monk powers) and so on. Happens all the time in the wire-fu cinema I think... a whole group going down like bowling pins (aka I think that is well within the intended for monk prowess ;) ), At base I see you smash into one they flail back trying to maintain balance and their allies are disrupted too. Past a certain point I think you are probably right about ludicrous though I also think there is a middle ground. A video game Vindictus captured that middle ground I think it really makes martial awesome. Larger numbers of lower level minions what would be your guidelines if someone wanted to use those ... does the experience point economy work?

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  • 10:41 PM - Saelorn quoted (Psi)SeveredHead in post We need a damage on a miss forum again!!
    Unless they use a disguise. In World War I, officers wore swords, for a very short period of time. They were targeted first by machine guns. That tradition vanished all of a sudden. I would expect very few wizards wearing obvious, long constraining robes that have the subtlety of a red shirt.If spellcasters are not readily identifiable by their appearance, then it's questionable whether you're even in the same genre anymore. Strong class-based systems only work in worlds where class-based distinctions are paramount. The types of disguise that a wizard could effectively pull off would be rather limited, in any case. They can't wear armor or use weapons, and they need their hands free for spellcasting. You could have a wizard pretend to be a monk, I guess, in which case the enemy will still over-estimate the threat they present and target them first. Or I guess you could use magic to make it look like you're a fighter, but that's going to come down to the limitations of magic within the world, and ...

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