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    Yesterday, 02:53 AM
    No worries. :)
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    Tuesday, 25th June, 2019, 03:19 PM
    In 1e could they wear non-metallic armor? They were rather required to wear non-metallic armor. Sooo, yeah. That's how we played. A druid wearing non-metal armor would have nothing "happen" to them. They're not supposed to wear metal armor. Leather, hides. We permitted studded leather, though I don't recall if there were a specific 1e ruling (in a book) allowing or forbidding it. And, of...
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    Tuesday, 25th June, 2019, 06:57 AM
    If you guys have questions about the maps, let me know.
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    Monday, 24th June, 2019, 05:09 AM
    Post added.
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    Monday, 24th June, 2019, 05:08 AM
    Aureus nods her head in agreement and even Elijah relaxes, a little. Sir Balorix seems content with Caerth's decision while Sir Ghal shifts his feet, uncomfortably. Balorix notes the knight's uncertainty and puts his hand on his shoulder. The young knight sighs and nods his head. "I agree," the paladin says. "It would be foolhardy to rush in unprepared. I feel I should travel to Ironsoul and...
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    Friday, 21st June, 2019, 05:22 PM
    What are you referring to? AFAIK they haven't changed a thing about it, and it's functionally superior to earlier edition versions of the spell.
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    Friday, 21st June, 2019, 04:57 PM
    That's a great example of poor adventure design. Never unfairly rob the pcs of a well-earned victory. Contrived "he gets away no matter what" stuff is great for a novel, but D&D is a game.
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    Wednesday, 19th June, 2019, 07:33 AM
    Going to wait for Scotley and the end of the week. :D
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    Sunday, 16th June, 2019, 08:22 PM
    New post has been added.
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    Sunday, 16th June, 2019, 08:21 PM
    "No idea," Hornauer replies. "And I never felt like intorducing myself to them. The seem to accept my brood as a simple fact of life and I've kept my dire rats away from them. They aren't aware of me or my mate's presence here. I'm certain of that," he nods his head. "Well, I'm fairly certain they aren't aware of us." "So, you are not their ally," Aureus notes. "That's good." "There is no...
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    Thursday, 13th June, 2019, 09:40 PM
    FYI, I'm going to wait until, at least, Saturday or Sunday to post again.
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    Tuesday, 11th June, 2019, 07:00 PM
    Reminder! Here's the link to the Rogues Gallery thread:!
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    Tuesday, 11th June, 2019, 06:58 PM
    No idea. I've never used Coyote Code. For the longest time, I have been using this site: Rolled a check for you: Knowledge (Religion) check 1d20+1=6
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    Monday, 10th June, 2019, 07:22 PM
    I don't think very many campaigns use the same enemies for most fights, but I'd say the "horde of bad guys" trope is well represented in most campaigns. In this context, I would define "Common" as "Most campaigns feature this type of fight with relative regularity." Pretty much any adventure that features kobolds or goblins uses it, as do most that are focused on other humanoids as foes; the...
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    Sunday, 9th June, 2019, 07:11 PM
    I will dispute that it's an exception to the norm. I'd say, depending on the campaign, it might even be quite a common type of encounter. Just because you don't often see it doesn't mean it doesn't come up for others.
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    Sunday, 9th June, 2019, 05:37 PM
    That rather misses the point of having multiple settings in the first place.
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    Sunday, 9th June, 2019, 06:08 AM
    Short summary added with my reply to your last posts. Note, I fairly certain I'd already mentioned the Crow God's name before, but I don't remember when.
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    Sunday, 9th June, 2019, 06:05 AM
    Gurnard's Head Secrets and revelations. You've come out to Gurnard's Head with an agenda. You need to find out what the wererat named Hornauer knows about the wererats that killed Sir Ghal's father, as well as any information he has on the cultists he mentioned to you the first time you visited the rocky isle. You also have task of outing him and his brood from the tower, as decreed by Lady...
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  • the Jester's Avatar
    Saturday, 8th June, 2019, 03:01 PM
    I would not want to do this for more than an isolated one-shot, because you are either removing a major class feature of the ranger in question (by forcing him to give up control over his pet) or taking away the agency of the player running the pet (by leaving the ranger in charge). I don't like putting players in the position where I am telling them where their loyalties lie instead of the other...
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    Saturday, 8th June, 2019, 02:57 PM
    I mostly handwave it and use it as an excuse to catch areas the pcs are fighting in on fire, adding to the drama. I also have area of effects damage objects and structures when the pcs use them; there's at least one big tower on the verge of collapse in a nearby ruined city due to their actions with the shatter spell.
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    Friday, 7th June, 2019, 11:51 PM
    Okay, so I'm going to start writing up my post today, but first, I need a nap. It might go up tonight, but it's more likely to go up on Saturday. It will have a 'short' summary of where your PCs are and what has happened since arriving on the island.
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    Thursday, 6th June, 2019, 03:33 PM
    Lost City 10 + 1 = 11 Desert of Desolation 27 Isle of Dread 20 Chateau d'Amberville 17 - 2 = 15
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    Thursday, 6th June, 2019, 03:02 PM
    Poorly. It was a patch on the multiclassing system, designed to make cleric/wizards viable in a system that had significant issues with it due, among other things, to the number of mechanics tied to caster level (especially spell resistance). 5e simply doesn't need to patch that; it's designed with multiclassed casters in mind.
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    Wednesday, 5th June, 2019, 06:11 PM
    Excellent, I'll start the process of building my next post sometime over the next couple of days (physio today, so earliest Friday). I'm assume a quick summary would be helpful, but I won't go overboard.
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  • Orius's Avatar
    Tuesday, 4th June, 2019, 11:25 PM
    Core yes. But I'm talking core, and splats, and PO, and that's not even getting into supplements. That was a problem for me BitD when I didn't have enough experience to balance and customize things properly. These days, I can handle that better, but much of what I want to do 3e does already.
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    Monday, 3rd June, 2019, 06:35 PM
    Scotley, what do you think?
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    Sunday, 2nd June, 2019, 03:40 AM
    Okay, so I'm at the point where I might be able to get this game going again. I know you guys have been waiting a while, and I want to find out if you're still up for continuing from where we left off. I likely will only once or twice a month so I don't burn out, but I, at least, want to give you guys a suitable ending to the game. Scott DeWar, I realize you probably won't be able to continue...
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  • Orius's Avatar
    Friday, 31st May, 2019, 11:29 PM
    My current game is 2e having last played 3e and some PF previously. I'm reminded of just why I went fully over to 3e BitD. 2e has a lot of great ideas, but the rules, well they have problems. 1e has a lot of passionate fans, and I think it's because the early edition is fairly consistent, largely being under Gary's direction. From some of the discussions I've seen over on Dragonsfoot, the...
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    Thursday, 30th May, 2019, 11:48 PM
    Before 5e dropped, I was working on a "D&D Jazz Edition" that would synthesize a version of D&D that pulled the best elements of all editions (much as 5e did). A lot of my design choices ended up echoed strongly by what we got, but one place I wanted to reduce the numbers that 5e didn't was hit points. My basic approach included a significant reliance on multiclassing; there would be four...
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  • the Jester's Avatar
    Thursday, 30th May, 2019, 04:39 PM
    I disagree entirely with the premise behind the article. It's a matter of playstyle, but for my playstyle, giving pcs the illusion that they are free to choose while robbing them of the ability to actually make meaningful choices and deal with the consequences thereof largely misses the point of the game.
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Friday, 2nd November, 2018

  • 01:48 PM - jasper mentioned the Jester in post Burning Questions: Why Do DMs Limit Official WOTC Material?
    Panda-s1 “..(uh, they're all friends, right??)?...” Nope. I think in out 38 years since I started playing maybe 2 years everyone at the table were my friends. The other times it was Friends of Friends (who we decided not let them buy pizza because they insisted on no mushrooms), family of members of friends, (which I was not invited to their birthday party). “.. OR Bob still refuses to innovate…” and when Jo Vegan becomes a success and pulls the veggie crowd away. Bob restaurant GROWS TOO because “He has the MEAT” and half the casual wait staff of JO quit and go to BOB BEEFEATER because the beef eaters tip better. Success for Bob again! Be like Bob eat beef! A burger today keeps a vegan away on Tuesday! the Jester “..not all six want to run the game. In my experience, that's a pretty rare table…” Crying. Thank you, Thank you. As I stated I generally had 7 players 6 dms. And all the dms wanted a fair time share of the players. Before the group broke up for life reasons, we started running different game systems. Gurps, Traveller, 3.5, total homebrew mess.

Wednesday, 18th July, 2018

  • 12:08 PM - Coroc mentioned the Jester in post Help with handing out magic items
    Agree with the Jester you should leave out the wishlist but rather do the following: If there is e.g. a GW - Fighter make sure he finds a Magic great weapon. It might not be the sword he wished for (or the heck it might be) but it should not be a short sword either. So especially for the fighter types give them appropriate stuff Be super careful with heanding out Magic armor, especially when you got plate armor or you got a char with maxed out dex and light armor avoid making it better than +1 or maybe at Levels 16+ +2. Player AC 20+ is much more unbalancing than a great sword+1 which does 3d8+1 instead of 2d6 Standard one. Same goes for shield +x ring/cloak etc of protection +x. If it has to be, do best not exceed +1. A plate mail +3 or studded leather +3 should be a gift from the gods, an artefact worth a kingdom. A weapon +3 is far less critical. So as you can see from my previous two bullets i advise you to not alter the plusses of items. It is not needed, a +1 weapon is good Equipment at L...

Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

  • 05:47 AM - grodog mentioned the Jester in post Question about Temple of the Frog (spoilers)
    Bumpity bump... hoping someone has some insight on this. Perhaps grodog or someone else really old skool? Hola the Jester! Which version of the Temple of the Frog are you looking at?---the original one in Blackmoor Supplement 2, or the later module adventures from TSR (DA2 Temple of the Frog) or the d20 version from Zeitgeist Games?? Adding diaglo for good measure! Allan.

Monday, 2nd October, 2017

  • 12:08 AM - Hussar mentioned the Jester in post Holy Crap, That's a Lot of Magic Items
    (I posted this before on a previous thread you had, but it seemed like you weren’t frequently on that thread, so I’m posting here just in case). Hello Jester, I would like to use your magic items and put them on DNDBeyond because it’s a site that has a search engine that’s really useful for the amount of magic items you converted. I will still credit you for the hard work you went through of course, because Im no stealer. I hope that you read this comment soon, and that I love the things that you did Thumbs Up It would probably be a lot easier for you to PM the Jester or check out his information page and contact him that way:

Tuesday, 24th January, 2017

  • 06:36 AM - Knightfall mentioned the Jester in post Knightfall Casts Thread Resurrection!
    I have a similar scenario taking place in my Realmsian Dragonstar pbp game. (My player's should not read this post!) One of my player's just cast solid fog on my power-infused cleric. I don't want to post too many details about my villain since you never know who might stumble into this thread. Now, my cleric hasn't cast freedom of movement on himself, yet, but he does have a unique magic circle spell-like ability that protects against both good and evil, as well as lesser globe of invulnerability. He also has a homebrewed spell that I borrowed from the Jester called Marius’ double actions (see below). He also has a Dragonstar spell on him called total protection (protects against all types of elemental attacks up to a certain amount). What should be the ruling for how the solid fog interacts with the double actions spell? Also, I'm assuming that solid fog won't prevent my cleric from casting spells, even without freedom of movement. He simple can't take move actions like normal. Is that right? Will he still be able to cast two standard action spells? Should there be a Concentration check? He has a template that has given him blindsight up to 130 feet. Heh. ___________________________________ Marius’ Double Actions By the Jester Transmutation (Time) Level: Chr 6, Imperial 7, Sor/Wiz 7, Time 7 Components: V, S, M Casting Time: 1 standard action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: 1d4 rounds This spell allows you to take two rounds worth of actions on your turn, including two standard actions and two move-equival...

Saturday, 30th April, 2016

Monday, 15th February, 2016

  • 12:55 AM - DEFCON 1 mentioned the Jester in post Ad&d 2nd magic.items to d&d 5th magic items
    I think someone has already gone through and made a massive document that updated the magic items from the magic item encyclopedia to 5E. I want to say it was like the Jester or Jester Canuck? I'm not at all sure it was either the two of them, but I know SOMEONE did, because I have a copy of it saved on my hard drive. If you check EN World's downloads page and did a search., maybe it's found there? Can't truly remember. But someone's already did it, that I know.

Thursday, 11th February, 2016

  • 05:41 AM - Lanefan mentioned the Jester in post New Players same level as Current Players?
    ... their characters in the background and let others take the risks. They survive, while the risk-takers die. But if nobody took the risks nothing would get done. How fair is it that the passengers get the same rewards as the drivers? Yes, that's right: it isn't. A 5-man party with a level 1 fighter has a CR/APL of 12.2, which is 3 Helmed Horrors. Each one will have a base 60% chance to hit on a fighter with an AC of 18. They get two attacks per round. The fighter has at best, 15 HP, assuming max con, no feats. I beg the question: how does he meaningfully contribute when the monsters are more likely to hit him than he is to hit them?You're falling into the optimizer's trap of equating meaningful contribution with combat proficiency. It's a 3-pillar game these days, right? A low-level character of any class can still explore, still map, still talk, still think, still keep watch, still track treasury, still help with planning, etc., etc. That said, I think in this thread only the Jester is advocating a true ES@1, which after about 4th level is quite different than starting a level or two below the party average. Lan-"there's more to this game than combat"-efan

Saturday, 2nd January, 2016

Tuesday, 17th November, 2015

  • 11:03 PM - Lanefan mentioned the Jester in post DM's: what do you do with players who miss time?
    All good questions, but I think a better question is, what does it matter? What if the character is brought back to life after 3 adventures, and receives the same level as the rest of the party? You say it doesn't make sense, but isn't the mechanical effect on the game more important?As the Jester already pointed out, in-game consistency and logic is not only more important than the mechanical effect, it should be what drives the mechanical effect. How else would that character be able to work in the party, if all the players are of a much higher level? You'd have to bring that character up to the same level as the rest of the party anyway, or he/she would be a dead weight.A valid point in cases where your average party level is going up by two or three per adventure, as in most as-written APs. That said, 5e at least seems to be more forgiving in such things than the last couple of editions; and if you're playing a campaign where an average adventure isn't guaranteed to get the party level average up by even one (which is by far my preference) it becomes even less of an issue. I think that sentence is at the heart of this discussion. In my games, a player controlling an NPC gets XP because XP is something a player gets, not something a character gets. XP is a reward ...

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned the Jester in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...fft ; @nightspaladin ; @nomotog; @n00bdragon ; @Obryn ; @Ohillion ; @oknazevad ; @Olgar Shiverstone ; @Orlax ; @Otterscrubber ; @Pandamonium87 ; @Paraxis ; @PaulO. ; @Pauln6 ; @Pauper ; @payn; @pemerton ; @peterka99 ;@ Pickles III ; @Pickles JG ; @pkt77242 ; @pming ; @pogre; @PopeYodaI ; @Prickly ; @procproc ; @Psikerlord ; @Psikerlord# ; @(Psi)SeveredHead; @Quickleaf ; @Raith5 ; @raleel ; @Ralif Redhammer ; @Raloc ; @Ranes ; @RangerWickett; @Ratskinner ; @redrick ; @Rejuvenator ; @Remathilis ; @Ristamar ; @RolenArcher; @Roland55 ; @RPG_Tweaker ; @Rune ; @Rygar ; @Sacrosanct ; @Saelorn ; @Saeviomagy; @sailor-Moon ; @SailorNash ; @Saplatt ; @Satyrn ; @Shades of Eternity ; @shadowmane; @sheadunne ; @Shasarak ; @shidaku ; @shintashi ; @Shiroiken ; @SigmaOne ; @sleypy; @sleypy01 ; @SpiderMonkey ; @Staccat0 ; @Staffan ; @steeldragons ; @steenan @STeveC ; @strider13x ; @Strider1973 ; @Sword of Spirit ; @Talmek ; @TerraDave; @TheCosmicKid ; @The_Gneech ; @TheHobgoblin ; @The Human Target ; @the Jester; @The Mirrorball Man ; @The Myopic Sniper ; @ThirdWizard ; @Tia Nadiezja ; @Tinker-TDC; @Tonguez ; @Tony Vargas ; @Tormyr ; @TrippyHippy ; @tsadkiel ; @tuxgeo ; @twigglythe Gnome ; @TwoSix ; @Uchawi ; @Ulorian ; @UnadvisedGoose445 ; @UngeheuerLich; @Us ; @Valmarius ; @Warbringer ; @was ; @wedgeski ; @Wednesday Boy ; @Wik ; @WillDoyle ; @Winterthorn ; @Wuzzard ; @Xeviat ; @Yaarel ; @Yunru ; @Zalabim ; @Zansy; @Zardnaar ; @Zeuel ; @ZickZak ; @ZombieRoboNinja ; @ZzarkLinux

Thursday, 24th September, 2015

  • 03:59 PM - CanadienneBacon mentioned the Jester in post Crowdsourcing suggestions for 1e or 2e module for a 5e game
    I looked at Red Hand of Doom, the Jester. What do you think, easy to convert to 5e? I tried my hand at converting Lich Queen's Beloved (high level Planescape 3.5) this spring and it flopped, but that was because the adventure is filled to the gills with nasty high-level traps and converting high-level 3.5 to high-level 5e was too much effort for me!

Sunday, 21st June, 2015

  • 01:07 AM - Rune mentioned the Jester in post What to do if a player keeps reading the adventures
    I imagine that this would punish everyone in the campaign as the party hampered with a permanently level 1 character struggles against increasingly difficult encounters. And then the DM wonders why his campaign never worked out. Somehow, I suspect the Jester wouldn't see that as a problem.

Thursday, 4th June, 2015

  • 04:25 PM - Fabio Andrea Rossi mentioned the Jester in post Alternative Initiative: try this
    Glad to know this is liked! Coredump: your idea about the "counter" is brilliant. I'm not completely sold on the need to track it down, but we would do like you suggest if we feel it's becoming an issue. On the granularity...just not worth it for us, but it may be for others. Also, liking a lot the Google Popcorn one! Not for my players, I think, they would probably turn this into some nightmarish optimization routine but worth a try at the table! Wednesday Boy: sure. We thought of this but the elegance of a card with only a picture is not matched by a MTG card with some text...but of course here we delve into opinions territory :) the Jester: not really, we do not have Assassins...but, if I recall correctly, an Assassin does not get an advantage to start first. If they want to, they can get the Alert feat which grants two cards in the deck. If I remember poorly and they do get some advantage to initiative rolls, two cards for them too!

Wednesday, 27th May, 2015

  • 06:02 PM - TornadoCreator mentioned the Jester in post Player Flavour, Skills, & Money Sinks
    the Jester I get what you mean about the bounded accuracy. I'm not sure how bad this would effect game balance at the highest levels, but really it doesn't seem so big to me. You are paying gold AND time so chances are you're not just gaining every proficiency possible. You'll be picking out one, maybe two things you want to be a true specialist in. Maybe you're playing a Rogue/Ranger multiclass, but your character concept is that this guy is actually an expert in demons. Not a holy man as he's not really one for honour, and not a wizard because he doesn't want the possibility that the power may corrupt him. He instead trains to be skillful and to take down his enemies. He's maybe level 4 now... just high enough that he's tracking down demon cults and with the aid of his party they can even kill a low level demon when they all work together. He's 3rd level Rogue, 1st level Ranger; with Favoured Enemy: Demons, Sneak Attack, and a decent set of skills. He's using his Longbow and Longswo...

Sunday, 17th May, 2015

  • 07:25 PM - Jester David mentioned the Jester in post Things that "need" errata
    ...ant fun issues with it. Who wants a subclass power that is the calling card of the subclass that you don't ever want to use? That to me says it should be scrutinized - even if it just means that Paladins can use 10 hit points of lay on hands to remove one level of exhaustion and/or a lower level spell is added in future supplements that affects exhaustion. I'm okay with a big thread of "I have problems with this, this is how I houseruled". That's great. But that's a very different thread with a very different focus. And it's a positive thread as it's suggesting fixes and working to improve the game for interested people. Threads calling for errata are different. They're negative and pointing out problems in a game, often without suggesting fixes (even easy ones) and placing the onus on "fixing" the game on an external source, typically the dev team. At best it's shifting the buck to someone else and at worst it's just whining. Errata threads also tend to be very opinionated. As the Jester says, stuff like frenzy is debatable. It makes for poor errata discussion since it seems to be working as intended. If frenzy was treated as a once/day buff to rage for boss fights it would be fine, but instead of an arbitrary (i.e. gamist) limit, they impose a flavour penalty that allows you to use the ability more than once a day at a cost. So you can decide using frenzy early in the day is worth the price or want to chance that second or third level of exhaustion. To say nothing of all the complaints regarding stealth.

Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

Thursday, 29th January, 2015

  • 03:42 PM - Sadras mentioned the Jester in post Can a PC perform a miracle with a stat/skill check?
    ...tter equipped to make action declarations for their PCs when process simulation underwrites the outcomes of the system. Does "verisimilitude' not play a role in 4e skill challenges? At which point does verisimilitude not become important in 4e? So in 5e, your job is not to consider dramatic outcomes/momentum. Does it say so in 5e's handbooks that the DMs job is not to consider dramatic outcomes/momentum? Your job as GM is to consider the actual difficulty of a specific task within the gameworld (the effort to model fantasy world physics - process-sim), and derive an objective difficulty class number (which henceforth becomes an established, unchanging fact about the gameworld) for the PC to attempt to best when resolving their action. Agreed, but how does that limit dramatic outcome. Thanx. To assist our discussion should you wish to refer to something specific in the 4e Skill Challenge the link below is to two interlinked epic 4e Skill Challenges posted and designed by @the Jester who certainly appears skilled in the ways of 4e IMO.

Wednesday, 7th January, 2015

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Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

  • 07:51 AM - TBeholder quoted the Jester in post Faerie Fire too powerful
    What are you referring to? AFAIK they haven't changed a thing about it, and it's functionally superior to earlier edition versions of the spell. I don't know what you call "functionally superior", but — AD&D*: Made it actually useful, increased range from 60 to 80 yd, and reduced duration from 10× to 4×CL rds. 3.x: Unborked AoE, but in the way that made it single-target without being targeted (most of the time); gave it huge range, but reduced duration to 1 rd×CL. 3.5 to 5: made it "concentration" and reduced range (down to OD&D value). And gave it a saving throw.

Sunday, 9th June, 2019

  • 08:01 PM - FrogReaver quoted the Jester in post The Overkill Damage Fallacy
    I will dispute that it's an exception to the norm. I'd say, depending on the campaign, it might even be quite a common type of encounter. Just because you don't often see it doesn't mean it doesn't come up for others. Likewise, just because it's quite common for some others doesn't mean it's part of the norm.

Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019

  • 10:19 AM - Aldarc quoted the Jester in post State of the mystic
    Psychic warrior, soulknife, and wilder.So which class chassis did you use for the soulknife and wilder? I assume you used a fighter for the psychic warrior.

Tuesday, 21st May, 2019

Friday, 10th May, 2019

  • 02:07 PM - Radaceus quoted the Jester in post Dice Action Camera players in sex scandal!
    Regarding the extramarital affair, I'm not the least bit surprised. At this point, who hasn't seen a D&D group fall apart due to extramarital bonking? It happens all the time, and why not? When men and women get together, they bonk. That's just the way it is. Bonk, bonk, bonk. *raises hand* *raise hand also* 40 odd years and no extramarital bonking, outside of game. In game, yes, there have been betrayals of all types...
  • 03:43 AM - Scott Graves quoted the Jester in post Dice Action Camera players in sex scandal!
    *raises hand* *Raises hand* as well.
  • 03:38 AM - Prakriti quoted the Jester in post Dice Action Camera players in sex scandal!
    *raises hand* Really? Seems like there's a new Reddit post every week about a D&D group falling apart due to someone sleeping with someone else. In any case, you can't claim you haven't seen it happen now, assuming DCA falls apart, which it almost certainly will.

Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

  • 11:05 AM - pemerton quoted the Jester in post Is RPGing a *literary* endeavour?
    Is, or can, a choose your own adventure book be what you consider"literary"? What about classic text adventures?I don't know anything about "classic text adventures". Choose your own adventures aspire to be literary in the sense I've got in mind - they are in effect novels (novel bundles? novel trees?). They don't offer the same sort of situated-in-the-fiction engagment as a RPG, and a fair bit of the reader's time is spent doing just that - reading - and so the quality of the prose is fairlyintegral to the whole enterprise.

Sunday, 28th April, 2019

  • 07:42 PM - Saelorn quoted the Jester in post Proficiency vs Non-Proficiency
    That's a good argument, but hardly "irrefutable". Bear in mind that damage can be psychic. It's pretty easy to argue that 1 point of psychic damage won't draws blood. In addition, a shark gets advantage on creatures that don't even have blood, so long as they are below maximum hps. A damaged water elemental? Advantage. A damaged stone golem? Advantage. A damaged skeleton? Advantage. Sorry, I don't fully buy your argument. Given that there is no hard and fast rule for when you actually leak blood after being damaged, and given the above, I have to conclude that the shark's blood frenzy ability is designed to make it easy to play, not to model when damage causes a creature to bleed.It's designed to be easy to play, by making certain basic assumptions, such as that the shark is fighting one or more of the PC races. In most cases, the shark isn't fighting a golem or skeleton, and it won't be fighting someone who has only suffered psychic damage. That's fair. If the basic assumptions don't hol...

Saturday, 27th April, 2019

  • 06:54 AM - Tony Vargas quoted the Jester in post Proficiency vs Non-Proficiency
    We do? Since when? I'd need a cite on this, and even with one, I find it a dubious assertion. Since 1e and before, the distinction between hit points and actual wounds has been clearly drawn. While it doesn't call it Bloodied like 4e, 5e has a sidebar that suggest visible damage (Which, sure, could be bruising rather than bleeding, so hardly definitive) starts accumulating at 1/2 max hps; 1e had a lot to say about hps and open wounds (with regard to poison), that was pretty convoluted, but could be plausibly worked out to conclude that hp damage didn't always involve wounds, and if whether a given hit resulted in an open wound mattered, a poison save would resolve the question. All other eds are silent on the issue.
  • 02:32 AM - Saelorn quoted the Jester in post Proficiency vs Non-Proficiency
    We do? Since when? I'd need a cite on this, and even with one, I find it a dubious assertion. Since 1e and before, the distinction between hit points and actual wounds has been clearly drawn.Although both the PHB and the Basic Rules suggest that these details will vary according to the DM's preference, the Monster Manual states clearly that sharks frenzy against any creature that doesn't have full HP. The distinction between HP and actual wounds has never been clear, in any edition, but the fact that HP damage necessarily draws blood in 5E is irrefutable.

Friday, 26th April, 2019

  • 07:29 PM - dnd4vr quoted the Jester in post Proficiency vs Non-Proficiency
    I didn't feel it is a trap. I think the thread is a good one. I just think your premise that +6 is the ultimate skilled is flawed. If we take an attack roll there is much more to it. Since winning is inherently done with more than a single check, number of attacks is quite a big factor. While a level 5 fighter might only be +1 ahead over a 1st level fighter, he will be able to make 4 attacks instead of 1 in the first round. A level 20 fighter can do 16 attacks while the 1st level one only does 2. So instead of expertise, we have extra attack here to be called ultimately skilled. In skills we need to take expertise into account even though there is sadly no way for the cleric to get it if he is no human with access to xanathar's guide or taking a level of rogue or 3 of bard... (which seems inappropriate for most clerics). The way you couched the question, your insistence that ability bonus doesn't apply, and your disregard of expertise is exactly you saying that +6 is the ultimate proficien...
  • 07:10 PM - Saelorn quoted the Jester in post Proficiency vs Non-Proficiency
    If you want to figure out how often a max-proficiency warrior should lose to an unskilled one, you have to take into account things like increased damage, multiple attacks, tricks like superiority dice, etc. Simply comparing proficiency bonuses is like trying to assess the relative health of a pair of forests by examining a single tree from each.Unless it's a duel to first blood, of course, where your capacity to withstand injury is irrelevant (since we know for a fact that 1hp of damage is sufficient to draw blood). In that case, the only relevant factors are initiative and the chance of landing at least one hit on your turn. And in that case, which is only slightly contrived, a high-Dex wizard has a decent chance of besting a high-Strength fighter.
  • 05:47 PM - UngeheuerLich quoted the Jester in post Proficiency vs Non-Proficiency
    In a contest in 5e, a tie results in the situation remaining as it is. So I'm not sure where you get this- is there a special clause under Expertise or something? Easy to explain again. If the question is: what chance does a inproficient person has to WIN against an expert, a toe is not a win... sorry.

Thursday, 25th April, 2019

  • 12:38 AM - Tony Vargas quoted the Jester in post Do classes built for the 5E D&D *ENGINE* NEED sub-classes?
    It's grandfathered in. Same as the ranger and paladin. But if I were designing the game today myself, I don't know that any of those would get the full class treatment.Only the ranger is really lacking of the three. Both the Druid & Paladin have strong identities from myth/legend/history that a 'mere' nature-priest or fighter/cleric wouldn't do justice too (if you even accept that the current classes do them justice). (And the Barbarian is also pretty tenuous as a class - could be a Background. And the Sorcerer is a pretty weak effort, too, not doing the 3e vision of the class at all well, thanks to Spontaneous casting being ubiquitous in 5e.)

Wednesday, 24th April, 2019

  • 12:55 AM - Saelorn quoted the Jester in post Do classes built for the 5E D&D *ENGINE* NEED sub-classes?
    In my opinion, to justify adding a full class, it has to have a strong, coherent identity that can't be properly created with existing options. It has to be a big concept, too- big enough to contain subclasses. If it isn't, it's better designed as a feat or subclass. Not every concept deserves or needs a full class.How do you reconcile that with something like the druid, though, whose identity is easily replicated with a nature cleric? Do you not use them in your game? Or is it grandfathered in, even though it shouldn't rightfully qualify?

Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019

  • 06:27 PM - iserith quoted the Jester in post Use Magic Missile to determine whether a statue is an Object or a Creature?(!)
    From the perspective of my playstyle preferences, the real question here is this: in the in-game fiction- to the pcs in the game- what's the difference between how this went down and "living statue loses initiative and hasn't done anything yet"? At least sometimes, the two instances are indistinguishable from the perspective of the pcs. So the issue is whether you want to give the players information that the characters don't have by telling them not to roll initiative. If you really want to get technical (and who doesn't?!), the DM is the only one who makes the call for ability checks which is what initiative is. So if that rule had been followed, then the players will had to have acted solely on the information they had from the DM's description of the environment rather than the meta-information of the DM's call for initiative that implied the statue was a creature.
  • 05:33 PM - iserith quoted the Jester in post Use Magic Missile to determine whether a statue is an Object or a Creature?(!)
    Yes. They jumped to a conclusion and the DM did not dissuade them- which is both a time-honored tradition in D&D and one of the joys of DMing. In this case, not only did the DM not dissuade them, but according to the information we have, he or she fed into their assumptions by assenting to initiative in my view. Sure! It's always good to watch for opportunities to let the players give themselves the rope, tie the noose, put their necks in, and hang themselves. It would be different if the players were acting on knowledge or information that they didn't have, or metagaming. Or if they jumped to a conclusion that flied in the face of the knowledge and information that their characters had. But they didn't and weren't. They were playing perfectly appropriately to the situation they were in and the encounter they had just had. I would say part of the reason they carried on with their assumption was the DM agreeing that initiative should be rolled here which, depending on your preferred ...

Monday, 22nd April, 2019

  • 01:02 PM - CapnZapp quoted the Jester in post 5e Are Ioun stones supposed to need attunement?
    Why bother with having it if you're discarding the whole reason attunement exists in the first place? So that a PC can't just step across the river of lava then pass the ring of fire immunity back to the next in line. While that is one aspect of 5E attunement, by far the greatest impact when someone is discussing attunement in a 5E context is how it limits each character to three attunable items. Claiming "attunement is fine" will come across as severely misleading if all you like about it is this minor property. The days when the primary meaning of "attunement" was "there's a waiting period before you can use the item" are over.

Sunday, 21st April, 2019

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