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Saturday, 6th July, 2019

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Monday, 3rd June, 2019

  • 05:24 AM - Connorsrpg mentioned Mouseferatu in post Wizard archetype needed!
    There was the Theologian (EN5ider article Volumes of Forgotten Lore: Divine, by Ari Marmell, Mouseferatu here). I can't access this at the moment, but this is what I thought of. :)

Monday, 11th March, 2019

  • 07:47 PM - Morrus mentioned Mouseferatu in post Who to follow on Twitter
    ...igner) @wotc_rodney - Rodney Thompson (D&D and Star Wars designer) @Loganbonner - Logan Bonner (game designer, formerly of WotC) @GregBilsland - Greg Bilsland (D&D editor and designer) @theweem - Mike Wiemholt (D&D enthusiast, video game designer/artist) @ChrisSSims - Chris Sims (game designer, WotC) @MikeMearls - Mike Mearls (D&D R&D manager) @charlesMRyan - Charles Ryan (former D&D brand manager) @Jonnynexus - author of Game Night @KevinKulp - Piratecat from right here on EN World @MonteJCook - Monte Cook (D&D designer, formerly of WotC, now Malhavoc Press); also see @MonteCookGames @theRouse - Scott Rouse (former D&D brand manager) @Pramas - Chris Pramas (former D&D designer, now Green Ronin Publishing) @Wilw - Wil Wheaton is a gamer as well as Wesley Crusher (I also recommend @GeekandSundry) @MonkeyKing - Wolfgang Baur (former D&D designer, now head of Kobold Quarterly) @Nikchick - Nicole Lindroos (Green Ronin general manager) @reveal74 - Tony Law (Business Manager of the ENnies) @Mouseferatu - Ari Marmell (freelancer, author, D&D designer) @SlyFlourish - Mike Shea (writer) @matt_james_rpg - Matt James (freelancer for WotC) @Brianrjames - Brian R. James (author of Grand History of the Realms) @erikscottdebie - Erik Scott de Bie (Forgotten Realms author) @Squach - Jeff Greiner (reviewer) @michaelrobles - Michael Robles WotC's online community coordinator @chattydm - Phil Menard (of Critical Hits) @cwgabriel - Gabe from Penny Arcade @RobinDLaws - Robin Laws (game designer - Feng Shui, Dying Earth RPG, D&D) @brucecordell - Bruce Cordell (D&D designer) @gamefiend - Editor of At-Will, a 4e blog @rjschwalb - Robert Schwalb (D&D designer and WFRP) @stannex - Stan! (d20 Modern designer, now Super Genius Games, formerly WotC, West End Games) @Savageplanet - Hyrum Savage (Super Genius Games) @seankreynolds - Sean K Reynolds (former D&D designer) @muskrat_john - John Kovalic (Dork Tower comic strip, Munchkin illustrator) @Hellcowkeith - Keith Baker (Eberron creator) @Christulach - Chr...

Sunday, 24th February, 2019

  • 04:06 PM - Elfcrusher mentioned Mouseferatu in post Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell
    I encourage your DM to have these kinds of conversations after the session is over, preferably in private. I was (again) taking poetic license. Such interruptions don't happen in my games. I was imagining what happens at tables that worry about such things. But even without the actual interruption at the table, think about what's going on here: if another player 'metagaming' is breaking your immersion, it's because you are letting yourself worry about what the player is thinking, not what their character is doing. You are either breaking your own immersion by going there, or you weren't really immersed in the first place because you were already in the mindset of thinking of the other characters as their players, not as the characters themselves. @Mouseferatu: so when Bilbo just happened to put his hand on the ring in the dark and absentmindedly pocket it, and then later just happened to stick his hand in his pocket at the right time, and then just happened to blurt out "What have I got in my pocket?" and Gollum just happened to interpret this as a riddle, it broke your immersion? Oh, and let's not forget Bilbo just happening to pull his hand out of his pocket when Gollum guessed "Handses".

Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

  • 02:41 AM - TarionzCousin mentioned Mouseferatu in post Examples of good sandbox campaigns
    The Neverwinter Campaign Setting from 4th Edition D&D is one of the best things to come out of that edition, and I say this as a fan of 4e. I own several things by two of those authors, Erik Scott de Bie and Ari Marmell, and recommend works by them. They make good stuff! P.S. Based on this book, I would say Matt Sernett produces good stuff, too. :D Mouseferatu

Tuesday, 11th December, 2018

Friday, 27th July, 2018

  • 08:46 AM - delericho mentioned Mouseferatu in post So Now We Are Paying for Early Access?
    As Mouseferatu has said, when they update the document, they'll update the PDF for free. So it's not just playtest material I've paid for - it's also the final version once that becomes available. Given that Eberron is my favourite of their published settings, and given that my efforts to run it with 5e (using the previous UA offering) have fallen badly flat, I'm quite glad to see this document - it gives me a better chance of actually enjoying running my preferred edition in my preferred setting than I had before. And if it turns out that it really does suck? Even that's a win - I'll then know that WotC's 5e setting material isn't worth bothering with, and for an investment of $20 in a PDF rather than $50 in a hardback.

Monday, 23rd July, 2018

Monday, 4th June, 2018

  • 05:21 AM - SkidAce mentioned Mouseferatu in post Sending Spell: How many words to send teleportation circle sigil sequence?
    Yeah, much of my cosmos is set up like Feist's. And that is a good catch with Milamber's symbol. Either way is valid. And like Mouseferatu , my subconcious could have caused me to think of them in a stargate fashion. I dont have stargates per se, but my "ancient" civilization is very Egyptian flavored. That and some places refer to it as a sigil sequence, so I think letters/numbers. Good times folks, thanks for the chat.

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

  • 09:13 PM - Skyscraper mentioned Mouseferatu in post Optional Facing Rule: do you use it?
    Mouseferatu Facing a single foe: I guess it depends how you reprensent the usage of a reaction: maybe you opened up for an attack. I'm not trying to defend that, just seeing what it means to use a reaction. That said, I do not entirely disagree with you and @aco175, but I guess the facing rules that limits to a single reorientation per round with a reaction, aim to represent that if an enemy is surrounded by multiple enemies, it is difficult not to grant advantage to some of them. 1v1, you can elect to keep your reaction and give no advantage to the enemy; or use it and possibly give him that advantage. Getting your back to the wall then appears like a good solution - as it should be, intuitively - to facing any number of enemies and not allowing that advantage. To me, all this does not seem ludicrous or unrealistic.

Monday, 7th May, 2018

  • 10:00 AM - Sadras mentioned Mouseferatu in post Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done
    The fact that you're treating that list of questions as an accusation, as a list of "harassing behaviors," when it was clearly stated that it wasn't--but was, instead, merely a list of things that, if you've done, should inspire further self-reflection--is not helping your case. and Before you say that you've never harassed someone in your life, please consider these questions ...(snip)... If you are being honest and your answer is yes to any of those questions, then I would caution you against claiming to never have harassed anyone. That seems like a pretty fine line of interpretation of what was said. Calling you a "potential harasser" isn't a personal attack. As far as she's concerned, you are. As far as she's concerned, so am I. So is any man she doesn't know well and trust. @Mouseferatu, what about calling a person which I don't know well and trust and practising a particular faith a potential terrorist? Would you consider that a personal attack?

Friday, 2nd March, 2018

Wednesday, 28th February, 2018

  • 02:23 AM - Unwise mentioned Mouseferatu in post No Hope for Scout and Monster Hunter Fighter and artificer wizard
    Mouseferatu, why though? Isn't there an elegance to reusing the same basic rules and just changing as little as possible to get the desired effect? The spell-casting section of most caster classes is almost identical, it would seem confusing and inefficient to rewrite it per class. I'm not necessarily disagreeing, just curious. It may of course just be personal preference. I found the Scout's combat orientated uses of superiority to be the blandest options imaginable, but then again if you are only getting a couple I guess that makes sense. For me the scout was pretty much what I wanted in a Ranger. Basically a fighter who gave up some flexibility and little bit of combat power in order to have good outdoor skills. My only real problem with it was that it gave up too little combat power for the extra skills etc. Limiting people's options is not really a balancing feature if the person only had access to a small subset of of those features to start with e.g. BM maneuver. The Rogue Scout work...

Tuesday, 27th February, 2018

  • 09:01 PM - Quickleaf mentioned Mouseferatu in post Tomb of Annihilation - Moral Question
    ...f jungle in Eastern Chult which previously had no description or reason to explore in ToA. I mean, this fits pretty well into Chult... Kyuss seems to be depicted as a giant wraith made of worms, at least in later incarnations...thematically that's something I could tie into the yuan-ti in Omu or Hisari, dropping hints of yuan-ti heretics revering Kyuss. This would also be a more palatable depiction for my players than "aborted fetus monster." Even the pronunciation of Kyuss' name ("Kai-ess") seems kind of Chultan. Acererak is using Kyuss' deep connection to undead Ė especially undead of Chult Ė to gain control over all undead everywhere. Essentially, Acererak aims to make all undead his mouthpiece/phylactery. He does this so he never need fear death by adventurer; shaking off the confines of lichdom to become something more powerful, to become Undeath itself. This is pretty much his goal from Return to Tomb of Horrors that you mentioned Mouseferatu, just a bit more spelled out. This opens up some cool interaction "with Acererak" via mouthpiece zombies before the PCs possibly encounter him in the Tomb of Nine Gods.

Friday, 26th January, 2018

Thursday, 12th October, 2017

  • 03:02 PM - Hawk Diesel mentioned Mouseferatu in post Unearthed Arcana October 2017: Fiendish Options
    Mouseferatu You make some valid points, and I have nothing against design that is simple. And yes, this material is being used for playtest to gauge interest. I suppose my biggest issue isn't necessarily the design, but the way it is being packaged. These are not subraces as we've understood subraces. As I mention above, subraces are unique, or at least distinct in their abilities. However, not only is there very little distinction between the presented tiefling subraces, but they are created using a clear and easily identified formula. Additionally, as I mentioned before, each of the devil/demon lords has a rich history, anatomy, powers, ect. Instead of drawing inspiration from those areas and creating abilities that would actually distinguish the various subraces, they boiled each one down to a themed spell list. I would have much preferred the creators provide us their formula for swapping out the cantrips and spells for tieflings, and provide an example or two. And rather than call these su...

Monday, 5th June, 2017

  • 08:36 AM - Li Shenron mentioned Mouseferatu in post Xanathar's Guide to Everything -- new mechanical expansion/UA book! -- November 10 with a limited-edition cover by Hydro74
    ...en "more than 25 subclasses", then "2 subclasses per class" (24), then "more than 20 subclasses". To be on the safe side I'd stick with expecting only the 3 specifically mentioned! But then I must say I don't care that much... What WotC decides to put in XGtE is not my problem, it's their problem. Because if I really like something from UA, and it doesn't make it to any official book, I can still use the UA version. I don't care if it's not "official" because I don't play official events or tournaments, and if I decide to play them one day, I don't have to pick exactly one of those options, there are plently of playable stuff in the PHB. I don't even care if it's not "finalized" because the truth is that most of UA stuff is playable with no adjustments, and supposed problems just come up because some specific players (you know who you are) want them to come up, in which case I'd deal with them the usual way: fix the stuff with a hammer or... fix the player with a hammer. So as Mouseferatu wisely say, what will matter is if the book as a whole is not just useful but also inspiring to read and look at (i.e. artwork!). It's really only going to be WotC's problem if it's not. --- As an aside note, there is one generally disappointing trend in 5e for me, that has been going on since the playtest years. Fortunately the edition as a whole is IMHO the best ever in many ways, but this trend I don't like: it's the fact that every single time, first they come up with the most original ideas, and sometimes they create some hype about them, then between the community apparently giving the most conservative possible feedback and the editors probably wanting to play safe, those most original ideas are typically discarded in favor of more "normal" stuff. Not to sound offensive, but this IMHO says a lot about how everyone (both designers and gamers) overestimates their own "creativity" in this hobby. [With regard to the subclass topic, IMHO the most original ones in concept hav...

Saturday, 18th February, 2017

  • 12:33 PM - Ath-kethin mentioned Mouseferatu in post D&D 5.5e; Your wish for 5.5e update.
    Not really interested in a 5.5. However, would be interested in an even more basic version of the basic rules - at least when it came to races and classes. I've home-brewed this OK, but would be nice if there was more support for something like another "B" series of modules. You might be interested in Rogue Comet's Dungeonesque. In the opinion of many, it's a better 5e Basic than 5e Basic is. Though as Mouseferatu's question touched upon, a lot will depend on what, exactly, you're looking for.

Tuesday, 8th November, 2016

  • 04:31 PM - I'm A Banana mentioned Mouseferatu in post New Barbarian Primal Paths in November 7th Unearthed Arcana
    We change the stories for classes right and left all the time, why would we have to leave the barbarian story alone (if thats what you mean) To sum up (and avoid the tangent) I think you have missed the mark on this one by imposing a specific view of barbarian, to the exclusion of others. The word barbarian is very similar to the "story" you mention. Outsiders, tribes, etc. But here is the catch....I have barbarians that are fighters, rogues, etc etc. Perhaps the class should have been called beserker (re: other thread discussions) to avoid what we are experiencing. So, I think the zealot makes a fantastic beserker! :D But I see the point you are trying to make, and respect it. I just don't think its as integral to the class as you perceive. That sounds pretty similar to the point that Mouseferatu was making. And my counterpoint is basically the same: the purpose of the Barbarian class (or any class) is first and foremost to be a story, a fictional archetype, a kind of character. That's the major reason you even HAVE classes in your game - to create packages of mechanics to support a particular character type. So if your new barbarian subclass isn't first and foremost a barbarian, it's not supporting that narrative. It needs to find a different home. If it needs to bring Rage with it, that's fine. This is distinct from multiclass barbarians or barbarians with a specific background or something - even a barbarian that bends the narrative still uses the narrative. This version of the Zealot doesn't use the barbarian narrative. It does use some other narratives, though...

Tuesday, 11th October, 2016

  • 10:42 PM - pemerton mentioned Mouseferatu in post Do you care about setting "canon"?
    ...a setting is, in my view, not entirely different to changing canon. They are both changes that have some impact on a person's engagement with, and use of, a setting. And changing the tone of the setting is (for me, at least) much more significant than changing some minor fact of geography or history. At the risk of being insultingly simplistic, there are two types of D&D fans: one who use it as a ruleset to run their own games, and ones who use the setting and world of D&D. Lore really is always for the second group. <snip> why have lore at all? Why not just have a series of suggestions and possible lore. Or leave it blank and give DMs the ultimate freedom?Answers to all this have been given upthread. It is work to draw maps, write histories, name NPCs, etc. Having someone else do that is a service worth paying for. Not to mention that the people I am buying setting material from might do a better job than I would of drawing maps, writing histories, naming NPCs et. As Mouseferatu said, this is the primary function of D&D setting material. there are those who enjoy continuity. Why like reading lore and connecting the puzzle pieces together. Discovering secrets. It's like trivia. People who ignore continuity can do so if it's consistent or not, but people who enjoy it want it to be consistent. Is the function of D&D setting material to please canon fans? Or to provide material for playing the game. If the latter, then the benefit of ignoring consistency/canon when it adds nothing is that it gives me better material for my game! If a major detail like that is wrong... can you trust the rest of the book? <snip> How useful is it at your game when your players might notice a contradiction at the table? Or if major background needs to be rewritten for your campaign.Trust it for what? And if the GM is feeding the players contradictory material, the issue seems to be with the GM, not the author of the supplement. Who cares if the Mind Flayers ha...

Tuesday, 27th September, 2016

  • 03:48 PM - Hriston mentioned Mouseferatu in post Little rules changes that still trip you up
    My apologies to fellow Austinite @Mouseferatu for contributing to the derailment of this thread. Because I'm A Banana had identified stealth, assassinate, initiative, or some such thing as a little rule that trips him up, I had believed it was fair game. As someone who has never played any edition that much resembles 5th (having only played (A)D&D in the early 80's), I apparently have nothing meaningful to contribute to the actual topic of this thread and will await the creation of (or will create myself) yet another thread dedicated to Stealth before I further express my views on the subject.

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Saturday, 6th July, 2019

  • 04:22 PM - Beleriphon quoted Mouseferatu in post No Magic Shops!
    I loathe most magic item shops. I don't mind if the PCs hunt down a specific individual or collector, as an adventure unto itself, who might--might--trade for something. And I'm willing to make exceptions for, say, Sigil or the City of Brass. But otherwise? No thank you. I do, however, wish there was more for PCs to spend gold on. Just not magic items. For Sigil its big enough that I can imagine a fiend sitting a market yelling... "Jink for Holy Avengers, come get a genuine Holy Avenger, fresh of the corpse of a stupid paladin we just killed yesterday."

Friday, 10th May, 2019

  • 10:21 AM - Tormyr quoted Mouseferatu in post Age of Worms 5e difficulty
    I've never played any version of AoW, and I've never read the 5E conversion. But I did read the original 3.5E version, way back when, and I remember thinking that the last few adventures seemed damn near impossible. Even allowing for the massive power of characters at that level--especially in that edition--it really felt like an absolute meat grinder. I'm curious if that matches other people's impressions or experiences. The end is tough, but the entire party survived to the end with no permanent deaths of the main characters. I gave them an in-game week to finish the last chapter, so they were able to get long rests near the end.

Wednesday, 20th March, 2019

  • 08:13 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Mouseferatu in post Dragon Talk: Margaret Weis
    Or let me put it another way. The Courtney Solomon-directed D&D movie with Justin Whalin, Marlon Wayans, and Jeremy Irons is an order of magnitude better than the animated Dragonlance movie was. That doesn't say much, because that movie is great.

Thursday, 14th March, 2019

  • 11:51 AM - akr71 quoted Mouseferatu in post Dragon Talk: Margaret Weis
    Or let me put it another way. The Courtney Solomon-directed D&D movie with Justin Whalin, Marlon Wayans, and Jeremy Irons is an order of magnitude better than the animated Dragonlance movie was. The sad thing is that statement is complete truth. The DL animated "movie" is horrendously bad.

Wednesday, 6th March, 2019

  • 12:23 AM - vincegetorix quoted Mouseferatu in post Writing an "Ultimate Underdark" Campaign
    (I'm also happy to share my homebrew take on the derro and the mind flayers, but only if you found the duergar one helpful. Don't want to turn this thread into "Ari's Underdark." ;) ) Not to hijack the thread, but I'd like to hear about your take on them. I'm getting ready to create my first homebrewed world, and I'd like to see if its possible to keep some races by modifying them instead of just creating my own races.

Sunday, 24th February, 2019

  • 08:06 PM - Elfcrusher quoted Mouseferatu in post Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell
    Elfcrusher, I didn't say stories can't have blind luck. I said I dislike when blind luck saves the heroes. Happening to put his hand on the ring was setting up future plotlines. As for happening to coincidentally take his hand out of his pocket at just the right time, I actually did roll my eyes a bit at that. But at least it's something that people normally do all the time, as opposed to a frog happening to leap into the path of a [mild expletive] sword. More to the point, I'm not interested in arguing this or that specific example from this or that piece of fiction. I specifically said there were occasional exceptions if the author or story were brilliant enough. But unless it's parody, a human saving himself from being turned into a frog because he happens to accidentally kill himself, and that happens to actually break the spell (which, as I also said above, I already find incredibly nonsensical as an element of the fiction, even though I understand it as a game balance mechanic) will...
  • 05:37 AM - Leatherhead quoted Mouseferatu in post Artificer UA to be released in February
    Integrate crossbows and wands were a thing. Cannons weren't, at least not in, uh, canon. (Can't speak to what people did in their home games, of course.) There was the also the Alchemical Launcher from 4e, which lobbed firebombs and other such grenades, but that's more like a catapult than a cannon. Warforged components do some crazy things, like turn them into spider-tanks.

Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

  • 09:47 PM - iserith quoted Mouseferatu in post Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell
    And this is where it breaks down. I mean, not for your table. It clearly works for you, and that's good. But in more general terms. The whole idea of the the fighter-frog happening to leap onto his friends' blades because the player knows that suicide ends polymorph? That's the sort of metagaming that is absolutely not fun for me, as either a player or DM. In fact, it can straight-up ruin an entire scene, if not an entire gaming session. Unless we're playing a 100% slapstick comedy, it shatters all sense of fictional cohesion for me. I would sooner change the rules of the spell, even if that made it clearly mechanically broken, than want to participate in a game that included this sort of "solution." (And no, we don't run "serious business" games, either. We spend far more time laughing than doing deep-immersion RP, even if I'd love to see more of the latter. But there are limits.) What fictional reason would work for you to explain why the toad leaped into the way of a sword? To...

Friday, 22nd February, 2019

  • 03:40 AM - iserith quoted Mouseferatu in post Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell
    5E polymorph is a sore spot. I understand 100% why the "revert to normal form at 0 hp" clause is in there. As a balance, for game mechanics, it's just fine, arguably necessary. As an element of the fiction, it's nonsense. Utterly and absolutely goofiness incarnate. There's no perfect way to marry those. Some people ignore one aspect, some people the other. Me, I prefer this philosophy: The fiction must allow for the mechanics, but it needn't be constrained to the mechanics. (This is enhanced by the fact that monsters and NPCs needn't use PC rules.) What that means in this case is, as a DM, I would probably say "You are very well aware that the world has some polymorph effects that end on death, and some that don't. You have no way of knowing which one this is, and I expect you to play accordingly." (That's not even getting into the mismatch between "Your Int is now 1" and "You have the same personality." I don't allow victims of polymorph to take actions that require advanced reason...

Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

  • 03:24 AM - Bacon Bits quoted Mouseferatu in post Ranged Options for All Classes
    I have to admit, I'm surprised by how many people enforce the limits on thrown weapons. It's never made any sense to me that I can draw as many arrows as I need to, but I can only ever draw one javelin or dagger. I've never run or played in a game that didn't treat thrown weapons as ammunition for those purposes. I recognize that it's a house rule, and I'm not suggesting otherwise. I'm just taken aback that it's not almost universal. Same. "Wait, you're telling me it's inferior in nearly every way possible to a bow. Shorter range, lower damage, more expensive, more bookkeeping. The only benefits are that they're one handed, use Str instead of Dex, and they can be press-ganged into melee weapons. And people say that it needs to be limited rate of fire, too?"
  • 01:15 AM - Lord Twig quoted Mouseferatu in post Ranged Options for All Classes
    I have to admit, I'm surprised by how many people enforce the limits on thrown weapons. It's never made any sense to me that I can draw as many arrows as I need to, but I can only ever draw one javelin or dagger. I've never run or played in a game that didn't treat thrown weapons as ammunition for those purposes. I recognize that it's a house rule, and I'm not suggesting otherwise. I'm just taken aback that it's not almost universal.Honestly we never enforce it in our games either. Not even in the AL games where we can be sent to D&D jail* if we are caught. * D&D jail is just like regular jail but there is a skeleton and a rat in it, plus a secret door leading to the alley that can be found with a DC15 investigation check.

Friday, 8th February, 2019

  • 08:45 AM - happyhermit quoted Mouseferatu in post D&D Beyond: Updated Character Popularity
    I wouldn't go so far as to say it's too complex for "the casual/standard gamer." I know lots of casual gamers who enjoy the more complex classes, too. And others who are perfectly capable of the greater complexity, it just doesn't appeal. I'm just saying there's a portion of the casual gamer base who prefers the simpler options. :) There's also a portion of us not-so-casual gamers, however small, that really enjoy playing characters that are straightforward (at least on paper). None of the 5e classes are too complex for me, to put it mildly. One of my favorite classes is the wizard and even it is not at all challenging mechanically compared to Gm-ing. One of the reasons I am playing D&D though, is because we can play both in the same game. I really don't want D&D to be much simpler, it is already not that complicated of a game and there are already a ton of lighter systems.

Monday, 4th February, 2019

  • 04:06 AM - Eltab quoted Mouseferatu in post The Fiddly Bits (That Still Get My Newer Players)
    Not sure if you meant this as an actual question or just an example of the sort of confusion it can cause, but in case you were asking... No, at least not by RAW. You cannot "trade down" an action for a bonus action. Question provided as example of confused thought during play. P.S. If I take the "/Rogue" part of the character up to Arcane Trickster, this problem will get WORSE.

Sunday, 3rd February, 2019

  • 08:10 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Mouseferatu in post A 5e Swordmage?
    FWIW: lightning lure is one of the SCAG cantrips. Also, aren't all four of those cantrips (the others being green-flame blade, booming blade, and sword burst) based on 4e swordmage powers? Great catch! And yes, they are! How is the name: hexblade, duskblade or swordmage? Iíd go Swordmage or Spellblade, I donít like most other names for the concept. So why not use Wizard/Bladesinger as your class? because even with the SCAG cantrips, itís still 90% wizard. The Bladesinger is fun, but it doesnít have access to some of the things needed to make a solid gish that is singularly focused on magical melee combat with a weapon. Hexblade is pretty much the closest thing, right out of the box. It does damage and has access to utility, but doesn't really fully fill the swordmage's "I have 15 magical weapon powers that all do different things while teleporting every round" role as much as simply dealing some decent damage with eldritch smite while replicating some of the utility of wizard spells. I m...

Saturday, 2nd February, 2019

  • 10:31 PM - FrogReaver quoted Mouseferatu in post A 5e Swordmage?
    I'm not stepping back from that, and it's not just "my" assertion. That, too, is part of what the developers have said, with the specific possible exceptions of a few "classic" spells they say they deliberately made a little more tempting, like fireball. I said it would imbalanced to throw wizards (or anyone else) open to the entire spell selection because of unexpected combinations of spells. And because variety can, indeed, lead to increased power. But that doesn't change the fact that, on a one-for-one basis, yes, for the most part a 3rd-level spell is a 3rd-level spell (or at least was intended to be, possible errors in balance notwithstanding) in 5E, when it comes to overall balance. Go check out any guide. Everyone knows that some spells are good and some are bad and they all attempt to rate them as such. If the developers said that, they are wrong, not all same leveled spells are equal in power and it's common knowledge that such is the case.
  • 09:13 PM - FrogReaver quoted Mouseferatu in post A 5e Swordmage?
    1) I'm not saying the eldritch knight should be able to pick from any class. They'd still be limited to wizard spells, just not the two schools. (Which, I should point out, they already aren't 100% limited to; they can pick exceptions at several levels even as it is.) And again, the fact that this wouldn't imbalance them isn't my position, it's the developers'. It wasn't your overall point I was disagreeing with, it's the specific notion that spells of the same level are roughly balanced with each other. Remember, you said "for the most part A third level spell is a third level spell". That's the notion that I was inquiring about. It looks like nicely you stepped back from that over-statement with your comment below. 2) Just throwing it wide open might be unbalanced, simply by virtue of unanticipated combinations, but making specific trades or exceptions would not be. Thanks, for the much more reasonable assertion. Allowing the eldritch knight to take spells from any wizard school will ma...
  • 08:24 PM - FrogReaver quoted Mouseferatu in post A 5e Swordmage?
    I feel like you could create this pretty well with an eldritch knight just by ignoring or changing the spell school limitations, couldn't you? There aren't any major balance considerations; the designers have already said those school limitations are for flavor, and for the most part a 3rd-level spell is a 3rd-level spell. Curious, do you think would be imbalanced for a wizard to pick any spell from any class in the game?

Friday, 1st February, 2019

  • 01:23 AM - SMHWorlds quoted Mouseferatu in post Bad Guys Have Adventures Too
    I'd disagree with the humor aspect. I think a good mix of humor and horror/evil is a lot easier to swallow, as long as the former doesn't impinge upon the latter. The Goblin Corps was actually based (albeit very loosely; direct translation of campaign to novel is never, ever a good idea) on an evil "Humanoids Handbook" campaign I ran back in late 2E. It really turned out very well, and had some of the best roleplaying I ever saw from that group. But it was a group I knew well, and knew how to tailor the campaign--and the extent and type of the "evil"--to their tastes. I get that and different groups certainly handle it differently. But good sarcastic wit is a bit different than silly and goofy humor, the former is fine but the latter does not appeal to me as a GM or player. At least for a bad guy game.

Wednesday, 30th January, 2019

  • 08:03 PM - Jay Verkuilen quoted Mouseferatu in post Bad Guys Have Adventures Too
    I'd disagree with the humor aspect. I think a good mix of humor and horror/evil is a lot easier to swallow, as long as the former doesn't impinge upon the latter. All dark all the time is probably too much for many players. It really turned out very well, and had some of the best roleplaying I ever saw from that group. But it was a group I knew well, and knew how to tailor the campaign--and the extent and type of the "evil"--to their tastes. I agree, playing a ruthlessly self-interested party or even an evil one can be really good RP, but I also very much agree that it's crucial for things to be tailored to the group.

Monday, 28th January, 2019

  • 09:29 AM - Paul Farquhar quoted Mouseferatu in post Druid Armor Restrictions
    Let us not lose sight of the fact that the druid restriction of "no metal armor" isn't a game balance decision; it's purely a legacy flavor thing. And yes, this has been stated outright. (And no, I don't have a link to the source. You can take my word for it, or not.) Which makes no difference. Finding exotic non-metallic armours for the party druid is a fun sidequest. And since druids aren't meant to be front liners (unless a shape shifted moon druid) it is an insignificant drawback that makes the game more fun. No reason not to use it.

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